My Best Ch. 1

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It was 8.25 in the morning and Ida still felt a bit drowsy. While the lecture hall was being filled with students, she couldn’t resist the temptation to prolong the weekend for yet another five minutes. The 23-year old brunette rested her head on the huge red book titled “The Laws of Norway” and let her mind take her back to Saturday night.

“Slightly tacky,” was Ida’s first impression. “Maybe I should go somewhere else…” Her eyes, however, ignored what her mind was pondering, as they wandered through the room, resting for a few seconds at each good-looking girl they came across. “Okay, just a few minutes, then.” She got out on the dance floor. As always, several guys tried to approach her, but she ignored them, taking more interest in the young females in sparse outfits dancing and sweating all around her. By their accent and their appearance, Ida could tell they were local high school girls. Young and shameless, dressed in tight jeans, some in leather pants, and often just a top or a skimpy t-shirt. All out to seek relief from boredom and to celebrate having survived yet another seemingly endless week of Chemistry classes and home assignments and Math teachers with bad breath. Ida’s eyes wandered from one young temptress to another. A cute blonde in particular caught her eye. “Wouldn’t mind checking her out,” Ida thought. Too bad she was dancing with this guy all the time.

Heading for the bathroom, Ida bumped into someone.

“Oh sorry.”

Ida immediately recognised the hot blonde from the dance floor.

“You never know- it could be fate,” Ida thought to herself, and tried to strike up a conversation with her. Having apparently had a couple of beers, the fair-haired girl was more than willing to respond. Ida noticed that she had a generous amount of freckles on her nose and some on her cheek- she hadn’t been able to make that out on the dimly lit dance-floor. The girl was slightly taller than Ida, with a healthy, slender body and a nice pair of B-cups. “Really cute,” Ida thought. “18, I’d guess.” Being so close to this young girl, Ida couldn’t resist the opportunity to touch her in a casual, girlfriend way, like putting her hand on her bare waist when she spoke. The music was rather loud, so anyway they’d have to stand quite close to be able to hear each other. Ida could sense the heat from her young, healthy body and felt her hand touch her waist- and stay there. She quickly glanced around. “No sight of her boyfriend,” she confirmed with a grin on her face. “Should I… No, Ida!” she said to herself. But this girl gave Ida the impression of being almost as uncompromising in her pursuit of fun as Ida herself…

Ida put her hand at the back of her new friend’s neck and yelled in her ear.

“Do you like to make out with girls?”

The girl reacted with a big grin. Ida knew she had heard every word, but the little teaser asked her to repeat them. Ida did, and the young blonde smiled and responded.

“Once in a while. Why do you want to know?”

Ida saw no point in waiting any longer and put her lips on the other girl’s. There was little hesitation in the young girl’s response as she opened her lips to allow the slightly older college student to pass into her hot mouth. As always, Ida found it such a thrill to kiss a girl for the first time. The teenage- girl was an eager, relentless kisser, pushing her tongue deep inside Ida’s mouth, giving the law student a lavish sample of her saliva. She had to pause for a sigh as Ida brought her hands to her ass cheeks, but a second later her tongue was back inside Ida’s mouth. “What a delightful young girl,” Ida thought, as she kissed and fondled her. Their wet game had geen going on for quite a while when Ida suggested they go to her place.

“I could teach you a few tricks, you know.”

The slightly tipsy high school student hardly managed to speak in the midst of all the intense necking.

“I…I’d love to, but….” She wiped some saliva off her chin. “You see, I have a date.”

Feeling the 18-year old’s hot breath on her face only increased the erotic tension in Ida’s body.

“You can’t be serious,” Ida responded. “Don’t you prefer me to some sleazy guy?”

The young girl smiled. It was apparent that she loved the idea of this slightly older southern girl being turned on by her.

“I most certainly do, but I promised to go out with him. But maybe next week?” They french-kissed for another few minutes.

“Okay, you’re off to your date.” Ida released the grip.

“Sorry,” the girl said. Their tongues said a final wet goodbye to one another, and Ida admired her feminine young ass as she disappeared into the crowd on the dance floor. When the DJ started playing yet another of last summer’s Ibiza hits, Ida decided it was time to head home.

