Night Run Pt. 03

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The weather had been less than perfect for the last two weeks, with spotty rain during the day, and light rain usually all night, which greatly curtailed our beach runs. Finally we started having bright sunny days again, and were anxious to run the kinks out and revisit our new friends Maria and Manuel (not to mention ‘connecting’ with them). To say that we enjoyed our time with them, would be a gross understatement. I knew Jasmine was sweet on Manuel, a very well-built handsome guy. And thoughts of Maria and her spectacular nipples were often on my mind.

It was early-morning Saturday, and a beautiful sunny day. Rita’s mom had picked up Zoey the night before for a sleepover weekend. Jasmine and I finished our coffee and jumped back in the sack, napping until almost noon. Then she woke me as she always did, by gently yanking on my junk.

She said, “Hon, it looks pretty nice out today. Are you up for a nice long beach trek? I can pack a couple sandwiches for lunch, and we have some of those raisin cookies you like. We could take a few beers if we each take a knapsack, then they won’t be too heavy. We can take a good long run north on the strand, then double back south and maybe meet Maria and Manuel around sunset. The beach to the north is topless but not nude, so we’ll have to wear our shorts there. We’ll be okay to get naked when we double back to the south.”

“I’m ready to go when you are,” I said.

“Anxious to run?” she said.

“A little, but really I’m more anxious to see your beautiful breasts jiggling and flopping!” I smiled. “By the way, tell me, why do you rub cum on your breasts, and how does it feel?”

“Mmm, sometimes there is a very slight stinging or tingling sensation at first, but then comes an overall soothing feeling of coolness, especially when the nipples are hard and hot, If you would like, the next time we tango I’ll rub some cum on your nipples so you can taste and feel for yourself,” she giggled.

“Hmm, I think I’ll pass on that. Stinging sensation, you say?”

“Yeah, probably because the guy ate hot peppers the night before,” she giggled.

“Heh, no more questions. Are you almost ready to go?”

“Three more things to pack,” she said, as she put two dildos and a large tube of love gel in her knapsack. Grabbing our sun hats, “Now I’m ready,” she smiled.

We finally left the house. The sun hats were really needed, as Old Sol was out in full force in a cloudless sky. But the sun felt good after all those dark rainy days.

As soon as we reached the beach, we stopped while Jasmine took off her T-shirt and sandals. She looked delicious, clad only in her pink bikini shorts and pink sun hat. She brought to mind vanilla ice cream, with a strawberry dip. Her wonderful breasts burst out of her T-shirt and looked extra perky today, and the color of her nipples was very intense, like that of ripe dark cherries. The desire for her was always deep inside me, but seeing her like this, I had an almost overwhelming urge to pull her down to the soft grass, and brutally jam into her…but I said gently, “I know this section of beach is not open, but could we find someplace hidden, shaded, where we could–“

She patted my junk, pushed me to my knees, then put my face between her heavenly breasts, “Okay, just up ahead I see a clump of small palms and shrubs. We can go there and fuck, or whatever you want. Nobody is near, that I can see.”

“I wonder what would happen if we were seen screwing.” I said. “Would we be reported?”

“Haha, whoever sees us would undoubtedly do the same as you or I would: they’d come closer to get a good look at your sweet cock slipping in and out of my lovely cunt, or ass, or mouth. If a couple, they would probably just drop on the spot and start fucking, and if a lone person, he or she would just jack off to a wonderful visual! Everybody likes to watch porn. I don’t think anybody would report us.”

“And you wouldn’t care if we were seen in the act?”

“No, not really, I would rather enjoy it.” she smiled.

We reached the shaded spot and threw down one beach towel. I fashioned a pillow from the other towel. Jasmine took off her shorts and lay on her back and I placed the pillow under her ass. She took the tube of gel from her knapsack and squirted a generous blob into her rectum and on her star. Her pussy was hot and already wet with her own love nectar.

