Mom and Aunt Need My Help Pt. 03

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Disclaimer: This story is continuation of previous part. For readers new to this story: Anisha(Mom), Neha(Aunt) and Dinesh(Son/Nephew)

Also, I have been receiving complaints regarding my english and grammar. Regarding that, my apologies and note that I am not a native English speaker so don’t mind as far as emotions/horniness are being conveyed.

Let’s continue…..

Dinesh slept for another hour or so. When he woke up he realized that he had to get ready for the college quickly or he would be late.

When he hopped out of the bed he was still naked. His room smelled of sex. He headed to the bathroom to take a bath and brush his teeth.

As he got closer to the bathroom he could hear the shower running inside. He opened the door and saw his mother naked, lathering herself with soap. Her back was turned towards Dinesh.

Dinesh saw her chubby body and ample ass. Her huge breasts were visible at her sides and her hair was all tied up.

Dinesh reached upto his mother from behind his cock already pressing in her back and cupped her soap lathered boobs from behind and started massaging them.

His mom Anisha initially surprised by sudden appearance of a man’s palms on her boobs and then realized it was her son as his huge dick pressed into her back.

Dinesh played with her boobs, held her nipples between his two fingers and pinched them as if he was trying to pluck them off her breasts.

He then dominantly made her turn around so that she was facing him. And latched his lips on to her nipples, sucking on them bursa escort same as he did when he was a kid.

Anisha had sufficient weight yet she found herself being lifted off her feet, she put her arms behind her son’s neck for support as he lifted her to suck on to her nipples more comfortably.

Dinesh lifted her up and pinned her back to the wall as he was sucking her nipples. Anisha could feel his cock at the entrance of her pussy but wasn’t actually sure whether she should cross that line.

Soon she found herself being dropped down from her son’s arms and her son pushed her on to her knees as she was already being pushed against the wall. Her son’s dick and balls were dangling infront of her face.

Dinesh applied soap to hid erect cock now, lathered his dick completely. Then shoved his cockhead into his mother’s mouth.

Anisha welcomed his already pre cum oozing cock head into her mouth and was moving her tongue all over it’s ridges while tasting the flavor of the soap.

Dinesh enjoyed this frenulum play for a while then soon started shoving his cock further into his mom’s mouth, soon he was into her throat. He let his cock in her throat for seconds when he felt her tap his thigh.

Anisha tapped her son’s thigh as she needed to breath but he didn’t take his cock out of her mouth, he was really pushing her to the edge of her limits.

Anisha couldn’t back out her as her back was against the. Dinesh took out his cock out of her mouth only when he felt her body convulse.

As soon as Dinesh took out bursa escort bayan his cock Anisha breathed in heavily. She, then spat all the saliva gathered in her mouth on her son’s cock. The saliva dripped down to his balls and started dropping on to the floor drop by drop.

Dinesh took her saliva and lathered her whole face with it. Anisha licked Dinesh cock before ahe felt him put his cock inside her mouth again.

As soon as he was completely in her throat he pulled out his cock and pushed in all the way in again. He was really happy that his mother knew to deepthroat him. He now lost the control he had. He raised his right leg a little and started fucking her throat frantically, his balls were slapping against her chin and her nose was being buried into his pubic hair, she could smell his manly smell everytime it as being buried there.

Whole bathroon echoed with the sounds of their oral sex.

Neha arrived at the scene soon and watched her elder sister gagging on her nephew’s cock. She saw that Anishas face looked so different, so used by that big cock.

Neha couldn’t take this cock even halfway in her mouth and now she wondered how her sister could do that.

Neha too, entered the bathroom, the shower was still running. She went behind Dinesh and wrapped her arms around him feeling his chest and his nipples. Then her hand went further down on his stomach till she could feel his pubic hair.

Her fingers twirled around in her nephew’s pubic hair until he pulled her to his side and ripped open the t-shirt escort bursa his aunt was wearing.

Neha wasn’t wearing bra beneath, her nipples were already erect on her C cup boobs. She removed her leggings herself and was now just standing in her underwear.

Still the sound of the shower and the sound of Dinesh’s mother bobbing up and down on his cock were echoing through the bathroom door. Neha reached for the soap and started washing her nephew’s back, his neck, his arms.

Then she moved to his hairy thighs, his calves as they tensed and relaxed while faceducking Anisha and then to his feet.

Coming back up she spent a considerable amount of time applying soap on his cute ass then helped him rinse off all the soap.

Meanwhile Anisha hadn’t stopped the magix of her mouth. And Dinesh soon announced that he was close.

He pushed his mother away and removed his cock from her mouth, then, he bent his aunt Neha forward her hands reached the wall to maintain her balance. Dinesh then quickly moved her underwear aside and shoved his dick in his aunts wet pussy before he started cumming as he didn’t wanted to waste that semen.

Neha gasped at such a rough entrance of such a big cock inside her. She still wasn’t used to it’s size. Dinesh soon started moaning as he blasted ropes after ropes of cum in his aunt’s womb.

When he pulled out his mother put his cock back in her mouth and cleaned it as she tasted both, her son’s and sister’s juices on it.

Those two ladies then took pleasure in drying him up with towel and while doing so they let their nipples slide on his torso and kissed him on his lips sneakily, teasing him.

Dinesh then readied up and went off to his college, already running half an hour late, but it was definitely worth it.

To be continued…

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