My Wife My Goddess

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Sunshine and I had been married I was always a little bit leery about telling her of my different fetishes. Even after three years, I wasn’t real sure how to say I wanted to be totally and utterly dominated by her. To have worship every inch of her body, to put her pleasure before mine. Fortunately, I had a nudge in the right direction.

Like any other red blooded male, I sought out my fantasies on the internet. I’d watch videos, look at pictures, but most importantly, I’d read stories. I like the imagination you can put behind a story, the way I could put Sunshine’s face to everything I was reading. Somewhere along the line though I suppose I subconsciously wanted to get caught. Why else would I have gotten up to run to the store and left my screen minimized with a very incriminating story.

Once I came home from the store Sunshine sat at the computer with some stories pulled up reading intently. I was embarrassed, but also excited at the same time because she hadn’t closed out the window. After a few moments of being oblivious to me, she finally started to ask questions to which I’d answer as helpful as I could.

“If we are going to do this, I need to know one thing right now,” Sunshine told me in a stern voice as the hard on in my pants began to grow.

“What’s that honey?”

“Just how far are you willing to go?”

I thought about my answer for a moment with a mixture of emotions. “I’ll take it as far as you want to go.”

She smirked. “Good, good. Here’s the deal then. I’m in charge first of all, you have no say in what we and don’t do. The only say you have is what limits you won’t push. If I’ve gone too far just say, hmm, let me see, limit sounds like a good word. It’s right to the point. If you’re unable to speak, tap out. If you don’t say limit, or you don’t tap out, I’ll keep going. The word stop means nothing to me, you understand?”

“Yes, Sunshine.”

“Come on, worm, you can do better than that. Call me Goddess, because that’s not what I am to you, understand?”

“Yes Goddess.”

She nodded her head in agreement. “Now I’m going to go change. When I come back I expect you to be naked and kneeling on the floor waiting on me.”

I nodded my head. “Yes Goddess.”

With that Goddess left. I wasted no time, as soon as she was gone I started to strip my clothes away and toss them aside before kneeling down waiting in anticipation. After several minutes Goddess returned wearing a pair of red lace thongs and a matching bra. She had in one hand two belts, and the other hand what looked to be some rolled up underwear of hers. I gazed up at her in awe at her beauty. She, in turn, frowned ulus escort back at me and snapped her fingers pointing to floor.

“Worm, you’re not to look at anything other than my feet unless you I give you permission otherwise,” she scolded, “and if you can’t obey my orders, you will be punished. Now crawl over to the sofa and lie down on your back.”

I obediently crawled over to the sofa and took my place lying on the floor, face up. Goddess stood over me, looking down her nose at me as she showed her power over me and relished in it. She glanced down at my now rigid cock. “My poor little slave is hard is he? You must really enjoy being my little submissive pussy boy do you?’

“Yes Goddess, I do.”

“Good, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now let’s see, where do we start at? You’ve always loved my feet, haven’t you?”

With that she bent down to me, first taking one of the belts in her hand and wrapping it around my neck snugly, using it as a leash. Then she took the pair of wadded up panties in the other hand and shoved them in my mouth, using it as a gag.

“There’ that should do,” she said as she looked down at me satisfied. “Now if you spit that gag out, I’ll beat your ass like there’s no tomorrow.”

Goddess sat down on the sofa and placed both her feet on her face, her arches resting across my face. Then she leaned over, slapping me on the forehead. “If I feel your tongue anywhere near my feet or if your hands leave that ground, you’re ass is mine. That’s what the gag is for. And I better feel you inhaling deep through your nose.”

With that she began to rub her feet all over my face, enjoying every moment of teasing me with it. To make matters worse, every now and again she’d slide one her feet down to my stiff cock and toy with it, but stopping at the height of arousal. This went on for what seemed like an eternity when I started to hear some slight moans. That’s when I caught Goddess slide her fingers across the lips of pussy as she toyed with her clit. The more excited she got, the more she would rub her feet all over my face. It was pure torture as I sat there, watching my wife pleasure herself with her feet resting on my face, but I didn’t dare spit out the gag, I just watched intently and continued to inhale deeply smelling her feet that were teasing my face. After several minutes Goddess has brought herself to an earth shattering orgasm. Even then she didn’t remove her feet from face, rather rested them there firmly as she smoked her cigarette.

Shortly after Goddess stubbed out her cigarette she bent down removing the gag from my mouth. “So how did my feet smell, slave?”

“They yenimahalle escort stink Goddess.”

