My Stepmom’s Gift to Me

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Group Sex

It’s every young mans dream to make it with an older woman and it was mine. Older women will let you do things to them that younger women want. My girlfriend Brenda who’s 18, promised me she would let me perform anal on her in celebration of my eighteenth birthday. Man I couldn’t wait! I even went out and purchased a special lube called Silk in preparation for the big event. BUT on the morning of my eighteenth birthday she called me up and told me that we were through! In truth she really broke up with me because she didn’t want to let me in her ass. Pun intended. The little bitch!

Well, needless to say it ruined my day and I just wanted to call the birthday party off. And I told my stepmom, Cassie as much.

“Sweetie, we can’t cancel the party. We’ve already paid the caterers. That and your dad will be so pissed!”

“So what, he want be here. He’s never here for my birthdays.” I snapped.

Mom brushed back her shoulder length blond hair and gave me a concerned look,

“Is this about your father not being here, Eddie?”

I rolled my eyes, “No I’m use to that, Cassie. That doesn’t bother me anymore.”

Cassie walks around behind me and starts rubbing my shoulders. Her small hands feel so nice. “Then what’s got you in a tizzy, Baby?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Mom.”

She leaned against me and I feel her large breasts press against my back, “I’m your Mother, Eddie, so tell me. Don’t shut me out, please.”

Cassie and I really have a good relationship. Dad married her when I was ten years old. And since dad is AWOL most of the time, I found that through the eight years that she’s been in my life, I can talk to her about most anything. And vice versa. Heck she was the one who explained the birds and the bees to me, not dad. She didn’t just explain it too me she plops in a porn video and explains everything that is going on. Talk about thorough! Try not to get a boner when your mom is trying to talk to you about sex, over a woman gasping and moaning in the back ground.

I took a deep breath and looked at her, “Brenda broke up with me this morning, Cassie.”

Cassie’s blue eyes went wide and her mouth dropped, “OH Eddie! She broke up with you on your birthday?”

I nodded, “I guess what hurts the most is she broke up with me over the phone and not in person.”

“That little bitch! I’m sorry but she is!” Cassie snapped.

I shrugged, “It is what it is, Mom.”

“Did she say why she broke up with you, Baby?”

I looked away, “She was scared to let me…” I stopped because I really didn’t want to say it.

“Tell me, Eddie?” Cassie pressed. And I knew she wasn’t going to stop asking until I told her.

“Last week, Brenda told me she would let me perform anal on her. But I guess she got cold feet and…”

Cassie started giggling and walks around to face me shaking her head.

I looked at her red faced, one because I was pissed that she was laughing and secondly I was just a bit embarrassed over it.

She raised her hand, “Oh Eddie I’m not laughing at you darling. It’s perfectly natural for you to want to explore your sexual desire in any way you see fit. It’s just I had a similar experience when I was around Brenda’s age.”

“Oh yeah?” I smiled, feeling relieved that she wasn’t laughing at me.

“Yes! I may be a fifty year old woman, but I was young once!” she chortled. “But anyways my situation was opposite yalova escort to what’s going on with you and Brenda. See I wanted to experience anal penetration.”

My mouth dropped, “You did?”

“Yes I did.” she giggled and squeezed my hand, “One night I hear my Mother and Stepfather going at it. And Earl had Mom screaming in such pleasure. Well I got very curious and I walk down the hall to find their bedroom door partially open. And I secretly peek in and I see him doing Mom in her bottom! And I know he has it in her butt because I can see him ramming his penis inside her anus.”

“So you were turned on by it?” I asked feeling my dick start to get hard.

Cassie blushed, “I was a young girl what do you think?”

I smiled.

“I approached my then, boyfriend, who’s name was Peter…”

I busted out laughing which interrupted her and she looks at me, “What?”

“His name was, Peter? Do you get it?”

“Oh Eddie?” she rolled her blue eyes, “Do you want to hear the story or not, young man?”

“Hell yeah!” I exclaimed. I was really excited because Cassie has never told me a sex story before!

