My Son’s Cumbucket Ch. 06

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I woke up to the bedroom being full of light. I looked at my phone and it was already the afternoon. Jack would be home in a couple hours.

“I can’t believe I slept through most of the day!” I said to myself.

I got up and grabbed some neutral clothes. I planned to leave my phone in my room but before I could leave I heard it buzz as a message came in. I prayed that it was from my husband but it was from Jack.

“Hey mommy guess what I’m doing?”

Still foggy with sleep I couldn’t imagine what he was talking about.

“Not being in class?”

Then he sent me a picture of his cock barely in some bleached blonde bimbo mouth. She was on her knees on the bathroom floor looking up at the camera.

My heart started to race. That must be Kelly the cheerleader. The little slut wanting to fuck my jack. I mean my stepson jack.

“So definitely not class.” I texted trying to be nonchalant.

“lol unless it’s a class on bad blowjobs.”

“Then why bother?”

As I texted Jack I sat down on the couch. I tried my best to keep calm. I can’t believe I was actually jealous of some high school cheerleader slut. I’m his stepmom. I have no right to be jealous.

“I’m going to fuck her.”

Jack then sent a picture of what must be Kelly’s bare bottom sitting on his lap while his cock rested on her lower back. Just seeing how far his cock stretched up her back it looked like if he plunged all the way inside her he’d fuck her stomach.

“You can’t!” I texted quickly.

“Why is that?”

Struggling to come up with a better answer than, “because you haven’t even fucked me yet.”

“Because you don’t have a condom. And besides you could hurt her.”

“don’t need a condom if I fuck her up the sss like the dirty little cheerleader slut she is. Although she hasn’t been training like you have.”

Now my heart was really racing. My cheeks became flush. I didn’t know how to respond to that. Thankfully Jack sent a picture of his load sprayed up the girls back.

“I’m just messing with you. That was last week. I’ve been ignoring Kelly basically since you took over.”

“you little shit I’m going to get you for that!” I texted back. My heart slowed down and I began to chuckle.

“For what?! Did you get jealous thinking I was about to fuck another girl? You know I have fucked another girls before.”

“I know.” I texted not knowing how else to say “but that was before me.”

“Lol I’ll see you in a bit. I can’t wait to get home. Do you want me to bring him dinner so you don’t have to cook?”

That was actually a good idea. I was still really tired and I really didn’t feel like cooking for just the two of us.

“How about we just order pizza.” I suggested.

“Works for me. Anyways back to class. See you soon!”

I didn’t text back. It was really nice that he has been so helpful and attentive ever since I started helping him cum. It was kind of worth it to have him more considerate. It’s not like he was a slob before but it really made me feel like I was just some Asian maid and not his father’s wife.

Feeling better I got up and ate some breakfast. I cleaned up a bit and did some laundry. Now was the perfect time to clean any cum stained clothing. I milled about for the rest of the time until I heard the door open and shut.

Feeling excited, I went to find jack. I found him looking for me. When he saw me he looked me up and down and, slightly, looked disappointed. I looked down at myself to make sure there wasn’t something embarrassing.

“What?” I asked not knowing what he could be disappointed by.

“Nothing I just I don’t know kind of figured you might be in something a bit more… ” he trailed off gesturing to me.

“… Something a bit more slutty?” I supplied a teasing wink.

“Yes!” He said excitedly.

“Contrary to your adolescent male mind I do not hang around here all day wearing sexy clothing just waiting eagerly by the door for a man to come home.” I said with a finger in the air and a hand on my hip.

“I just thought that with dad gone, maybe we could have a bit for fun…” he winked at me knowingly.

“Yeah I know what you thought but I’m serious Jack. We are dangerously close to crossing a line that I don’t think we can come back from. Do you really want to risk ruining what we have for a few minutes of fun?”

“I mean give me a little credit, it’d be at least several minutes.” Jack said, mocking me.

I rolled my eyes and tried to keep from smiling.

“I’m serious Jack. This has been fun and I’ve enjoyed toying with the taboo and the depravity but we really should rein it in.”

“I’d like to rein you in,” Jack quipped, assuming a nonchalant posture.

I sighed and rolled my eyes again. Jack, seeing my exasperation, stood up and set his hands on my waist pulling me into him intimating.

