Lori Meets Valerie

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This is a work of fantasy, inspired by my love for riding and a connection yet to be. Should there be a resemblance to any persons that read these words, let your mind be filled with the fantasy, too.

* * * * *

The warm, early summer day made for a beautiful ride. Lori piloted her gleaming yellow and chrome Harley Sportster through the hills with a fresh outlook on her life.

She had met a wonderful rider, who had shown her that all was not black and white. Nowhere was it written that a girl could or could not be herself and fit into someone else’s idea of what she should be. She was her own person, with needs and desires that she intended to satisfy on her own terms.

Such was today’s ride. Lori had left her “old” self and life behind to discover the magnificent world around her. The air was cool under the helmet as she banked through the mountain turns. The throbbing engine between her legs sent thrills and vibrations through her whole body. The wetness at the junction of her thighs was growing with each mile.

She loved the feel of the soft leather pants pulled tight to her little mound. Her silk lined vest cradled her soft breasts, and titillated her erecting nipples. Lori’s C-cup breasts were unfettered by any other garment and held only by the loosely fastened vest. She wore her heavy leather jacket open, letting the air flow around her chest and belly.

Freedom, at last, to enjoy the power of handling her own bike! Lori felt new and alive as the ribbon of highway disappeared beneath her wheels. Her new friend had ridden many miles beside her, and she fondly remembered his gentle touch, and the words he used while sharing love with her.

Sensual thoughts filled her mind as she cracked the throttle wider. The responsive bike barked its acceptance of the command, leaping forward at a greater rate of speed. Clipping along at almost eighty miles an hour, the trees on the side of the road were a blur. The yellow bike cut through the wind and put Lori into another world, of her own making.

The thrill of the speed, the ever present danger of riding two wheels caused the adrenaline to rush from end to end in her body. Her fingers gripped the smooth black handlebars firmly, yet relaxed and confident. `Yes.’ She thought, `this is what life is about.’ She was close, now. Near the place she had been with “him” not so long ago. `There!’ she remembered, `That’s the turn.’

Backing off the Harley, she slowed for the steep turn. Expertly guiding the big machine to the lakeside clearing, she reached her destination. It was as she recalled. Peaceful and remote, a good place to rest and think. A good place, too, for relieving the `itch’ between her legs. Her brother’s Harley had always gotten her hot “down there”, and her own bike was no different.

Parking the bike, and listening to the steady rump-a-thump of a Harley for a moment, she cut off the switch and shut it down. The silence was deafening, compared to the rushing wind and screaming engine. Slowly, she dismounted her steed, removed her helmet, and walked to the edge of the water.

The heavy jacket fell to the ground, followed by the thin vest. Lori palmed her breasts and pinched her nipples, sending a chill to the deepest recesses of her belly. She was hot inside. The fire of desire was blazing, her body ached for release. She unbuckled her pants and unzipped the lower legs. They, too, joined the pile at her feet. She stood completely naked, except for the tall, heavy boots that still covered her short legs.

Five foot and two inches, one hundred and twenty pounds, her body was trim, but not tight. Her lower belly bulged slightly above her totally shaven mound, and her soft thighs tapered to her tiny feet gracefully. A healthy looking body that she kept in a reasonable shape. She stretched out, her hands to the sky and her legs slightly parted.

Lori lowered her tiny hands to her belly, gently caressing the soft flesh. Slowly, she reached her mound and touched the puffy lips that concealed the moist flower of her sex. As if with a mind of their own, the swollen labia parted. Her nectar was flowing harder and running down the inside of her thighs. She knew she would cum quickly, so she avoided direct contact with her little erection as long as she could.

Her small fingers ran through her hot slit, spreading the slippery juice around her vulva. Bending her legs, she thrust two fingers fully into her dripping vagina. She gasped and touched her clitoris. She started to shiver and quake, her knees almost buckled as the orgasm ripped through her body. She cried out to the forest, her release was total, from her toes to her scalp. Lori finally gave in to her weakened legs and dropped to the forest floor, her hand still impaling her quivering kitty.

Gasping for breath, her heart pounding in her chest, she rocked back on her heels with her eyes still closed. Her knees were spread wide and she had her bursa escort hand inside her, three fingers to the knuckles. `Ohmigod, that was good!’ she thought, out loud.

“Yes, it was!” the voice next to her startled her. She had believed she was alone by the water. Her eyes snapped open; to be caught like she was caused her pale skin to flush from her belly outward and up to her panting face.

