No Pressure Pt. 04

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Hi there! Thanks, as always, for coming back to follow Beckett and Kelsey’s journey. It’s been a pleasure writing this story and letting the characters guide me. It certainly went in a different direction than I had originally planned!

Part five isn’t coming soon… because it’s already done! I’m submitting both parts at the same time, so it should be available now.

Part Four

“What is happening right now?” Beckett asked as they scanned the garage.

“Hey babe,” Kelsey said with a mischievous grin. She was exhausted from the drive and from waiting in the garage for more than an hour before Beckett showed, but seeing them perked her right up. She’d planned to arrive before Beckett got home from work and surprise them at their house, but she’d hit traffic several times along the way.

Beckett’s confused expression shifted to something less perplexed and more happy as Kelsey took a few steps in their direction. “I thought you had a party to go to tonight?” they asked as they took the two short steps down into the garage.

“I did, but I would rather be here with you,” Kelsey said as she reached Beckett and accepted the warm, tight hug awaiting her.

Beckett brushed an errant strand of hair from Kelsey’s face. “I don’t actually know what to say right now. How long have you been waiting here?” they asked, stroking Kelsey’s cheek.

Kelsey pressed a gentle kiss to Beckett’s lips. “About an hour. You sure took your sweet time getting here.”

“Is that why you were so pushy about me coming here tonight?” Beckett asked.

“Yes, but I probably still would have said that you needed to get out of the house tonight,” Kelsey replied.

Beckett shook their head. “So you’ve just been sitting in here in the dark for an hour?”

Kelsey shrugged. “Yeah, pretty much. Sylvie said she was going to find you a while ago, I guess she got distracted along the way playing host.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Beckett said as they closed the gap between them and Kelsey.

Kelsey slid her hand up to run her fingers across the prickly hairs on the back of Beckett’s head. The tingling sensation in her hand traveled up her arm, a warmth spreading through her as Beckett’s tongue ran across her lower lip. The gentle embrace escalated quickly to a passionate, nearly frantic kiss that Kelsey hoped adequately expressed just how difficult the last few days had been without them.

The last three days had been pure agony for Kelsey. They were nothing like the three weeks they’d spent apart between Kelsey’s trip to Maine and Beckett’s trip to Pennsylvania, which had been nothing like the three months they spent apart prior to that. Every time Kelsey saw Beckett, it became harder and harder to be away from them. The two needed to figure out how to make long distance work, because needing to see them after only three short days apart was not sustainable.

Kelsey was somewhat surprised when she realized she’d pushed Beckett up against the wall of the garage. She wasn’t exactly sure when she’d done it, apparently on auto-pilot while lost in her own thoughts. But she had her leg firmly pressed between Beckett’s and Beckett’s fingers were pressing hard into her sides through her thick sweater.

“If we stay in here any longer, we’re never going to make it out there,” Kelsey said after she broke the kiss. Her lips were swollen from the force of the kiss.

“Would that be a terrible thing?” Beckett asked, raising an eyebrow.

Kelsey smirked. She’d absolutely love to spend more time making out with Beckett. “No, but I do want to properly meet your friends so they don’t think I’m the same asshole they met on the field.”

Beckett loosened their hold on Kelsey’s sweater. “I’ve talked about you plenty since then. They know,” they assured Kelsey with a light chuckle. “But, Sylvie did send me in here for champagne and it’s almost midnight so I’m sure someone will come looking soon.”

“Babe, there’s no champagne in here. You’re so bright, but sometimes…” Kelsey trailed off, shaking her head.

“Well obviously I now know why she asked me to get it but I thought it was a dual purpose trip to the garage,” Beckett explained in a somewhat defensive tone.

“Come on,” Kelsey said, taking a step back from Beckett and finding their hand with hers.

Kelsey spent the rest of the night officially meeting Beckett’s teammates with Beckett by her side the whole time. It was nice to meet them all off the field where there was a much lower risk of her saying or doing something that she would regret later. It wasn’t an impossibility, but she could be much more aware of her feelings when she wasn’t trying to think about running, jumping, sliding, catching, and throwing all at the same time.

She was only a couple of weeks into therapy but she and her therapist had already identified that stressful moments made her more susceptible to the types of outbursts that she later found embarrassing. So Kelsey istanbul travesti made a conscious choice not to drink at the party, save one glass of champagne for the midnight toast.