Resisting the urge to fall on her like a horse and slam my cock into her, I lay next to her and held her close. I kissed her eyes, lips, then her cheeks, neck, shoulders, breasts, kissed my way down to her trembling warm soft belly, then down to her soft silky patch and sweet nether lips. My tongue found her clitoris, which was quickly becoming erect, and she gasped as I gently licked and swirled it, “Aaah! Aaaah! Aaaaah!” She raised her hips, grinding her vulva into my face, as I licked and slurped incessantly. Moving down a little, I licked the pee hole a few times to get her reaction, and she definitely liked it! “Ooooeee! That’s gonna make me cum! Please, hon, your bahis şirketleri cock in the pussy, now!”

I got between her legs on folded knees and held her ankles, raising and spreading her legs wide. My cock was so hard and red, it felt and looked like it was ready to burst! I tried to push in hands-free, but couldn’t hit the mark. She reached down and grasped my shaft, played with the cockhead until a spurt of cum came out, lubed the cockhead with it, then pushed it into the blessed warmth of her vaginal pudding, and I almost passed out from the pleasure! Now I held her legs under the knees, pushing the knees almost to her shoulders. She opened like a flower, and I easily slid my cock balls-deep into her gleaming slit, my scrotum making a resounding slap on her love-soaked perineum.

I pushed deep into her hot pudding, my cockhead near her tender cervix. Determined not to gush my load until she had fully climaxed, I pumped her with deep and gentle slow strokes. She propped up on her elbows now and then to look down on herself, always loving to watch the cock slipping in and out of her. I felt her vagina fluttering, and knew her orgasm was imminent.

“Hon, I’m gonna cum soon. Nnngh! If you can, just squirt into my pussy a little bit and stay hard, and after I cum, pull out and shoot your load in my ass, please, hon? Unngh!”

Easier said than done, I thought. But I just smiled, “Any way you want me, well that’s how I will be.”

“That’s from a vintage Elvis song! I love you, Brett! Omigod, I’m tingling all over! Shit! Cock! Cunt! FUCK! I’m cumming! Aah! Oww! Aaah! Unn! Nnngh! Nnnnnngh! Eeeeeeeeeaaaaah!” Her back arched painfully as her orgasm climaxed, the waves of pain and pleasure rippling through her body like electric shocks.

I spurted two wads of cum onto her cervix and managed to hold back the rest of my ejaculation long enough to whip my cock out of her. But as soon as my red-hot tip kissed her trembling tender star, I couldn’t hold it any more, and the cum gushed out of me practically in a torrent, spurting everywhere except into her ass. “Oops!” she laughed. Most of it splattered on her patch and belly, and some on her thighs. I thought my back would break for sure this time! It just kept coming and coming and coming as I screamed my pain and relief, “Aaaaah! Aaaaaaaah!Auuuuuuuuugh! I’m sorry sweetie, I just couldn’t hold it long enough to get it into you. Lo siento, querida!”

“Está bien, hon,” she said. “We’ll just do it again later. Lie back and rest and have something to drink, and when you’re rested I’ll suck you a brand new woody, and we’ll go for another hole in one,” she smiled, kissing my cheek as she coaxed the last few drops of cum from my exhausted cock, tasting then rubbing some on her breasts. The sand was warm, and the ocean breeze very mild. She held my soft cock, nestled her head on my chest, and we dozed off in the cool shade for a few minutes.

Some new friends

We were awakened by the sounds of giggling and applause, coming from three women nearby, who had seemingly come out of nowhere and apparently had been watching our antics! They were quite lovely and naked except for sun hats, knapsacks, and bikini shorts. They must have enjoyed the show, as their nipples were sticking out in full bloom.

Lauren, about 5′-3,” the tallest of them by an inch, was white and well tanned, large breasted, brunette, and had green eyes. The other two were, blonde, and blue-eyed, with ample but slightly smaller breasts. One was creamy skinned, and the other was a light shade of cafe-au-lait, otherwise they could have passed for twins.