In a light-headed mood, she walked up the hills to where she rented her small room. Okay, so she had to spend the first Saturday night in this town on her own, but she had the feeling that this was just the first of many izmir escort opportunities that would present themselves. Next weekend, maybe she’d meet this girl again. Or another hot young girl. Anyway, she didn’t regret the decision to leave the South behind for some time and spend her final year as a law student at a northern university. A whole year of care-free fun lay ahead of her!

Once in her apartment, she put on a CD with Sade and crawled out of her clothes. Her lace panties were so wet they were completely useless. Sometimes Ida just had to laugh at her own all- consuming sexual urge. “Ida,” she reproved herself., “how did you ever get this bad? Ten minutes of necking with a high-school girl and you need a change of clothes!” Well, she wouldn’t be needing panties now anyway. She lay down in her bed, let her mind take her wherever it wanted. Soon it reproduced the image of the lively teen-ager whose mouth she had so eagerly explored. She pictured the young girl lying naked on the bed in front of her, her legs slightly spread. She had a very light complexion, a few freckles on her shoulders. Between her legs was a healthy bush of… blonde or dark… could be either, Ida thought. This girl’s complexion was really pale, Ida wouldn’t be surprised to find a nice blonde patch of pubic hair between her slender legs. “Mmmmm…” Ida purred as her fingers dug into her pleasure spot. In her fantasy she went down on her young lover, tasting her sweet, tender pussy…

“This seat’s not occupied, right?”

“Seat? Oh.., I don’t think so,” Ida uttered, slowly awaking from her daydreaming. When she turned her head, her first thought was that her dream was influencing her vision. Could this be real? Was the person sitting down next to her a creature of flesh and blood just like herself? Whatever she was, she was the most beautiful thing Ida had ever laid her eyes on. Her hair was black, her eyes dark-brown and breathtakingly sensual. Her face had unmistakable Latin features; Ida figured she must be of mixed Latin-Norwegian origin. There was something unapproachable about her. Her face was a blend of deep sensuality and detached coolness which really intrigued her.

Throughout the lecture, Ida couldn’t resist the temptation to steal an occasional glance of the unbelievably sexy creature situated less than a feet away. Only incoherent fragments of the lecturer’s argument penetrated into her consciuosness. She made a half-hearted attempt to pull herself together, but soon gave up. The lecturer could go on about breach of contract and the intricacies of the law of inheritance till his bald head fell off. Ida’s mind was hermetically sealed off from all impressions but that of the beauty sitting next to her. Only a few inches of space between them! This fact annoyed the hell out of her. Physically, the were close enough for Ida to reach over and bury her nose in that smooth, black hair, smelling her fragrance.

Ida hadn’t even noticed that the lecture was over, when she saw her newly acquired obsession put her notebook back in her bag. Ida tried to look in another direction, but when the girl turned her back on her, she found the temptation too strong; she had to check out her ass. It was nice and firm, slightly too big for the front pages of Elle and Vogue, but a source of deep desire and, Ida knew herself only too well, endless fantasies for anybody else.

Her original plans of spending the day in the library reading had to be discarded. Her faint hopes that the storm would pass as swiftly as it came were crushed the next morning when she saw her again. And the morning after that…

When the same thing happened again on Friday, she rushed home, locked the door to her small room and crashed on her bed. “Okay, Ida,” she said to herself, “no reason to panic. You were never the one to back down on a challenge, remember?” Yeah, she remembered. There were quite a few of them, actually, girls she had converted. Some of them had never even contemplated the idea of making love to another girl. It always made Ida feel so proud, like… like a missionary converting pagans. “Missionary, my ass!” Ida would laugh, but there was an element of truth in it. Of course, there were cases were she wouldn’t bother trying. She had developed the ability to sense whether a specific girl was “accessible”, as she liked to call it. Those who weren’t, she liked to refer to as “the lost cases”. “Their loss. If they insist on closing their eyes, and legs, on the sexiest half of mankind, it’s their problem, not mine.”

So, wasn’t this girl just like her previous conquests? Well, for once, Tonje, that was her name, actually DID have that rich lawyer-boyfriend most girls just dream about. Ida had done a little reasearch. Her boyfriend, or fiancee, to be more precise, was a successful up-and-coming lawyer in the local branch of one of the country’s most prestigeuos law firms, with an income rapidly approaching the $ 100.000 mark. Handsome too, or so alsancak escort the rumour had it. Another thing was the group of girls Tonje always seemed to hang around with. Just too plain unimaginative to even grasp the idea that a female lover might be something worth trying. She wouldn’t get any encouragement from them, for sure.

