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Still gnawing at the end of my pen, mind racking the PR crisis in front of me, I lazily grabbed my phone but before I reached it, my best friend, Willow, snatched it like a cheetah. She plopped down in the plush chair across from my desk and squealed.

“Oh my gosh, Diana! You’ve got a Catch! He looks like a hottie too!” she exclaimed, quickly unlocking my phone and swiping through his profile and pictures at lightning speed. “Let’s see, he’s 24, a tech entrepreneur, loves coffee…”

I sighed and reached over the desk, yanking the phone out of her hand to see for myself. His name was Peter and he sure was a hottie from his pictures. He was the geek-who-worked-out kind of hot with lean, subtle muscles and a baby six pack. He grinned from ear to ear that showed off his pearly white teeth and crinkled the corners of his eyes, and his auburn hair was on the longer side which he left tousled in any direction, giving it manicured yet wild beauty. After ogling him for a few more seconds, I clicked on his initial message.

Peter: I’m new to this whole Sea thing and thought you were gorgeous. I’m sorry if this is too forward but I had to know if you’d like to meet tomorrow?

I inhaled a little at his sweet compliment and replied with a yes, my fingers fumbling around the keyboard for a few minutes. Willow had gotten me into the whole dating app thing last week when she caught me at our apartment lounging on the couch with a fresh pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream on Saturday night. She, of course, was getting handsy with her latest Catch, an investment banker, I think.

“Look, your first date since like, what, college?” Willow asked, swiping the phone and looking at Peter again. My phone dinged again with another message.

“‘I’ll take you out somewhere nice. Wear something for the occasion. Winky face,'” Willow squealed, taking my shoulders and gently shaking me. My head whipped back and forth and my mocha brown fishtail slapped against my boob. She quickly released me and texted him back, her fingers flying at the speed of light. “Just made your date a little hotter,” she smugly said, showing me the screen.

Diana: I’ll wear something nice on top, but something naughty underneath 😉

“Willow! What the hell!” I shouted, taking the phone away from her and shutting it away in my desk.

My phone pinged again and Peter’s new message read: Wow, I can’t wait for our date then, Diana 😉

“What! It’s just a little bit of fun. Look, he likes it,” Willow replied with a giggle. “Besides, you have to have something right?”

My mind flashed through my very organized closet. It was mostly white button up shirts, long, oversized sweaters, tan slacks, a few dresses, and very, very plain t-shirt bras and granny panties. My cheeks burned a little. It wasn’t that I was against lacy, sexy lingerie or anything. I just grew up pretty conservative and I never really went on dates. Like Willow said, this was my first date since college, which ended two years ago.

“Not… really…” I mumbled, picking up the pen and gnawing on the end again.

“Oh no! My poor, innocent Diana!” Willow cooed. She scuttled around the desk and pulled me to her voluminous chest, my head pushing into her pillowy flesh. “How about we go do some girl shopping after work?” she continued.

“Ms. Sanders! Where are you?! Get back to your desk!” a male voice, our boss, bellowed in the hallway.

“Shit, Mr. Evans. Caught again,” Willow giggled before letting go. She quickly gathered her papers and left, flipping her curly blond hair behind her back and calling out, “I know the perfect place!”

The perfect place was a low, grey, two-story brick building wedged between tall skyscrapers. It was rectangular with a huge window on the first floor and three smaller, arched windows on the second floor. In the first floor window, a cluster of velvet chairs gathered around a low wooden table with men’s magazines spread out while in the second-floor windows, three different lacy lingerie sets were shown off in low, seductive lighting. Above the wooden arched door a lit sign read ‘Lulu’s Lingerie Shop’ and underneath it was an illuminated ‘Closed’ sign.

“Come on,” Willow urged, pulling the door open and pushing me through. The lobby room was empty with only the small drone of sports on a wall television to keep it company. On the back side of the room, there were two doors: one for the restroom and another for employees only, and an entryway protected by a thick, black velvet curtain.

“Hello, Lulu!” Willow sang into the emptiness. Silence answered for a second before soft clicks of high heels behind the curtain became louder and louder. A slender hand grabbed the edge of the curtain and slowly pulled it to the side to reveal the source of the clicking.

