Love Potion #69 Pt. 03

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Author’s note: This story contains scenes of incest and mind control. All persons engaging in sex are over the age of 18.


Part 3

I, (John) arrived home after my trip to Paris, France. It was a sexually exhausting trip, but things were about to get a whole lot crazier for me…

My plane arrived in Atlanta earlier than I expected so I took my car to work from the airport. My boss and CEO, Rebecca Jacobs, had been blowing up my phone all morning and demanded an update immediately. I didn’t know what was so important since I already filled her in about everything that happened while I was in Paris before boarding the plane late last night.

I parked my car in the company garage and my phone rang so I answered it. “Hello? Yeah, I just parked my…alright I’ll be there…I AM HURRYING!”

I took the elevator up to the 18th floor and when I got off I walked to the end of the floor where Rebecca’s secretary Nancy Fallon was. “It’s about time you showed up Mister. Rebecca is pissed so you better go on in. Idiot.”

I opened the door and walked in and took a seat in front of her desk. She was on the phone and didn’t look very happy. She hung up the phone and said, “Well that could have gone better!”

She turned to me and started yelling at me. “What the hell happened? You told me that they were on board with our proposal before you boarded the plane last night. And then I get a call from Stan Haskins and he tells me that you totally botched the deal. I then get another call from some Francine Jolie, and she tells me that there is no deal. The President calls and chews me out for getting his hopes up and I am at a total loss! And add insult to injury, you are unreachable because you are in the air John!!! So I’ll ask again, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!!!”

What could I say? “They were on board yesterday afternoon about the proposal I gave them, that you okayed Rebecca!! You were on the call with me. If they changed their minds it wasn’t my doing!! I was in the air!! All this yelling and screaming has given me a headache and I am this close to telling you that I quit.” I told her angrily.

“Quit? What? Who said anything about you quitting? I was just venting John. I haven’t seen you in a few days and my hormones got the better of me.” She apologized and came around her desk and stood behind me and caressed my ears as she held my head against her abdomen.

Rebecca and I have been hinting at having an affair for the last 6 months. She gets me all hot and bothered and then leaves me hanging with my blue balls turning purple. I feel the vial of love potion in my pocket and an idea forms in my mind.

I suddenly get to my feet and say, “No Rebecca, no more games!”

Rebecca cuts off my path to the door. We have done this dance dozens of times before. She gets off on the power that she wields. She looks at me suddenly and says, “There’s something different about you John.” And touches her finger to her lips.

I turn her around so that my front is to her back and we are facing the blinds so that she can’t see our reflection in the office window. I quickly pull out the vial and unscrew the lid and get my finger wet in the liquid.

“This is so unlike you John, I’m not sure I like where this…” She stops midsentence as I quickly dab her right neck twice with my wet finger. I put the lid back on the vial and place it back inside my pocket before speaking.

“You secretly like this side of me Rebecca. Your nipples grow taut and your pussy gets wet. A desire wells up inside of you to not only see my cock, but to feel it in your hands, in your mouth and deep inside your cunt. You enjoy being submissive, but not many men are able to tame you like I can. This is why you fake it. You got to where you are on your own merit and now you realize how lonely it is at the top. Everyone is beneath you, except me. Yelling at me the way you do only fuels the fire in your belly more because you know that I will take it out on you sexually. Thoughts of me torturing your long sensitive nipples or pounding your pussy savagely and then pulling out and making you lick your juices from my cock before I blast my sperm down your throat, shows you how submissive you truly are and how much you crave to be used like the submissive slut that I know you to be. You follow my every command and love that my sperm tastes like candy.”

I sit back down and wait for Rebecca’s trance-like-state to end.

She then bends her head down to my ear and whispers, “Follow me.”

I get up and follow her out of her office.

“Send my calls to my cell phone will you Nancy?” She tells her secretary who sneers at me.

We make our way to the elevator. We both get inside and she takes a key and inserts it in the board and presses the 19 button. The elevator goes up one floor and the doors open and we get out.

Rebecca hangs a left and begins to unbutton her jacket. We come to a small sitting area and she removes her jacket and places it over one of the chairs. She unzips her beige skirt and shimmies out bursa escort of it and places it beside her jacket. She removes her blouse, bra and panties and places them on the chair as well before continuing to walk in front of me in just her heels and garter belt.

