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THIS IS A TRUE STORY ONLY NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED . (Please forgive the long intro)



For me all i ever wanted was to meet someone and fall in love get married and have children.
So i guess before i get to that i should start at the very begining.

As a small kid i was top of my class and liked by all , i did what most kids did but when i reached the age of 8 one of my friends insisted on both of us getting naked even though i never knew why , i did not know what sex was and to me being naked was nothing .

Well one day he asked me and we lived near a church so we went round the back near the blackberry bushes when we decided this would be a great place, we looked around and then we just stripped and just stood there looking at each other . we were both very slim as kids go but i noticed that he was hard .
Now i did not know it then but he was abused by his dad.
This was the first of many times we did this and we did it more and more in risky places , from car parks to the school cloak rooms .
But this all changed one day when we went into the toilets where without warning he just grabbed my small penis and escort kocaeli started sucking it , i was in shock yet it felt good (looking back on it now he knew what he was doing ) I got very hard but still did not understand why ?
Now not only did this go on for a while (most of the school year in fact)
The summer holidays came round and it was here that things really changed my life.
Michael and his older brother asked if i could go camping with them i got permission from my mummy and we set off .

Near to where we live is a lot of woods and countryside , we caught local transport and walked to where we were going camping ( it was hot and and what seemed like forever in getting there)
After we got there Barry (Michael’s older brother ) said lets set up camp first then we can all rest – we agreed and got to it .
Now at this point i had never looked at someone in quite the way that i looked at barry , he was about 16 years old , very slim and a well formed body , blue eyes and blond hair – as he worked away in the hot sun he just kept on taking his clothes off until he was down to just his shorts, sweat was dripping off him – as he stood there in the sunlight with his arm clearing the sweat from his brow , i just looked at him without knowing why i was kocaeli anal yapan escort so interested in him.(he did all the work really while me and michael just pretended to help)
Barry finished and said that there was a lake near by and that he needed to take a dip to cool down – i said i did not bring any trunks with me, after a slight pause barry said thats ok we can go skinny dipping, whats that i asked – you will find out when we get there he said .(after about five minutes of walking we were at the lake)
without warning both Michael and barry took what little clothes they had on off and told me to do the same .
Without even thinking about it i did the same but i noticed as i took off my shorts that barry did not take his eyes of me once .
when i was naked barry said lets go and get in the water then ……… i started to cry barry said whats wrong i said i dont know how to swim,im scared of the water , Barry ran over to me picked me up and gave me a big wonderful hug and kissed me – i was shocked as i never had a kiss from another boy before.
Barry said i wont let any harm come to you promise , he swung me round to his hip where my small penis and balls rubbed against his naked body , he then picked up michael izmit yabancı escort and put him on his other hip and went towards the water .
even though i was scared the look in his beautiful blue eyes soothed me —— he jumped in im not sure what happened after that .
i woke up dazed on the side of the lake with to what seemed like me to be a kiss from barry .
we went back to the camp and i just kept on hearing barry say im sorry im so so sorry ill make it up to you please dont tell anyone ………………………………..LATER

We all got into the tent (for some reason we were all still naked) barry said come here and i went to him , we were all just led down on top of the sleeping bags when i asked out of the blue why is there hair there by your thing , barry new what i was on about and said i can touch it if i wanted too …… i paused for a little bit and then started to reach for the hair , barry’s cock moved and started to get bigger and bigger , he looked at me and said its ok with that michael said you are going to love what happens next ……………………………………….

barry got hold of his cock and started rubbing it up and down his breathing was gettingheavy and he pulled the skin from over the head of his cock within seconds michael just went to it and started to suck it , barry said no michael this one is for steven (obviously im not going to change my name ) if he wants it …………..
i took hold of his cock and then ………..

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