“Willow! How nice to see you!” a petite, blonde woman shouted. I inhaled a little, instantly intoxicated by how beautiful she was. Her golden hair flowed down her şişli escort back like a blanket of sunshine, her face was small yet defined by a sharp jaw and perfectly sloped nose with a slight upturn, and her big, caring brown eyes shone like golden sand glistening in the sun. “And who’s this?” she inquired, her perfect face tilting to the side as her eyes slid towards me. When her eyes met mine, I exhaled under my breath while my heart began to thump wildly, a shock of timidness shuddered down my body and out of my toes.

“This is Diana, Lulu! My best friend! She has a hot date tomorrow and desperately needs the help,” Willow replied, grabbing my shoulders and pushing me forward. I stumbled a little over my own feet as I stopped in front of Lulu. Standing in front of her, we were the same height, a whopping five feet, two inches. As her eyes glazed over my body, I did the same to her. She was a few years older than us but it was hard to tell by the way she dressed and her tight body. Lulu wore a black embroidered tank top that accentuated her smooth, tanned skin, a loose, flowy blush pink skirt tied around her waist, and open-toed black high heels made her legs look long and slender. As I looked back up to her face, her plump, pink glossed lips twitched into a slight smile and she reached over and grabbed my hand. A small spark flew as her soft hand wrapped around mine and gave a reassuring squeeze.

“As you already know, my name is Lulu. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Diana. I’m so excited to help you. Let’s get started.” Lulu gave me a closed mouth smile, the laugh lines around her mouth deepening for just a second before she quickly turned around and led me through the black curtain and up a set of dark stained stairs.

When we got to the top, my jaw dropped as everything overloaded my senses. The second floor was transformed into a sex goddess’s wardrobe. The lights were dimmed low and the soft glow bounced off the two large, dark wooden tables in the middle of the room. A few torso mannequins on each table sported an array of lingerie from cute to kinky. Metal rods lined two of the walls with extras of all the lingerie and a bright, pink light in a doorway pointed towards the dressing rooms. Next to the doorway, a few round, red velvet ottomans lined the wall along with a full length mirror and next to the stairs, the registers sat on top of a matching dark wooden table with a lit showcase. Slow French music lulled throughout the room, the emotional, smooth voice wrapping around my body and making me swoon.

Lulu let go of my hand and spun around with an elegant, calculated twirl, her hands running over the billowing skirt and showing off the curve of her thin waist to big bottom. My heart fluttered again as her movements captivated me and I caught a whiff of her sweet, flowery perfume. “Welcome to my paradise, ladies,” she announced. Lulu grabbed my hand again and swept me to the full length mirror. “Now, let’s see what we can do about you, Miss Diana. Please undress.”

“Um… Undress?” I piped as my skin began to prickle with embarrassment. I glanced at Willow who smiled reassuringly at me, her eyes bouncing from one set of lingerie to another before landing back to me. She was definitely doing some shopping of her own too. Willow leaned in, her hand lightly touching my shoulder. “I’ll be looking around. Don’t worry, Lulu is the best. Holler if you need me,” Willow whispered. She slipped out from besides me and began elegantly sifting through the clothes on the metal rods.

“Miss Diana,” Lulu interrupted, “You see, here, we celebrate the beauty of women. Your naked body is a blank canvas and the lingerie is like the paint that brushes across your body and makes you feel, makes your significant other feel wonderful! It makes… magic happen. However, to make that happen, I need to see what I’m working with.” Lulu’s foot tapped quietly as she stood next to me with her lips pouted and her eyes staring at me in the mirror. “I usually am not the one to do this either but since it was Willow who insisted and once I saw you downstairs, I knew I wanted to help you out.”

Standing next to Lulu, I shrank a little. I couldn’t help but notice that I looked so average next to her. I had a round, childish face despite being in my 20’s and my dark mocha hair tied in a fishtail down my side didn’t help hide the baby chub. The only redeeming facial feature I had were my bright, aquamarine blue eyes that definitely electrified people when they saw them. I usually hid my body in an oversized sweater that went down to the top of my thighs and slightly loose tan slacks. I never really cared about how I looked but now, standing next to Lulu, I felt so small and so bland.

I wanted to change. I wanted to emit that same sex appeal and confidence that Lulu effortlessly exuded and after hearing her, I thought she was the one who could help me achieve that. Nervously, I grabbed the bottom of my sweater and pulled it over my head, plopping it down next to me. mecidiyeköy escort Next, my fingers shakily gripped the buttons of my white shirt, slowly recharging my courage to continue with my metamorphosis.