“I think I’ve proven that this is something that you want too. I don’t think we should fight it. Let’s just take it slow. We have all night. Let’s order pizza and just mess around and see where the night kocaeli escort takes us. Let’s get fancy!” Jack said, picking me up and swinging me in the air.

I yelped at the altitude and giggled at the carefree attitude. When he brought me back down to my feet and turned me around and held me against himself. He nuzzled his head into my neck and I quivered at his warm breath on the nap of my neck. He slowly ran a hand down my stomach and into my pants. I feebley tried to move my arms but his big strong arms had me pinned.

When his hand reached my clit he began to rub it making me moan in reaction.

“I want to make you feel good,” he whispered deeply into my ear as he nibbled my lobe.

My heart raced and I moaned again.

“We don’t have to order pizza. I’m sure I can find something to fill you up with. And, well, I could always eat in.”

He rubbed harder on my now wet clit. I couldn’t help but remember how he lifted me up over his shoulders and ate my pussy out so expertly. I badly wanted to feel that pleasure again.

“maybe we can see how much more training you can take.” Jack said as he pulled his hand from my pants and wrapped his wet fingers around my throat while his other hand squeezed my butt.

“Have you done any training today?” He asked and I shook my head breathlessly.

Switching hands, Jack slid his wet fingers down the back of my pants and probed between my cheeks to press a wet finger into my asshole. I gasped in surprise and pleasure. He worked his long fingers in and out while his other hand cupped my breasts.

“Oh jack,” I moaned as he kissed my neck, “we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“What we shouldn’t do is you go get your toys while I order us a big sausage pizza.”

Jack pulled his hand out of my pants and gave my butt a firm smack causing me to yelp.

Dutifully I did exactly that. My cheeks were burning and my heart was racing but I got up the stairs and grabbed all my stuff. Before I left I looked in the mirror and bit my lip. Setting down my toys I went to the closet. I dug into the back and pulled out an old number I haven’t worn in ages.

As I made my way down the stairs my heels clicked on the hard floor. I could hear them echoing through the house. The further I got downstairs the more I heard the sounds of moaning and sex noises. Entering the living room right up on the big screen TV was an Asian woman getting fucked in all her holes by three young men in an office.

Jack was fully naked sitting on the couch. His erection standing straight up. When he twisted to see me he did a double take and nearly turned into a cartoon character.

I stood in the kitchen with my hands on my hips. I was in pink, tall, strapped heels and white stockings that came all the way to my thighs but not far enough up to my pink pleated mini skirt. Under the skirt I was in a pink lace thong. I wore a white school girl blouse with broad pink collars and a pink neckerchief. My hair I braided into two high separate pigtails. I even had some pink glossy lipstick on.

“Oh my god Naomi you look incredible!” Jack gawked at me.

I blushed and looked at my feet.

“Thanks. It’s been awhile since I wore this. I didn’t know if it would still fit.”

“I’d say it fits perfectly! Where are your toys though?”

“I brought this down,” I held up the numbing lube, “but I figured I would wear this down.”

I turned around and bent over and lifted up my skirt to show the jewel of the butt plug in my ass.

I turned to look over the shoulder.

“It’s the biggest one,” I said proudly.

“So that’s what was taking so long.” Jack chuckled and stood up and walked around the couch to me.

I straightened up and watched Jack’s massive cock bounce in the air as he walked to me. Even with the heels I was still much shorter than Jack. I looked up into his face for several seconds. His cock was on my right hip. I reached out and grasped it with my right hand and slowly stroked the shaft. Jack’s lips parted in a subtle gasp before leaning down to kiss me on the lips. I could feel his passion in his kiss.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me boys! Fuck me harder!” The TV rang out in the quiet house.

It was strange to have something like this just playing out in the open. I broke the kiss and leaned to look at the screen. The woman was still getting fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time. She was still semi dressed in office clothes.

Jack wrapped his arms around me from behind and picked me up like a sack of potatoes. I giggled as I floated towards the back of the couch where he put me down. He then grabbed his phone and started searching for a second until the TV changed and now an Asian schoolgirl was getting railed in the ass in a classroom.

“There we go! Much more in theme.” Jack said merrily as he pushed me to bend over the back of the couch.

I braced myself on the couch and looked back over my shoulder to see Jack concentrating on my bottom. He flipped up my skirt and thumped my pussy with his meaty shaft. I moaned at the impacts. He kocaeli escort bayan pressed the shaft against my wet pussy and pressed my legs together so my thighs were squeezing his hard cock. Now when he grabbed my hips and pumped into me it was the same motion as if he was fucking me.

