Mora’s Vacation Ch. 03

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Reading the earlier chapters will help understanding. Strong sexual content.


Mora spent the week getting settled in. She and Maria got along fine and Mora saw that she was a very hard worker. She did not cut corners and was very polite. Sam brought home his books and Mora took a look at them. They were not in bad shape and she thought it would not be hard to get them in order. She was very glad for something to do and to be able to help Sam. She was thinking more and more about staying on the island when Sam mentioned that he might be going back to the states in a few weeks. Mora was thinking about going with him to get some of the property she owned on the market and to see what Sam was looking at business wise.

It was Friday and Cara and Janie were due Saturday for the weekend. They made a list of meals and what stuff to get at the store. Mora had been naked outside most of the time when Maria was gone and her tan was much improved. He stumps were almost completely healed and the cream she was putting on them helped a lot. Naturally Sam was always willing to apply it for her. They had sex frequently and he was always attentive to her needs making sure she came first. Mora was not afraid to instigate sex and when she did she always got him off first. Mora always kept condoms in her purse when they were out, and several times they had sex out in semi public places or on the beach someplace. They used the condoms to keep from making a mess as Mora had her tubes tied and Sam had a vasectomy. She kidded him about her not getting all of her protein when sucking him off since no sperm was getting through.

Their favorite places to do it were either of the two decks. Any other place was alright also. Sam told Mora that both of the nurses had been to his place and that he had sex with both of them. She said she had figured that and it was no problem. She asked him if he was bothered by her having sex with them and he said not at all. We would like to watch sometime if that was ok. Mora said it was with her, he would have to check with the girls. Sam said he knew Janie was on the pill but he was not sure about Cara.

They decided to go get something to eat and do their shopping while they were out. Sam picked a lively place and they had a good dinner. They went to the store and several other stops. After they got back to the house they ended up in the pool swimming laps for a while. They got out, dried off and where sitting in their wheelchairs facing each other. At home in the evening they were always naked. They just sat there looking at each other and Sam started to get hard. Mora spread her stump wider so he could see her pussy and he started stroking himself. Mora used her hand to rub her right side where her leg had been removed at the hip. She loved the feel of where it had been especially the hip socket itself. Now that the swelling was gone you could just see the outline of the socket and push into it with your finger.

Sam’s eyes seemed to be concentrating on her hand. She slid down towards the front of the chair some and moved her hand over to her mound and started rubbing it. She slid her finger up bringing lubrication up the slit and on to her clit. She was watching his hand as he masturbated himself getting larger and harder. Sam was a good size when he was fully erect both in length and girth. They both watched each other getting more and more aroused wondering who would be first to go. It was not really a contest, just enjoyment seeing how each one got off. Mora added her hand to her breast and was pulling on her nipple. They looked into each other’s eyes several time but their gaze quickly got back to where the action was. Sam started Cumming and seeing this Mora followed quickly. Sam shot most of it on to his abdomen while Mora’s fingers were quite wet. They rinsed off at the poolside shower and sat holding hands looking at the city lights.

They got up the next morning and checked the guest room and shower to be sure everything was ok for the girls. Naturally Maria had everything under control. They got some things ready for lunch and sat out by the pool. Cara and Janie arrived about 11 am and Sam and Mora went out to greet them. The girls came together in Cara’s van and neither one was wearing their prosthesis. Cara was in her wheelchair, as was Mora and Sam, so the first thing said was they needed to have a race. That got a good laugh. Sam closed and locked the gate and they all went inside. The girls said they were hungry so lunch prep was finished and served by the pool.

Mora said for everyone to get as comfortable dress wise as they wished. She set the example by taking off the t-shirt she had on which made her naked. Everyone else soon followed. They all sat checking each other out for a while. Sam asked if the girls remembered where everything was and they said yes. Cara asked if there were any sleeping rules and Mora and Sam said no, however it ended up at bedtime was fine with them. It seemed that Mora and Cara and ümitköy escort Sam and Janie were looking at each other quite seriously.

