Massage Surprise

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A client of my wife’s had given her gift certificates to a massage parlor as present during the holiday season. Neither of us had ever been to get a massage but we figured with the stress of work and everything else it would be relaxing. We called and scheduled appointments for the upcoming weekend around 3 pm when we would both be off of work. I had always been curious when it came to massages; I read many stories people had written about receiving happy endings during a massage. Overall it seemed very erotic to have someone’s hands rubbing all over your body. As the week went on I found myself thinking more and more about it. I was even masturbating with thoughts of what might happen when we went there. I kept wondering to myself if they had you fully undress or did you keep some item of clothing on during the massage. I had heard that most places even if you were fully undressed they had you lie down and cover your body with a sheet. I wondered if I would get aroused during the massage and have my hard cock exposed to whomever was massaging me. I kept wondering what would happen if the masseuse noticed I was hard would she be professional and just pretend she didn’t notice or would she wrap her hand around my hard cock. I wasn’t even sure if my wife and I were getting massaged in the same room since my wife had called to schedule the appointment.

When Saturday rolled around I could barely contain my excitement in anticipation of what might happen. After my usual morning shower I went down to the kitchen to join my wife for breakfast. We talked a little while I cooked us some eggs with toast. Soon enough or conversation turned to the topic of our massages and what to expect. She told me on of the girls at her work had asked her if she was concerned about me being touched by another women. She told me she wasn’t worried because the place we were going to was professional. It wasn’t like one of those typical shady massage places with neon signs in the window. I laughed when she said this but in the back of my mind I was hoping that maybe she was wrong. As I looked at my wife I noticed she looked especially sexy this morning in her little silk nightgown. The material clung close to her body and showed off her curves very nicely. I loved staring at her ass because the material always lay so close against it that it sometimes even pushed in between her cheeks. I watched as she bent over the kitchen sink and began rinsing off our breakfast dishes. I began to get hard looking as the soft curves of her ass through the material, I guess after a few minutes she noticed me staring because she turned her head around to look at me. I followed her eyes as they gazed directly down at my now tenting pajama pants.

As I watched she reached forward and turned the water off, then my eyes followed her hands as they made there way to the bottom of her nightgown. She slowed the lifted the material over ass cheeks letting it slide up to the small of her back. By this time my hand had moved down to my pajama pants and I was stroking my hard cock. I saw one of her hands let go of her nightgown and slide in between her body and the counter. I slowly pulled down my pants down letting my spring out as the waistband of my pants slid down my thighs. My wife began masturbating while looking back at me stroking my cock slowly getting harder and harder. She gave me a little smile then pushed her ass slightly back towards me inviting me to come join her. I kicked my pajama pants to the side as they had falling down to my feet at that point.

I walked over to her with my hand still wrapped around my cock and I began kissing the back of her neck. She turned her head slightly more towards me and our mouths met in a deep kiss our tongues rolling over each other’s. I let go of my cock as I kissed her my hands found their way to her hips. Her right hand was rubbing her clit while her left hand pressed against the countertop helping to give her balance. My cock pressed in between her soft ass cheeks as we continued kissing. I felt her hips moving causing my cock to slide up and down the crack of her ass. My cock was swelling to its fully potential as I felt it brush against her puckered little asshole. I almost came as my cock started to press against her asshole and slide its way in. Then I felt her fingers come from between her legs and reach up for my cock then they slowly started to wrap around it. Her fingers were warm and bahis siteleri wet with the juices from her pussy. She slid her fingers up and down making cock slick with her wetness. Then she started to guide my cock back up until the head was pressed firmly against her asshole. I felt her hips push back as my cock started to ease its way into her tight little back door. I pushed my hips forward feeling her tight little asshole slide up the length of my cock as it started to swell getting even harder. When I had finally pushed in all the way her little ass cheeks were resting against my lap with my hard cock buried deep inside her ass.

She kissed me deep letting her tongue wrap around mine as I heard her moan slightly into my mouth. I felt her tight little ass slowly begin to slide up the length of my cock and when she got to the top she pushed back down just as slow until I was all the way inside of her again. She pushed her tight ass up and down my cock as we kissed I felt her ass cheeks pushing against my lap. I loved the feeling of her tight little asshole and fucking her in our kitchen with her pressed against the counter was making me closer to cumming. She was had quickened her pace as she fucked my cock in and out of her ass. After a few minutes she pushed all the way down and I felt her ass cheeks pressing against me. Then her I felt her asshole start to quickly squeeze my hard cock and I knew she had started to cum. The feeling of her ass milking my cock as she started to cum was too much for me and soon enough I started pumping my warm cum into her tight asshole. As her orgasm started to die down she had moved forward a little and I could feel my warm cum sliding out of her asshole down the length of my cock. She parted her lips from mine and looked down between the both of us watching as my cum covered cock slid out of her ass.