And… her beauty. What could Ida respond with in the face of such heavenly beauty? However good-looking Ida was, she couldn’t compare to this godess. Beauty-wise, that was.

The next morning she arrived early, waited in the hall, and managed to get the seat next to Tonje. After the class was over, she finally spoke to her.

“I’m sorry, but I missed Criminal law yesterday. You don’t happen to know which assignments we’re supposed to do till next class?”

Tonje looked in her direction. God, she’s looking in my direction!

“Sure, let me see… yeah, it was 4, 6 and 9 from chapter 4.”

“Do they take a long time?”

“Yeah, they’re pretty difficult. Particularly 9. I’m not sure we really understood it.”

Ida knew that “we”, of course, referred to the gossiping group of girls in the back row. As though they would ever understand anything; they were probably too busy discussing the royal family or the latest developments in Temptation Island.

“9?” She turned the pages in her book. It took her about twenty seconds to see what paragraph should be invoked, and to see where the others had got it wrong. “If you’ve got ten minutes, I think we can solve it.”

“Really?” Tonje was visibly surprised. They sat down at a table in the canteen, and Ida explained it to her. “Yeah, I thought about that paragraph myself, but… well, all the others seemed so confident, so…”

“Listen. If you want to get anywhere as a lawyer, you have to be confident in yourself.”

Tonje smiled.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Funny, it was the first time she’d seen her smile. Ida felt like melting.

The following day, they met to solve some other assignments. Tonje was wearing a tight, short sweater that showed off her little belly-button. To Ida’s joy… and despair. She wondered if anyone had ever licked Tonje in her belly-button. Her stupid lawyer-boyfriend- she tried not to think of him as her fiancee, it only depressed her – did he have the imagination to make oral love to her belly- button? She bet he didn’t. No, he’d never understand that every inch of Tonje’s body was like… a holy place. He probably didn’t even go down on her at all, she thought. And even if he did, she knew that he’d NEVER be able to take Tonje to the places Ida would take her. And still… here she was, begging for Tonje’s elbow just to brush against hers, ever so lightly, whereas HE, every night…. Oh, how can you be so cruel, God?

And yet, when she did feel Tonje’s elbow brush against hers, it felt as wonderful as love-making. And when Tonje asked her a question, leaning over so Ida could sense the warmth of her breath, it was total bliss. In that moment, all she wanted was just to sit like this, close to Tonje. Too bad her nose was buried not in Tonje’s crotch, but in the monster edition of “The Laws of Norway”. But that was not crucial now: Tonje’s prescence was. Tonje was here, right next to her, heat radiating from her body. “How can I ask for more?” Ida said to herself.

Ida and Tonje would study a lot together the following days. Ida noticed how Tonje’s group of friends frowned at the friendship developing. Like she cared… A couple of weeks later she gathered the courage to invite Tonje over. “We could take a look at the assignments in International Law, and… rent a movie or something, if you’d like.”

“Sounds fine,” Tonje smiled. “Thomas is going out with some friends, so I’m free for the evening.” Oh, stop mentioning him, Ida wanted to yell at her. But otherwise, her mind was already fixed on Friday.

On the way out from the library, she spotted a familiar face.

“Hi, how are you?”

It was… she tried to recall her name… Annette. One of her classmates from Oslo. It turned out she was here to visit a friend.

“Actually, she’s taking law too… Mia, do you know her?” Oh yeah, she was one of those girls in the back row.

Only later that evening did it occur to her that Annette might tell Mia some not-so-well-kept secrets from Ida’s personal life. While never waving a banner or anything, back in Oslo, Ida had never tried to conceal her lesbianism, and anybody who bothered to know, knew. Annette would definitely know, being the nosy person she was.

Oh no! It meant that Annette would tell Mia… and SHE would tell her friends. And THEY would tell… oh no. Oh no! Fuck! This was not according to plan. Not remotely. Ida’s plan was to win Tonje’s friendship, her close friendship, before she’d even consider making a pass on her.

“Is it over before it has begun?” was Ida’s last thought before seeking refuge in her sleep.