Cara said she wanted to see Mora’s stumps and Janie agreed that was the first order of business. The 3 girls got together and everyone was very pleased with the great progress that had been made. Mora said she was not having any pain anywhere and was very happy with the outcome. Cara remarked that she saw Mora was keeping herself shaved and Mora said yes and it would always be that way. Cara and Janie agreed it was the only way to go. Janie turned to Sam and said she remembered how much hair he had before he joined the club. He gave her credit for being the one that convinced him to shave his balls and cock and in fact she was the one that did it.

After lunch it was pool time. With all the splashing there seemed to be more water on the deck than in the pool. Again, Mora and Cara seemed to have paired off with each other. Sam and Janie were close also. They pulled themselves out and lay in the sun for a while drip drying. Sam looked at Janie and they headed to the other deck. Mora and Cara moved over to the mat. They talked for a while and then Cara reached out and gently touched Mora’s nipple and asked why it was getting larger and harder. Moras looked down at it, then into Cara’s eyes and said because I am close to you and don’t have to worry about someone wanting in my room.

They laughed remembering how it was when Mora was in the hospital. Cara said she thought that Mora had very sexy breasts. Mora said she liked Cara’s also and put her hand on one. Cara’s B cups usually disappeared into her chest when she was on her back. They were soon kissing and exploring each other. Mora turned around so she could get to what was left of Cara’s legs and explored both touching and kissing the stumps. Cara did the same to Mora. They even seemed to be more interested in the stumps than their breasts and pubic areas. They knew that both were very interested in and aroused with amputations. Their first interests turned into arousal and soon they were paying attention to each other’s pussy. Fingers, mouths and tongues were now in use. Mora was attracted to Cara’s light brown skin and pink slit and used her hands to spread it so she could both see and minister to it.

Mora asked Cara to relax and enjoy and then she could return the treat later. Besides Mora said, I owe you one. Cara did and Mora made love to her finally getting her off by using one hand to rub a breast, her mouth to suck and tongue her clit and hand and finger to work her G spot over. Cara bucked for some time letting Mora taste her sweet juice now flowing from her. Mora finally pulled herself up beside her and they kissed for some time.

Cara started in on Mora’s large breasts spending a long time with them. She finally worked her way down and said this was the first time she had such good access to another female as there were no legs in the way. Mora said she was glad she could be that way for her. Cara spent several minutes making love to Mora’s hip area then to her very short left stump. She put the tip in her mouth and used her tongue to push on the end feeling the bone just below the skin.

She worked her way over to Mora’s pussy and put several fingers in her. She was very wet and had no trouble getting them inside. She kept pressure on Mora’s G spot and used her thumb to massage her clit which was sticking way out of its hood. She would let Mora build and then switch off and let her come down and then start again until Mora was almost yelling for Cara to finish her.

Cara finally did the same thing to Mora, hand on breast, mouth on clit and finger on G spot to send her over with the big O. Mora seemed to be out and Cara lapped her pussy clean. They got into each other’s arms and hugged tightly.

Sam and Janie were on a lounge on the rear deck. They had been talking and were soon kissing and Sam was down to her breasts. Janie had large full breasts but small nipples. She loved to have them sucked and that always sent jolts to her pussy. Sam had even taken the time to make her cum that way when they had been lovers previously. He also paid a lot of attention to her right arm stump. Since she only wore her arm when she was working it was atrophied from lack of use. She liked to have her lovers form a ring with their thumb and middle finger and put that around the stump. They would start up by the shoulder, circle the stump and pull down to the stump tip slightly moving the skin on the bone, almost like masturbating a man. Doing this with both hands rapidly, one after the other, felt very good to her.