Lauren introduced them, “Hi, we are from Santa Barbara. I am Lauren, and these two are my sisters, Mina and Chani.

“Hola,” they said in unison.

“Hola, I am Brett, and this is Jasmine,” I smiled.

“Um, we enjoyed your lovemaking, but we did not know this section of beach was open,” Lauren said.

“Actually the beach further south is open. This one is topless. We are breaking the rules. Please, sit with us, in the shade.” Jasmine cracked open some beers.

“Gracias,” they all smiled.

“Forgive my curiosity. You are sisters, and beautiful, but all from the same parents?

Mina answered, “Haha, we are three different flavors, I explain. Chani and I are half sisters. My parents were both Venezuelan, but Chani’s papa was Peruvian, a little darker. And Lauren is a gringa, from the States. Pero, todas estamos juntas.”

“It means ‘we are all together’,” Lauren said. “Our man, Damion, whom we share, is my flavor. We will be joining him in the morning,” she smiled.

“Oh, then you are sexually liberal?” Jasmine asked, smiling.

“That’s putting it mildly! If we had as many sticking out of us as we had stuck into us, we’d look like a cucumber patch!” All three giggled.

Mina said, “We greatly enjoyed watching thywonderful big pene smoothly fucking in and out of Jasmine, and the beautiful squirting of thy semen. Tristemente, we have not been fucked for the past few days and, por favor, may we humbly ask thee to share with us the pleasure bahis firmaları of thy wonderful pene? And we would of course at the same time service thy beautiful Jasmine.”

I raised my eyebrows and glanced at Jasmine, who smiled and nodded her consent. The shape of her nipples told me she was all for it!

All the girls smiled, then took off their bikinis. Good Lord, what a sight! Now seeing four beautiful naked asses, I felt my juice already tingling. Jasmine was lying next to me and whispered. “I’m gonna stay right here so I get a good close look. It will be fun watching your dick go in an out of her mouth and pussy, especially while the other two are fucking and sucking me!”


Lauren knelt down beside me, “I’m going to suck your dick and then por favor you will deeply fuck my pussy. Are you okay with that?” she smiled, her beautiful green eyes flashing.

“Si, absolutamente! How about doing sixty nine, so I can taste your lovely pussy?”

“Ah, best fucking idea I’ve heard all day!” She tenderly kissed my lips and my cheek and lay on top of me, putting her pussy at my lips, and it was indeed lovely: a silky brunette bush, and vulvar lips which were trim and even and did not protrude, simply a very beautiful neat slit. I spread those lips gently, then they started to ooze her sweet love honey. Her clitoris was already erect and I gently licked and swirled it with my tongue as she bobbed my cock, and she moaned her pleasure. “Aaaaaah, umm, aaaaaaaah, omigod, that is so wonderful, please do not stop!” She laved my cock and scrotum, then tasted my testicles, putting them in her mouth one at a time. “Mmm, your balls are big, and soft, like my Damion’s, and just the right saltiness, and your cock is thick and warm,” as she gently stroked my throbbing shaft. “I think you are already close to cumming. May I put your cock in my chacha now? I want you to spill all your juice inside me please, not on the ground.”

I looked to my left and saw that Jasmine was enjoying the attention of Mina and Chani. Mina’s tongue was deep in Jasmine’s pussy, and Chani was fondling and sucking Jasmine’s tits, so I knew she was happy.

“Take me into your beautiful pussy when your are ready,” I said to Lauren..