“Why don’t I help you,” Lulu whispered, her body suddenly up against mine from behind. She wrapped her arms around to the front of my body and her fingers effortlessly popped them out of their holes, one by one. I gasped at the air cooling my hot, slightly sweaty skin as she continued, her small, perky breasts pressing into my back as she finished the last button. Lulu shimmied the shirt off and laid it on top of the sweater and her eyes pierced my body as she studied each and every inch. “Do you need help with your pants too, Miss Diana?” she boldly asked with a smirk.

“N-n-no, I don’t,” I meekly replied, quickly popping the button of my slacks and sliding my legs out of them. I quickly threw them on top of the growing pile of garments. I slipped off my shoes and socks and gently laid them on top of the pile, completing my undressing. The unfamiliar, cool air rolling over my stomach, tickling the back of my thighs and arms made me slightly crumple as I crossed my arms in front of my chest. Lulu stood still next to me, her pointer finger on her lips, gently tapping, her eyes scanning my body over and over.

“Oh my god, Diana! Look at you! You’re hot!” Willow shouted from across the room. She quickly skirted her way back to my side and yanked my arms, stretching them out and then twirling me in front of the mirror, my head getting dizzy from all the movements. “Look at your curves! Look at your boobs! Peter is going to be drooling over you!” she squealed. Willow spun me around another time and let go, her short attention span bouncing to a stand of perfume. When the dizziness faded away, my eyes squinted at myself in the mirror, trying to find what Willow was talking about.All I saw were my breasts slightly spilling over my tight, B-cup bra, a weird, almost dimple-like waist flaring out to wide, clumsy hips covered by matching grey granny panties, and two short, thick legs. At least I had good muscle from years of playing softball in high school and college.

“She’s right, you have a very beautiful body,” Lulu agreed. She reached over and asked, “Mind if I touch you?”

I quickly shook my head no and she placed her hand on my shoulder. I sharply inhaled at her touch, the softness and warmth of her palm spread throughout my body and made my heart pump. Although Willow touched me there a few moments earlier, Lulu’s touch was completely different. It was exciting. It zinged me all over my body. It made me buzz and my heart beat fast.

“Miss Diana, your bra is too small for you,” she said with a deep frown. “I’ll need to take it off and I’ll help you find the perfect fit.”

“Of-of course, Lulu,” I whispered. I stared at Lulu in the mirror as she concentrated on the bra hook, swiftly unlocking it and popping my bra from my breasts. A new, cool sensation cupped my newly freed breasts, the air making my pale pink nipples pucker and my core stir. Lulu threw the bra onto the pile of clothes and smiled sweetly, taking out a tape measure from her skirt and unraveling it. She wrapped it perfectly around my chest beneath my breasts before slipping it off and carefully wrapping it around my breasts for the second measurement. I bit my lip as the soft material of the measure rubbed against my nipples, a slight throb formulating between my legs. “34C. Let me see… You’ve been wearing a 32B! Don’t worry though, we’ll find you a better fit,” Lulu exclaimed. My cheeks turned deep red when she yelled at me. I’ve always worn a 32B because I never got comfortable with my breasts. Lulu shook her head as she rolled up the tape measure and stuck it back into her pocket. “Your braid will need to go too.”

I clumsily grabbed my hair tie and pulled it from my hair. Lulu grabbed my hair into her hands and loosened the braid one knot at a time, uncaging my wavy hair slowly. I bit my lip as her fingers slid through my hair and my left hand grabbed my right wrist, my short fingernails biting into the thin flesh. Once out of the braid, Lulu fluffed out my hair and pushed some over my shoulder, graciously covering just below my nipples. I breathed a little sigh of relief.

After fixing my hair, Lulu continued with her examination, her hands sliding underneath my arms and trailing down my sides slowly, gently pressing into the flesh of my curves as she reached my waist and hips. My body stiffened when her hands slowly made their way to my butt, her small fingers splaying on my roundness, the warmth of her hands melting me. I inhaled again, my eyes meeting hers.

Suddenly, Lulu took her hand away and stepped back, her eyes wide. “Oookay, now that you’ve gotten undressed, let’s do some shopping,” she announced with a slight fluster in her voice. My cheeks flared red and spread to the tips of my ears as my heartbeat hammered in my ears and I let out a long sigh.