“Stink!” She was outraged. “Your Goddess’s feet stunk? How dare you! Nothing of your Goddess’s ever stinks. Get your ass up here, hand me that other belt, and bend over my knee. You’re getting 20 swats for such disrespect!”

“I’m sorry Goddess, I really am, I didn’t know how to answer.”

She interrupted, obviously irritated. “Did I ask you to make excuses or apologize? That’ll be 10 more swats. Now get your ass up here.”

Without saying a word I handed Goddess the belt and bent over her knee leaving my naked ass exposed. “Count them off, and you better do it right and respectful.” Then she took the belt and slapped it hard across my bare ass.

“One, Goddess, thank you.”

“Good, way to use the right head for a change.” Then she slapped my ass again.

“Two Goddess, thank you.”

“Three Goddess, thank you.”

“Four Goddess, thank you.”

“Five Goddess”

She stopped mid swing. “No thank you? Start all over.”

And so it started again, and for 30 swats with the belt I counted them off, thanking my Goddess with each every swat. After she was done she pushed me off her lap into the floor and ordered me on all fours. Goddess then kicked her feet out, resting them across my back and she reclined back on the sofa, saying that she was giving my ass, which was now on fire, a little time to “cool off.”

Her cool off time didn’t last long, however. She pushed her feet down into my face and grabbed a handful of my hair and slapped my face against her feet and she ordered me to start worshipping her feet. I started to frantically but passionately kiss and lick, but Goddess quickly slapped me. “You idiot! Can you do this right or do I need to punish you again? Slow, I want at least few minutes spent on each sole, and then an inch a minute on my soles. You miss one toe, move on too quickly, rush through my soles and arches, I’ll make that last punishment look like child’s play.”

So I started, toe by toe, taking her little toe first, sucking on it, tonguing the top, the bottom, between, every little piece I could, then I moved on to the next toe, and the next, and the next, trying to pay equal attention to each toe. Each time I’d start going to fast or start to move on too quick Goddess would kick me, give me a hard slap, or tug hard on my make-shift leash. Once I was done with all her toes I started on the bottom of my foot, slowly licking each and every inch of her soles, taking it at the inch of minute she demanded and was I ever in heaven.

Once done eryaman escort with her feet Goddess ordered me to lay down on the sofa. Once I was down on the sofa she started to tease me, rubbing her ass in my face, lowering it within inches, leaving it there, then lifting it up and she would just laugh at my reaction and tell me how truly sad I was. Finally she gave me a slap across the face. “Now that’s just for what you’re thinking. Now answer me this and think about how you answer this before you do. Do I need to gag you again, or can you follow orders.”

“I can follow orders, Goddess.”

“Good.” Goddess then lowered her ass on to my face, my nose right between the cheeks of her ass. “No tongue and I better feel you inhale. Smells good, don’t it?” Goddess then reached down and started to play with my quivering erection. “You better not cum or you’ll be punished. As a matter of fact, if you think you’re close to coming, tap the cushion.”

Goddess shifted her weight around, making sure I was smelling her ass as she set on my face playing with my cock, shifting her weight to make sure she rubbed her cheeks all over my face. Several times over the course of what seemed like twenty minutes I was forced to tap the cushion with my hand. Goddess would then stop stroking my cock and leave it alone and let it die down. Every now and again she would lean down and give it a lick or a wrap her lips around it, but never too long to assure her ass remained in my face. Finally she looked down and me just laughed.

“Eat my ass and eat my ass good. If you don’t do it right, it’s the belt for you. And, let me see, if you even want to consider getting rid of those blue balls, I think for my time and work here, I best damn cum three times before I raise my ass off of your face. You got it!”

All I could do was mumble into her ass, but Goddess understood. She grabbed my hair and forced my face deeper into her ass as I started to lick her asshole for all I was worth, working my tongue all over her asshole. It wasn’t long and she was bucking around with her first orgasm. I didn’t slow up, I wouldn’t dare slow up until Goddess raised herself off my face. She started to jerk on my cock here and there, but as she was lost in her own pleasures she would get distracted. There were a few times I got close though and had to tap the cushions. When I’d slow up, she slap me hard across the chest with the belt she still had at her side to let me know that I was slacking, or she’d grab my hair and force me deeper into her ass as she told me the consequences if I didn’t do a good job. Finally after three orgasm Goddess climbed off of me and collapsed on the bed. After a few moments of collecting herself she rolled over to me, gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, Sunshine.”

Then, after a couple hours of the most erotic foreplay I’d ever have, I made love to my wife well into the night.

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