The voice had come from a very tall, slender girl. She stood next to Lori, and towered over her. Lori was speechless; her mouth worked, but no sound came from it. Her eyes took in the stranger before her.

Long, thin legs that seemed to go on forever, a slight rise at the hips near a small waist to the taper of her thin chest. The girl’s blouse was open, as was the zipper of the snug jeans she wore. Lori continued up the long neck to the pixyish face surrounded by close-cropped hair. `Almost a “tom- boy” look.’ Lori thought, still unable to speak.

The tall girl stepped closer and Lori could detect the scent of sex at the girl’s mound, which was even with Lori’s face. The girl spoke, again.

“My name’s Valerie. I enjoyed watching you. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Uh.. sure .No! .. I mean ..Where did you come from?” Lori babbled.

Valerie laughed. A high pitched, gentle laugh, almost a girlish giggle,

“Over there.” She pointed to a small patch of woods in which a tiny blue tent was visible nearby. “I heard you ride in, and before I could walk over, you were already `involved’ with your needs.”

Her statement brought Lori back to reality, and she realized that her fingers were still buried in her little twat while she was talking to this “wood nymph”. Pulling her hand away quickly, Lori started to get up on her shaking legs. Valerie stopped her with a gentle hand on her bare shoulder.

“It’s okay. I’ll join you down there, if it’s alright?”

“Yeah, okay, . um .. Have a seat.” Lori stammered as she closed her legs and sat on her heels.

“I like it here, in the woods.” Valerie said as she folded her long legs under herself. “I come here a lot, to be by myself.”

“I’m sorry.” Lori began to apologize. “I didn’t know anyone else was here.” She started to reach for her clothes when she felt Valerie’s hand on hers.

“I’m usually naked, too.” Valerie spoke softly, with a question in her tone. “May I join you? Do you mind?” She asked as she reached for the open front of her blouse.

“I .. I guess not. . It’s a free country.” Lori chuckled nervously. She wasn’t sure where this was going, but she did notice a distinct dampness accumulating between her legs. She had never had much to do with other girls, even in gym at school. She had always showered last, after all the

“cheerleader” types had left. Her short stature and soft body had been something of a concern to her, all through growing up. It wasn’t until recently, that she had become aware of herself as “pretty”.

Valerie stretched out her arms as she peeled off the cotton garment. Lori gazed at her tiny breasts, with the dark areolas and stiff nipples. Valerie settled back next to Lori and the conversation remained light and generic for a while.

A little more at ease, when Valerie announced she had to “go”, Lori thought she would walk into the woods to take care of that. Her eyes widened in surprise when Valerie stood up and peeled her jeans off right there! Lori gasped when she saw that Valerie was shaved smooth, like she was. `Such a pretty kitty’ she thought. Valerie stepped to one side, bent her legs slightly and spread her vulva. A long sigh of relief accompanied the heavy stream of urine that passed through Valerie’s opening and formed a puddle near her feet. Lori had never seen a girl pee standing up!

It hadn’t occurred to her that it was possible to do that. Her surprise was evident, by the open-mouthed stare she had on her face. Valerie giggled at her reaction. Sitting back down and remaining naked, she asked Lori,

“Haven’t you ever done that?”

Blushing a little she answered, “Well, no. I always just squatted down.”

“Believe me, if you pee in the woods very often, you learn to do it standing up!” Valerie laughed. “There are lots of little creatures that live here, and some don’t care where they crawl!”

Lori thought hard, and started laughing, herself.

“I guess I never thought of that part.”

“The first time a frog jumped up at me while I was going did it for me!” Valerie explained.

“OOOHH, YUCK!” Lori wrinkled her face at the thought of a cold amphibian jumping up at her kitty.

They talked for a while, and Valerie suggested a swim. “There is a small island out in the water.” She offered.

Lori remembered the island, well. It was there that she first touched her rider friend in a tender kiss, the bolted away in fright of her own feelings. A smile crossed her face. She looked at Valerie with a different set of eyes when bursa escort bayan she agreed to join her.

Lori watched the lithe girl walk out and slice through the water like a knife. Her thin body was strong and well toned; no tan stripes marred its smooth lines. Lori followed, and they met near the shore of the tiny piece of land.

