Nancy Ch. 13

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Finally, Del fell upon her, both of them breathing heavily. “Now what?” he asked her.

Nancy took stock of the moment: she was in her marital bed, with her teen renter between her legs, his large but softening cock still within her, and his sperm soaking into her depths. Her husband would be away for another week, and she was feeling very sexually satisfied, unlike with her husband.

“Now…” she told the young man, “we wait until you can get it back up.”

He lifted his eyes to hers, surprised. After the hot moments they’d had a couple weeks ago, followed by her cold reactions, he had expected her to regret what they’d done and break it off again. His cock twitched inside her.

“Ooh, I felt that,” she giggled. “You gonna be able to…oh shit!” She looked at the clock. “You need to go to school! You’re already late.”

He sighed. “It’s college…I’ll just tell the professors I’m sick and they’ll email me today’s work. Oh, professor, I just can’t get out of bed…it’s sooo warm and snuggly…” He nestled his face into Nancy’s neck, nibbling and kissing.

She giggled again. “Soo…can you get it up again, right now?”

He pulled out gently and rolled to the side. “I’ll need a few minutes, and breakfast.”

She considered her ankle. “Umm…”

“I’ll handle it.” He bounded from the bed, giving her naked form a lascivious grin as he went.

As Nancy lay there, her body humming with satisfaction, her fingers lazily sauntered downward to play with her splayed pussy lips as they recovered from the repeated incursion of Del’s large member. A little of his cum leaked out, and she dabbed some up with her fingers to consider it. She was pretty sure that it was a safe day, but her cycle varied. She figured that they should probably use a condom next time.

Then as she started to rub her clit, she reconsidered. Getting more sperm inside her today wouldn’t be any more dangerous, as the ones from that first load would probably live for a couple days in her warm, receptive body. “Mmm…” she moaned, thinking about Del’s swimmers as they made their way deeper inside artemisbet yeni giriş her, searching for an egg.

Tomorrow, she decided as she felt another orgasm rise. Tomorrow they’d start using condoms…


Nancy came awake, one hand still between her legs. She had dozed off after her orgasm.

Del walked in, a tray in hand with two plates, and mugs of steaming coffee. Nancy felt her heart skip a beat at this, and also upon noticing that he was still shirtless, though he had put on some jeans. She could smell bacon and eggs along with the coffee. “Oh, Del…”

They ate and then she snuggled into his shoulder. This is so nice, she thought, like when she had first started sleeping over at Michael’s when they were dating… She frowned. No, she wasn’t going to think about her husband right now, she resolved; he was a week away, in another city, and had been emotionally distant for weeks before, since that visit to the doctor. ‘No point to keep trying,’ he had said, choosing to sulk instead of increase his sex drive to offset his low sperm count.

With her head nestled under Del’s arm, she was close to his bare chest. She moved her face down and licked at his nipple.

He hissed. “Sensitive…”

She lightly bit it.

“Ahh! Nancy!” He sat up, causing her to fall back.

“Just trying to get a rise out of you. Seems like it worked,” she remarked as she rubbed at the crotch of his jeans.

Del looked down at Nancy’s curvy naked form with undisguised lust and unfastened his pants. He was prepared to go down on her, but she was already wet from his previous load and her own juices as her body prepared itself for another insemination. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to ride him, or take him doggy style with her ankle in its current condition, so she lay back again. However, instead of just moving into the standard missionary position, he lay sideways, entwined her legs with his, and pushed his hard member into her at a 90 degree angle.

“Oh, that’s different…” she moaned. She almost asked him where he had learned artemisbet giriş how to do that, but the answer would have been Trista, of course, the bitch that had taken his virginity, another person that she didn’t want to think about right then.

Del grabbed her thigh and used it to lever himself deeper inside her, making her moan again with pleasure. With this position, she reached down and realized that she could easily play with her clit as he pumped into her. She liked it, and was even able to kiss him as he leaned forward/sideways to bring his lips to hers. Soon, the combination of his thickness thrusting deep inside her again and again, combined with her clitoral play, brought her to orgasm once more, and she arched her back. This caused Del’s cock to slide along her G-spot, extending her orgasm and making her body tighten up and shake. “Ohfuuuckk! O-hhh!”

As she came down from her hard cum, Del stopped thrusting.

“You didn’t cum?” she asked him.

“Just need a rest. Lots of muscles used for that position.” He pulled out and lay back.

“Well, why don’t I take over?” She got to her knees and took his wet cock into her mouth.

“Ohh wow…” he moaned. Nancy couldn’t take him all the way down her throat like Trista could, and she didn’t seem as experienced, but he preferred Nancy because…it was Nancy. She had such a look of wonderment on her face as she worshipped his hard member, licking and stroking as she took a little over half of it into her mouth. He stared at her adoringly.

She stopped. “You’re staring at me,” she stated, her face reddening.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, and pounced upon her, pushing her back lightly and bringing his very stiff cock to her sopping pussy once more. As she looked down at his penis, he pressed the head inside her.

“Ohh, Del…” She nibbled her lower lip as he continued pushing very slowly into her. “Mm-mm!”

He pulled back so only the head was still in her, and then pressed in slowly again.

She was panting now. “More…give me more…”

He did, excruciatingly slowly.

“A-hh…hehh…auhh…Delll…please…” artemisbet güvenilirmi Her whole body was shaking with need.

Finally, he pushed all the way inside her and clamped his mouth to hers as she came, feeling the tip of his cock pressing insistently at the mouth of her womb.

“M-mm! Mhhmm!” she moaned as their tongues danced.

Then Del pulled back and pushed in again. He could feel Nancy’s vagina, still cumming around his cock, urging it to give her more of his seed. He began thrusting faster, her vibrating pussy helping him to move swiftly toward his second orgasm of the day.

All the sex with Trista, with her pregnancy kink, had had an effect on Del’s brain. He almost whispered into Nancy’s ear that he wanted to fill her body with his sperm and give her a baby. He held back, but heard it in his head. His hands moved to Nancy’s large breasts, which he felt would look amazing as they grew even more and filled with milk for their child…then his hands moved down to her rounded hips, perfectly made for birthing babies. He wanted to fill her ripe body up with his sperm, to merge their genes together to form new life. He wished it wasn’t a safe day. He thrust harder, deeper, wanting to make sure that he shot his cum as far inside the libidinous woman as he could.

“Ngh! Ngh! Uhhh! Delll…ohhh…!” Her orgasm had ended, but as she felt him moving to his own, she already felt another rising from deep within her. He was going to fill her with another load of creamy teenage sperm! She wrapped her legs around him. She could feel his cock expanding…

“Uhh! Fuu…uahhh!” He cried out as Nancy gasped, and he felt another of her orgasms rippling through her pussy, urging his cock to fill her with its load. “Ahh! Shiiit! Nancyyy!” His orgasm rushed up his shaft and pressure-washed her cervix.

“Huuhh…” she moaned as she shook, feeling the hot, wet pressure deep inside her. The entrance to her womb spasmed open in orgasm and her body pulled whorls of Del’s sperm-filled semen into her most private of places, which previously had only been reserved for her husband. “H-ohh…”

Del collapsed upon her. While Nancy was still jealous of Trista for taking Del’s virginity, she had to mentally thank the woman for training him in the art of love. She’d never cum that hard before.

To be continued…

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