Mom Came in the Bathroom Pt. 03

26 Temmuz 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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I highly recommend you to read part I and II first. And yes, all participants are over the age of 18. More details in part I.

After our first time mom and I kept on fucking. We did it five days a week. Every work day after I arrived at home, I went into the bathroom, where she was waiting for me. We both got our kicks, and our orgasms out of it.

Sex got better with every week. We learned what buttons we had to push to make the other one go wild. But something left with time: The nice and welcome feeling that we were doing something totally forbidden. Something you don’t do. Something, dirty, nasty and kinky. You don’t need that feeling to have great sex, but for mom and me, it was a turn on that enhanced our pleasure. One Friday afternoon, after I dumped a huge load into mom’s pussy, we talked about our problem. We both wanted that feeling back.

It was the first time talking about my kinks with anyone. But it felt great to do. Mom listened, and told me about hers afterwards. We had some matches, but most of them needed more time than just an hour or so in the bathroom. But luckily there were two exceptions: Fucking some close family member and playing with each other’s piss. Due the first one already happening, we decided to try number two. On the next possible date: Monday. So one weekend to kill for both of us until it would get wet.

During our talk I got hard again. Rock hard. Mom took yalova escort notice of it, but she left after our conversation was over. With a big smile on her face. I took a shower. A long, relaxing and refreshing shower. I nutted out a huge load in the end. Just thinking about Monday was a huge fucking turn on.

The weekend itself passed by pretty damn fast. I spend some time with friends out, because when I was at home I had to beat down the fucker between my legs. Over and over again. Always when I ran into mom, I got a very persistent hard one. She always smiled at me when it happened.

Mom had her own ways to deal with the sexual tension in the house: She made dad a happy man this weekend. She basically fucked him two, three times a day. Not giving a damn about anyone listening in on them. Dad constantly had a happy smile on his face. I hadn’t seen him that relaxed for ages.

Finally, Monday came. Now it was my turn to fuck mom. Work went by pretty damn fast. And it distracted me from the boner between my legs. Back at home, I dumped my stuff into my room and hurried over to the bathroom. When I opened the door, she was already in. Waiting for me, her only son, to fuck her. And taste her golden juices for the first time. After entering the room I froze for a few seconds. I was nervous. Mom smiled at me. I smiled back, dropped my clothes to the ground, locked the door and went down on my knees. yalova escort bayan In front of the toilet she was sitting on. With her legs spread wide open. Her pussy already wet — she has playing with herself to cut short the waiting time — and ready to get licked by me.

My mouth was watering before I dug in. My tongue was on her clit. My fingers were fucking her vagina. She began to moan. Then she just let go. Her golden juice was running down my hand. Her piss was splattering on my face. I pulled out my fingers and put my mouth in position to taste, to drink her golden stream.

She filled up my mouth that way for the first time. I swallowed some, but most of the warm and tasty juice was running down my chin, landing in the toilet or on the floor in front of it. Yes, it made my dick even harder. And yes, they feeling of doing something totally kinky and wrong was back again. Mom later told me that it was the same for her.

After the golden stream stopped, I kept on liking her pussy. Until she pulled me up to kiss me. With passion. Not minding that my face was still covered in her piss. Damn it, it even was a turn on for her. After the most passionate kissing I had so far in my life, it was my time to let out my golden juice.

What sounded great in theory beforehand proofed to be more difficult to do in reality. I struggled to let go. Mom was patient. She encouraged me. Licked off the escort yalova firs few drops that came out of my dick. It helped, I was able to let go. A golden stream was covering my her beautiful face. She took some in her mouth, swallowed some, let it run down her body, covering her tits in it. Saying that I was turned on by it, is an understatement: It literally drove me nuts. Made my balls ache. Turned my dick into a pulsating volcano.

After I was done, mom licked my dick clean before she stood up, bent over the toilet and offered me her still piss dripping pussy — not hers, it was mine that was dripping off her body.

A few seconds later I was inside her. I took her hard. She loved it. Not long later I dumped my load into her. She came too. A pretty intense orgasm for me, an even more intense one for her. Our trembling bodies held each other upright. After we regained ourselves, we kissed. Gentle. Then we smiled at each other. Jumped beneath a shower together. Kissing got more passionate again. I got hard again. We fucked for a second time. We came together. Then mom left. And I cleaned up the mess.

After our first wet fuck, mom and I added it to our daily ritual. But we did it in the bathtub from that day on. It is just much easier to clean. But even that new kinky thing we added was wearing off with time. It just was a question of when did we two need something new to spice up things. But for that stuff we needed more than just an hour for ourselves. So we began to do some nice and kinky weekend trips, but this story is for another day.

Thanks for reading. And yes, just a nice fantasy of mine. Have a nice day.

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