Midlife Crises

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I was forty years old when I had my mid-life crisis. My wife and I got divorced. I was a mess. I felt like a failure, like I had wasted my life and that no-one could want me. I was depressed so my thinking wasn’t clear. I just felt. And my feelings were that I had somehow become irrelevant

My wife and I had married young, she got pregnant with our first daughter and we tried our best to make it work. It did work for years, but the cracks really began to show after girl number two.

He cracks became chasms then oceans of silence and regret.

When my eldest daughter went to college I guess it was a breaking point. We didn’t last a month before Marina wanted to divorce.

I floundered for a while and we had a horrible Christmas when Charlotte came home from school. I heard myself whining and feeling sorry for myself, but I couldn’t seem to stop.

Then when Charlotte left I began to get mad. After months of feeling sorry for myself I grew angry and determined not to waste my life mourning. I reinvested my energy into improving my life rather than thinking it was over. I went to the gym and through myself into work and spent a lot of time with my old friends, many of whom knew exactly what I was going through.

I felt better than I had in years.

During Spring Break when my daughter came home from University she brought a friend with her.

The first time I saw Kris I essentially dismissed her. She was really cute, but she was a surly looking emo kid. I was coming to pick up Charlotte to go for dinner. We hadn’t seen each other since that awful Christmas as a broken family and I was eager to make up for my shitty mood and whining behavior.

Kris was on my old front lawn. For a second I though she was Char and I panicked. She had dark black hair a ski hat, leather jacket and tight skinny jeans. Her skin was pale and she looked ill.

She was the picture of a rebellious teen. Charlotte was blond and more of a cheerleader type like her mother, but my first thought was that Char was rebelling because of the divorce.

As I walked up this surly vision of teen angst looked up at me and I saw that it wasn’t my daughter. The relief turned to curiosity.

Char had spoken of her friend, Kris, who had no place to go for the break from school. She had asked if Marina and I would let Kris stay with us during the break. Charlotte was going to join in on the shared living that Marina and I were doing with Keela our younger child, splitting the week between our homes.

It would be tight with four in my new place, but there were enough beds and a couch so the girls could have their own rooms and I would couch it. I didn’t care, I just wanted to make it up to Char for the divorce and the depression I’d had before so I agreed.

I had assumed that this Kris would be like Char and her friends from high school. Fun, kind, lighthearted girls.

I had not expected anyone like Kris.

The person who most came to mind when I saw her was that girl from those Twilight movies. Like that girl in her posters, Kris showed little expression as I walked toward her. She watched me blandly, her face a porcelain mask.

I thought she was really pretty, her eyes were a pale blue that I found arresting, and they were lined heavily with black mascara. Her skin was pale in a peaches and cream way. Her hair poker straight, to the shoulder and dyed black.

In the two seconds I had to observe her as I moved up the walk to the house I felt the first real stirring of sexual desire I had felt in months. Something about the level open stare she gave me, the near blankness to her gaze made me want to see her feel passion.

Kris was petite, maybe five three, and thin. Her legs were long and lean, her waist small, her hips showed above her belt and her stomach was flat and smooth. I couldn’t see her breasts under a loose t-shirt and open jacket, but there were no prominent bumps so I assumed her tits were small.

Her size brought the word “Elfin” to mind.

“Hi. You must be Kris. I’m Charlotte’s Dad, Cody Baxter.” I reached out and offered my hand. She took it took and we shook, her tiny hand warm and soft in my own. She was clearly a little shy, but not cripplingly so.

I felt like a creep staring at this girl but something about her was really intriguing me. She was so unlike my wife, who was blond, tall and bubbly. At least she was with other people. Not me.

Just as it was beginning to feel awkward, the two of us holding hands too long and not talking, Charlotte and Keela came out of the house with their weekend bags.

“Daddy!” Charlotte cried and threw herself into my suddenly free hands. It was so gratifying having my daughter so happy to see me. In that moment I forgot about those early stirrings of lust for Kris and basked in the glow of first one then the other of my daughters squeezing me and loving me.

We all piled into the car and went to my apartment. We goofed around and I could tell the girls were tandoğan escort pleased that I had fully decorated and cleaned the place up. We laughed as we ate supper and it felt like Christmas had never happened; that the divorce hadn’t ripped our lives apart.

