Night Falls Again

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This was co-written with Liviu.

Darkness, loneliness and above all, that emptiness there, between her legs. Underneath the bed laid her toys – all over used by now. Which one is it going to be tonight? The rabbit? Mmmm, that gives such a nice feeling on her clit. Or the eggs?

Miranda remembered the night when she fell asleep with them inside and woke up about 3 in the morning screaming with pleasure, as by mistake during the night she turned the remote on when turning on her side. “Shall I try that again?” She wondered.

Oh, how she wished her lover would return, but he was away on business for six months. She had plenty of offers from others but wanted to remain loyal to him. So she got the eggs out of their bag and inserted them in her pussy, one at a time very slowly so as to tease herself. Oh, they felt so good.

The thought of him being there, watching her, was very arousing, and there was a smile on her face as she fell asleep.

She was awakened by the phone ringing… it was him… I’m inside you baby! She heard his accelerated breath. He would call her nearly every night from his hotel room and tell her how he was making love to her in his mind while touching his shaft and making himself cum.

Every time he had to leave she would give him a pair of worn knickers out of her drawer so he could bury his face in them at night while asyabahis yeni giriş they had phone sex – that made him cum in seconds nearly every time! It was the smell of her dripping wet pussy, the fact that a few days ago her pussy was wrapped inside them….

She felt the eggs wriggle when she reached over to answer the phone next to her bed. “I miss you so much”, she said. “I can feel you inside me!” She told him about the eggs inside her and she could hear his sharp in-take of breath.

Miranda knew he would be imagining her lying there getting aroused. He would know that she was naked under the red covers of her bed, as she hated to be restricted by clothes when asleep. Her long legs were usually wrapped around him.

The soft glow from the lamp illuminated her face and she smiled as she whispered softly, “I want you. I want you to play with these eggs inside me. Feel my juices flow for you”.

She moved her left hand down to her pussy, ready to insert her fingers inside. “Have you got my knickers there?” she asked.

“Yes, they are here wrapped around my balls,” he replied.

“Do you remember the last time we used the eggs together?” she asked.

“Oh boy, I sure do,” he answered. “I remember rubbing them on your pussy, teasing your clit, rolling them around your lips. You got so wet with arousal.”

“Mmmm,” asyabahis güvenilirmi she whispered. “I remember that well. You then turned me around and entered my pussy from behind. Using my vibrator on my clit you allowed my climax to build before thrusting your fingers in my mouth. I sucked them hard as I came. I screamed it was so intense.”

“Yes, I could feel your muscles contracting as you came and this made me cum at the same time,” he gasped as he remembered. It had been awesome.

“We lay there afterwards until you shrank inside me. We wanted to savour the moment.” She could feel her juices increasing as she remembered the feeling.

“Baby, do something for me please,” he asked.

“Yes, my love, what?” She replied.

“Remove the eggs slowly and then pleasure yourself with your fingers. Cum for me baby. Think of me there watching you.”

Miranda slowly took the eggs out and they rolled onto the bed bringing with them her juices, moistening her outer lips ready for her fingers.

Gently rubbing on the hood that folded over her clit, she could feel the pleasurable sensations beginning.

Using her fore and middle fingers she slowly rubbed them round and round. Pressing hard and teasing but never quite touching her clit. Increasing the sensation within and making her yearn for fingers or a cock inside her.

She asya bahis giriş knew he loved to watch as she teased herself in this way.

“Now insert a finger in your pussy,” he instructed. “Then a second finger. Push them in deep for me.”

A moan escaped from her lips as she probed with the fingers on her left hand. Bringing them up and to the front she stimulated herself internally and externally.

Moving her outer fingers down and under her hood, she found her clit. Her movements gained in intensity as she could feel her climax building.

Pressing harder in both directions, she wriggled and raised her hips as waves upon waves wracked through her body. She screamed down the phone and moaned as she shuddered and lay limp on the bed.

“I wish I had been there to see that!” he gasped. “My hand is now rapidly stroking my shaft. If I were there it would be in your mouth. Your lips sucking me hard. Your tongue bringing me close to climax.”

“Cum for me please darling,” she whispered. “I want you to imagine my mouth on your cock. My fingers are still in my sex. Feel how moist I am for you. Thrust deep in my mouth.”

She heard him groan and call out her name as he came. “Mmmm, that sounded so good,” she said. “I love it when you call my name out loud.”

“It was, cum is all over me, and your panties are soaked now,” he replied.

“Goodnight my love. Sweet dreams, hurry home to me,” she murmured. Softly.

She heard the click of the phone as he said goodnight.

Rolling over and hugging the duvet close, she smiled and curled up ready for sleep.

There would be no need for the eggs tonight.

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