I’m aroused. My dick is semi-hard as I gaze at Rebecca’s perfect ass as it sways back and forth in front of me. I can see the sides of her breasts from the back and I envision everything that I am about to do to this woman in the white garter belt and 4 inch high burgundy heels walking in front of me.

I remove my jacket and place it on another chair in another sitting area that Rebecca has stopped in front of. I remove my striped tie and button down shirt, slacks, socks and boxers and place them on the chair as well. All I’m wearing now is my cross-fit watch.

Rebecca continues on and we turn left and enter a bedroom. There is a king-sized bed against the wall, a couple of bedside tables, a dresser and off to the side a full bath and shower with attached steam room.

Rebecca stops and just stands there.

I come up behind her and whisper, “Bend forward and place your hands on the bed slut. You have been very naughty and need to be punished.”

“Yes John. sorry.” She replied.

I smack her ass really hard. “SMACK!”

“Ohhh!” Rebecca moans.

“First of all, you will call me Master here. And secondly, you will shave this pussy bare the next time we meet.” I tell her and grab her bush and roughly tug on it.

“SMACK!” I slapped her ass hard again.

“Ow! Yes Master, sorry.” She apologizes quickly.

I was hard and pressed my dick against her pussy lips. I pulled back and saw that the head of my dick was wet so I pushed in a second time and my dick head speared into her tight entrance eliciting a deep moan from her, “Ohhhhh.”

Only the head of my dick was lodged inside her pussy, so I pulled back and it slipped out. Milky juices covered the glans.

“Your pussy is tight Rebecca, but I plan on changing that.” I told her.

I then pressed forward a third time and not only did my dick head go into her pussy, but so did half my shaft. I speared the rest of my dick into her wet flesh. Her cunt was hot, like molten lava as it surrounded my cock. And wet too!

“Ohh Master!” Rebecca groaned.

I slowly eased out and then grabbing her hips I rammed it in again. My balls slapping against her clit.

“OHHHH!!!” She cried out louder.

I pulled all the way out this time and said, “Turn around Rebecca and lick your slimy juices from my prick.”

Rebecca turned around to face me as she got down on her knees. “No Master, please don’t make me do this!” She pleaded.

“Do it. Do it now slut. Show me how submissive you truly are.” I sneered at her and loving her humiliation.

Rebecca pressed her lips against the head and then pulled back again. “I can’t Master, I can’t. It’s just too gross!” She began to whimper.

So I did it for her. I pressed my dick into her mouth until I hit the back of her throat. “Wlech.” Was the sound it made.

I pulled it out and was about to walk away in disgust when she grabbed my leg. I turned around and she took my cock head into her mouth and began to swirl the glans with her tongue. Over and around she licked the sides of my shaft and took me deep in her mouth again, choking herself on my 9 inch cock.

“Wlech, lech, lech.” She then brought my cock out along with a huge string of saliva that hung suspended before she slurped it back into her mouth and did it again. “Wlech, lech, lech, lech.”

More saliva came out this time and it dripped down to her tits. “Oh I love this cock Master.” She groaned and then took it into her throat a third time. “Wlech, lech, lech.” She choked before I pulled her up and placed her on her back on the bed.

I opened her thighs and went down on her. I attacked her fat swollen clit with my tongue as I drove 2 fingers into her wet pussy. I reached a hand up and roughly tweaked her right nipple with my left hand. I pursed my lips around her fat clit and throttled the pearl of her clit, underneath with my tongue tip. I flicked it rapidly.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” She cried out and came violently. Her pussy gripping my fingers tightly as her milky juices poured out around them.

I removed my mouth and fingers from her pussy and placed my wet fingers in her open mouth. Rebecca bathed my fingers with her tongue as I mounted her. I pushed her thighs open and speared my cock into her cunt in one hard lunge. I placed my hands on her tits and toyed with her erect nipples while grinding her clit with my pubis.

“Oh Fuck!” Rebecca groaned.

I pinched her nipples extremely hard and then grabbed her wrists and pinned her hands above her head.

“THAT FUCKING HURTS MASTER!!!” Rebecca cried out for me to relent.

I did as she asked and began to fuck her pussy savagely.

“You’re just a dirty whore aren’t you Rebecca!” I growled in her ear.

