My New Career

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*This story is derived entirely from my own fantasies. If it goes over well with everyone I will continue to add a 3rd or 4th part ( I plan on making at least 2 to start). Enjoy.*

I hung up the phone at work, just having confirmed my girlfriend would pick me up lunch and drop it off after volleyball practice. I was a salesman at an auto parts store and it was a slow summer day. I was excited to see my girl. Her name is Jennifer, she was an 18 year old knock out in my opinion. She was 5’6″, shoulder length curly blonde hair. And she was probably gonna show up in her normal summer apparel, spandex shorts showing of her massive ass, she had a size 6 waist, but needed size 12 pants to fit her ass, and sporting her tight but sleeveless jersey, showing her fresh perky large C breasts.

While I waited for Jennifer to get there I took the time to work hard and impress my new store manager. My original manager decided to go corporate, thus bringing in Dwayne. He was young, 24 if I recall what he told me his first day. He seemed more than nice enough for a black man standing 6’6″ and weighing somewhere ankara olgun escort between 190-210 pounds. He talked about his bachelor life and often spoke of his preference for young white women, but this did not cross my mind while I waited for my sweaty white goddess to arrive.

It took about 45 minutes for Jennifer to arrive. And as expected, she stepped out of hers 80s corvette, her shorts letting her ass hang out wearing a tank top as a surprise, sporting aviator sunglasses. She walked through the door, her hips swinging carelessly the whole way, the bell rang but did not muffle her holler “Hey baby!” She said giddy.

:You’re the best, how was practice?'” I asked, proud of seeing my athletic girlfriend. I dont even think about what Dwayne might think. We aren’t supposed to “Hang out” at work, but it slips my mind. Not to much later Dwayne walks out of his office, his work short a size to small showing off his muscular build. He walked passed us but I couldn’t help notice him turn his head slightly, catching Jennifer in his peripheral vision im sure.

It ankara ucuz escort was not until Dwayne noticed Jennifer was not a customer that he came over. He towered over us as he approached, Jennifer smiled at him as he closed in on us.

“Cody, did you need help with finding this woman what she needs?” Dwayne asked sincerely.

“No, thank you Dwayne, this is actually my girlfriend Jennifer, Jennifer, this is my new boss Dwayne” I said as politely as I could, not liking having seen Dwayne so obviously check out my girlfriend.

Jennifer reached out to shake Dwayne hand politely, but much to my surprise he grabbed her hand and lifted it to his mouth, making Jennifer have to stand on her toes, and he kissed her hand, in my opinion, rather passionately.

“Pleasure to meet you Jennifer” He said, his voice a little more booming now.

Jennifer leaned backed and laughed giddily, her tits bouncing to Dwayne’s pleasure.

“So Cody listens to you now?” Jennifer asked somewhat slyly, sending me into an even deeper state of confusion.

“Its not ankara yabancı escort like that, me and Cody are equals, its just I get paid more and, well yeah, he has to listen to me.”

They both laughed and Dwayne slapped me on the back. I had decided I didn’t think I would like working with Dwayne. But little did I know he was about to invade more than my 9-5.

“Well Dwayne, since it seems Cody is going to be spending so much time with you, I think its only right for you to come over for dinner tonight so we can get to know you better.” Jennifer suggested proudly, smiling widely up at Dwayne.

“Oh, I would hate to impose, I haven’t known you guys long enough to trouble you like that” Dwayne said sympathetically, I could tell it was a ploy and the plot was already set.

“I insist, come over tonight at 7, everything will be all ready.”

Dwayne started to protest but Jennifer interrupted:

“I insist, that’s the end of it.” Jennifer smiled, kissed me on the cheek and strutted out of the store, Dwayne’s eyes glued to her spandex covered ass.

“Well, looks like we’re dinner pals!” Dwayne said sarcastically, walking to the office, my day went on without further burden, not considering the fact my mind racing about the disregard for my relationship or presence. But I didn’t worry to much, it was just dinner, I continues the day with little mental protest.

To Be Continued

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