Ms. Marca Ch. 53

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This will be my last chapter for a few months, just got to rest this pussy!

I had been after my husband for months about us getting our house in better shape than it was. We needed a new roof and the place needed to be painted inside and out. After weeks of my bring it up he said get some bids and I’ll see about getting a home improvement loan at the bank. The next day he called me from work and said that the banker had to have 3 bids for each type of work we wanted done. This told me I had to get 3 different people to give me bids on the roof and paint the house and replace appliances, this was not going to be a one day thing.

That night my husband gave me a list that he had gotten from the bank. It was an approved list of contractors from the banker that would give us a good price and that the bank would work with. I had told my girl friend about what we were going to do and she said that her uncle did house repairs and he would like to bid on the job. Why did I say anything to her, damn! Over the next 5 days I had men out looking over the house and figuring out what they could do the roof for and I had already picked out the color and type of roof we wanted. The following Monday morning around 9 the doorbell rang and it was a tall gray haired man in his 50’s at the door. I was still in my housecoat and slippers when I open the door.

It was my girl friends uncle and he introduced himself and said that he would like to make a bid on any of the work that I wanted done. I told him I guess it would be all right, if the bank would accept his bid. He said he would figure a roof and give me the bid after he had walked around and would only take a few minutes to give me a bid. I went and had my shower and put on makeup and a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. No sooner had I got back to the kitchen for my second cup of coffee than he was at the backdoor opening it to tell me he had his bid ready for me.

I had not planed on him coming into my house not the way I was dressed. The sleeveless V cut T-shirt did not hide my 40DD’s and I was not here to give him a show. Before I could say anything about him being in the house he was telling me how good that coffee smelled and said he could use a cup while we talked about his bid. This being Linda’s uncle I guessed I was safe with him. He was a big man had to be over 6’5″ and look like a construction worker from the big belly he had. The jeans did not hide the fact that he had a full package in his pants, which had to go with his size.

At 5′ 10″ and 140# my 40DD’s set off my 23 X 38 and the tight short shorts I had on made my long legs look even longer than they were. I could feel his eyes on me sizing me up and undressing me, as most men would do.

“Linda tells me that you and she go back to when you were a single girl and you two did some damage on the party crowed.”

“Oh don’t believe everything she tells you we were not that wild. I wasn’t I can’t answer for her.”

He had come over to where I was setting in one of the kitchen chairs and showed me his bid for the roof. I looked at it and said I would give this to the banker and get back with him as soon as I got word. He put his big hard ruff tan hands down on my upper thigh and before I could protest his action, he said.

“Linda said you and I could work a good deal for the both of us and make all of us happy!” His eyes were fixed to my breast and my nipples were coming though the thin material of the cotton T-shirt. “Linda tells me you still like to slip off and have an afternoon delight and I bet we could have a business arrangement that would help us both. (That fucken bitch how could she tell him about my private life and what I do out side this house!)

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m a married woman and I don’t party anymore!”

“Oh so you don’t mind if stop by maybe see if your husband would like to get a beer with me some Friday and than we could stop by while your with the cop on one your Friday afternoon fucks. The one over at your other friends apartment! Oh she said you fuck both of them don’t you! Damn girl a cop and the guy who has the place. I bet you can! I can see by the way your nipples are getting hard you got to be fucking their brains out! I got my little Linda drunk the other night and she told me all about you and how, in her words, you like to fuck better than she does and my Linda has been known to taken on more than one guy in a night!”

Oh God he had me and this SOB was out for not just my ass but he wanted the job and I had better see that he gets it. He moved his hand up to my lower stomach and ribbed it and said “I tell you how we can get that job and you can make some money out of the deal and get some cock at the same time.” He kept one hand on me and picked up his cell phone and said “give me the bank number and ask for the bankers secretary not the banker and ask her how the bids look!” I did as he said and the girl just told me everything and I know she was not to give out that information and the whole time I was on the phone with zonguldak escort her he was rubbing my legs and the back of my neck. He was making me do his bidding and he had me dead to right. I hung up and told him the bids he got a big smile on his face and said “this afternoon you take this bed down to the banker with my insurance and bonding papers and give him this bid!”

