My Sister Made Me Ch. 20

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Author’s note:

For clarity, the events at the end of chapter 24 of the story Lucky Man canonically take place three days before the first POV starts. I actually went back and checked each chapter of My Sister Made Me after lining up the events, and it has legitimately been three days. I was surprised to say the least. There is relevance to this point for this chapter, but I’m not going to spoil anything here.


My Sister Made Me

Chapter 20


Wednesday afternoon…

She stood staring at Jessie for a few more seconds, trying to gauge just what she’d let slip by referencing her own brother as being among the number of dicks that she’d seen and “played with”. Was she talking about the normal idea of a sister having undoubtedly seen her brother’s penis at some point her life? Or was it more… exciting? Something more akin to what she herself had participated in.

Jessie’s face was a bright crimson color, holding her hand up to her mouth as if she were trying to keep more kinky admissions from slipping out. Eager to find out but sensing that Jessie was possibly feeling a little vulnerable in that moment, Alex didn’t want to push the issue just then and laughed dismissively. She doubted it was anything as crazy as the stuff she’d done, regardless.

Thinking that changing the subject would be good, she slipped her phone back into her pocket and offered Jessie a smile. “I’ll text you and we can hang out some time. I better get back to my tables.”

“Sounds great!” Jessie said happily.

Her evening shift went about as expected for Alex, though Jessie wasn’t working, so she didn’t see her again after that. As she walked out to her car at the end of her shift, she texted Bryce, hoping to check in with him.

“Still up?” she messaged.

“Nope, dead asleep,” he told her.

She smirked, dialing him as she pulled out of her parking spot.

“What part of I’m dead asleep did you not understand, woman?” he asked, his tone full of all kinds of sass. She could practically hear the cocky grin on his face.

“Someone’s in a good mood,” she said. “Did you find some little whore that we can tease and abuse like I told you to the other day?”

“No, but I can always head down to the store and pick one up,” he said with a laugh. “Work go okay? Lots of groping and ass slaps?”

“Not as much as you’d like,” she said. “It was okay. Sorry I haven’t been able to see you much lately.”

“It’s all good,” he said. “We’ve both been busy. Did you want to come over tonight?”

“Too tired,” she explained. “Sorry. You should have found that little slut I told you to. You never listen.”

She could picture him laying in bed, laughing and shaking his head at her provocation. Her next thought was of some nameless slut being ravished by the two of them in tandem. That would definitely be fun.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “Fuck around and you’ll find me with a girl tied up in bed one day if you keep talking shit,” he boasted.

His words only served to enhance the visual in her mind.

“Don’t tease me baby,” she purred. “I might just have to take her away from you if she’s cute enough.”

“Goddamn,” Bryce laughed. “Call me tomorrow you sexy… sex… vixen…” he told her.

The fact that someone as confident and brash as her boyfriend was having problems being as eloquent as he normally was told Alex that she was pushing all the right buttons.

“Night baby,” she said, laughing lightly.

When she got home a few minutes later, she went inside and got ready for bed. As expected, Toni came in just as she was settling down to go to sleep, sliding in quietly behind her and wrapping her arms around Alex’s waist.

The immediate warmth and affection she felt wasn’t surprising, but it was very, very welcome. She enjoyed the feelings she got from being around her family, but when she and Toni were together, it was like nothing else in the world.

“Love you,” she whispered, pulling her twin tight.

“I love you,” Toni replied. “Everything going okay?”

“Mmmhmm,” Alex muttered. “Just happy to have you.”

The two switched a few minutes later, turning over and letting Alex snuggle up against Toni’s back. Happily content, they settled back down once again and enjoyed each other. Alex nuzzled the back of Toni’s head, inhaling the familiar, pleasant smell of her twin’s hair. In response, Toni turned her head and moved it back to kiss Alex’s cheek, softly stroking her arm as it draped across her ribs.

Feeling comfortable and safe, Alex drifted off to sleep clutching her sister tightly.


Thursday morning…

The next day, Alex awoke feeling wonderful. She pulled herself out of bed with a spring in her step and proceeded to get ready for school and work. After taking a shower and dealing with her hair, she turned to head back to her room.

“Hey,” Toni called out from just inside her room.

Alex stepped over and poked her head in.

“Camille sent us the pictures,” Toni revealed.