Sam moved down to her pussy and Janie put both legs over the side of the lounge giving him full access to her. She knew how good he was with his mouth. Her full pubic area was not shaved, just alongside her lips and just a little ways above her clit. It was the area that someone usually used their mouth on but would not avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort get hair in it. She had trimmed the rest of her hair short down there. Sam loved the way she tasted and started in but did not go near her clit. He went everywhere but there teasing her. She became more and more aroused and finally he put his whole mouth over her clit and sucked, bit gently, and tongued her to an explosive cum. As he took his mouth off, he stuck a finger in her and rubbing firmly on her G spot, sent her over again.

Janie said no one had done that to her since she had been with him the last time and pulled him up to her so she could kiss Sam and taste herself. She told him she missed him but was glad that he had Mora and they could still all get together once in a while. Sam was hard and dripping so Janie started stroking him. She moved down to where she could get him in her mouth. Sam was large but she was able to work him down her throat. She usually did not take him facing his feet to give his penis a more direct route. She liked for his head to hit the back of her throat as he went in and out. She seemed to be lucky and had no gag reflex.

She decided that she was going to finish him with her mouth knowing that was the way he liked it with her. She stopped several times, teasing him like he had done to her, then when she felt him about to cum, took him deep in her throat and let him cum. He started going soft as soon as he was done and she pulled him back in her mouth and cleaned him off.

She moved back up alongside him and he took hold of her stump as they talked. She had her only hand down on his empty hip and they just rubbed each other enjoying the quiet deck. At one time they both thought they heard a loud cry from the front and wondered who was getting who off. They talked about going to see what was going on but then they decided they were too comfortable where they were. Janie wondered if she could get Sam hard again as she loved his thick penis in her. Even if he could not cum she loved the fullness it gave her. She kept moving her hand around the whole area from his hip to his balls.

Mora and Cara were next to each other on the mat. Mora asked Cara why she had her legs amputated they way she did, one short and one long. Cara said she had wanted to be an amputee for some time but was not sure which limb(s) or how short or long. She decided that since she was a nurse and needed her hands or at least one hand, she would have her legs done. She was almost sure she wanted the stumps short but also wanted to try one long so she went with that knowing that the long one could always be made short. She said that she was pretty certain that she would have it done if she got the chance. It was also why she was so interested in Mora. She only had one short stump and nothing on the other side. Cara said she might go with nothing also.

While Cara was talking Mora had turned so she could get hold of Cara’s short stump and was rubbing and feeling it all over. They both loved the feel of the end of the bone in the stump. Mora said that although Sam had only penetrated her a couple of times, having no leg or legs in the way made for great sex. Mora said that she was considering having a stump revision on the left side and the stump and whole hip removed. Cara grinned and said she had thought about that also. They both wondered what not having a hip or hips would present problem wise. They said they would like to find out more and see if they could find anyone that had it and see if they would talk to them.

Janie and Sam were talking about amputations also. Janie asked Sam why he had his leg amputated like he did. He said that he never felt he should have two legs. He could not explain it, just how he felt. When he had it removed he did not want a stump so it was removed at the hip joint. He said ever since it had been done, he felt much better. He asked Janie the same question. She said she had taken care of several people that had limbs amputated and it always stirred feelings she had as a kid. Her aunt was missing both of her hands but she managed to get along very well without them. As Janie grew older she pretended she only had one arm and it was always the right one as she was right handed. After she became a nurse she jumped at the chance to have her right one removed after she got to know Cara.

As they were talking Janie was still fondling Sam’s penis and balls. She asked what he would think if she had no arms or even no stumps. He said that would be very sexy. They kissed and she felt him start to get hard again. He looked at her and said talking about missing limbs was arousing him. Janie said good, now she knew how to make him hard fast. When she felt he was hard enough she asked if she could use it and he said it was fine with him but he probably would not be able to cum so soon. She straddled him and put her left arm behind her. She stuck her stump urfa escort out and said in a girlish voice, please help a poor armless girl and put your cock in me. He grinned and as she lifted herself up, guided it into her wet pussy. She sat down on it and started to move up and down. Sam reached up and took her smallish breasts in his hands and started to manipulate them. He paid particular attention to her nipples as he pulled on them. Janie’s stump was waving wildly and she impaled herself on him trying to get it as deep as she could and came loudly.