Over the course of the night my lust for Kris grew larger. She was shy, and slow to join into our well established jokes and banter, but when she did pipe up she had a sharp acerbic wit that once the bomb landed made us all howl with laughter.

We all got into pajamas to watch a movie the girls had brought and Kris put on tight yoga pants and a tank top. Her breasts were small, but tight and her nipples poked through the thin material of her tank top. Her legs were shapely and her ass looked fantastic in her pants. I really had to focus on not staring at her.

My girls were snuggled on the couch, I sat in my lounger and Kris stretched out on the floor in front of the T.V. I watched her in the glow of my big screen and memorized the curves of her body, quite enjoying the first flush of lust I had felt in months.

When the film was over Kris was fast asleep. Charlotte was reluctant to wake her so we gave her my blankets and let her lay where she was. As we brushed out teeth getting ready for bed, the girls giggling, getting that late-night-trying-to-be-quiet sort of giddiness that was so infectious. We agreed that I would stay on the couch in case Kris woke up and wanted to go to her bed.

I took another blanket and stretched out on the couch as quietly as I could and settled in for a sleep that proved elusive.

I was happy that the night had gone so well with Charlotte, and I was grateful for her love and understanding as I pulled myself out of my marriage, but much of my wakeful energy came from the sleeping girl laying on the floor three feet from me.

Confession time.

I had only ever been with three women in my life. A blowjob in high-school, one lover in college before Marina and then Marina herself. None of those women had been anything like Kris, but she had gotten under my skin. Her low voice, her pale skin, her pale eyes and dark hair, the way she curled in on herself and seemed so shy, yet with a real inner strength, it all compelled me to reach out and touch her soft skin.

As she lay so close, her breathing soft, yet loud in the silent room I wished she would come to me on the couch and lie with me. It was crazy, but I started to imagine her sucking my cock in the dark of my living room with my daughters down the hall and it got me fully hard in seconds.

I wondered if I could jack off without her catching me. And what if she did?

I fantasized about it and began to rub my cock through my pajama pants. I am a fit man, I have always taken care of myself, and as a last ditch effort to get my wife to have sex with me in the last months of our marriage I spent even more time at the gym and working out. I had another round of that as I pulled out of my depression the last few months.

Except for a few grey hairs and some extra lines around the face I think I looked better than I had ever looked in my life.

That said I could easily fantasize that a beautiful young girl might in some way actually be attracted to me.

I began to imagine Kris sitting up and seeing my cock in the dim light and being overcome with lust. In my mind’s eye she crawled over to me seductively as I stroked myself and she took over. Her little hand wrapped around my shaft and began to pump up and down.

Every-so-often I would peek at her as she lay on the floor just a few feet from me, nothing between us save empty space, her face pale blue in the dark night, her lips slightly parted her hair infinitely black.

With my ears perked for any sound from my daughter’s rooms I began to stroke faster, and I did my best to keep my breathing from getting too loud and giving me away.

In my fantasy Kris was now suddenly naked, her pale skin so smooth and unblemished that I had to touch it. I ran my hand around her hips and shoulders, for some reason I couldn’t quite picture her small breasts, they always became Marina’s larger full breasts.

I got swept up now in trying to focus on seeing Kris’s perky titties. It became a feature of the fantasy, taking root in my mind as I beat off. I needed to see those little boobies. I tried everything I could think of to create the perfect picture of how her tits looked, but they always shifted back to the breasts I knew best.

Then I heard, or felt something new and I paused, opening my eyes and I was stunned to see my fantasy made almost real.

Kris knelt beside me, about a foot and a half from my side, her body angled to peer at my exposed penis, still hard in my hand, thrusting into the air. She turned her face to mine and we looked into each other’s eyes in the minimal light.

“Would you like me to do that for you sir?” she asked. I couldn’t breathe I was so ashamed, and terrified. tekirdağ escort I heard her say those words, but I couldn’t believe them. I was sure she must have said something else. And yet her hand reached out and took hold of my cock where it poked above my own grip. Gently she replaced my hand with her own, hers much cooler than mine after the work I had been doing.