She was confident that her outbursts were not tied to drinking, especially since they happened most often when she felt like she felt short of expectations. There were no real expectations when she was just hanging out at an event and having a few drinks, but she wanted to eliminate any factors that could have made her leave a bad impression on Beckett’s friends.

“In all of the excitement, I didn’t actually ask how long I get you for this time,” Beckett said, tracing small circles Kelsey’s palm as she drove them back to Beckett’s house. It was after three in the morning and their voice was lower than usual, both in volume and pitch.

“Well, I have options,” Kelsey replied, turning onto Beckett’s street. “I can technically work from anywhere, so I can stay for a few nights. But I can also leave tomorrow if I’m imposing on any-“

“Do you really think I would send you home earlier than you absolutely have to leave?” Beckett asked incredulously.

“I didn’t want to assume,” Kelsey said with a shrug as she pulled into Beckett’s driveway.

Kelsey and Beckett worked out a few of the details as they made their way to Beckett’s front door. Once inside, a very excited Taco nearly knocked Kelsey to the floor. She didn’t mind, though. In fact, it warmed her heart to know that Taco recognized her and was excited to see her. Considering she’d be spending the whole week working from Beckett’s kitchen table, that was a good sign.

Beckett only had to work four days that week because of the holiday, so they’d be able to spend Monday, Friday, and Saturday with Kelsey, who would head back to Pennsylvania on Sunday when Beckett left for work. Then, the couple would have to figure out how to make more frequent visits happen.

“What time do you have to work tomorrow?” Kelsey asked as she settled into bed with her head on Beckett’s chest and her arm tightly wrapped around them. It was nearing four o’clock but if Beckett didn’t have to work until the afternoon, Kelsey could stay up for a little longer.

“Eleven to nine,” Beckett replied, stroking their fingers lightly up and down the side of Kelsey’s ribs. She wore only a t-shirt and underwear, but she hoped those would soon be on Beckett’s floor.

Kelsey rolled her body into Beckett’s and slid her hand down to their bare waist – Beckett preferred to sleep in shorts or sweatpants with only a loose sports bra covering their chest, regardless of the outside temperature. Kelsey had no complaints about that. “And how many hours of sleep do you need?”

Beckett released a low chuckle that sent a shiver down Kelsey’s spine. “Usually six but I think I could survive on five. Four if I had to.”

“I can work with that,” Kelsey said as she swung her leg over Beckett’s and straddled one of their legs.

Beckett reached forward and ran their hands from Kelsey’s knees to the middle of her thighs, where they hit her oversized t-shirt, while Kelsey scratched up the sides of their stomach. Her hands lingered just below Beckett’s bra, thumbs sneaking under the elastic and caressing Beckett’s soft skin. They shuddered under her touch and flexed their hands, pressing hard into Kelsey’s thighs with their fingertips as she teased them.

They didn’t show any indication that they were comfortable taking off their bra that night, so Kelsey leaned over Beckett and covered their chest with her hands. She felt their nipples peak under the thin fabric as she roughly kneaded their breasts and leaned forward to kiss Beckett. She immediately deepened the kiss as Beckett pulled her close and slid their hands under her oversized t-shirt.

As Beckett explored Kelsey’s torso with their hands, Kelsey ground into Beckett. Her cotton panties and Beckett’s sweatpants created a barrier between her center and Beckett’s tight quad muscle that prevented her from getting the friction she sought, so she pushed her hips down harder against them. She hummed into Beckett’s mouth as she slowly rocked back and forth, only breaking their kiss long enough for Beckett to slip her t-shirt over her head.

Once Kelsey’s shirt was discarded, Beckett gripped her ass with both hands and followed her movements as she found a steady rhythm. They sat up, pushing Kelsey into a sitting position as well, and kissed down her neck. Their right hand held her close, so her center was tight against their leg, while their left pushed into her hair at the nape of her neck and tilted her head back. They sunk their teeth into the muscle below her pulse point and sucked the sensitive skin into their mouth. Kelsey inhaled sharply at the sudden pain, but leaned into it and flattened her palms against Beckett’s back, keeping them pressed against her.