She giggled and looked down at the front of my gym shorts at the indention my penis was making and lets just say I wasn’t wearing underwear, “Goodness Baby, I don’t know if I should tell you this or not?”

“Please, Cassie!” I begged.

“Okay, but can we still have the party?” she asked making a pleading gesture with her hands.

“YES! Now tell the story!”

“Well, since you insist.” she chortled and winked, “As I said, I approached Peter about it and he was all for it. So we drive out to the abandoned rock quarry where we normally make out and we start getting it on, and I get him hard and we try. He tries to put his cock in me, but it wouldn’t go in. So here he is trying to get it in and it just hurt the both of us too much so we abandoned the position.”

“So you just gave up?”

She smiled and shook her head “Oh no. Back then when I got something in head come heck or high water I did it.”

“So I guess, Peter had a friend?” I smile and wink.

“No Baby at this point I decided I really needed someone with experience to do the deed. You know an older guy.” she giggled, “So I tempted Earl into doing me. It really didn’t take a lot of coaxing since he was attracted to me anyways.”

My mouth dropped, “Are you fucking serious? You did your Stepfather?”

“Ah get off your high horse Eddie I didn’t let him use my…” she stopped and looked away.

“You didn’t let him put it in your pussy is what you were about to say, right?” I smiled.

She blushed and nodded, “That’s not a very nice word to use for a woman’s vagina, Eddie. In fact this whole conversation we’re having…”

“Ah get off your high horse too, Mom. So you didn’t have any guilt or remorse over letting your Stepdad fuck you in the ass?”

“No I had fun is what I had. I never thought it would feel so good. I had two orgasms while he was inside me, Baby. It was awesome!”

“Did he perform anal on you just once?” I asked, my dick felt like it was about to rip through my shorts at this point!

Cassie was about to answer me when the doorbell suddenly rang. A look of relief swept over her pretty face as if she’d dodged a bullet or something, “Gotta get that, Eddie. It’s probably the caterers.”

Damn it! I wanted to continue the conversation, but there just yalova escort bayan wasn’t anymore time before the party. I watched her busy herself by the pool instructing the caterers where to put this and that and occasionally she would look in my direction and smile and wave. I couldn’t get the story out of my head, how she allowed her Stepdad to fuck her and she didn’t even consider it cheating. And I think it was at that moment that I decided I was gonna fuck Cassie in her mommy ass.

My birthday party went off without a hitch. Mom kept me by her side making sure my mind wasn’t preoccupied with Brenda and our break up. In truth my mind was on the little red euro bikini Cassie was wearing. To say my Mom has a gorgeous body would be an understatement. She was petite at five foot, but what she lacked in height she more than made up for with her large tits and plump ass and lets just say that tiny bikini barely held her assets in place. Another thing too is Cassie love to drink her wine. And every time her glass started to get empty, I made sure to refill it up like the good horny little son I am. I even accompanied her to the bathroom and listen to her piss from outside the door. Damn she could let out a spray.

As we walked around I put an arm around her waist and let her lean against me.

“Are you enjoying your party, Baby?” she asked finishing her glass of wine. I quickly filled it again. “Thank you, Eddie, but I think I need to slow down.” she giggled.

I laughed, “Drink up, Mom. I only turn eighteen once.”

She squeezed my cheek, “I know don’t remind me, Eddie. Soon you’ll be off to college and leaving me all by myself in this big old house.” she frowned. “Let’s sit down, Sweetie, I’m feeling a bit woozy.”

“Do you want to go lay down, Mom? I can see the guests off.” I suggested.

She looked at me, her eyes so glazed and red, “That might me a good idea, Baby.” she said patting my chest.

I smiled to myself and I led Cassie inside the house. Her knees buckled and she nearly went down. So I quickly picked her up and cradled her in my arms.

“Thank you,Eddie.” she leaned her head against my shoulder. “I’m so sorry I drank to much at your party.”

“It’s okay, Mom.”, I smiled and carried her down the hall to my bedroom. She was so out of it that she didn’t even question the fact that I laying her down on my bed. In fact she turned over on her belly and closed her eyes and rested her head on her arms.