Shyly she began to stroke up and down my length, getting used to my skin as it moved over the hard muscle beneath. I let my hand fall to my side and watched intently as she watched her hand stroke me.

Soon I was able to absorb what was happening. I was getting a hand-job in my living room from one of my daughter’s college friends.

Her touch was much lighter than mine had been and as she moved the skin of my cock over the head it felt much nicer than what I had been doing.

The sheer eroticism of having her do this for me was so intense that I was already close to cumming. I held off as best I could in the secret hope that she would start to suck my cock too, but before long seeing her arm moving, her face so rapt and feeling her little hand working over me so sensually had me on the verge of cumming.

I thought I’d best tell her.

“I’m gonna cum.’ I whispered. She looked at my face for the first time in a while and whispered back.

“Can I eat it?”

I managed to just grunt out “Yes.” Before I started to shoot my load.

Her head bent over my spurting knob and she put me in her mouth. I had not had a woman’s mouth on my cock in years and I bucked up hard driving myself deeper into her face as I had the most intense orgasm I’d had in maybe a decade inside her mouth.

Marina hated it when I held her head down over me so I kept my hands by my sides, but my fists clenched with the desire to grip her skull and fuck hard into her mouth. I was in heaven, cumming and cumming and feeling her tongue swirling around my cockhead.

When I was finished I lay still because she continued to lick my cock, slurping on me and she rested her head on my belly. Her free hand crept up my body and began to play with my chest hair. I moaned low in my throat, the human equivalent of purring.

Kris just held me in her mouth and sucked my cock like she were sucking her thumb, gently, kindly with no seeming agenda. Her rhythmic scratching on my chest made me sleepy.

Too sleepy. I drifted off. I didn’t even thank her, let alone reciprocate.

I woke up some time later, it was still dark out and I found myself covered with blankets and tucked back into my pajamas. Kris was gone. I began to doubt it had even happened.

I drifted back to sleep thinking it had to have been real; the details were too clear in my mind. I got another erection just picturing her watching my cock as she stroked me off. I dreamed of her the rest of the night and woke up with a painful erection.

Keela woke soon after me and got ready for school. Still in high school Keela was on a different schedule than the college girls and she needed to go today. I had taken the week off work so I could see Charlotte while she was here. I drove Keela once she was ready and we had a nice chat in the car. She said how she liked Kris, even though she seemed too shy. Keela asked why she was staying with us.

“Char told me that Kris’s Mom was overseas working and that she hadn’t seen her Dad in years. Kris couldn’t afford to go see her Mom, and she doesn’t like her grandparents, so she came here.”

“Oh.” That was all.

When I got home from driving Keela to school I found Kris in the kitchen.

“Where’s Charlotte?” I asked, my cock already slithering to life in my pants seeing Kris in her yoga pants and tank-top still.

“Still sleeping.”

“She never likes getting up in the morning.” I commented and poured myself some coffee I had brewed before I left.

I sat and looked at Kris sitting with a glass of water at my kitchen table. She looked adorable; her hair tussled from sleeping and her face soft and fresh with rest. Had that sexy mouth really been wrapped around my cock last night?

“Mr. Baxter?” she said, not looking at me, but at her hand holding the glass, the same way it had held my cock. “I owe you an apology.”

“No. No no no. It was my fault. I-“

“I can be so bad sometimes. I don’t know why I am so slutty, but I can’t help it.” she seemed so concerned that I had to help.

“Kris look at me.” Her eyes snapped onto mine, her face pale and nervous looking. “I was in the wrong last night. That was me being a terrible person.”

Kris smiled a tiny smile, the corners of her mouth lifting and making her look sweet and innocent. “Did you like what I did?”

The change of direction unsettled me.

“Well, yes of course. I wanted to thank you, but I fell asleep.”

“You tasted wonderful.” She looked down once more. “I wanted you to fall asleep. I love it when a man falls asleep in my mouth.”

I stared at her, tokat escort stunned.

“Would you like me to do that again. Right now? I owe you for letting me stay here.”

My cock was a full attention now inside my jeans. I was seriously considering her offer, she looked so sexy, so vulnerable sitting there nervously glancing up at me from lowered eyelids. “I can’t let you do that. Charlotte is here… and… it’s wrong.”

