Mature Beauty

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Mature Beauty

Connie was a recent divorcee who was introduced to me by a married lady friend at work. I had moved from North Carolina to Albuquerque only several months before. Connie was 47 years old at the time and not a classic beauty but a very put together, professional woman with what I would learn later, was a gorgeous full figure under her expensive business suits. I would compare her figure to that of seasoned Scarlett Johannsson. Voluptuous. She was 5’5″ and had natural auburn hair, green eyes and beautiful complexion. I was 35 years old, 6’2″. 200 lbs. and in the best shape of my life. I lifted and rode my bike hundreds of miles a month.

We met after a short introductory phone call and decided to grab a drink after work. We sat at the bar having our cocktails and got to know a little about each other. She was a native of Colorado and had moved with her husband to New Mexico for his work. She was recently divorced from a guy who was 62 years old. I was single. Neither of us had kids.

We drank and flirted shamelessly. After all, we were two consenting adults and my friend from work hinted that Connie was looking to get back in the game following her split with her hubby. At a certain point our flirting reached that knowing moment where we were going to wait for a future date or act on our impulses.

I jokingly said, “We could call it a night, or we could just go somewhere and use each other for gratuitous sex…”

She, stood from her bar stool, picked up her purse, smiled the sexy mature female smile and said, “Your place or mine?”

It was her place. We got to her nearby apartment and she began shedding her clothes as she walked back toward her bedroom. Holy shit!, was that hot! I had never been with an older woman and from the looks of her ass as she walked away from me, I had been missing a lot. I locked the door behind me and began taking off my clothes, right down to my birthday suit. As I entered her bedroom she was setting the mood with soft lights, soft music and scented candles.

She bonus veren siteler was stretched out on her bed in a sexy matching, lacy, white bra and panty set. She looked so sexy with her tanned skin contrasting with her white lingerie.

My large cock was bouncing as I walked too her. As I got closer to the bed, she lay on her left side facing me and said, “Come here.” As I got within range, she reached out and grasped my cock about halfway down and squeezed while stroking me upward toward her lips. A large dollop of pre-cum oozed from my cockhead and she kissed it off, then put me in her mouth, staring up at me.

I groaned, tilting my head back at the eroticism of the moment. Her mouth felt like warm cream. As she began to suck and stroke my cock she made those small little moans women make when enjoying the cock in their mouth. Within minutes, I grasped a handful of that gorgeous auburn hair and sent stream after stream of my cum into her mouth. My past female friends have always been shocked at my volume of ejaculate, especially the first time they experience it. Connie was a seasoned cocksucker, but she loudly gulped 5-6 times trying to swallow my cum. She was able to take most of it but some of it leaked around my cock and fell on her bra covered breasts. I love that.

She swallowed and gasped and looked at me, giggled and said, “Wow! That was some load!”

She was so turned on she continued to suck and clean me thoroughly. I crawled onto the bed and removed her underwear. Her body was absolutely incredible.

I had no idea a 47 year old woman could be so sexy. I took one look at her naked body as she lay back on the bed. Her body was voluptuous, her breasts easily a firm 38D or E. She was sexual perfection.

I whispered, “Your ex-husband is a fucking idiot…”

She said, “I know. I think so, too…”

“Well, his loss is my gain. You are the sexiest woman I have ever been with…”

“Thank you.” She replied, “I needed to hear that…”

I lay down between bedava bahis her firm inviting thighs and began licking my way from her feet to her lips. I stretched the foreplay as long as she or I could stand it. Connie was one of those women who knew how to take care of the most intimate parts of her body. She smelled and tasted fantastic. Even her asshole tasted good.

There is nothing sexier or more enjoyable than taking your time and eating, licking and kissing very part of a woman’s body. Her pussy was creamy and delicious, her auburn bush beautifully manicured.

We licked, kissed and sucked each other for a long time before I finally pushed her thighs up to her face and entered her fully in one stroke. She was so creamy by then, she received me effortlessly. We fucked for 20-30 minutes in various positions until I buried my seven inches giving her my cum in a slow, deep mutually satisfying climax. I had never had better sex. I thought. The best was yet to come.

As we lay there enjoying the moment, I looked at her with her smooth, tanned skin, her legs splayed in sexy repose and a with a white froth oozing from her beautiful pussy. I thought, what is it about a beautiful woman lying back with cum leaking from her that so turns men on? I never tire of seeing it.

We showered together and as I soaped her from head to toe, paying particular attention to her breasts and ass, she went down on me again. I was so sensitive, I had to ask her to wait. That had never happened before.

We had some more cocktails and ate a light snack and went back to bed. After a short warmup she rolled on her side, reached into the nightstand and pulled out a large vibrator and some lube. She asked me if I would like to fuck her ass and without a word, I took the lube and vibrator from her and told her to relax. She put her left arm under the side of her head and closed her eyes, remaining on her left side.

With her right hand she pulled on her right ass cheek and spread her crack so I could see her little deneme bonus pink rosebud. I scooted around so my cock was at the back of her head and my mouth could still reach her asshole. I licked and tongued her brown hole until I heard her sigh and her rectum relaxed into a slightly open position. I continued around eating her pussy and clit and then back to her anus. She was gently humping my face, moaning sexy sounds and breathing deeply.

When I thought she was ready, got back behind her with my cock near her ass. I covered the vibrator with lube, turned it on and began working it into her tight rear passage. Her ring resisted for several seconds and then she sighed, and her ass opened up and swallowed most of the gel cock. Her response was to draw her legs up toward her chest and say, “Oh, my God, yes…”

I rolled her over onto her back, vibrator humming quietly in her ass and covered her entire cunt with my mouth, tonguing her vagina and swirling it over her clit. Connie was cumming in little mini-orgasms while I did this. At a point, I lifted her thighs opened her up and speared her with my hard cock. We started slow, getting my cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. In a few seconds, we were fucking each other with a vengeance. We both orgasmed at the same time and as she calmed down, she squeezed her ass muscles and the fake cock fell out of her ass.

She reached down and took my slimy, semi-erect meat , put it against her brown hole and said, “Push.” My slackening cock crawled up into her warm, slick asshole. Jesus, what a feeling. WE lay there luxuriating in the feeling as my member began stretching out and hardening again. I held it there.

She was looking me in the eye with those sexy green eyes and began squeezing my cock repeatedly with her ass muscles. I slowly came back to life and after reaching a degree of hardness began moving cautiously in and out of her bum. As we moved my cock got harder. She was soon driving her asshole back onto my cock. After two previous climaxes I was able to sustain my erection for at least 20 minutes, torching Connie’s backside. We finished with mutual, titanic orgasms. Lying sated in her bed, I slid from that glorious backside, shivering right along with her, kissing each other, reveling in the afterglow.

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