Stepping in fully, Alex went around and saw that Camille ankara escort bayan had indeed sent an email to Toni’s laptop. Her twin was sitting at her desk with her laptop open but was fiddling around with her phone.

“How are they?” Alex asked.

“I only saw the first few to be honest. I haven’t had time to really look at them, though you can use my laptop if you want.”

Toni stood after setting her phone down, and quickly left the room.

Alex sat down, peering at the screen as she began to scroll through the first couple of pictures. They were indeed hot. Camille was very talented, and it was clear that she knew what she was doing.

Still, she was looking forward to watching the video and figured that pictures weren’t going to do the scene justice. She closed the email and the lid of the laptop, then went back to getting ready for the day. After she was finished, she went downstairs to grab something for a quick breakfast before she left for school.

After class was over, Alex hurried up to work to start her shift that day. She was scheduled to work a double, though she was off the next day and hoped that she might get to see her boyfriend.

Inside, she pulled her skimpy uniform out of her backpack before stuffing it in an open locker in the small employee break area. Using skills learned from being a woman, she began to put her uniform on without exposing herself. The door to the manager’s office was closed, but it opened just as she finished getting dressed.

“Hey, Alex,” Bill said.

She smiled, waving at him as she finished folding her street clothes and put them in the locker with her backpack.

“How are you?” she asked, turning and smiling sweetly at him.

“I’m good,” he said. “I wanted to check with you about something.”

“Okay,” she said, turning toward him, intending to follow him into the office for whatever he had to talk to her about.

“Monica quit this morning,” he said, frowning at her. “I was wondering if you’d like to train to work the bar as a backup for Toni and April.”

“Oh, wow,” Alex said. “That’s crazy! I’m sorry that she put you in a rough spot.”

“Yeah,” he said, shrugging. “Toni has the afternoon shift in the bar and April is on tonight, but I wanted to see if you would like to get some time in to be able to work it. We shouldn’t need you too often right now.”

“It sounds fun,” she said, offering him a smile.

“Excellent,” he said. “I called in an extra person to cover your spot on the floor so that you could train today.”

“Okay,” she said. “So, I just stay in the bar today?”

“Yep,” he said, already heading back into his office and focusing on other things. “Thanks again,” he called over his shoulder.

Heading over to the bra, Alex saw that Toni was already there getting set up.

“Hey,” she said, smiling at her twin.

“Hey,” came the expected response. The twins embraced for a moment before Toni started right in on the training. “I think you’ll enjoy this more,” she said. “Less walking around, more time to talk and flirt; plus, we get to wear more revealing clothes.”

“So… what’s first,” Alex said.

Bartending seemed to come naturally to Alex. She picked up the basics quickly during her lunch and afternoon shift. She spent some of her time talking to her customers and the other reading a book that was kept behind the bar that detailed common mixed drinks and how to make them.

During a lull in the shift, she saw Bryce calling and smiled as she imagined the cute, cocky grin of her boyfriend.

“Hey sexy,” he said. “Whatcha doin?”

“Working,” she said. “I’m training in the bar with Toni.”

“Oh really? Shit, I might have to come up and see you.”

“That’d be fun,” she told him. “I could flirt with everyone else and ignore you completely.”

“Damn, girl,” he said after a brief guffaw.

In truth, she thought it might be fun for him to come up and hang out with her. She could imagine all kinds of kinky fun they could get each other into.

“Oh wait,” he said. “I forgot that it’s against the rules for boyfriends to come up there.”

“I think that’s for guys that can’t handle their jealousy,” she pointed out. “As long as you promise not to slap any dicks out of my mouth while you’re here it’ll be fine.”

Bryce didn’t miss a beat. “I was gonna break the rule anyway. Is taking pictures of you sucking them dicks against the rules?”

“Hmm… I doubt it. I guess you’ll just have to try it and see.”

“Then we should be good,” he said. “I just finished up at work and I’m gonna head home and get cleaned up, maybe take a nap. I’ll come up there later though.”

“I’ll see you later, then.”

She smiled to herself at the idea of seeing him again, despite sounding like she didn’t give a damn if she did. It would be great to see him, of course, but she didn’t think for an instant that he would cause any problems.

“I wasn’t asking permission,” he said, and she could hear the self-assuredness in his tone. The images and feelings that his bravado conjured were always so arousing eryaman escort to her. “Might see if I can wrangle up a slut like my girlfriend keeps ordering me to do.”

