Madison Turns a New Leaf Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation

Disclaimer: This story series is pure fiction inspired by true events and real people.


Megan and I were pumped. We had been at the gym for about an hour and a half by the time we felt we had a successful co-workout. We had been working on our upper body and had sweat pouring down our faces and on our chests. I looked down at my phone as we were exiting the building to read a text that said “Are y’all coming home soon?” It was my wife Madison, Megan’s sister.

Meanwhile Megan was anxious to get back in the truck. Her nipples were tingling and were growing itchy from under the tight pink Nike sports bra. Soon she’d be leaking from the fullness of her breasts and the addition of the big workout she had just put on her chest.

We close the doors to the Ford and I send a reply, “Will be home very soon…just left the gym”.

I rev up the motor and start heading homebound.

Six months ago I had my first encounter with Megan, Madison’s little sister by two years. She became incredibly obsessed with Madison and I’s nursing relationship and wanted in. We had had sex as well so we were also technically together. Megan was not interested in any other guys and Madison had no problem with us making love as long as she was present or if we told her. Heck, I Megan had me induce her into lactation. She then moved in with us not long after and was accepted to our university.

Three months ago my baby boy was born. His name is little Bradley, and even now Madison is still edgy about us having sex while he’s still very young. That’s where Megan’s company comes in. Even though I got super lucky the second time we had sex, when I had come inside of her that she did not end up pregnant as well, we still fuck almost daily.

Madison still nurses us whenever the baby falls asleep or isn’t hungry but now that Megan’s milk supply is starting to really kick in, I’m trying not to take too much from my wife.

Off in the passenger seat Megan was becoming uncomfortable. She kept adjusting the vents to point to her as she felt really warm. She removed her hoodie and even removed her workout tank top. I glanced over at her and noticed her little nipples poking through the pink fabric, but also noticed the two small dark spots over them.

“Dammit” pursaklar escort she murmured to herself. “John do you think we can do our evening session now?” she continued.

“You mean like right now, right now? Or when we get home? You sure you can’t wait?” I asked with a little hidden excitement.

“Well, I guess I can hold through if there’s no bad traffic…” she trailed unconfident with the events to follow.

Surely though with our luck and with other folks trying to get home we still had a little while to go and the stop and go flow was worse than I had anticipated. I looked over and Megan was looking very uncomfortable with her hands cupping her filling breasts.

“Baby please! They’re aching for you” she pleaded one more time.

And with that I pulled through to the side through a Walgreens parking lot and sought for a very private area to ourselves. I pulled the truck in the far and undesirable spot in a huge Kmart parking lot and killed the engine. She was already making her way to the cab as was I.

We closed our doors and she began lifting her sports bra above her breasts as I laid down in her lap and grabbed a blanket I had next to us to pull over her shoulders and over my head. When we first suckled, she had C cup breasts, now she had grown up to a D with slightly bigger nipples. She had small white pearls building on the tips of her nipples. I went in and latched onto the right breast laying my tongue under her nipple and sucked in her whole areola.

“Oh gosh yes…” she whispered as she held my head close and relaxed. Her milk wasn’t entirely a large supply such as Madison’s but it was enough to drive me just as wild with excitement and enough to quench some of my thirst. Her milk was warm and really sweet and began as small streams but then after a brief few minutes it was as if it kicked in full swing and we both realized she was having a new and stronger let down.

It was wonderful, pure silence and the only sounds we each heard were just my sucking and swallowing. Her small body was comfortable and sexy with my arms wrapped around it as I ate. After five minutes I switched to the left breast. Very rapidly I was being rewarded with the same amount of milk. rize escort I was enjoying this so much that I was almost shocked when I felt one of her hands groping my cock from above my shorts.

I continued to suckle for about another five minutes before I got more confident with her and began to tease and flick her nipple with my tongue. I looked up to her face and saw her cute smile in sexual interest. I darted my lips to her neck and pushed her on her back with my weight. My hands traveled down to her sexy athletic shorts. Before you know it my cock was free and was rapidly approaching her vaginal opening as I pulled away her shorts.

“Hey, hey maybe we should wait for home babe. We could get caught here.” She giggled out from under me. I kissed her passionately and sucked a few more drops of her milk before calming down.

With all the adrenaline and excitement, I revived the engine and surely made my way through the congestion of the traffic.


We arrive home and run through the door of our house. Madison welcomes us back and Megan drags her by the hand into our room. “Maddie my boobs couldn’t wait so we suckled in the truck on our way home, and uh…we can’t wait now for more stuff” she explained.

Madison smiled in heavy interest, locked the door and undressed to get comfortable. I was stripping away myself, as was Megan. Megan was completely topless and was now in her tiny bikini underwear and Madison was braless in a Spiderman tee shirt and her sexy underwear. She was settling into a bean bag chair and began touching herself watching us.

Megan pulled my head onto her breasts as we laid down. I latched back on as she blissfully wrapped her legs around my back. As I suckled thin streams of her milk our bottoms came off and I plunged my cock into her tight vagina. I thrusted hard and fast, too excited to hold back.

“Oh God,…oh God!!” Megan began moaning loudly. Off to the side I could hear Madison also moaning and gasping in pleasure.

Megan’s brown hair covered me as I kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe. I held her hips and continued to rush my bucking, and then I felt another weight on the bed with us. My wife Madison was now removing her clothes too and placed her legs and vagina near ankara rus escort Megan’s face. Megan knew what to do and began eating out her sister. I immediately grabbed Madison’s tits and stuffed my mouth.

I kept humping Megan as she ate out Madison and then we began rotating. Madison stopped us from moving into a different position and we were all on our knees figuring it out. Madison pulled our faces towards her breasts.

“The baby didn’t eat much today so drink up and make me feel good.” Madison explained.

Madison’s milk spurted into our mouths and we took turns fingering her. After sucking her tits for about 5 or more minutes, I plunged into Madison and Megan sat her vagina over her face.

We bucked like wild horses for several moments before Madison gathered herself up and kissed me passionately and gathered Megan into it.

“It had been a while baby, and I’m real sorry we had to wait that long. I want you to finish in my sister though.” Madison stated.

With that Megan jumped to me and I held her close as our tongues dove into each other’s mouths. Her vagina slid onto my cock and I bucked and thrusted her in the air.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck! FUUUUUCCKKKK!!” She yelled in ecstasy as she began feeling her own climax. My climax followed really closely as her vaginal muscles tightened strongly around my cock. My cum filled her up as I exploded into her. We gasped in exhaustion and I laid on top of her resting as I still remained inside of her.


“Gosh little Bradley is real upset, could you pass him to me Megan?” Madison said as she began opening her blouse. Megan got the baby and handed him to Madison as soon as the nursing bra was opened up. We watched him eat and then I nudged Megan making a salty whimper. She smiled all kinky and sat next to Madison and lifted up her tee shirt and removed her bra. I laid down and began munching on my own set of milk duds. Megan’s breasts were pouring sweet milk into my cheeks and the two sisters giggled as they breastfed.

“Like father, like son” Megan joked.

“Oh absolutely. I have plenty of milk for both of them but it looks like the bigger baby is happy already” Madison teased me.

Megan and I were becoming closer and closer. Perhaps it was incest, but I had two beautiful lactating women to myself. She would nurse me at least three or four times a day and then we were also being very cautious because we were testing her for pregnancy. Will I end up being a father for a second time with Megan? Find out on our next chapter!

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