Why can ‘t I go this morning?”

“Baby we got some business to do between us and I think it may take all morning for us to get all of the details worked out!” I could see by the look on his face he wanted to sample the goodies!

“Please not here in my home, can’t we meet someplace?”

“We are going to do it in your hubby’s bed and I may just have you call him while I’m fucken you to see how good you are when you cover up your whore ways. Let me help you with this” and before I knew what he was doing he had my T-shirt up over my head and on the floor. Before I could finish my sentence he pulled me up next to him and kissed me on the mouth full kiss and deep tongued me as he felt my big 40DD’S melons.

My nipple went hard and I began to moan and feel him groping my 38-inch ass, along with the rest of my body and breast as if he had 10 hands on me. I was lost in my will to pull away and the thrill it was giving me was making my pussy drip with my love juices.

He pulled away from my lips and looked me in the eye and told me “your going to be my whore on this job! You and I will do so much fucken that you’re going to think this place will be a fucken whorehouse!” He picked me up and pulled down my shorts to my knees and looked at my thong that I had on and just smiled. “Damn that looks like good eaten!”

With this big grin on his face he took my arm and pulled me over to him as he sat down in the chair I was in and pulled me down over his lap. He had me across his lap and pined both my arms behind my back.

“I looked back and screamed at him… What are you doing!”

“Linda told me one of you’re big things you like and need’s is a good spanking every once in a while, so I’m doing what Linda told me to do, this is my way of letting you know who is going to run the show!”

He slapped my bare ass 3 or 4 whacks and they were hard stinging kind of palm open slaps. I let out a yell and told him to stop, he just laughs and slapped my ass 5 times before he stops. I was wiggling my ass, my legs and kicking my feet with each whack he gave me and he kept telling me “Stop wiggling and I’ll stop spanking!”

“You bastard your hurting me stop hitting me, that hurts!”

“It’s going to hurt more if you don’t do as I say” He slapped me 5 or 6 more time each seem to sting more than the last I could feel my ass burning and I was hurting.

“OK I’ll do what you want …just stop spanking me!”

“Good girl, I knew you would see it my way!” He let me up and as I got up I began to rub my ass and could feel the heat coming off it from the whacks he had given me and as I looked at him he smiled and said “Take off your thong!”

“I’m not going to do that your crazy if you think I’ll get naked in front of you!” With that he stood up and took 2 quick steps toward me and while still standing took hold of me and bent me over at the waist and slapped my ass 8 or 9 time. I was trying to get away and kicking and he was whacking my ass and hurting me more than he had before.

He got me back across his lap as he went back to the same chair and spanked my ass over and over and in between every 2 or 3 whacks he would say “your going to do it my way!” He held my hands with just one of his and he had then behind my back and all I could do was wiggle and squirm on his lap.

“Linda was right about you, she said you’re a nymph and could fuck all day! Baby your cunt is just dripping you do like your ass to be spanked, don’t you?”

“OK, I’ll take it off just stop!” I had a red ass and I could feel the heat off it and Linda was right I had needed that. The guy had got my pussy juices flowing and I was hot for sex. I slipped the thong off and wiggled out of it and dropped it on a chair.

He pulled me back down on his lap and I begged him not to spank me “I’ve take my thong off. Please don’t hit me anymore!” “You got a fine ass here baby, damn good enough to lick and eat! How do you like ass fucken, ass fucken with a big cock?”

“No God Damn you, please no and I began to wiggle and squire to try and get up from his lap but I was going no where as he held me down and put his hand on my butt and told me. “Don’t make me use my hands again!”

I was ready to let him do anything just so he would not spank me anymore! He began to rub and massages my arms, back, and legs and last but not least he rubs my ass.

I think he felt me twitch a little when he got his fingers near my ass and slipped them in and up and down the crack of my ass. Sliding his hand into the crack and rubbing around my ass hole. Sliding it in and out he then puts a finger in and slips it in around the brown hole and tunalı escort into my wet cunt. I let out a slight cry of excitement.

