Mother-in-Law gets Action Pt. 02

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Public Sex

At work the next day, my smartphone went off, and when I answered it, I got a nice surprise.

Dianne purred, “Hello my dear son-in-law. I just sent you an e-mail, with pictures that are definitely not safe for work. So when you open it, make sure your computer screen is not visible. Some images of me from when I was married, I hope you enjoy them. Get that big hard cock working up the next load, so I can milk out a juicy flood of your cum, tonight. Enjoy!”

In my office, I made sure the screen was angled towards me only and opened up the email.

Dianne had written, “These are pictures of me taken by my husband. He was a real camera bug, and he talked me into posing nude for him. I finally agreed, but with the provision that my head was not visible in any pictures. I did not want my face and my body all over the net. The body, great, but not my face too!”

“Check out that first picture, I had a real bun in the oven, when I was 8 months in with Jane.”

The sight of her body, with the big baby bump, was a stirring sight indeed.

“The next two were I was showing that there was nothing between me and my Calvins!”

She was naked, save for a Calvin Klein thong, posing front and back, Mmmmm, the sight of that thong snugged between the cheeks of her ass, oh yeah.

“I like the teasing aspect of the next picture, with me all veiled, and holding up my bra, ready to let it go. He really liked getting my naked body on film, as you can see from the different views he got of me. It really primed his cock, I remember how well he fucked me after every photo session, especially after my mirror shot, I got to watch him ram me, god was that ever a turn on.”

“Oh yeah, just uploading these is making me all hot and wet, my clit is throbbing, while I’m slowly stroking my pussy, letting two fingers pump my wet, pink hole…ahhh just like that…I’m trying to drag out my stroke session until the last few pictures.”

“And now, for the grand finale, for when he would fuck me, pull out and shoot it all over me, oh fuck, fuck, cumming oh fuck, so fucking hot, FFFUUUCCCKKK!”

The sight of body paint with hot strings of spunk, oh yes, definitely not safe for work, my cock was rock hard as I drank in the pictures.

That night, after my wife had gone to bed, Dianne slipped downstairs. She faced me wearing a black bustier, and gave me a come hither smile. She led the way into the den, and on her knees, she pulled down my trousers and shorts, letting yalova escort my cock grow unrestricted. I sat down and watched as she situated herself.

“Did you like the pictures, my dear son-in-law?”

“Oh yes, very much so.”

“How about the picture of my well-developed baby bump? The one that became your wife?”

“Very sexy.”

“Posing for the camera made me feel so hot, after every session, we’d fuck wildly, I’d think about my naked body, captured on camera, and I’d just cum like a bitch in heat! Knowing that you’ve seen me makes me hot, mmmm, so nice and hard again. You need another one of your Mom-in-law’s stroking.”

She poured baby oil into her palm, then grasping my cock, she slid her hand up and down, lubing me up, then she tightened her grip, and started to stroke firmly, mmm, that was nice.

Dianne purred, “I can tell from your expression that you like the way my hand is stroking you. I love to fuck cocks with my hand, my first time was when I was 18, and my 19-year-old boyfriend talked me into it. Watching all his hot white cream shooting out of his cock made my pussy tingle, and after a few more handjobs with a very happy ending, he talked me into letting him squirt his cum all over my tits. The feeling of his hot spunk christening my boobs felt so good, I love to feel a hot man’s load marking my skin.”

I didn’t last long, my cock was too worked up from her pictures, and I grunted, growled, and watched, gasping as my cock erupted.

She kept a firm grip on my prick, making sure to milk out all the hot cum that I had churned up, until she lightened up, and let my cock ooze out the last dribbles.

Her eyes had a glow, as she purred, “Ummm, so nice watching you explode.”

After I had cleaned up, I was upstairs, back in bed while my wife Jane was still sleeping peacefully.


I felt a hand shaking me, then I rose up to a fully awake state, and saw Jane looking at me.

“I just got a call from the office, our biggest client is thinking of taking his business to another firm, and I have to fly out there to try and convince him to stay with us. How long it will take, I don’t know, but I will try to take as little time as possible. A limo will pick me up here in two hours, and take me to the airport. I am so fucking horny, I don’t care if my Mom hears us, I have to get ready to go, and I need to get a hard, solid fuck, now!”

My cock had the morning wood, and she purred, “Oh yeah, so hard, so ready. yalova escort bayan Just fuck me sweetheart, no fancy foreplay, just fuck me hard, now.”

