New Year, New Experience

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It all began one New Year’s Eve. I was home from University and Alice, a friend of my father’s asked me to baby-sit for her while she worked. I had not made plans because I was, not unusually, broke and most of my university friends lived at the other end of the country. Her daughter was still in school and although she was sensible, Alice said she would feel better with me in the flat with her.

The evening was almost as dull as being sat at home, Jenny, Alice’s daughter, was no great conversationalist and spent most of the night in her own room playing on her games console. I had taken some work with me, that had to be completed by the beginning of term, so neither of us disturbed the other. At midnight, Jenny and I toasted in the New Year and she kissed my cheek and went to bed.

The flat was even quieter once Jenny was in bed and I ploughed through the work I had brought with me. As I stood up and went into the kitchen to brew a pot of tea, I glanced at the clock, noting that it was already two a.m. I heard the scratch of a key in the front door and, remembering that Alice had told me the door was sticking because of the damp weather, went to open it for her.

I stepped back and Alice stepped inside and closed the door behind her. I she was carrying an unopened bottle of champagne from the hotel where she had been working and she was giggling. The hallway was decked out with tinsel and softly lit, so I did not realise what she meant when she giggled again and pointed upwards. I frowned, which just made her giggle again, and looked up. As my eyes adjusted, I could make out a sprig of mistletoe, fastened to the edge of the lampshade. Alice stepped closer and turned her face upwards, pouting. I leaned forward and brushed my lips across hers. I still cannot say exactly what happened, I certainly had not been drinking, but a sudden charge ripped through me. Alice moved back and shrugged out of her coat, hanging it on one of the hooks behind the door. Still beneath the mistletoe I looked at her.

“Is that what you call a kiss?” I asked her.

Alice just stepped closer and pulled my head down to hers. I felt her lips against my mouth, firm but plumply yielding and then they parted and she began to thrust her tongue past my lips. I could feel her exploring my mouth and, without really thinking about it, I slid my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest and, as I squeezed her bottom, I could feel the suspenders, stretched over her rounded buttocks. She groaned into my mouth as I held her and then pulled back, leaving us both gasping.

Alice took my hand and led me into her lounge, sitting on the sofa and patting the cushions next to her. I sat, cebeci escort turning to face her because she still had hold of my hand. I leaned forward and kissed her, opening her lips with my tongue and slowly exploring the warmth of her mouth. I untangled my fingers from her hand and slowly rested them on her blouse, curling them around the curve of her breast. Alice arched her back, pressing the heavy globe of flesh against my hand, so that I could feel the hard point of her erect nipple. I gently squeezed her nipple, feeling the hardness and the roughness of her lacy bra cup. Alice made a little whimpering sound into my mouth and wriggled closer to me.

My fingers were not quite steady as I began to unbutton her blouse, pushing the white cotton to the side so that I could touch her and knead the soft skin. It seemed to take no time at all to undo her blouse and for her to wriggle out of the material, so that she had only a lacy bra to cover her taut, swollen breasts. I squeezed the pale heavy globes, leaving red fingermarks on her tender breasts.

Alice wriggled out of my embrace and stood up, taking my hand and pulling me to my feet. Still holding my fingertips, she led me through to her bedroom, and stood, half-naked, by the side of her double bed. She stepped closer and I bent my head to kiss her again, feeling her fingers unfastening my shirt and pulling it from the waistband of my pants. I let my hands slide down her bare back to the waist of her black skirt. My fingers fed the button easily through the buttonhole and then slowly drew the zip down, along the cleft of her ass. The loosened skirt fell in a heap to the floor and left her in her black bra, suspender belt, panties and stockings.

The panties were sensible cotton, not quite matching the bra and suspenders. I ran my hand over the curve of her belly sliding my fingertips along the edge of the cotton . Alice moaned and reached down to take my hand and guide it back to her breast. Leaving my fingertips on her hard nipple she reached down and unfastened my pants, pushing them downward until the fell in an untidy pile around my ankles. She cupped her hand over the bulge in my briefs, feeling the hardness of my swollen cock. I groaned and bit gently at the soft skin over the base of her throat.

Reaching behind her, I unfastened the back of her bra and then eased the straps down her arms, letting her breasts swing pendulously free. I cradled her heavy breast in my hand and lifted it to my mouth. The hard point of her nipple slipped easily between my lips and Alice shuddered as I sucked on her sweet flesh, then nipped at the hard point with my teeth. Her hand cupped my cock and balls, rubbing and squeezing gently. I felt her fingers çukurambar escort slide inside my briefs, pushing the material down so that my cock could spring free.