After we both caught our breath we made our way up stairs and got into the shower. When we were all dried off changed into our clothes for the day I grabbed my wife and started to give her a long kiss. As we parted she looked into my eyes and smiling she said

“I guess you enjoyed fucking me in the kitchen”.

I then felt her hand make its way down to my cock, which was slowly starting to get hard again. She told me she was hoping I wouldn’t be as horny after having sex in the morning. I asked her what she meant and she told me she didn’t want me to get aroused while I was getting massaged. I laughed as I told her that would never happen, although in the back of my head I was thinking it might because I was really hard again already. My wife told me that when I got massaged she wanted me to keep my underwear on even if there was a sheet to cover me. I agreed although I didn’t know whether I would actually keep that promise or not. About a half hour later we climbed into the car and were on our way to the massage parlor.

I was located only a few miles from our home on a little quiet residential street. As we parked out front I looked at the sign then at the front of the building. I looked like an old Victorian house from the outside and had a nice wrap around porch. We got out of the car and walked up the wooden front steps to the front door. I turned the knob as we walked into a makeshift lobby entrance. I noticed there was a desk to the left of us and a bench straight ahead sitting against the wall. A young girl got up from behind the desk to greet us shaking both of our hands while motioning for us to take a seat on the bench. She told us her named was Sarah. She was about 25 years old with an athletic build and nice tits that were clearly visible through her light blue spaghetti strap tank top. She also had on black cotton work out pants that were tight to her body and showed off her ass very nicely. I tried not to stare as she leaned forward handing us both a clipboard with a form attached. The form was pretty standard it included filling out information about yourself along with what areas you wanted to have worked on. My lower back had been bothering me so I decided to site that as the main area of focus I wanted to be worked on. When my wife and I finished filling out the forms we handed them to the girl who took them then started to walk away saying she would be back shortly. There was a small hallway near the desk that she had walked down and as we sat waiting I could here her talking to another girl. A few minutes later Sarah returned canlı bahis siteleri with another girl standing next to her. The other girls name was Rebecca; she was about the same age and body type but had brunette hair instead of blonde.

After a few minutes I learned that my wife would be massaged by Rebecca, while I was to go with the Sarah. We were both led down the hallway my wife and Rebecca went into the first door while Sarah and myself went into the second. When we entered the room I looked around and took note of everything in it. Near the door was a cd player on a shelf and next to that was a long dresser with various massage oils and candles on it. Also in the middle of the room was a long padded massage table with a towel lying in the middle of it. Sarah explained that she was going to light some candles and put on some music then exit the room while I got ready. She told me I was to remove all my clothing and lay face down on the massage table with the towel covering from my lower back to my feet. I wasn’t really sure if I had heard her right when she said remove my clothing so I decided to ask if she meant for me to get completely naked. She told me it was best if I didn’t having anything clothing on at all so that no material would be in the way while she massaged me. This seemed to make sense so as she left the room I began removing my clothing and setting it on the floor near the table. As I climbed onto the table I noticed that I was semi hard and was thank full that she told me lay on my stomach. I pulled the towel over my lower half and then lay waiting a few minutes before I heard the sound of her footsteps coming towards the door. She slowly opened it stepping inside making sure to close it quietly behind her.

She walked over to the cd player and pushed play while making her way over to the massage oils. She told me to put my head down in the headrest at the end of the table and she would soon get started. At first my eyes were open looking down at floor, I watched as her feet were now standing in front of me. She started by rubbing my neck and shoulders then slowly worked her way down my back. Her fingers smoothly slid across my skin pushing deeply into my muscles. I was beginning to become more relaxed and had closed my eyes by the time she reached my lower back. When she could no longer reach from where she was standing at the head of the table she placed a finger on my right side and started to walk around the table. I found out later it is custom practice during a massage to always have contact with your client even if it is only with one finger. When she reached my right side she started to massage my lower back again. I noticed at this point she was about three inches away from where the towel began. As she massaged lower I started to feel the tips of her fingers slid under the towel slightly. I didn’t really think anything of it at first until she started to push lower moving the towel with her. Her fingertips were now massaging where my lower back and the tops of my ass cheeks met. I could feel her fingertips starting to press into my soft ass cheeks and it was starting to turn me on a little.