“Yes Master.” She whimpered.

“A dirty, bursa escort bayan cock loving whore.” I told her.

“I am Master.” She cowered.

“A filthy cum swallowing slut!” I sneered.

“Yes Master. Give me your cum Master. Fill my filthy cunt with your sperm. Flood my dirty mouth with your warm semen.” She begged.

Her words set me off and she cried out too as my sperm began to shoot into her.

I began to shoot huge thick globs of cum inside of her pussy. I pulled out after the 3rd blast and sent another rope of cum across her left breast before my slimy, pussy coated dick entered her mouth and began to shoot rope after rope into her throat.

Rebecca’s body was in the throes of a major orgasm and spasms rocked her very being as she continued to milk the cum from my spurting dick.

“Show me the cum in your mouth slut.” I told my boss.

She opened her mouth and showed me the puddle on her tongue before swallowing it.

“Mmmm, it does taste like candy Master.” She said and bent her head down to my still erect dick and syphoned the rest in my shaft down her throat.

She then did something unexpected. She fingered the cum in her pussy out and licked it from her fingers.

Rebecca and I entered the executive bathroom and took a shower together. I soaped up her tits and played with her nipples while we cleaned the cum and pussy juices from our bodies and faces.

We got out and dried off and found our clothes where we left them and got dressed before going back down to her office.

Once back in her office, Rebecca turned to me and said kindly, “Uh Master, I mean John, how do we salvage this fiasco in Paris?”

I smiled and then said, “Well, I guess I’m just going to have to go back there and see what I can fix.”

“That sounds like a fabulous idea. This time you can take the company jet. I’m also going to send Jill, Carla, Steve, Aaron and Stacy with you. Not that I don’t trust you, but just as backup. Show them a good time while you’re there, but only after you close the deal and with more than a handshake this time?” She told me.

“I-I know Mas…John. I can’t help it…I have a greedy pussy that needs lots of punishing.” She added in a whisper.

I left her office and went to conference room A and met with the people going with me to Paris. I had met them before, but it was still good to talk about what we wanted to achieve and how we were going to go about getting it done.

Rebecca’s secretary Nancy joined us as well and after the meeting ended I had Nancy still around afterwards. We were going to have a little chat together and a little mind altering as well.

I took out the vial of love potion and opened the lid and dabbed my finger in the liquid. I tapped the right side of her neck twice and then put the lid back on the vial and placed it back in my pocket before I spoke to her.

“Nancy, you will treat me with respect and admiration at all times. Serving me turns you on immensely. You don’t even hesitate to answer any questions or follow any commands that I give you, even if it goes against something that Rebecca requires of you.” I tell her.

I then sit beside her and wait for the trance to end and when it does she looks at me. The scowl she usually has toward me is gone and is replaced with a smile.

“Are you married Nancy?” I ask her.

“No sir. I am single.” She replies.

“I see. No boyfriend or girlfriend? I enquire.

“No sir. I have a cat though. Does that count?” She replies with a giggle.

I laugh too.

“Okay. So I need you to do me a favor Nancy.” I ask her.

“Anything sir.” She answers expectantly.

“I want you to get to know everyone who works for Rebecca. I need you to create some files on everyone who works here and include things like, marital status, hobbies, sex life, promiscuity and masturbation habits, and whether they are still virgins or not.

I don’t care how you do it or where your information comes from. Just get it and add it to their file. Take them out for drinks and get your coworkers to open up to you.

Do you have a company credit card? If you don’t, then ask Rebecca to get you one and tell her that I suggested it. You can contact me immediately if she gives you any lip about it.

I then want you to send me those profiles that you collect to my personal email. And I expect weekly updates. I will not tolerate any slacking on this task Nancy.

And lastly, this stays between us. Now go and get to work.” I tell her.

I started to feel the tiredness of Jet lag hit me and drove home. I walked in the door and saw that the house was empty and went upstairs and crashed, hard.

I awoke some time after 4am. I didn’t remember taking off my shoes let alone my clothes and cracked an eye to see that Sara was laying next to me. I snuggled up close to her, like we were spooning and fell back asleep.

The next time I awoke, it was after 9am and Sara was between my legs and sucking life into my dick. It felt nice and I let her enjoy herself as she escort bursa sucked and stroked my dick until it was hard. She continued to blow me until I felt that familiar tingle at the base of my shaft and without giving her any warning, I began to have an orgasm.

