My Instructions

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I often travel away from home for business. I don’t mind the traveling but I hate having to be away from the woman I love. But she has helped me feel better about the distance, we still don’t like it, but at least there is a little joy during the time apart. You see she is also my loving Mistress, and we have a very adventurous sex life full of experimentation and kink. So since I spend my days thinking about her anyhow, I asked if she would give me instructions to give me something to do for her when I am away. They are often very simple, but each time I do one I smile and feel a little closer to her.

One of the first rules she gave me, was that I had to pee in bottles. I remember the first week she insisted that I save all my piss. She added of course that the pee could only be used to fill my enema bag, and clean out my hole. And during that first week, she made me drink more and more water. I watched as I filled up bottle of bottle of urine. Reporting back as I filled up each gallon, knowing that I would kızılay escort have nights of enema cleansing in front of me. It seems so small but when I have rushed back in to pee after a car trip, and then remember the bottle for her. It pleases me greatly to put my cock against the opening and fill it up for her.

Wearing panties is another instruction. Even this last weekend she took me to the store and picked out a new batch of silky panties for me. I love the sissy panties, and it does make me all wiggly to know I am her slut. Sometimes its pantyhose instead of panties, and my thoughts go crazy. The pantyhose just constantly rub my legs and drive me into a frenzy of lust. I let her know each day which panties I have selected. She knows that when I’m gone my lust is already building, and she loves to push it further.

There are some activities that she doesn’t specifically consider her instructions, but they are in my head. I love thinking about her. Part of the reason I get so out kolej escort of control when I am away is that I can’t stop doing so. When I lay in bed in the morning, I dream about her. When I lay in bed at night, I find myself thinking about her being beside me. When we are together I roll over and wrap my arms around her body in a warm embrace making everything all right in the world. When we are apart, I can’t do that, but filling my head with happy images, I imagine her looking at me and smiling. She’s admiring my hardness, and she encourages me to stroke it for her. This is a fairly common occurrence when I am beside her, so my mind doesn’t have to reach far for the fantasy.

Masturbating right to the edge of orgasm, and watching the precum that she loves so much, stream from the head of my rock hard penis, while imagining her being pleased by her horny pet makes me want her so much.

She was also the one who trained me on how to take her fist, and many other larger toys. I have always maltepe escort been a bit of an anal whore, loving to stick small things up my ass. But now, now it’s a whole new ballgame. I love to stretch myself for her. I love to get my hole loosened up, and cleaned out, so that when she desires she can slide her hand into me and make me hers. I imagine her watching me as I put on a show for her. Again the fantasy here is not far from reality, and I can see and hear her in my head telling me what to do. I go over the top, she loves me to be so slutty and dirty, and that’s what I achieve. I push myself to get the large dildos deeper into my hole, hoping that she will take me and make me hers. To imagine her beside me, is hot, to tell her how bad I was, tends to make me even hotter.

So as I sit here, alone in my pantyhose, panties, and little black cocktail dress. My hole has been abused and fucked with nice big toys of my own doing. I am apart from the love of my life. The Mistress of my dreams is far away, but she’s also right beside me in my heart and in my mind. And even though the instructions and thoughts rile me up so badly, that they serve a greater purpose. They connect me to her, and make me smile at her presence. I love her, and am so grateful that I have her in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32