It was a bit rougher than the two had been with each other so far, but it wasn’t rough istanbul travestileri for the sake of being rough. It was a desperate need to feel Beckett writhe underneath her; to turn them into a babbling mess while Kelsey made them come apart in her hands; to make them crave her as much as she craved them.

“I want you to fuck me,” Beckett said as they took Kelsey’s nipple into the mouth. They circled the pebbled nub slowly with their tongue before sucking hard and quickly releasing it. “With the new strap-on,” they finished as they sucked her other nipple into their mouth.

The combination of the physical pleasure Beckett was giving her, combined with the mental arousal at the idea of trying the strap-on they’d gotten her for Christmas, caused a fresh rush of wet heat between Kelsey’s legs. “Mmm, absolutely,” Kelsey replied as Beckett continued to cover her chest with open-mouthed kisses.

When Beckett released their grip on her and leaned back onto their palms, Kelsey slipped off of the bed to retrieve the harness and dildo from the drawer of the night stand. She slid her underwear down her legs and replaced it with a lacey harness. Beckett rolled to the edge of the bed and re-opened the night stand. They, noticeably, did not pick up the jock harness that they’d discussed using when Beckett showed Kelsey the toys on Christmas. Instead, they pushed it to the back of the drawer, pulled out a towel and a bottle of lube, then set the towel on the edge of the bed with the lube on top.

“Do you want to put on…” Kelsey trailed off, her eyes darting to the jock harness.

“No, I’m okay,” Beckett replied before reaching back into the drawer and holding a bullet vibrator out for Kelsey to take. “You’re probably going to want this.”

“I think you need to show me where it goes,” Kelsey instructed, crawling back onto the bed and pushing Beckett onto their back. She placed a knee on each side of their chest and let some of her weight hold them in place.

Beckett looked up at her through lidded eyes and licked their lips as they grabbed hold of Kelsey’s hips and pulled her so she hovered over their face. “I think I can do that,” they said, hooking two fingers into the crotch of her panty harness and pulling it to the side. They moaned as they stuck out their tongue to lick slowly from Kelsey’s entrance to her clit.

With one hand gripping her ass, pulling her against their face, and the other keeping her underwear to the side, Beckett lavished Kelsey’s clit with attention. She held Beckett’s head in place, guiding them to keep licking and sucking at the sensitive bundle of nerves until she felt an orgasm approaching. Then, she quickly fisted her hand in their hair and jerked them away from her before she could topple over the edge.

“Sorry, got a little distracted,” Beckett said coyly as they released their grip on Kelsey’s backside and retrieved the vibrator from where they’d dropped it on the mattress. They pushed it into the pocket below the o-ring but they didn’t turn it on, instead guiding Kelsey’s hand to it and aligning her finger with the small button. “The button is right there when you want to turn it on,” they explained. Which truly was helpful because if Beckett turned the vibrator on right then, Kelsey would have come right then. And she wanted to be inside Beckett when she came.

Kelsey shifted down the bed, settling her knees between Beckett’s and leaning forward to kiss them. She could taste herself on their lips and on their tongue as she desperately tried to put all of her love and passion into a single kiss. She wanted to show them how much she appreciated – and was turned on by – Beckett wanting to explore how better understanding their gender has impacted their sexuality with her.

But she was also nervous.

“Can you guide me?” Kelsey asked when she broke their kiss. “I don’t want to fuck it up.”

Beckett gently took hold of her wrists and directed Kelsey’s hands to their boxer briefs. “Well, first these need to come off,” they said as they used Kelsey’s hands to push their underwear down their legs. Kelsey took control of the movement and slipped them off, but not before noticing how soaked they were with Beckett’s excitement.

“You’re so wet,” Kelsey rasped, almost instinctively.

Beckett grinned and chuckled before picking up the dildo propping themself on their elbows. “My incredibly sexy partner surprised me earlier by driving six hours to come see me and she was just sitting on my face. Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty exciting,” they teased.

Kelsey tried to hide her grin as she snatched the toy from Beckett’s hand and pressed her palm to their chest. Pushing them onto their back, she leaned close to their ear and whispered, “And now, she wants to feel you shake underneath her, how do you feel about that?”

“I’d like that very much,” Beckett replied through a shuddering breath, their chest pushing back against Kelsey’s hand as they arched travesti istanbul beneath her.