I felt the cum constrict my balls and shoot up my shaft and Sara caught every bit of it in her sucking mouth. All 8 ejaculations went into her mouth and she swallowed my cum and continued to suck my dick until it started to soften.

Sara emerged from under the covers. Her face was a little sweaty and her hair was matted to her forehead. “I swear, your dick gets bigger every time I see you darling.” She told me.

I smiled and said, “Thanks for the morning blowjob. I needed that.”

She smiled back and said, “I had a sudden craving for candy this morning. You know what a sweet tooth I have John. Thanks for obliging.”

I remembered now that I had told Sara and my girls that my cum tasted like candy. Lucky me.

Sara beat me into the shower and I got up and shaved and then joined her. I began to soap up her tits and play with her nipples and I got a boner. I took Sara hard standing up. Her pussy felt incredible wrapped around my cock and we started to climax at the same time. My sperm shooting into her.

I got another surprise as she had me cup my hands under her pussy to catch the semen flowing out. She then began to lap it up like a kitten does milk. She then sucked my dick and licked her juices from my cock.

It was going to be a good day. I could feel it.


After my morning shower, I sent a text to Francesca and Dahlia to let them know that I was coming back to Paris in a few days. Both were excited that I was coming back so soon. I let them know that a team from my company was coming as well and Francesca said that she would take care of everything and not to worry.

I then received a text from Diane that said, “I saw your name pop up in my morning feed this morning John. I think we should have another talk. Can you be at my house later this morning?”

I nodded my head to myself and replied, “Yes.”

I got dressed and drove the short 20 minute drive to Diane’s house. I got out of my truck and rang the bell. Diane opened the door and let me in.

“Hi John, so nice to see you again.” Diane said in her light gravelly voice.

“Hi Diane, you look lovely as ever.” I told her which made her smile.

“I take it things are going well for you? You look better than the last time I saw you. One of the side effects I think.” She said.

“Yes, the Love Potion seems to be having a positive effect on my body. I haven’t done anything these last 6 weeks except have a ton of sex and I feel slimmer.” I told her.

“I like that. Love Potion, catchy name. Clever. Yes the Love Potion will not only make you slimmer and your dick bigger, but it will also affect the ladies in the same way too. In a year’s time you will see that anyone who was once too thin or too fat will grow into the body like I had. A 36-24-34 body. Even their vulva, lips and clitoris will reform to look like mine.” Diane told me.

She pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties and showed me her pussy. It was a little more wrinkled but I got the point.

“May I see your penis now too?” She asked kindly.

I smiled and was wondering if she would ask. I got to my feet and undid my belt, unsnapped my pants and let down the zipper, allowing my pants to drop to my ankles. I pulled down my boxers and when I stood back up my cock hung down almost 7 inches now. She exclaimed, “Oh my John! Your penis certainly has grown bigger.”

Diane removed her dentures and placed them on the table.

She then pushed me down on the couch and took my flaccid penis into her mouth. I closed my eyes and really enjoyed the blow job she gave me. Without any teeth she was able to give my dick the necessary pressure and wetness to get me close to cumming within a few minutes. She even deep throated my 9 inch dick no problem. Imagine it, a 77 year old broad with deep throating abilities. It boggles the mind.

She eased off and then brought me to the brink again in seconds. And then again and then again. I looked down to see my dick was hard and leaking so much precum that it was all over her lips and fingers as she continued to stroke my cock.

She looked up at me and asked, “Will you do me a favor John?”

“Yeah, Diane. Anything!” I told her.

“Will you come with me into the bathroom and help me into the tub? I then want to continue to suck your massive dick until you can’t take it anymore and spurt your life giving sperm all over my body.” She smiled wickedly.

I did as she asked and we went into the bathroom together where Diane got naked and stepped into the tub. I got in with her and she resumed sucking my dick.

She pulled on my big balls with her hands and at one point let go and laid back. My cock throbbed and precum oozed out and dribbled onto her saggy tits where she rubbed the secretions into her flesh.

I was so close to cumming right then. She saw the look on my face and said, “You’re almost there John. As much as I desire to have you cum in my mouth and swallow your sperm, I need it on my body more. I want to be young again.”

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