She got up and then on her knees straddled me, her pussy just above my cock. She held my cock and slowly lowered herself onto the cockhead, then in one quick motion impaled herself, taking the cock balls deep. She sat cowgirl and ground her clit until she was breathing fast, near orgasm, then sitting upright with legs widely spread, started to slowly ride her vagina up and down the full length of my shaft, taking it balls deep and grinding her clit on every down-stroke. Her vagina was wonderfully tight, and when I felt it flutter and spasm, I knew she would cum soon. She said just before she came, “Please, Brett, hold my titties, squeeze the nipples!” Then, “Oh! I’m… Ai! I’m cumming! Oh! Oww! Aah! Aaaaaaah! Unnnnnnnnngh!” She shuddered through a violent orgasm, then exhausted, laid her head on my chest and rested. Her heavenly breasts were warm against me, the nipples hot and hard.

“Gracias, Brett, for giving me pleasure so easily and beautifully.” She kissed my cheek. “But you did not shoot your cum? I didn’t feel anything squirting into me.”

“Oh yes, I squirted into you, I just did not have much juice to shoot, or the energy to yell, having just been with Jasmine. It was wonderful for me, being inside your beautiful body. Damion is very fortunate to have you.” I smiled.

She reached down, swiped some cum dripping from her vagina, and rubbed it on her nipples. “Aaaah! It’s called ‘buttering the biscuits.’ It soothes the nipples when they’re hot and hard from fucking.”

“I know, Jasmine does it too,” I said.

“Thank you, Brett, for feeding my hungry chacha. I think it would be so easy to love you. Jasmine is a lucky lady,” she smiled. “Now rest, my sisters will soon be wanting to ride your horsey. I’m going for a quick dip in the surf to cool off, be back in a few minutes.”

Jasmine had her eyes closed and was holding Mina’s head as she licked and swirled her pussy. A minute later she started to jerk and spasm, starting her orgasm. “Brett! This girl’s tongue is out of this world! I’m tingling in my pussy and my ass and legs, even my tits!, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard… omigod, it’s starting! Oooh, ah, aah, aaah! Fuck! Unngh! Nnnngh! Yaaaaah! Mmm, mmm, mm…”

After her orgasm subsided, Jasmine rolled toward me, kissed my cheek, and said, “I need a little milk.” She reached down, squeezed a few cum drops from my dozing cock, and rubbed it on her nipples. “Ahh, much better,” she smiled. Mina and Chani had joined Lauren for a dip in the surf, so Jasmine and I conked out for a few minutes.

We woke as the girls returned from their dip.

“How was your dip?” I said, already feeling my cock swelling at the sight of their loveliness.

“It was nice, the water pretty cold.You had a nice rest and ready for Mina next? She is so hungry for your nice big hot sausage!” Lauren smiled.


Jasmine kaçak bahis siteleri whispered, “Do sixty-nine with her. Her tongue will make you cum so hard your cheeks will suck in!”

“Sesenta y nueve, por favor?” I said to Mina.

“Ai, si, con mucho gusto!” she smiled, then got on top of me, her sweet coño brushing my lips., and I felt the hardness of her sweet nipples. Like Lauren’s, her pussy was trim and lovely, but with soft curly blonde hair.

“Ai, caramba! Thy cojones are so big and beautiful!” She hefted my balls like one would when buying a melon. “Esto es bueno, it feels like you have a nice big load of esperma to shoot into Mina! I now will taste thy cojones and pene and thoroughly lick them so everything is nice and slippery. Is okay?” Mina said.

“Si, and I will do the same to your lovely coño,” I said. I copiously licked her vulva, then spread her labia, and found her clitoris almost fully erect. Swirling it with my tongue, it quickly became fully erect, and I felt Mina tremble as I began gently lapping it.

“Ai! Thy tongue is wonderful! Ahh, por Dios! Fuck! You are forever my sweet querido! I want you to lick my pussy forever and ever! Gingh! Ai! Lamer mi clítoris más rápido!” She was shaking, on the brink of climax.

Jasmine was still lying next to me. “Hmm, looks like your cock and tongue will be quite busy here for a while. I’m gonna join Lauren and Chani. They’re fucking each other with a strap-on, and I’d like to try that,” she said.