“Charlotte will sleep for another hour. I know it’s wrong to want this, but I do. I want to be your slave Mr. Baxter. I want to be somebodies slave. Why not you? Don’t you want me?”

I couldn’t process what the hell she was saying. A slave? What the hell did that mean? As I sat there dumbfounded by her words Kris slid off her chair to the floor. She crawled to me and put her head on my lap, her cheek rested on my boner and she sighed a little coo and rubbed her cheek on my cock, pressing down lightly and making my balls ache.

I had not had sex in years. My wife and I had had a big fight about sex. I had wanted to try new things with her after years of awkward, tense sex. At some point I had decided that since we weren’t having sex anyway I might as well try and talk to her about what she wanted, and what I wanted. There seemed to be no risk. I couldn’t lose what I wasn’t getting.

She had been resistant to tell me her fantasies, so I told her mine. I wanted to tie her up, to dominate her and make her cum with vibrators and stuff. I held back telling her I wanted to whip her and slap her for years of silent judgement and withholding sex, but I saw her face, the horror she felt as I spoke of what I wanted to do and that I knew I had made a huge mistake.

We hardly spoke after that.

I think I had partially blocked out that conversation and yet now this teenaged girl was asking me to let her be my slave, a huge fantasy of mine since I had been a young teen and saw a certain Princess Leia in a slave outfit.

“Yes Kris I want you. I want you very badly, but you have to obey me completely.” She suddenly went still. I could feel her hot breathe on my cock through my jeans. “You have to be ready to do anything I ask, whenever I ask it, okay?”

“Yes Master.” Her voice was quiet in the stillness of the morning, but I heard that word loud and clear. I didn’t know how mentally messed up this girl was, but I was not going to miss this opportunity. I had needs and they had not been met in my marriage. I had been a good husband, I was a great father, and I deserved to get the sex I wanted.

So I took it.

I pushed her head off my lap and undid my jeans. I pulled out my cock and pushed back my chair so that Kris could kneel before me and suck me off.

“Suck my balls slave.” I said and she glowed red with a blush that made her look adorable. She scrambled into place and started doing what I had told her.

Her pink tongue danced over my full balls and it felt amazing. It felt better than anything I had ever felt sexually because I had ordered her to do it.

She bathed my balls thoroughly, licking all around the heavy sack, my shaft stood upright before her, but she didn’t touch it. I hadn’t told her to.

When I could wait no more I told her to suck my cock. I sounded Masterful in my ears, but in my head I felt I sounded meek and hopeful. She did as I ordered and seeing my cock slip inside that perfect little mouth was better than any porno I had ever seen.

Kris took me inside her face and bobbed her head up and down over my shaft taking me as deep as she could, her tongue reaching out of her mouth to lick beyond her lips. I felt my cock head nudge the back of her throat and she didn’t gag.

I sat there in my kitchen, my daughter in a room just down the hall as her friend gave me the best blow-job of my life. She worked me over like a champion cocksucker. I felt uninhibited, she obviously loved me telling her what to do, so I micro-managed her blowjob giving her explicit instructions. Each correction made her moan, her body undulated with her activity, looking amazing in her tight clothes.

This college girl was horny as hell pleasuring me like this, I could smell her sex, musky in my small kitchen.

Aware of the time limits I let myself get off quickly. I think part of me thought this would never happen again so I spilled myself into her mouth for the second time in ten hours.

She swallowed every drop eagerly, her throat working to get my jism into her belly.

I felt like a God.

When I was finished I pushed her back off my cock and looked at her face. She lowered her eyes and looked down, subserviently, and that made it even hotter.

“You have pleased me, slave.” I enjoyed saying that, but I feared she would not like it now that I had finished.

Kris shuddered and looked happy, her eyes dancing with what appeared to be delight. “Now go to my room and get naked and lie on the bed. Don’t you move until I tell you to.” Nodding Kris stood up and scooted out of the room on her tip-toes.

I sat there for a moment wondering what I planned on doing. Charlotte could wake up any second. I didn’t want her to know what was going on, but I needed to see Kris naked. I wanted to fuck her very badly, even after a blow-job.

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