Margie and Me Ch. 01-02

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Chapter One

The second time we made love was when I woke up, aware of that wonderful pillow breast with its small nipple about two inches from my mouth.

I snuggled closer and took her nipple into my mouth and began sucking softly.

I slowly took more into my mouth, her areola tightening, and began gently massaging the nipple and areola against the roof of my mouth.

I nursed like that for a few minutes and felt the rhythm of her breathing change as she woke.

Her hand came up and began stroking my hair.

“Oh Davey,” she said softly, “that feels sooo good.”

I kept nursing.

When her hand started down my chest I caught it and turned it around, slowly guiding it down.

When I found the roundness of her belly I gently pushed her hand lower, continuing my nursing.

I covered her fingers with my own and gently played with the coarse pubic hair I found.

Still nursing, feeling her breathing speeding up, I used my middle finger to guide her and find her clitoris, a hard little button under our combined fingers.

I started gently making circles where I touched her, masturbating her with her own finger.

“Oh God Davey,” she sort of moaned, “is this what you want?”

And she began playing with that little button on her own.

I moved my own hand away, feeling her continue what she was doing, and began caressing her waist.

We stayed like that for a while, I really don’t know how long. I nursed and she slowly masturbated as my free hand slowly explored her back, her side, her ass, her hip, adiosbet yeni giriş taking my time, just enjoying her. She was a big woman, soft, but without those rolls many truly fat women get. Under that soft warm layer, she was firm and strong.

When I felt her rhythm change, speed up, and her breathing start to catch, I moved my hand down to cover her again, my finger finding hers, adding my pressure to what she was doing.

She came almost gently, none of the hard muscular contractions I had always associated with a woman’s orgasm but a slow flowing of her thick nectar, making both of our hands slick and sticky at the same time.

When she started to pull her hand away, done, I held it there, feeling the slow relaxation in her body and the final flow of her release.

I opened my mouth and released her nipple, used my finger to smear that sweet nectar on her nipple, swollen now, and latched back on, drawing a soft little gasp.

This time I was the one who went to sleep.


Chapter Two

The third time we made love I woke from a dream, yes, a good dream, and felt her take me into her mouth.

She was VERY good with her mouth.

First, she used her tongue lightly on my glans, the head, her saliva providing lubrication as she pursed her lips and took it in.

Then she pulled off, used that amazing tongue again to lubricate the first inch or so of my shaft, and took that in.

As she pulled off her tongue massaged the top.

She was VERY good with her mouth.

But then again, so adiosbet giriş am I.

I used my hands to guide her, bringing her body around on the bed until I had her in the classic 69 position, me on my left side and her on her right, her taking more of my cock into her mouth with each slow movement and me gently opening her with my fingertips.

She was still leaking from our first time and the mixture of her womanscent and my semen was a heady brew indeed.

I opened her with my fingers and found the hard, pink little button of her clitoris. Flicking it lightly with my tongue, feeling her body quickly tense and relax with every touch.

Meanwhile, she had taken my entire length into her mouth, the final inch or so requiring that she swallow hard (and noisily) to get past her gag reflex.

We both took our time. My tongue probed her while my right hand caressed her lower back, that wonderful soft round ass, and her upper thighs, soft yet firm underneath.

She was doing what I had been doing earlier, but with her mouth, She would slowly pull off, her tongue on the top of my cock adding an interesting pressure as her lips, thick with her saliva, slowly brought me along.

And this time it was she who controlled the pace.

When I would approach that point of no return she would slow yet more and ease the pressures, holding me there and then slowly taking me a little farther.

For my part, I had her labia minora, those more delicate inner lips, in my mouth and was sucking them softly, feeling them getting more and adiosbet güvenilirmi more swollen under the pressures.

We stayed like that for some measurable fraction of eternity. Taking our time. Slowly bringing each other farther along.

When she came that first burst of her release, that thick warm, slightly salty nectar of her ecstasy, almost filled my mouth and I swallowed it greedily and noisily.

She surprised me by finishing me quickly while she was cumming but suddenly pulling off when I came, caressing my cock with her face as my body gave three hard pumps, almost painful she had me so far along.

We laid still for a few seconds, and then she squirmed around.

There was enough ambient light from a small nightlight that I could see my semen, thick and white, on her forehead at her hairline, and on her cheek, and just under her nose, a thick string crossing her lips.

She smiled and there was that 18-year-old virgin bride again, looking a little, well, all right, a lot, naughty.

“Si always said I was a natural slut,” she said, smiling, “I hope you like it.”

I grinned and then kissed her, that thick string of semen smearing both of our lips.

I didn’t say anything at first, just used my finger to gently massage my spunk into her skin.

And then I grinned, my absolute BEST boyish grin.

“As a woman should be,” I said softly and then pulled her to me, our heads on one pillow, our lips barely brushing so that each movement, each word, became a tiny kiss.

“I think I’m in heaven,” I said softly, my hand light on her waist, my fingertips making small circles.

“Does that make me an angel?” she said softly, her hand on my waist, her fingertips making small circles.

I chuckled very softly.

“With a devilish streak,” and I drifted off to sleep.

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