“Am I going to pass!?” The schoolgirl asked breathlessly, making the man stop.

“When I’m done fucking you then we’ll talk until then shut the fuck up and take this cock up your ass.” The man growled into her ear.

“Yes sir,” the schoolgirl said as the teacher began fucking her ass harder than before.

I felt Jack kissing the back of my neck.

“You know I almost fucked Mrs. Davies awhile back.”

“You what? Which one is Mrs. Davies?”

“She’s the redhead English teacher. She’s much older than you but she was motoring detention and I fell asleep. When I woke up it was just us and I had woken up so fast my cock began to grow. I saw her notice and bite her lip before she turned away embarrassed.”

“You’re lucky you didn’t. Give her a heartache.” I said, arching my back as his hard cock rubbed against my pussy.

I realized that the only thing keeping Jack’s cock from entering my soaking wet pussy was a very thin piece of cloth.

“When I stood up I could tell she was turned on and I went up to her and thanked her for being the best teacher. I made sure to press my hard cock against her. She sighed when she felt my hard cock pressed against her. She’s the one that held the embrace longer.”

“I bet she wanted you to bend her over that desk and fuck her right there.” I cooed rolling my head back.

Jack leaned in again and in a husky voice said, “you mean like this?”

I nodded breathlessly. Jack stopped grinding into me and I felt his hand on my ass. He was pulled at the butt plug in my ass. It took him some doing but he finally got enough of it to start pulling it out. I steeled myself as I felt the large bulb stretch my asshole open. I gasped right as the plug came out. Feeling empty I sighed and felt my asshole trying to clench closed again.

I felt Jack pull his cock from between my thighs and slap my ass as he pressed the head of his cock at my gaping hole. I didn’t say anything. It was like watching a train crash. Part of me wanted to tell him to stop but I found myself just letting whatever was going to happen just happen. Then suddenly the doorbell rang.

We both froze and Jack chuckled and let out a breath. He had been holding his too.

“That’ll be the pizza. You should go get it. You’re the more decent one.”

I straightened up and cleared my throat. I straightened my clothing and flattened my skirt. This pizza boy was going to get quite the view. Jack ssf down on the couch as I walked to the front door.

When I opened the door the pizza boy went to say something but just gawked at me dumbfounded.

“What’s the matter big boy? Cat got your tongue?” I always enjoyed teasing men, and teenage boys were the easiest targets. “Is that my big sausage?”

“Uh what?” The pizza boy stammered before realizing that he was holding a pizza.

I reached out for it and handed him some money that was on the counter by the door.

“Keep the change big boy.” I said as I turned around and closed the door.

I’m sure that boy would still be standing there staring at the door for a few seconds before he felt his legs walk back to his car.

Smiling to myself I brought the pizza to the kitchen and set it down on the counter.

“Jack dinner! Turn that off before you go blind.” I chuckled.

I heard Jack getting up and he paused the TV. As I opened the box the smell of sausage on pizza filled my nose. I realized that I hadn’t eaten all day. As I reached for a slice, Jack slapped my hand. Surprised, I rubbed my hand and looked at him and then down to his now drooping dick.

“What was that for?” I said indignantly

“I don’t think you’ve earned pizza.” Jack said wryly

“oh come on I’m starving.” I reached for the pizza again and he pulled the box away from me. Hands on my hips I asked, “Fine, how do I earn pizza?”

“I’m glad you asked. You see, I don’t think you need pizza. I got all the protein that you’ll need, you just have to ask me for it.”

Catching on to his meaning I rolled my eyes. Then, since I was still in teasing mode, I rubbed up against Jack’s naked body as he started eating a slice. I kissed his ear so I could whisper in it.

“You want to fill me up? Or do you want to FILL me up?” I exaggerate the last to let his mind wander.

Distracted, he held his pizza in the air and I reached over and took a big bite of his slice.

“You slut!” Jack declared.

“Hey, is that anyway to speak to your mother?” I said with a mouthful of pizza.

“If the butt plug fits!” Jack said, waving my butt plug in the air.

I shrugged, “snooze you lose sonny.”

We laughed and joked while we ate pizza until it was gone. It was nice to just hang out. We decided to just sit on the couch and watch a movie. We put on izmit escort some romcoms and cuddled under a blanket. We talked through most of it but at some point jack took my hand and pulled it over to his hard cock under the blanket. I looked at him and rolled my eyes.