However, buca escort the next day came and went, and everything seemed normal. And Thursday too. Tonje and Ida read and studied together, and had lunch in the canteen. “Maybe the danger is over,” Ida thought with relief, and started looking forward to Friday again. It was tomorrow! She was so excited about it all… Tonje would come to HER place, sit on HER sofa, spend the entire evening with HER…

The following day, she spotted Tonje in the corridor before class. Ida’s face filled with joy. She rushed over to her, smiling from ear to ear.

“Hi, Tonje!”


In one instant she knew that everything was over. The word was out. Tonje didn’t look up to meet her gaze, instead she pretended searching for something in her bag.

“Er… About tonight. I don’t think I can make it. Thomas is not going out, so I’ll stay at home with him.”


“Oh, hi, Hege.” Tonje seemed relieved to find someone else to talk to. Tonje and the other girl went into the lecture hall, leaving Ida standing there with a lump in her throat.

It wasn’t until almost a week later that she gathered the strength to go to classes again. That day, she was having lunch in the canteen, when a group of her classmates sat down at a table not that far from her. Tonje was with them. Ida had made another fruitless attempt at speaking to her earlier that day, so she stared desperately in any direction but Tonje’s. However, when Tonje stood up and turned around to walk out, Ida felt her eyes being drawn to that perfect creature just 5 feet away. She noticed that it didn’t really fill her with desire any longer, just despair… and, ultimately, resignation.

The sound of shrill voices breaking out in laugher brought Ida back.

“Hey, why don’t you buy the latest edition of Penthouse instead?” Noisy laughter followed.

“Sorry, Ida, but don’t you think it’s just a bit…well… naive to think that Tonje would discard her lawyer-boyfriend for a little dyke like you?” That was Mia’s voice.

“You could try, you know,” another girl continued. “Write her a love poem, or something.”

Ida felt totally lame. Usually, she would have come up with a vicious sarcasm that would have silenced their ear-piercing laughter. Or she wouldn’t have cared, knowing she was superior to them in any sense of the word. But now, she just felt like turning into dust. She just couldn’t hold back the tears.

“And once I used to be so cool about everything…”

After staying inside her room for another two days, a sixth sense told her she had to get out. Just to stop herself from getting mad. She took a shower, had her first proper meal in days, and went downtown. She deliberately sought out a tacky-looking place- the last person she wanted too meet was Tonje and her hot-shot lawyer boyfriend. And anyway, wearing sneakers and an old pair of jeans, she couldn’t be too choosy.

“Well, the DJ is not making it any easier for me,” she thought. She bought a beer and looked for somewhere to sit. Only after a few minutes did it dawn on her that this was the same club she had been to that first night here in this northern town. God, it seemed like ages ago, although it was just a matter of a month or so…

“Heeey!” somebody said in a northern accent. Ida looked up. “Remember me?” It took Ida a few seconds to recognise the local girl she had been making out with in the disco that Saturday night the first week she came here.

“Oh, hi,” Ida said, not knowing what to say.

“You look kinda sad tonight. Wanna join me on the dance floor?” Dancing was definitely not what Ida had come here for. Getting drunk was more like it. “Oh, come on.” Ida felt the young girl’s hand grip her arm.

It was more due to lack of resistance than any desire to sweat it out that she found herself on the dance-floor with this teenage-girl. But however lost she was in her own sorrow, she couldn’t help noticing how this young blonde really did her best to cheer her up. And to her astonishment, it was having an effect on her.

“Wow, that’s a cool song,” the girl yelled in her year.

Ida recognised the intro to Basement Jaxx, “Just one kiss.” Yeah, she liked that song, too.

Just one kiss, will make it better Just one kiss, and we will be all-right Just one kiss will make it better Just one kiss and we’ll be flying hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

Her eyes full of adolescent mischief, the high-school girl held Ida’s gaze. Her allusive lips formed the words to the song…

Just one kiss…

The lyrics brought Ida’s mind back to happier days. To the pre-Tonje era of her life. Could things ever be the same? It was funny, but dancing here with this teenager, she almost started feeling like her old self again. Like the old Ida. The girl that knew there was only one valid conclusion to a song like the one they’d just been waggling their sexy asses to.

She threw her arms around her dancing-partner and gave her a deep, wet kiss.

“Where’s your date tonight?”

“Nah, nobody wants to go out with me,” the young girl answered in a mock sobbing manner. “So I guess I’ll have to spend the night on my own.”

“We’ll see,” Ida thought, as the sound from the loudspeakers had them dancing again.

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