Between her legs, poised at her pussy, she growled, “I want you to slide your stiff prick up my burning cunt, and fuck me hard over and over! I want to feel your cock throbbing as it explodes inside of me, as you flood my cunt with a huge load of spunk, I want your load up my burning cunt! I know your balls have a big load, and I want every drop!”

I notched my cock against her and slammed the entire 8 inches deep up her. She squealed with pleasure as her tight cunt walls were split open, matching my grunt of pleasure from the feel of her tight cunt stretched wide and tight around my erection, not stopping until my balls smacked against her ass.

“Oh yes, that feels so good! Now fuck my cunt, fuck me hard and fast! Ram me lover, shoot your hot spunk up my burning fuckhole, fuck my ass off!” Jane gasped.

I quickly complied, pulling back slightly then burying my prick back in. Her legs went around my waist, with her hips tilted up, I shuddered as I was nudging against her cervix. The slick heat squeezed and milked my throbbing cock. I clamped my hands tightly around the beautiful cheeks of her ass, lifting her hips in rhythm to the plunges of my steel hard cock into her churning cunt as I power fucked her, it was making my cock throb wildly.

As I rammed Jane, my mind reran all the sexy pictures that Dianne had e-mailed me. Oh yeah, the ones where she was splattered with cum, the huge baby bump, the hot nudity that her ex-husband had captured, that was seriously sexy stuff. I wondered if I would get to christen her skin, the idea of shooting off all over her huge melons, and perhaps even more, my balls were really churning up the spunk now.

“Oh yeah, give it to me”, Jane gasped, “Let me have it, slam my pussy! Fuck me, fuck my fiery fuckhole! Fuck my brains out!!”

Jane’s sexy voice, and what she was saying, took me out of my imaginings, and I concentrated on her face. I slammed my steel-hard cock in and out, in and out of her burning lust pit. Each in thrust she took my hard cock deep, my balls smacked against her ass on each in-thrust. She had a look of rapture on her face, she looked delirious with pleasure, as I power fucked her fiery tightness, plunging balls deep into her again and again. I could feel my nut sack tighten up, as my balls moved into firing position, and the spunk escort yalova started to sizzle. Jane was panting and gasping, tossing her head from side to side as she writhed beneath me. I stretched out a finger and ran it up and down the tight pucker of her ass. I could feel the tight rose-shaped pucker of her ass hole twitching wildly, I nudged my fingertip against the tight hole, making her squeal.

“Yes, keep fucking me! I’m so close, I need to cum, and I’m so close! I can feel your big cock throbbing, let it go, I want you to flood my pussy! I wanna feel you squirt! I want every drop you got! I’m soo, I’m soo, Oh God, I’m almost there! Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t, don’t, don’t, yes, yes, yes, OH YES!!”

Just as Jane went over the edge, I shoved my finger up her tight asshole as far as I could. Her voice rose to a scream as she exploded, her pussy clamping tightly around my cock, spasming wildly. My cock swelled tight with a massive urgency, the tight milking ripples of her inner sheath took me over the edge. I could feel the spunk surging up my shaft, and I groaned with pure pleasure as my cock exploded, my sperm blasting out, squirting wildly, drenching her cervix with a flood of cum. We gasped and moaned as our bodies shook from the force of our climaxes, her pussy milking greedily at my cock, eager to suck out every drop as I emptied my balls deep inside her burning cunt.

I got up, got dressed, and headed downstairs, so we could have a hot breakfast before the limo came by to pick her up. At the breakfast table, Dianne kept exchanging secret smiles with me, it was pretty obvious that she had heard our frenzied fucking, and had enjoyed it. When she heard that Jane had to rush off to a business deal, and would be away from home, I saw her smile.

“I’ll make sure that my wonderful son-in-law is well taken care of in your absence, my dear daughter.”

After Jane was on her way, and I was dressed for the office, Dianne turned to me and purred, “I loved hearing you and Jane fucking up a storm. I never knew my dear daughter could be so vocal! I was masturbating wildly, god, it felt so good to rub my hot creamy pussy while I listened to your soundtrack. When I heard Jane’s scream of orgasm, I came le my head was going to come off!”

She moved up, inches away, and her hand reached down, and gently groped at the outline of my cock, starting it growing quickly, she smiled as she felt it top out.

Dianne cooed, “Think about me, totally naked, legs spread wide, listening to you and Jane fucking like crazy, furiously rubbing my horny pink hole, my dear son-in-law, and when you get home, I am going to milk that built up load, I am hot to get my hands on your cock again!”

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