“Don’t go to sleep, Mom.” I smiled.

“I want.” she said without opening her eyes.

I walked out closing the door behind me as I did. And believe you me I put on my best face as I mustered the guests to the front door. I couldn’t get them to leave fast enough.

When all the guests had left I closed the door and pulled my swim trunks off and kicked them to the side. Then I walked back down the hall to my bedroom, my boner leading the way. I opened the bedroom door to find Cassie still lying on her stomach and she was snoring slightly. She looked sexy as fuck.

I opened my bedside table and took out the Silk lube. The lube was designed for anal play and that’s exactly what I was gonna do. I untied the bottoms of her bikini and pulled them away to expose her plump ass. Then I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her buttocks apart to get a look at her anus. Cassie’s little asshole was so pink and puckered and looked so inviting.

Suddenly escort yalova Cassie raised up on her elbows and looked over her shoulder at me, “What are you doing Eddie?” she asked sleepily.

I pushed her back down flat, “Relax, Mom.”

“Your gonna try and fuck me in the ass? No, Eddie!” she said and tried to raise up again but I laid down across her back. She was too wasted to fight much at all. I pushed my arm under her neck and pulled her head up, “Now you listen to me. I’m gonna have your little asshole as my gift tonight, do you understand?” I said into her ear.

She nodded.

“And your not gonna tell dad are you?” I asked and pushed the tip of my tongue against her ear.

She shook her head.

“Your gonna enjoy the feeling of my big dick in your ass aren’t you, Mom?”


“Be quiet!”, I pressed my hard cock between the cheeks of her ass and she shut up and pushed her ass against it.

“Your such a good Mommy.” I raised up and slapped her hard across her ass. Cassie yelped. “Do you know what? I just bet you chickened out in the end when old Earl was about to put his dick in your ass. Didn’t you?” I squirted some silk on my middle and index fingers and I rubbed it in her crack. “Come on Mom, you can admit it. You were scared weren’t you?”

Her head started bobbing up and down.

“But he put it in you anyways didn’t he?”


I began rubbing the tips of my fingers hard against her little bung and she pushed her hips back. “But you enjoyed it once he got his cock in you.” I suddenly shove both my fingers deep into her ass and began plunging and churning them.

“Oh, Eddie!” she gasped and bent her knees in and churned her hips. Yeah Mom was wanting it bad. I twisted my fingers roughly inside her delicate little bung and I feel her rim muscles tighten around them.

I couldn’t wait any longer so climbed in behind Cassie and positioned the head of my dick against her asshole. Then I held my cock against it and gently pushed my hips forward. She gasped as the head of my cock disappeared inside of of her. And damn was it tight!” One more hard thrust and I sank to the hilt inside her.

“Oh my Gawd!” she gasped, tearing at the sheets of my bed.

I grip Cassie’s hips and I begin sawing my cock in and out of her tight little ass pussy with hard deliberate thrusts. She cries out in pain or pleasure and at the moment I didn’t care. I was lost in the feeling of it all. I fucked her selfishly caring only about my own pleasure not hers.

“Yessss…Ooooo, Eddie!” she whimpered. I guess she was enjoying it. Still didn’t care. I was taking my birthday gift.

“Hows my dick feel in you, Mom?!” I said between clenched teeth.

“It feels so good! Oh God it feels GOOD!” she screamed.

I began driving my dick faster and faster, sawing her ass like a boss and before I knew it I was at the precipice of an orgasm. (Way to early) But onward I drove myself until I went over that edge. I gasped and jammed my meat to the hilt inside her ass and fired my essence deep within her bowels. When I was done I dropped breathlessly across her back and our bodies sank flat to the mattress.

“Oh fuck, Mom, that was incredible!” I said still trying to catch my breath.

“Happy Birthday, Eddie.” she said and closed her eyes and fell asleep.

I fucked, Cassie, in her ass four more times before I went college that year. And as long as I live I will never forget her birthday gift to me that night. And I think about Cassie quite often…even when I’m drilling my dear wife Brenda in her ass. Yeah turns out Brenda enjoys it too. 😉

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