“Linda was right you do like a good butt fuck, hot damn your ass is going to have some hard meat going down your brown tunnel!” With that he ran his middle finger into my ass up to the first joint. Damn his finger felt bigger than my husband’s cock. Oh God if he keeps that up I’ll climax and he will know I want a ass fucken. Than he rammed it all the way in and my god he had to have a finger 5 ” long and he did have thick fingers. I was moaning and making low puff sounds as I tried to hold my breath and all that did was cause me to pucker my ass and cling around to his finger. He was going in and out of me faster and faster, than he told me “Hump it baby hump that little boy cock, get use to it for the next one is a mans cock!”

“OH, oh, oh, oh, oh, you’re going to make me go off..oh, oh, don’t stop oh yes, oh yes, yes give it to me. Make me go off help me!” I was humping back trying to get all his finger up my ass. “Good girl you’re liking this I can tell, your going to love this and with that he put 2 fingers up my ass and I went off crying out in a state of excitement and pleasure/pained for my ass.

He helps me roll over and I sat on his lap and slipped one arm over his shoulder and around his neck as I lay my head on his chest. I was exhausted from the finger fucking he had given my ass not counting the spanking he had given me. He leaned down and kissed my nipples. First one then the other then took each one in his mouth sucking it with deep desire. He took his tongue and flicked the hard nub and sucked again and again.

“Oh God your going to fuck me aren’t you?”

Oh god I thought I would cum just feeling this. I had a bottle of hand location on the nearby table and he took his hand and squeezed some lotion out on to my pussy and began to rub it in. He did not stop sucking my nipples. He rubbed the lotion on my belly and slipped his hand inside my pussy down in between rubbing my clit and every once in a while sliding a finger into my very wet cunt.

“Oh yes that is so good don’t stop your finger feels so good!”

All I could do was except what he was doing to me because it felt to good to ask him to stop it. He was working very hard sliding his finger in and out and rubbing my clit with his thumb. I asked him if he wanted to get out of those jeans that he wore. He stood us up and as I was standing next to him I had pussy juice run down my legs.

I looked on as he unzipped his fly and the jeans fell to the ground. He was wearing no underwear just jeans. My God it was big the thing had to be 9 or 10 inches! I stared at the head of his cock and studied the slimy juice leaking out. The Pee hole was open and I reached out and took hold of it and I squeezed the head with my thumb and finger I could make it open and see the precum bubble up on the hole. I reached down with my hand extending a finger and dipped it in. I swirled it around the mushroom head a bit then lifted my finger to my mouth. There really wasn’t much of a taste to it, he was not salty like a lot of guys and I could tell he had not been drinking for it was not sweet. When a guy drinks beer or any thing heavy his cum will taste sweet. I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy. There is something about sucking a cock that turned me on. Just thinking about it now makes my pussy wet.

Placing my lips just over the head of the thick cock, I sucked lightly. The stuff just poured out and into my mouth as I squeezed his cock harder in my hand milking it out of him. I love the taste of cum, I can’t get enough of it when I get turned on and want to drink it. I didn’t swallow it immediately. I let roll around on my tongue. You know, kind of just lets it lay on my tongue and feel it trickle down my throat.

I’ve been with a lot of guys, but never has so much precum poured out of one man. I knew he was excited but he had a load and this was going to be something this girl was going to have one big time cum gulping when he does go off. No sooner would my mouth fill up with his nectar and I’d swallow it down that my mouth would be filled again with his pre-fuck juice. My stomach was doing flips. I was absolutely ecstatic. I couldn’t believe the effect it was having on me. My pussy felt like it was on fire it was sucking wind the lips were throbbing and I could feel the wetness seeping down my leg.

I began to slowly suck more of his cock in my mouth. The feel of his fleshy cock moving slowly into my mouth excited me even more. My nipples were rock hard! I felt his hips try to shove up to meet my mouth, but I took control and pushed my hands down on his hips again to stop his movements. I used the oldest trick in the world I used my teeth to let him know I could hurt him I could bite that damn thing off if wanted to. With my mouth on his cock and I looking up at him and biting into his cock just enough to get his attention, he knew that I was running the show. With his eyes tunceli escort wide open and looking down at me, I gave him that look to stop! He did. I guess he felt it was going to be my way or possibly no way.