“And a lot of good it does for me to order you,” she shot back. “Already a week has gone by and still nothing.”

“Jesus. I’ll definitely have to come up and see you now.”

“I’ll be sure to ignore you,” she giggled.

“Bye gorgeous.”

Just before Toni was scheduled to leave, Alex checked to make sure that there wasn’t anything else that she needed to know. April was nice enough and though she didn’t think that there would be any issues working with her, it was just easier to talk to her own sister than a relative stranger.

“Nah, I think you’ve got it,” Toni said as she gathered her things to leave. “I love you. Have a good shift.”

“Love you,” Alex called as her twin turned to go clock out.

Twenty minutes later, Tracy came over to check on her. From the sour expression on the woman’s Alex could tell that something else had gone wrong.

“Doing okay?” she asked.

“Yep,” Alex said as she finished making a Tom Collins for an older man down at the end of the bar.

“Do you think you can handle the bar by yourself tonight?” Tracy was still wearing her frown and was slightly wincing after asking her question.

“I suppose,” Alex said. “Why?”

“April called in sick and I just wanted to see if you thought you were up to it yet. If not, I can check and see if Toni can come back in.”

Alex shook her head. “I think I’ve got it.” She felt confident enough in her abilities to be able to handle things.

“It shouldn’t be too busy tonight, regardless,” she said. “Just let me know if you need help with anything, okay?”

“Sure,” Alex said.

“Thank you,” Tracy said, then turned to head elsewhere.

If she was being honest with herself, Alex found it all a little boring. That wasn’t any real surprise. Toni had always been the lazier of the two, so it was obvious why her twin enjoyed the amount of standing around and talking that the position entailed. She kept herself busy of course, especially since she was still learning about all the different drinks and how to create them.

As the dinner crowd began to arrive, she found herself steadily busy for a little while. Mostly it was just beer and wine that people ordered with their meals, but occasionally she got to practice making a cocktail of some kind. The other waitresses would come over with what they needed and spend a minute or so with her, gossiping about other waitresses or complaining about patrons.

Jessie’s visits were always different than the others, though. At first, she was just talking to Alex and finding out details about her life. She asked about Alex’s family, her siblings and parents. Alex found out that Jessie had just a single brother and that her mom and dad were still together as well.

They talked about their boyfriends of course, though Jessie pressed Alex for more details about Bryce than Alex did about Dex. Jessie seemed to be happy to talk about it, regardless, detailing about how much they loved sharing each other and were pretty much up for anything.

Just as the dinner rush was getting started, though, Jessie came back over with a curious look on her face. “Do you think Bill and Tracy would mind my boyfriend coming up and hanging out in the bar?” she asked. “He’s not the jealous type.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Alex said. “As long as he doesn’t make a scene, Bill and Tracy will be none the wiser.”

“Well, I was thinking about going and asking,” Jessie clarified.

“I don’t think you need to. I’m sure it’ll be fine if he comes up to see you.”

“And you don’t mind the company?” The cute, excitable girl looked genuinely concerned, a cautious look on her face.

“Well, he’s done more than most of my customers get to with me.” She grinned, even offering a suggestive wink.

Smiling ebulliently, Jessie bounced up and down in excitement for a few moments before spinning around and disappearing, her phone already in her hand.

A little later, she returned and the two began to talk again when Jessie got a text message.

“He’s here!” she said happily after dropping her phone into her pocket. “I told him to just come to the bar and I’d say hi when I could.”

“I’ll make sure that he’s taken care of,” Alex said with a playful grin.

Jessie giggled and took the tray of drinks from the bar back in the direction of her tables.

She smirked, wondering if Bryce was actually going to show up that evening, then realized that Dex and Bryce might actually get to meet. She checked her own messages and saw that she had a recent one from her boyfriend.

“Got a stupid idea,” he sent. “I’m gonna come sit down and you can just pretend that I’m a stranger. That way, you can flirt and get all slutty for me without getting in trouble with your bosses.”

“So, you want me to act like I don’t know you?”

She didn’t see any harm with the idea and had already decided to play along. etlik escort She simply didn’t want him to think that he had the upper hand at any particular moment.

“Exactly. See you in about 5.”

Tucking the phone back in her pocket, she turned to go and check on one of the folks that was sitting at the bar.