Kelsey sat back onto her heels and concentrated on pushing the silicone phallus through the ring sewn into her harness. It was smaller than the one Beckett used with her, but she was still anxious about potentially hurting Beckett. It wasn’t that she was worried about the size, she was worried about her ability to control something she couldn’t feel.

While Kelsey finished positioning it properly in the harness, Beckett retrieved the lube from the towel and popped the top. They squeezed a generous amount onto the dildo and spread it along the shaft, then wiped their hands dry with the towel.

The logistics involved with incorporating a strap-on – and the other new toys Beckett had introduced recently – into sex didn’t detract from the excitement and didn’t disrupt the flow at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. The short interruptions and delays ratcheted Kelsey’s anticipation up to a level that made her body feel like it was vibrating on its own. Each touch caused a ripple of goosebumps to fan across her skin regardless of the air temperature.

Kelsey did her best to mimic what Beckett had done in their previous encounters. She kissed them deeply, putting all of her love behind the kiss and trying to show them how much she valued the trust that Beckett was giving her. They had only ever done this with one other person and, in Beckett’s own words, it felt like an intrusion; as if it just didn’t belong.

“Are you okay?” Kelsey asked as she positioned the strap-on at Beckett’s center. They’d assured her many times that this was something they wanted to try again, but their descriptions of previous experiences lingered in her mind. She didn’t want to do anything that would harm Beckett.

Beckett cupped Kelsey’s jaw with their hands and kissed her softly, then trailed their fingers up her hairline and smoothed the worried lines from her forehead with their thumbs. “I want this. I promise I’ll stop you if I’m not okay,” they reassured her, planting another gentle kiss on her lips. “But I really, really, want this, Kelsey,” they whined as they tilted their hips to press their entrance against the head of the strap-on and massaged their fingertips into the back of Kelsey’s head.

Kelsey inched her knees forward, her head tilted down to watch as the toy slid into Beckett. She glanced up to make sure Beckett was still okay and found them with their mouth opened wide and their face twisting into a look of pleasure with a bit of discomfort. They nodded, encouraging Kelsey to continue, then ran their hands down her back, eventually settling them on her hips.

Beckett pulled Kelsey further into them and closed their eyes. Kelsey continued alternating between watching the dildo disappear inside of Beckett and watching them silently gasp and squeeze their eyes closed more tightly. She pressed forward until she felt too much resistance. Then, she slowly pulled out just an inch before tentatively thrusting forward again, doing her best to mimic what Beckett did to her. She opened her mouth to ask if they were alright again, but bit her tongue. They promised her that they would communicate with her and she needed to trust them to do so.

In a lot of ways, Kelsey felt like a baby giraffe learning to walk. Her movements were a little clumsy and her rhythm was inconsistent. Being on that side of the motion was unfamiliar and she just couldn’t find her footing. Frustration started to build up behind her arousal and threatened to break through as she readjusted the placement of her knees for the fourth time.

“Hey,” Beckett said, snapping Kelsey from the intrusive thoughts. They held her hip tighty with one hand and pulled her into them while the other moved back north to cup her jaw again. Their thumb stroked lightly across her cheek as they guided Kelsey’s hips back and forth at a steady pace.

Beckett studied Kelsey’s face for a moment, their eyes landing on her forehead again and drawing her attention to her own furrowed brow. She took a centering breath, closed her eyes, and released the tension in her face. She didn’t like not being immediately great at anything, let alone something as important to her as making Beckett feel good, but she couldn’t let herself spiral.

“It feels a little awkward, huh?” Beckett asked as they continued to guide her in a steady rhythm.

Kelsey nodded. “Yeah,” she pushed out a bit breathlessly.

“Well,” Beckett said, their eyes fluttering closed for a moment as they bit their lip, “just so you know…” they trailed off as they released a choppy exhale. “It feels really good.”

Kelsey couldn’t stop the wide grin that overtook her face; a grin so wide that she could feel facial muscles that were, apparently, rarely used as they stretched around it. She took more control over her own movements again, still letting Beckett guide her but feeling more confident in her abilities.

She was in good shape, but fucking Beckett with a strap-on used muscles that Kelsey didn’t even know existed. The strenuous and unfamiliar motions fatigued the rarely-used muscles so much that they burned beneath her skin. But she pushed through, determined to feel Beckett come apart under her.

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