I went back to giving us both pleasure and I stopped when my mouth was about halfway down his huge shaft to savor the taste of his cock. Although he had stopped moving his hips, I felt his fingers wrap themselves in my hair and pull slightly. I loved the sensation of my hair being pulled, lightly at first, then harder with more intensity.

“I swirled my tongue around and over his shaft in my mouth. I could feel his hot cock start to quiver slightly when I did it. My right fist wrapped tight around the base, I continued moving my hand up until it met my lips and then let it slide back down again. My hand slid easily up and down the length of him as my saliva, mixed with his precum, rolled out of my mouth and down his cockshaft.

I stared at the hairy ball sack in front of me. They were big, all right. I tried to figure out how to measure them. Measuring would not be necessary. In the cool air of the room, the testicles hung loosely down about four inches from his body and were covered with sweat. The skin was redder than other guys that I had before and the veins even more prominent. I licked the sweat off his balls and it was a much stronger taste than some guys I had sucked. To make sure I got the full flavor, I had to suck his balls, too, taking them one at a time into my mouth and rubbing my tongue against them, and sucking gently on them. They were too big to get both of them in my mouth at once. His balls bounced around in the sack as I licked and flicked my tongue on them. They hung only an inch or so in the sack, but they bulged out to the sides. They were round and full looking, with prominent veins. Nut sacks come in all sizes and flavors, but they all have one thing in common—they enjoy being licked. This girl does like to lick and suck a nut sack, all I could tell myself was “come on, now, lick these balls right now. Lick them good.”

Exploring a little more, I could feel the veins in his cock bulging against my tongue and in my hand. I ran my tongue lightly over the length of each blood-filled vein. I squeezed a little harder with my hand. His cock was so hard I think he could have broken a stone if he used it as a ram. At the same time there was a silky, smooth texture to his cock. At that point I just wanted to leave it in my mouth forever because it felt so good. My mouth was stuffed with his fat cock. I started thinking about him blowing his wad and how good it was going to feel shooting in my mouth. At that point, I could have made him come anytime I was ready. The only problem was, I wasn’t ready. I used my left hand to hold his balls in place and to keep them from going off and I wanted this action to last for a while.

Before lowering my mouth back down over his cock, I held it up with my hand. It looked so tall jutting out as it glistened in the light of the room. It looked so beautiful wet and standing straight up. I wanted to look at it forever, but I couldn’t. My mouth dove back down devouring it. I could feel his hot cock throbbing in my mouth screaming for release while he fucked my mouth. By taking your thumb and finger and circle them around the ball sack you will keep the balls from going up into him. When they go up into him the guy will shoot off his load and by holding them in this manner he can’t go off. Iv done this to many guys who strain to go off and can’t figure out why they are not shooting there load and can get very frustrated when they can’t.

Gripping the base again tightly, I started bobbing my head up and down at a feverish pace letting him fuck my face. I took the length of his cock down my throat, then brought my mouth back up sliding my tongue around the sides, and then slammed back down again. His hips started to move again and this time I didn’t stop him. He started a fucking motion in and out of my mouth. My face would come down and his hips would thrust up to meet it, then back we both went. His cock sawed in and out of my mouth moving faster and faster. I pull my head back looked up at him and said “here baby your jerk it and shoot off in my mouth, give me the big load!”

“I’m cumminggg…..suck it harder!….suck it you fucken’ slut….yea…swallow my cum,” he said out loud. His sperm filled my mouth and like the big bull he was his cum filled balls hit my lips, face and hair. He tried shoving his cock down my throat. He began laughing when I gagged but continued assaulting my throat. I was so hot! I love it when a penis ejaculates in my mouth.

My legs were spread apart now. He placed his hand between my legs and began rubbing me. I caught my breath as he pulled away and began fingering me. Doing this, which was bringing me to the brink of an orgasm.

With one of his hands fingering me the other was massaging my breasts and pulling my nipples. As I became wetter, he would place his moist fingers inside my mouth. I was on fire. I could have came if I let him continue doing this but I needed to get fucked – real bad. “Please, fuck me,” I said as my breathing grew more rapid and louder. He laugh and responded, “oh, so you want to get fucked do you?” “God yes please fuck me.” “No can do just yet,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32