This continued for a few minutes until her hand slipped back out from under the sheet returning to my lower back. Eventually she told me she was going to move down to my legs. As she moved down the massage table I felt her fingers grab the bottom of the towel where it was covering my feet. She slowly started to drag it up exposing my legs and the bottom half of my ass cheeks. She folded the towel on my ass then moved down to my foot and began massaging it. She worked up my right leg to the bottom of my ass then something strange happened. Her hand accidentally brushed my balls as she started to massage my inner thigh, before working back down to my foot. After a few minutes on my foot she switched to the other side. She once again worked her way up and again I felt a very brief light touch to the balls, this time it caused a tingling feeling in my dick. I wondered if this was this accidental. After a minute she headed back down to my foot. She finished my foot then I he felt her hands tracing the muscles in both of my legs up to the bottom of my ass. This time was different though because her hands went much further up and even under the towel. She trailed her fingers up the crack of my ass and gently brushed my asshole with one as they passed. I jumped a bit from the canlı bahis unexpected contact. I enjoyed having my asshole rubbed, it is a very sensitive place, and occasionally during sex my wife would even slip a finger in, something that always made me cum hard.

Sarah’s hands continued to slide up my back all the way to my shoulders as she started to deeply rub them again. She continued to rub working her way back down to my lower back. It had not occurred to me at the time but she never pulled the towel back down over my legs so a majority of my ass was still exposed. She worked her way back down to the tops of my ass cheeks and began to massage them once again letting her fingertips slid far under the towel. I felt the towel being pushed even further down then before as her fingers and hands now firmly grasped both of my ass cheeks. As she was massaging she began to slowly pull them apart and I could feel my asshole being exposed. Her fingers started to work their way closer to the crack of my ass and even closer to my asshole. When her fingers finally reached my asshole she started to lightly rub. As she was rubbing my puckered asshole I felt myself let out a moan. The room seemed to fall more silent and I felt Sarah stop moving her hands for a few seconds. Then her finger pressed harder against my asshole and started to even push in a little. I felt myself starting to get hard as she was playing with my tight little asshole. I was even starting to push back against her finger causing it to push in a little deeper. Then she seemed to pause for a few seconds and she leaned her head down near my ear and asked.

“Do you like that?” as she ran a finger around the rim of my ass.

I replied with a little moan saying “umm hmm”

“Would you like me to keep rubbing here for a while?” She asked, teasing my asshole a little with her finger.

I didn’t really say anything but just kind of moaned again, I think that’s all the encouragement she need. I felt her finger press against my exposed asshole and I pushed back against it a little bit. She then pushed her finger in slowly starting to slide it into my tight ass until it was almost all the way in. As her finger slid deeply into me I felt her other hand start to slide under me and I lifted off the table a little to allow it better access. Her hand wrapped around my hard cock and slowly started to stroke as her finger was now buried in my asshole. She started to jerk me off while finger my asshole making my cock harder with every stroke. So there I was with my ass lifted off the table, pushing myself against Sarah’s finger as it fucked my ass. Then I heard my wife start to speak from the room next to me.

“Sweetie how are you doing over there?”

I froze with my ass in the air Sarah’s finger deep inside of me and her hand wrapped around my hard cock. Then I hear Sarah speak.

“He is doing fine I think I put him to sleep”

My wife seemed satisfied with this answer because I just heard her say oh then she was silent again. At this point I was really hard thinking about the fact that I was on my knees with Sarah finger fucking my tight asshole while she jerked me off. All the while my wife was in the next room over with no idea what was going on. Sarah increased her pace and started fucking my ass with her finger while she started jerking me off faster. After a few more minutes I could feel my cock getting ready to cum. On all fours on the massage table with Sarah’s finger deep in my asshole my cock started to pulsate in her hand. Then I felt my warm cum start to spray all over the massage table and my asshole was squeezing Sarah’s finger. After my orgasm was done I felt her finger slip out and her hand let go of my cock. I stayed kneeling on the table as she walked over and grabbed a towel she reached under me and wiped my cum off the table. Then she moved to the put the towel in a pile by the door as I lay back down on the table. She told me I could take my time getting dressed and come out when I was done. After she left the room I just lay there for a few minutes thinking about what had just happened. I climbed off the table and put my clothes back on then started to walk out of the room. When I made it back to the lobby desk my wife was already there and she greeted me with a kiss as I sat down. She asked me how it was and we chatted with the girls for a bit before leaving. I never mentioned what happened to my wife but I would love to go back sometime.

I hope you enjoyed the story I am very horny today and would appreciate all of nastiest detailed feed back you can give me. I can’t wait to hear from you thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32