What was that? Why did her touch affect me so much? Why did she make my heart beat so wildly? She was another girl and for all I knew, I was straight. Granted, I’ve only been with one guy my whole life but I never had these feelings about other girls. I knew Willow since college and she never once made me feel the way Lulu just did.

“Come, Miss Diana,” Lulu commanded, her shoes clicking away from me as she wandered through the lingerie selection. I timidly trailed behind, my arms crossing in front of my chest again, this time tighter. I studied Lulu as she sifted through the lingerie, occasionally picking out an outfit, holding it arm’s length away, then in front of me, and eventually shaking her head before putting it back. Her movements hypnotized me as she moved with such grace with her legs seductively stepping one in front of the other, her butt gently swaying, making the skirt ruffle. As I continued to stare, the stirring between my legs turned into a louder twitch and heat began to radiate, making me even more confused.

“So, you’re going on a date soon?” Lulu asked, her golden eyes flicking to me for a second before sifting through the lingerie again.

“Uh… Yeah. It’s from that app Sea? Willow made me do it after she caught me home on a Saturday night.” As I trailed behind Lulu, my fingers gently grazed the silky fabrics of one of the panties on a main table. I inhaled at the soft, sensual feeling at my fingertips, curiously slipping another finger underneath and rubbing it between my fingers. I closed my eyes, imagining this is how Lulu must feel like between her legs…

“Be grateful I didn’t catch you masturbating instead!” Willow chirped from across the room, yanking me out of my imagination. Lulu raised an eyebrow at me and a small smile tugged at the corners. I laughed nervously at the comment, my hand running up and down my arm. “Well, as if I would. Diana is like the most prude person I’ve met in my life!” Willow continued.

“I’m not a prude! I’m just not… experienced,” I mumbled back. “My parents were pretty strict with boys when I was growing up. I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup or date until college.” I snuck a peek at Lulu’s face but she remained stoic, her face concentrated on the clothes in front of her. Slowly, my eyes drifted down her body at how thin and delicate her arms were to how her hair caped her back like she was a lingerie superhero.

“What about girls?” Lulu asked looking up with playful eyes. My cheeks burned red and my hands became slightly sweaty. An awkward silence settled between us before she looked up and gave me a soft smile.

“I’ve only been with one guy,” I replied quietly, my hands going back to the panties. Somehow, the smooth material gave me some kind of comfort.

“You can grab a pair of those, on the house,” Lulu offered, lifting up her head and gliding towards me with ease. Her smooth arm brushed against mine as she began rifling through the panties, the sweet scent of her perfume enveloping me again. She pulled out a pair of pale pink panties and gestured towards me. I reached out, my arm and hand bumping against hers again, a small wave of electricity circulating through my body down towards my core. I bit my lower lip and my heart thumped wildly as I slowly grabbed the pair from her hand, her slim fingers folding in my warm hand, the electricity building throughout my body. I caught a glimpse of her golden eyes and they stared back at me softly with a fleck of darkness in them. I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and quickly licked my lips as I took the panties, our eyes still locked.

“T-thanks,” I whispered, bunching the pair in my hand and smiling back gently. “You’re welcome, Miss Diana,” she replied softly. She slowly sauntered back to the metal rods on the walls of the room. She busied herself again with searching through the scanty clothing. As if lightning struck her, she quickly grabbed an outfit from the rack and twirled around.

“What do you think, Willow?” Lulu asked, “Will this be good for Miss Diana?”

Willow’s head perked up from her phone and she quickly scanned over the first choice Lulu picked for me. “It’s great, but we need something… naughtier,” she replied with a wink at me. I rolled my eyes at her and shook my head in defeat. When it came to Willow, she always got her way. Lulu arched her dark blond eyebrow and she curled her lips into a devious smile. “Mmm… Yes, I have the perfect thing. Please go to the dressing room, Miss Diana, and I’ll help you put everything on.”

Desperate to sort out my feelings, I nodded and scurried to the pink lit doorway. In the dressing area there was a big, common area with a red velvet ottomon in the middle, three-panel full length mirror on the opposite side of the room, and a modern, black chandelier radiated warm light above. Four black, thick curtains hid the individual dressing rooms. Hesitantly, I padded into the dressing area and the light brightened at the motion, making me jump a little. I swiftly slid behind the black curtain of a dressing room, hung the panties on a peg, and collapsed on the bench in the room.

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