His hands on her chest broke her fall forward on to his chest. As she lay there, every once in a while he would pump his still hard penis in and out of her a couple of times. Janie reached her left arm and hand down to his hip stump and pulled on it as he did this. Sam had his hand on her right arm stump. After a while she raised her head and looked at him and said thanks, you are much better than my rubber dildo. They both laughed and Sam pulled her up to sit on his face so he could clean her up.

Sam transferred to his wheelchair and they made a stop in the bathroom and cleaned up and then went back out to the front pool. Cara was sucking on Mora’s breast while she played with her short stump. Cara looked up and saw Sam’s hard on sticking up and asked Janie if she could not get it to go away. She answered that she had once then got it back up and thought he looked better with it up so she left him that way. That got all of them to laughing and Mora and Cara got up into their wheelchairs and agreed that something to drink and snack on would be good. Mora and Sam went into the house to get things and Janie asked Cara if Mora was as good as they thought she would be. Cara said better, she enjoys sex no matter if with a man or woman. Janie said she was looking forward to being with Mora later.

Sam asked Mora how Cara was and she said great! Even though Cara was almost 13 years older than she was, it was hard to tell by looking at her or being with her. Mora asked if he and Janie were doing ok and he said yes, no problems. They kissed and headed back out to the pool with eats and drinks. Cara was using both of her hands to play with Janie’s arm stump. Sam stood up to adjust the umbrella over the table and was still semi hard. Cara took hold of him and pulled a few times. Sam looked down and said she had to stop that……by dinner time. That got him a cup of cold water on it and he yelled in surprise. The girls laughed their heads off.

They all drank and had a snack talking about what they might do in the future. In the end they all agreed that they had to make their future and not just sit back and wait for it to happen. They were all glad they had made the decisions they had made in life. They had not just gone along with what society said they had to do, but made their own decisions. None of them were out to hurt another person, but they all refused to not do what they wanted to do to live their own lives.

Mora asked Janie if she wanted to return to the back deck with her and she said that would be great. Janie pushed Mora’s wheelchair that way and watched while Mora transferred to the lounge. Janie sat with her stump next to Mora and Mora immediately took hold of it and explored every inch adding kisses as she went. Mora remarked that when she looked at Janie from this angle, not having much of an arm made her breast look larger. Janie cupped her own breast and said good, she liked large breasts and loved Mora’s. She leaned over and started sucking Mora’s as Mora continued to play with Janie’s stump and shoulder.

Mora also told Janie that she enjoyed seeing Janie without her top and with her arm on at the hospital. Seeing that had aroused her very much. She wished they could have done more to each other there and was glad they were all together now. Janie lifted her head from the breast long enough to agree then went right back to work on Mora’s nipple. Janie moved her hand down to Mora’s empty hip area and started massaging it then moving her hand over to her slit and then the small stump. The back was up on the lounge and Mora could see everything that was going on. The first thing Janie did after she moved down was to use her small stump to rub Mora’s hip and slit. This aroused Mora very much and she told Janie how sexy it was to see her do that.

Janie then moved her mouth to Mora’s opening and lapped the wetness up sticking her tongue in and then lapping at her clit like a dog. Something about Janie’s tongue was causing extra jolts as she licked her and then Mora realized Janie had a stud in her tongue. She had never experienced this before and between that and the fact that it was being used on her clit caused a big orgasm to hit.

Janie did not stop right away and in fact inserted a finger in to Mora’s pussy and pushed on her G spot. Mora was able to reach down and grab Janie’s arm stump and pulled on it as she came again with a vaginal orgasm. This one seemed to be even stronger that the clit orgasm she just had. Janie finally looked up with a wicked grin and Mora pulled harder on her stump to get her to crawl up on her so she could kiss her. Janie’s face was very wet and Mora licked it clean. Janie was in a perfect position that Mora was able to bend her leg stump up and get it between Janie’s legs and rub her pussy with it.

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