“You have a one track mind mister.” I said as I slowly began to stroke his hard cock.

“Hey whenever I forget I just look over at you and I remember what a fucking slut you are.”

I squeezed his cock hard making him groan in pain.

“Oops,” I said innocently. “In my defense this cock is completely out of this world.”

I stood up, flinging the blanket off as I did and I stood before Jack and I began to sway my hips to no music.

“Your cock is all I can think about sometimes.” I said as I straddled Jack’s lap. I pulled his cock so it was sandwiches between us and I began to grind my hips on it.

Jack placed his hands on my hips and squeezed me as I gave him a lapdance.

“And your cum is like the sweetest nectar. It is hard to believe that you are your father’s son.”

I rolled my head back and felt his hard cock on my clit. Jack didn’t say anything. He was rendered speechless by how close his cock was to entering my wet pussy.

“As much as I ache to feel you inside of me jack. I can’t do it. Especially now. Your father will be home tomorrow and he will want sex. You will stretch me out so much.”

“I can stick it somewhere else…” Jack managed to say.

“mmm I have thought about it baby. That toy is the biggest thing that’s ever been in my ass before and you are nearly twice as big as it.”

“I can be gentle.” Jack said as he pulled my blouse up to pull my breasts out of my pushup bra. He took a nipple into his mouth and began suckling it. I arched my back in response and cupped the back of his head.

He switched from one boob to the other and I felt my pussy burn and gush at his work. He stopped and wrapped. His arms around me and stood up. When he did I didn’t even touch the ground. He spun around and sat me down on the couch in his place. Then he sank to his knees and lifted up my skirt. I thought he was going to pull my thong down but I stead he grabbed it and yanked it hard that it snapped. It hurt like a rubber band but the action was so manly and aggressive I barely noticed.

When he plunged his face between my legs I gasped sharply and rolled my eyes back as he began to expertly lick my pussy. With one hand I ran it through his hair. With my other hand I cupped my breast. My head began to swim. When he stopped I was still quivering.

Jack grabbed me before I could calm down and turned me around and bent me over the back of the couch. I felt the skirt flip over my lower back and something cold and tingly drip down my cheeks. It was Jack’s fingers probing my asshole that sank in the reality of what he was about to do.

I tried to push myself up but Jack pressed me down and smacked my ass before I could say anything. I felt weak and helpless and completely at his mercy. I felt like my heart was going to break my chest. This was actually going to happen!

When I felt something pressing against my asshole I gritted my teeth and pushed back against it. Jack had to stop and restart several times. I was getting discouraged. Then as he pushed again I felt him break through and I screamed.

It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would but that might have to do with the copious amounts of numbing lube. Out of reflex my asshole was pulsing around this thick foreign object invading me. As he pushed deeper inside of me I went from exhaling to inhaling deeply. It felt more like I was sucking him in rather than him pushing inside of me.

When Jack stopped pushing I was hyperventilating. Not only was my stepson fucking my ass but I was taking the biggest cock in the world in my ass! I couldn’t open my eyes. I was concentrating so hard. My legs were quivering and I felt numb to the knees.

Jack kissed the back of my neck and leaned in close. He was breathing hard too.

“Oh my god Naomi. This is the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked. It feels like a vice around my cock.”

“Just. Go. Slow.” I stammered out between breaths.

Jack grabbed my hips and pumped once really hard. I screamed but not in pain.

“There’s so much numbing lube I can barely feel it all. I bet I could go like this for hours!” Jack said as he pulled out slowly and then immediately pushed back in.

He was sawing my ass with long deep strokes of his long hard cock. The moment I brought a hand to my clit I came almost immediately. The next wave was nearly upon me and felt something big building inside of me.

As Jack slowly picked up speed my head was jerking back and forth only adding to my already vertigo sensation. Jack’s grip on my hips tightened as he fucked me harder. I could hear myself getting louder.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my God!” I was screaming into the empty house.

“Good thing dad isn’t home or we would have some explaining to do.” Jack chuckled.

“You can’t fuck me when he is home! It’s too risky.” I begged, shaking my head.

Jack grabbed my pigtails and pulled me back like a reign.

“I think I’m going to fuck you as much as I want mommy. My anal loving whore mommy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32