My Encounter with a Gay Young Man

13 Eylül 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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Big Tits

I’m a straight man, but I did have an encounter with a gay young man. I was 49 years old and had always lifted weights. One day, I was working out in my garage with the garage door open. I had on shorts and but no tank top. It was hot and I’d didn’t have an air-conditioned garage. Between exercises, I noticed a young man walking by my house and staring at me. Being neighborly, I waved at him. He waved back.

A few minutes later, he walked up my driveway and said “hi” and I said “hi” also. He was a skinny young man of about 21 – 25 years old, recent college, blond hair and about 5 foot-8 inches tall. He said that he admired my muscular physique and wanted to lift weights. He lived in the neighborhood and wanted to know if I would teach him how to lift weights to put on muscle. I said I would. We agreed to have him come to my garage gym 3 times per week until he felt comfortable lifting weights on his own.

He came over as we agreed and seemed really interested in learning about how to lift. He was a very good-looking young man and really likeable. During my training lessons, I would work out with the weights as he was also lifting. I noticed that during his rest between sets that he was staring at me a lot. It didn’t bother me and I was complimented by his attention.

After about 3 weeks, during one of our training sessions, he said “Hey, let’s train naked!” and started taking off his shorts and tank top. I was stunned at first, but then I got curious about where escort this was all going. I closed the garage door and took off my shorts and tank top. I looked over at him and noticed that he had a huge erection and his beautiful cock was at least 7-8” long with a thick “mushroom” head. I have always been attracted to porn photos of huge cocks, especially on young, skinny twinks with big cocks.

Then, he walked over to me and started fondling my cock and balls. I was surprised that I was actually getting hard too. Then he said “I’d love to suck your cock and make you cum”. I loved it when women would suck my cock and decided to find out what it would be like to be sucked off by a guy. Strangely, I was getting really turned on by this skinny “twink” with a huge cock. I became fascinated by his offer and said “yes”. I hadn’t jerked off lately and hadn’t had sex with woman for several weeks. So, I was super horny and very curious.

Then, he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He started with short strokes on the end of my cock. As my cock got harder and harder, he stroked more and more of my cock until he was “deep-throating” me. By this time, my cock was throbbing hard and felt like it was going to explode. As he continued with this long, deep strokes on my cock, I felt that pleasurable ache in my groin signaling that I was going to cum soon.

Then, he started giving me faster deep strokes and sucking on my cock more on each stroke. Now, my primal urge to cum became overpowering. izmit escort bayan At that point, I shot a huge load of creamy cum deep into his throat…then another load…then again…and again…and again. It was the most intense orgasm that I’ve ever experienced. I was cumming so much that my cum was dripping from his lips, down his chin and onto my balls.

This experience made his cock super hard and erect. I became attracted to his huge cock and I had an insatiable desire to suck his cock too. I wondered what it would be like to have his “swollen mushroom head” inside my mouth. I now had a powerful, primal urge to have his hard cock in my mouth and taste his warm creamy cum. I couldn’t resist his beautiful hard cock…I had to have it…

We both rested for a about 15-20 minutes and then he started stroking my cock. Surprisingly, my cock started to get hard. Then I grabbed his cock and started stroking it too. Then he suggested that we go to my bedroom and do a “69”. I thought “holy shit…a 69!..yes…yes”

I enthusiastically said “YES” and we went to my bedroom. We assumed the “69” position with him on top. He started stroking my cock faster and my cock responded by getting rock hard. His cock was rock hard too. I took his swollen cock head in my mouth and swirled by tongue around his huge “mushroom head”. He groaned and yelled “OH Fuck Yes!!!…keep doing that…don’t stop!!!”

Meanwhile, he put my cock deep into his mouth and started sucking and izmit sınırsız escort stroking. In a matter of minutes my cock was ready to cum again. I started to move my lips up and down his cock with ever deepening strokes. Both of us were in sync and “deep throating” each the others cock with increasing speed. I was surprised how easily I accepted his huge cock into my mouth and throat.

Then, I heard him groan and yell “Oh, it feels soooo fucking good. …Gawd, I’m gonna cum!!!” I could feel his cock shaft pulsating and erupting his cum deep in my mouth. His cock shot about 6-7 huge cum shots down my throat. That turned me on and I could feel a huge load of cum blasting out of my cock and down his throat. I groaned during my first powerful cum shot. Meanwhile, I swallowed as much of his cum as I could. Some of it oozed out of my lips as he kept stroking faster on each ejaculation.

We both laid on the bed to catch our breath. After a few minutes, he said “I really enjoyed that. Can we get together regularly and do this again?” I said “Yes…but why do you want to have gay sex with an older man…I’m old enough to be your father”. Then he said “Well, that’s the point…you remind me of my father, who died when I was 19. As a teenager, on a regular basis, my father would suck my cock and I’d suck his. In fact, your cock is the same size as my fathers. I love to suck cocks and have my cock sucked too…so how about it? Can we get together every so often?” I said “yes” and we continued our gay sex encounters until he moved out of the neighborhood and city a year later. It was an unforgettable experience. I still yearn for his big throbbing cock and huge cum loads.

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