“That was great!” They both spoke at the same time. Hearty laughter came equally from both girls, and Valerie moved closer to Lori. A soft look was in the tall girl’s eyes. A look that Lori recognized as desire. She stood motionless as Valerie’s hand came up to touch her belly. Long fingers gently traveled up under Lori’s breast.

Valerie hesitated, waiting for a response. The next thing Lori knew, her own hand was mirroring her new friend’s. She palmed the slender, tight belly of this girl’s body as if it were she own. The tension melted away, and Valerie took Lori’s breast in her palm. She bent her head and put her lips near Lori’s and kissed her softly.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to..” Valerie started.

Lori looked up at Valerie’s face tenderly. It felt good to be touched like this. She wanted to please this girl, this stranger, with whom she suddenly felt very close for some unknown reason. Desire filled her belly and the warm wetness between her thighs made her decision for her. She raised her face and parted her lips in an invitation, the tip of her tongue just at her lips. Lori took hold of Valerie’s head and pulled her face down, then kissed her hot. Hot like a lover, sensually, deeply thrusting her tongue into the tall girl’s mouth.

They pressed their bodies together and melted to the ground. Soft leaves for a `bed’ on which the two girls started to explore the wonders of each other’s flesh. Lori was in heaven at Valerie’s touch. She was obviously more experienced at sharing love with another woman than Lori was.

Passion filled kisses that began at each other’s mouth roamed across naked flesh. Tasting each other, licking and nibbling every inch they could touch. Soft moans filled the air as well as the heavy aroma of aroused sex.

“MMMMM. Valerie! Aha. You’re making me hot! ..AHH its sooo gooodd!” Lori sighed.

Valerie lifted her mouth from Lori’s breast and smiled. “I think you can call me `Val’.” She giggled and returned to suckling Lori’s engorged nipple. Lori felt Val’s hand slide to her swollen, wet vulva. Her body jerked at the new touch. Valerie pulled away quickly.

“No.. OHGODNO. Don’t stop! I ..Immmmmmm .” Lori groped for speech as Valerie touched her again, this time pressing on the small girl’s clitoris. “OHMIGOD!!!! . YYYEEESSSS.. CUMMMMINGGG!”

Lori’s body shook hard and went wild. Feet pounding the soft ground and beating her palms on the ground next to them. Hips bucking and capturing Valerie’s fingers in her vagina, Lori was once again impaled, this time on someone else’s hand!

Valerie slowed her movements and allowed Lori to catch her breath.

“Are you okay?” Valerie asked.

Lori pulled the slim girl to her and whispered softly, “Oh, Val! Yes! Better than okay!” she managed between breaths.

They stayed like that for a while, until Valerie said, “I could use a cum, too. Will you..?” She paused and looked from Lori’s face to her glistening kitty.

Lori hesitated, then replied. “I ..never .I mean ..I haven’t .umm. ..If you’ll tell me ..?”

“Oh, you sweet thing!” Valerie gazed into Lori’s green eyes. “You mean to say, that I’m your “First”?”

Lori didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and Valerie saw it immediately. She held Lori gently in her arms between her A-cup breasts and soothingly told Lori it was all right to feel what she was feeling. Lori said nothing, but Valerie felt Lori’s lips encircle one of her nipples with a little tongue swirl added.

Slowly lying down, Valerie stretched out on the soft ground. Lori knelt next to her and let herself is guided through her first experience with another girl. She studied the long, thin body in front of her. Valerie’s arms were over her head and her legs were parted slightly. The rise and fall of Valerie’s chest accentuated her lean physique. Her ribs weren’t visible, but the concave area below them was more pronounced.

Valerie’s thin waist flared gently at her hips where her long legs began. The soft rise of Valerie’s shaven mound beckoned Lori, as no other body part had ever done. She longed to touch it, to see if it felt like her own smooth kitty. As though Valerie read her mind, she spoke quietly.

“Yes, Lori. You can touch me, there.”

“I .. I’m not sure . I’ve never touched another girl . like that.” She said.

“Think of it as your own cunny, Lori. Touch it like I saw you touch yourself.” Valerie encouraged her.

Lori flushed as she remembered being `caught’ playing with herself. Her small hand reached out and really felt another woman’s sex for the first time. It was moist escort bursa and hot. Valerie’s vulva was longer than Lori’s was, almost three inches. The outer labia were thin and tight, compared to her own soft puffy ones.