She took hold of the base of my cock and slowly drew her cool fingers along the length. Circling her thumb and finger around the tip she eased the hood of my foreskin back to expose the swollen, purple, knob. Her cool fingers on my cock were almost driving me crazy. My hands were squeezing and mashing her heavy, swollen breasts as I plucked at her dark nipples. I slid one hand down, over her belly and tried to ease my fingers under the elastic at her waist. Alice broke away from our kiss and shook her head.

“Andrew, no, I can’t.” she whispered in an agonised tone.

“What do you mean? ” I asked, quite annoyed, “You’ve got me hot an hard and now you’re saying no? Are you a prick tease, or what?”

“I can’t,” she whimpered, “I’m on my period.”


“I’m bleeding, it’ll make a mess.”

“Are you afraid of the mess?”

“No, but you’ll be disgusted.”

“Trust me, I won’t.”

As we argued, I had managed to hook my fingers in the waist of her panties and with a swift steady pull, I drew them down to her knees. The pad inside stuck for a moment to her shaven pussy and then slipped off to fall at her feet. My fingers were already sliding over the bare skin around her pussy lips and Alice was rocking her hips forward, pressing her pussy against my hand. I parted the lips of Alice’s sticky pussy and I slipped two fingers inside her, pushing slowly and deeply. I could feel the stickiness against my palm as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy. Alice was panting and gasping as I pinched the slippery nugget of her clit and worked my thumb and finger back and forth, slowly teasing the tiny shaft. I could see her nipples swelling and hardening as she became hotter and more excited.

I kicked my briefs off and moved closer to Alice, the tip of my cock rubbing against the smooth skin of her shaved pussy. Taking hold of the base of my shaft, I rubbed the head of my cock along the crack of her pussy, smearing her hot slippery blood over the swollen knob. I could feel the tender lips peeling apart as I pressed my cock into her pussy. Gently I pushed her back against the side of the bed, until her knees caught and she sat heavily on top of the bedclothes. Her mouth was barely an inch from the tip of my cock and her eyes widened as she reached out to take hold of the base.

She curled her fingers around the shaft and slowly stroked them along the length, feeling the velvety skin moving over the hardness beneath. The motion of her hand, loosely holding my cock, spread the blood from her demetevler escort pussy up and down the length of me, making my cock slick and slippery. Her thighs were parted and I looked down to see her pussy brightly smeared with fresh blood.

Reaching down I hooked my hands behind Alice’s knees and spread her legs wider, tipping her backwards onto the bed. She took hold of my cock again and guided the tip between the lips of her pussy, moaning quietly as I slowly pushed my cock deep inside her. I could feel the sticky slime of her blood around my cock as I thrust slowly into her pussy. I leaned over her, lowering my mouth to her hard nipple, taking it gently between my teeth and tugging on the swollen bud. My cock sank gradually deeper and deeper into her pussy and I could feel the hot wetness surrounding my cock.

I could feel the root of my cock pressed against her sticky pussy as the slimy mess oozed over the base of my cock and coated my balls. Alice shuddered, her breasts trembling as my cock tapped against the entrance to her womb. I pressed my mouth to hers, using my tongue to force her lips open as I thrust my tongue into her mouth matching the thrusting of my hips. My sock slid easily in and out of her bleeding pussy, making wet slurping sounds with every stroke.

Reaching between us with my fingers, I slowly worked them along her pussy lips, feeling them getting wetter and wetter, as I played with her hard clit. Sliding my hand from between us, I stroked my bloodied fingertip over her lips and watched as Alice touched the tip of her tongue to the fresh blood. Leaning over her, I kissed her roughly, tasting her blood on her lips as I thrust my tongue inside. Alice groaned into my mouth, as she felt my cock sliding in and out of her.

I looked down at my thick cock, as I drove it deep into her pussy. Streaks of her bright scarlet blood were smeared along the length of my shaft and on the milky white skin of her thighs. I could even see the staining on her white sheets where a little blood dripped onto them as it was forced out of her pussy by the thrusts of my cock. The sight and smell of her dripping pussy was too much for me to be able to hold back any longer and, with a deep, bestial grunt, I rammed my cock as hard and deep as I could.

Pinning Alice to the bed, my cock began to jerk and twitch in her pussy. Spraying thick ropes of cum into her bloodied pussy. I leaned forward, pressing her back onto the bed and suckled on her swollen, tender nipple. Releasing the sweet bud I covered her with my body, my mouth close to her ear.

“Darling Alice, can you feel me spurting deep inside your cunt?” I demanded

“Oh god yes, I feel like a dirty slut with you fucking my bleeding cunt.”

“Good, because you’re my slut now and I will fuck you whenever I want.”

Slowly I pulled my cock, slippery and stained with cum and blood, out of her stretched pussy. I padded to the bathroom to clean up before we went to bed, planning the continuation of our first session..

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