Mistress Kimmie Knows Best

18 Temmuz 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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You had told me that you were going to take your wife out for a nice supper on Saturday night, so me being me (your Mistress) I decided to intervene! I very subtly asked you where you were going and you told me, even told me what time you were going. Little did you know G that you were giving me valuable information!

I drove to San Antonio just in time to walk in the restaurant right behind you two. I asked the hostess to seat me very close to your table. I sat facing you, your wife’s back to me!

You looked up and saw me, the look of shock upon your face, I smiled as you began fidgeting. The look on your face was priceless as you tried to maintain calm, you had no idea what Mistress Kimmie would do, since she so often did whatever she chose to and whenever she chose!

I was so close I could hear your conversations! Your wife asked you if you were ok and you answered “yes” but we could all see that you clearly were not!

We all ordered, I had wine and salad to start. You two had wine also.

I began winking at you and slapping my hand lightly against the table. You squirmed even more. I was enjoying things so much that I sat my purse on the table and pulled out a plug kaçak iddaa (only you could see it) and began playing with it; stroking it up and down and all around.

You tried to avert your eyes but my expression told you that you had better not!

I crooked my finger, beckoning you to me. You very gently shook your head no.

I wasn’t satisfied with that response so I did it again and this time included a snap of my fingers with the beckoning. You knew that meant I meant business and you had better obey.

I heard you tell your wife that you had some stomach discomfort and needed to go to the restroom immediately.

She said ok as you told her not to worry because you might be gone a bit longer than normal.

In the meantime, I got up and headed towards the restrooms. You were right behind me, I turned and grabbed your cock through your dress pants and led you towards the ladies room.

You were so embarrassed to be led by your cock through the restaurant but you held your head high and followed!

Of course you had no other choice and you knew it!

Before we got to the restrooms, I veered off and out another door. It led us outside, behind the restaurant. It kaçak bahis wasn’t too dark but it wasn’t well lit either.

I put my fingers in your mouth and said “suck this panty slut” which you did!

While you were sucking my fingers on one hand I used the other one to unbutton your pants! Once undone, I pulled your pants and underwear down, yes you had on underwear! I was not pleased.

I threw your underwear in the shrubbery and told you how disappointed I was that you had them on in the first place.

You said “I’m sorry mistress.”

I bent you over the filthy trash can and pushed your legs apart, you didn’t dare stop me! I then took my wet fingers and forced them in your tight hole, stretching it until I got my whole hand in!

You were moaning and thrashing about but I kept on raping your ass until you were on the verge of exploding.

Then I stopped and told you that you had better not cum yet. I shoved a huge plug in your mouth and said “suck this cock sucking panty slut boy, get it real wet!”

It was so big that you had a hard time getting it all in your mouth! I pulled it out of your mouth and rammed it in your ass, showing no mercy!

Then I told illegal bahis you to open my purse and get some panties! You reached into my purse and pulled out a silky lacy red pair of thongs that were trimmed in black ribbons.

Your cock stood straight and proud, stretching beyond anything Mistress Kimmie had ever seen.

You were so hot!

You started trying to tell me that you couldn’t wear those while you were with your wife.

I stopped you “I don’t give a darn what you want! This is what I want, you will wear these panties and the plug when you go back to your wife.”

You answered “yes Mistress Kimmie.”

I then had you get dressed, which was difficult with the huge plug inserted! But you did it.

You remembered your place and obligations then and began to brush my hair and apply my lipstick for me; handing me my purse when you were finished.

“Thank you Mistress Kimmie!” you said.

I didn’t answer you, just shoved you back towards the door. I followed behind you and seated myself as I observed your interactions with your wife. I smiled as I watched you wiggle around, trying to get comfortable.

You had a long night, sitting with that plug in and then trying to hide the red lacy panties from your wife, as you secretly suffered and longed for Mistress Kimmie!

Will G the slutty panty boy ever learn that Mistress Kimmie always knows best?

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