A few minutes later, Jessie came back with her boyfriend in tow. Smiling, Alex couldn’t stop herself from sighing when she thought about her time with him in the bathroom. The memory of his fingers pushing in and out of her pussy was still vivid, and she sighed when she thought about the powerful orgasm that he’d given her. She’d desperately wanted him to just impale her on his cock then and there. She’d have definitely let him hammer her into the wall they were silently pressed against, even with his girlfriend fucking someone else in the stall next to them.

Suddenly aware that she’d been staring at him like a lioness hunting a gazelle, she cleared the images of him bending her over the bar from her head and gave herself a moment to maintain control before she offered the two a wave. Sliding the beer she’d been pouring over to the older man in front of her and winking flirtatiously at him, she turned to greet the newcomers.

“You remember my boyfriend?” Jessie asked, beaming and clutching at him as if she hadn’t seen him years.

“How could I forget?”

She ran her eyes down his body, not bothering to conceal the lusty stare. When she looked back up, she saw him blushing slightly. She snickered, pleased that she’d evoked such a response from such a seemingly self-assured guy. It was exciting to see.

“Nice to see you again,” he said, clearing his throat. He took a deep breath and looked to be collecting himself for a few moments.

“I’ve got to go and check on my tables,” Jessie said. “Bye babe!”

“Bye,” he said, smirking and watching as Jessie disappeared around the corner. “Fancy seeing you here,” he said, turning and grinning at Alex.

“Yeah, because it’s so strange that I’m here working,” she joked. “I’ve been wondering if I was going to see you again, especially since our last encounter was so… abruptly interrupted.”

He nodded, his cheeks turning pink once again.

“Aww… he’s blushing,” she teased.

He laughed and took a deep breath, looking directly at her for a few seconds. His eyes were conveying a different message than his reddened cheeks, and she found herself growing a little more aroused. Still, she could tell that he was a little uncomfortable, so she relented.

“I’m sorry, I’ll behave. How’ve you been?”

She came around the end of the bar and walked over, hugging him and getting a good whiff of his masculine cologne.

“Can’t complain,” he said, patting her on the back. “What about you?”

“I’m good,” she said. “I’ve just been enjoying getting to know your ridiculous girlfriend.”

Dex laughed, nodding as she went back around the bar.

“She told me that you were just going to come and sit down and that she would see you later.”

“Oh… yeah,” he chuckled. “She’s a little scatterbrained sometimes. She was waiting for me when I got to the door. She’s not too much for you, is she?”

“Oh, God no,” Alex said. “Most of the girls here are boring as hell so it’s nice having someone around that’s as fun as she is.”

“Well… I tend to tell people that she’s kind-of a sexual tornado. If you get too close to her, you’re going to get sucked in.”

Alex laughed at the description.

“So… can I get you a drink?”

“Mmm, yeah,” he said, scrunching up his face in thought as he took a seat in one of the bar chairs. He pulled his license out of his wallet and slid it over, along with a credit card. She checked the date and slid the license back, winking playfully.

“Hrmmm,” he said, frowning.

A tall shape moved around behind him and sat down with a single stool between him and Dex. Alex glanced over at the newcomer and saw Bryce’s stupidly cute face staring back at her. She rolled her eyes at him and looked back at Dex. He seemed to be looking at the selection of liquor on the shelves behind Alex and appeared to be trying to figure out a drink.

“Want to think it over for a second and get back to me?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said, sounding unsure of even that.

“And you sir,” she said, turning and stepping over to Bryce.

“Martini,” he said, winking at her. “Extra Dirty.”

“Okay,” she said.

She knew how to make one of those and had done several. She just hadn’t had a request for a dirtier one. Toni had told her what that meant, though, and she moved to get started.

“See, now I’m offended,” Dex said, drawing her gaze over. “You didn’t even card him.”

“Well, technically I didn’t card you either, handsome,” she said. “You just handed it over.”

“No, you failed to do your job, gorgeous,” Bryce agreed. “The dude has it right.”

“Well, would it make you feel better and less old if I carded you?” she shot back.

“Ooo,” the two men said in unison.

She flashed them both a smirk and turned to finish making the Martini. A couple of waitresses came over with drink orders after she gave Bryce his drink. Once they were taken care of, she went back down the other end of the bar to check on her other patrons and didn’t get back to the guys for several minutes.

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