Making a New Friend

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I had just turned 19 when I moved out of state. I was looking to make new friends, so I listed myself in a directory, in hopes of meeting new people. Being a freshly out of the closet lesbian, it’s hard to make new friends in such a big city. A girl named Ginger 23 and from the same area, responded to my ad, was also looking for some fun. We went out once, had a great time, and made plans for a second date the following week. The second date she was to be coming over to my place. That night, I sat there waiting, staring at the clock, 10:17 PM. She told me she would be here by 10pm. pacing around the room, adjusting my shirt so just enough cleavage was showing, I hear my doorbell ring. Running down the stairs, I open the door and see her. Her hair was so shiny and beautiful in the light. She walked in explaining how horrible traffic was, but that the night ahead would be well worth it. Looking confused, I ask why. She holds out something wrapped in a paper bag. “Here, this is for you,” she said. I take it and peer inside. Tequila. She knew how I was when I was drunk, I told her all about how extremely horny I get when I drink hard liquor. (But now as I look back on it maybe that was her intention the whole time.)

We sat on the couch and chatted as we drank. Shot after shot, my vision getting worse and worse. And out of no where, she leans over to me, and starts kissing balçova escort me. Parting my lips with her tongue and shoving it into my mouth. Kissing her was great, and I was getting so turned on. After our little make-out session was thru, I took a few more shots, and then noticed the bottle was almost gone, I started to laugh, and show her how much I’d drank, but she’d gotten up. Looking at me with those devilish bedroom eyes, I knew what she was up to. I got up and followed her to my bedroom. Before I even got to my bed, her hands were all over my body, pulling at my clothes, as I was pulling at hers. I was so wet all I could think about was her sticking her tongue inside my hot pussy.

Lying on the bed, she rubbed her fingertips up and down my body. Caressing her hands over my breasts, she stopped and leaned in and ever so lightly rubbed the tip of her tongue over my nipples, sticking my nipple into her mouth, placing it between her teeth and biting it, pulling at it hard. It hurt so bad, but felt so good. I couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbing her body and pulling her on top of mine, I spread my legs and put her body in between them. I could feel her hard wet clit up against mine, slowly I pushed my body up to hers, kissing her as I grinded our pussies together, it felt so good I couldn’t hold back the moans. Arching my back in ecstasy karşıyaka escort I was pushing my ass up, so that our pussy’s could grind together even harder, But I still wanted to get a taste of her sweet wet pussy.

We grinded together a little longer, until her pussy called out to me, “Eat Me!” I had to do it. So wet and so hot, I was dying for a taste. So I rolled her off of me and climbed in between her legs. Sliding my body down, so that my mouth would be positioned right above her pussy, I looked at it and how delicious it looked. Licking my lips I couldn’t wait to get my tongue into it. So I slowly ducked down, and stuck my tongue out. With the tip of my tongue I rolled it over her pink clit. She squealed in pleasure as I wrapped my lips around it. Knowing that this was really setting her off, I closed my lips on it and starting sucking really fast on it with my thick luscious lips. Her body started shaking instantly as she wrapped he legs around my head. I wanted her to cum all over my tongue, so as I was pressing down on her clit with my tongue, I inserted a finger into her pussy, she started moaning. I pulled my finger out, and inserted two fingers this time. By now her legs were wrapped so tightly around my head; my face was covered with her pussy. I started to suck on her clit, licking on it until I heard her let out this long çeşme escort moan, her pussy started to spasm in my mouth as her clit pulsated on my tongue. I made her cum in my mouth, as I licked it all up, savoring the taste of her sweet juices.

All happy and excited, she asked me if she could do to me what I had just done to her. My reply was a shaky and high pitched. “Yes!” Smiling, she rubbed her fingers inside my pussy, getting me wet once again, as she neared my entrance with her long thick tongue, my pussy started to over flow with wetness. I was just waiting for her to stick her tongue in me and fuck me with it. She slowly started lapping up some of my juices, poking around at my clit in the process. And then she did it. Shoving her tongue inside me, pushing it in and out as if it was a dildo, I screamed out to her, letting her know it felt good. “God yes, fuck me!” Eagerly sliding her tongue in and out wiggling her tongue inside me, as she had a knuckle on top of my clit, rubbing it, my pussy tightened up, my clit started to pulsate, rocking my hips to the speed of her tongue as I cried out in sheer ecstasy.

Breathing heavily, I lay on my back, as she crawled up beside me and lay there. Holding her body in my arms, I casually, slid a hand down her body to her thigh, fingers sliding up inside her pussy, still feeling her stickiness. She must have came again just from going down on me. Finger fucking her, I teased her, getting her wet again and slowly stopping to rest. It was meaningless fun. I wasn’t trying to get her off or anything; I just felt the need for pussy, yet again.

And that was just the beginning of my obsession.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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