Valerie spread her legs further and Lori watched the lips part by of their own accord. Valerie’s inner folds were dripping wet and blossoming before Lori’s eyes. Deep rose colored and long, extending out as they filled with aroused blood. The bud at the top was erect and shining with dew, almost pulsing with need.

Lori tenderly felt the swollen nub and watched Valerie’s stomach draw in at her touch. Slowly moving her fingers down the slit, Lori found Valerie’s vaginal opening. It was already dilated some, open enough for Lori to see the canal below. Gently she slipped a finger into the hole and Valerie moaned softly.

“OH, yes Lori! That feels good.” She took Lori’s hand in hers and pulled more of the neophyte’s finger inside her hot tunnel. She smiled up at Lori, “There we are. MMMM . Give me another finger, now.” She purred. Lori did, and Valerie raised her hips to gather all she could.

“Is .. is it okay?” Lori asked.

“Just fine. Now, move them around and rub my clitty button at the same time.” was Valerie’s request.

As Valerie directed Lori to finger her needy sex organ, Lori saw the girl’s body and faces reacting. She recognized the expressions as those of her own when she was close to cumming. Suddenly Valerie stiffened and thrust her belly up to Lori’s hand. Her hips hunched and bucked in short, rapid thrusts.


Lori didn’t move her hand, but felt the surge of fluids coming from Valerie’s vagina. Her hand was soaked with Valerie’s essence! The pungent aroma filled her nose and instinct took over. Lori plunged her fingers deeper and plastered her mouth over the gushing crevice.

Lori pulled out her fingers and replaced them with her tongue, lapping the sweet juice as fast as she could. Valerie continued to cum and held Lori’s head firmly to her spasming kitty. Lori could even feel the contractions of Valerie’s inner muscles around her exploring tongue.

The intense flow eased, and Lori baked away, kissing the outer lips gently as she did. Valerie pulled her face up and kissed her hot, tasting her own cum on Lori’s mouth.

“OH, Lori! That was so nice!” she said between gasping breaths.

“You do that so well! Are you sure it’s your first time?”

“Uh-huh.” Lori responded anxiously. “That’s the very first time I ever `kissed on kitty’ with another girl!”

Valerie held her tight, smiling. “You know, that we could `do’ each other at the same time?” Valerie queried.

“You mean, like, sixty-nine?” Lori responded.

Valerie laughed lightly, “Yes, sixty-nine, but with another .”kitty” ..That is so cute, that name ..Instead of a cock.” Where did you ever start calling your cunny a “kitty”?”

“Um .. Welllll.” Lori hesitated, then answered, “My brother called it that, when I was little.” Lori giggled.

“Your brother?” Valerie asked, incredulously.

“Yeah, when we bathed together. He heard it called `pussy’ at school, but since mine was so small, he said that it was a `kitty’, and it stuck, I guess.”

Valerie giggled, too. Then she switched around, feet to face with Lori, and spread the smaller girl’s thighs. She inhaled the sweet scent of Lori as she felt hot breath near her own sex. When she touched Lori’s vulva, she felt the same touch on herself. By example, she led Lori through a slow, sensual afternoon of tender sharing and received the same in return. Their needs sated, the familiarity of each other grew as the two talked and touched by the water’s edge. Lori announced she had to `go’, and started to walk into the wooded glen. She stopped and turned to face her friend.

“Val, show me how..?”

“What? .. Oh, you mean standing to pee?” both girls giggled like they were in high school.

Valerie stood in front of Lori and gently pulled her thin labia apart. Her belly bulged as she pushed, and a thin stream of hot urine began to flow from the tiny hole between her clitoris and her vagina. Increasing in volume, the stream rose and started to splash on Lori’s bare vulva.

The hot liquid hitting her slit caused Lori to start peeing, too. She quickly imitated Valerie and spread the puffy flesh. Her thick stream hit Valerie’s and splashed on her open kitty as well. Without asking, or hesitating, when they were through peeing, Lori bent and licked her friend’s kitty dry.

Valerie was the one who registered surprise, this time.

“That’s a `first’ for me!” she squealed delightedly. “why .. why did you do that?”

“No paper, and it seemed like a nice thing to do!” Lori quipped.

Valerie returned the `favor’ and they swam back to the mainland shore. Lori said she was hungry, and Valerie agreed that she was, too.

Lori looked into Valerie’s eyes and asked, “Val, do you want to ride into town, on my bike?”

A smiling Valerie said nothing, but started dressing while walking to the sparkling yellow bike.

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