“Are you gonna be the fucker or the fuckee?” I quipped.

“Mmm, think I’ll try both,” she smiled.

Mina said, “Ah! Lo siento, I am cumming already, I could not wait for thee to cum! Thy tongue was so wonderful! Aaaaah! Aieeeeee! Por Dios! Owww! Nnnnnngh! Auuuuungh!”

When her orgasm subsided, Mina said, “I now suck thy cock slow, long time. Por favor, say or tap when you are ready to squirt, then I will put thy sweet cockhead into my throat, so thy cum will shoot right down into my belly. Te gusta?”

“Si, me gusta,” I smiled. I resumed licking her clitoris, and licked across the pee hole a few times, which she seemed to like as she moaned with her mouth full, “Mmm! Mmmm! MMMM!” Her wonderful tongue and mouth quickly had my juice tingling, and I felt strong cum waves in my balls and cock and ass. I slapped her ass gently, and she swallowed my cock deeper. She squeezed my engorged cockhead into her throat just in time as I spewed huge wads of thick hot semen, practically screaming my relief, “Aaaaaah! Auuuuuuugh!” as I ejaculated violently into her sweet throat.

Mina climaxed after my hot cum jetted into her. She unmouthed my cock, then shuddered and spasmed violently as the waves of pain and pleasure ripped through her, “Ai! Por Dios! Nnngh! Aaaaaaaaah!”

When she became calm, she nestled on my chest and kissed my neck. “Ah, gracias, mi querido, thy cum was sweet and thick and smooth oozing down into my belly, like warm brandy. Aha! I see thy pene stays hard, so let us fuck again, please, while thy balls are empty, so we fuck long time!” she smiled. She lay on her left side and I spooned behind her as she drew up her legs. What a sweet cute ass! I wished I had two cocks so I could fuck her ass and pussy at the same time!. But I let her decide. She reached down, grasped my shaft and tenderly jacked it a few strokes, then pressed my cockhead into her pussy not deep, just past the lips. She jacked a few more strokes then stopped and said, “Are you ready to fuck into me deep now, querido?”

“I will do whatever you want, my angel,” I said, kissing her warm sweet neck. Then I pushed all the way into her sweet love pudding, and her vagina was snug and warm and smooth. She took her hand from my shaft and instead tenderly cupped my balls, which felt to be on fire, and pressed them to the soft curly hair of her patch.

“Aaaaaaaaah, again you are deep within me, and thy sweet cock is hot and throbbing. But pump deep and slow, mi querido, so that this fuck may last. OH! Thy velvet tip kisses mi Cuello uterino! Ai, me encanta eso! Por favor, sigue haciendolo!” She seemed excited.

“Hehe, she babbles in Spanish when she gets really excited! It means she loves it when your cock kisses her cervix, and please keep doing it,” Lauren smiled. I looked over at the other girls. Unnoticed, they had moved near us. Lauren was on her back with legs spread wide and knees pointing to heaven, Jasmine was on her knees with her ass in the air and eating Lauren’s pussy, and Chani had just dildoed Jasmine’s pussy and was now vigorously dildo-fucking her ass. I was happy to see that everyone was gainfully employed!

I took it slow and easy with Mina, holding and caressing her breasts as I gently pumped her pussy. Half an hour later I was getting close to ogasm and wanted to cum into her sweet ass. I asked her, “En la cula, por favor?”

“Si, is okay, I jellied it for thee, just in case,” she smiled. “Uh!” as she reached down and squeezed the cockhead into her rectum, then I eased my cock fully into her, and her heavenly soft buns pressed into my lap. Her rectum was warm and tight, and after only a few short strokes, I could not hold it and ejaculated deep into her sweet ass, “Aaaaah! Aaaaaah! Unnnnnngh!” as the other gals watched and giggled while singing a rousing chorus of “Hot White Cum!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32