Office Fantasy

19 Temmuz 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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I want to storm into your office one day.

I fantasize about you every day, thinking of what I could do to you.

Fantasizing that you want me as much as I want you.

You, with your tight business outfits that ignite my desire every time I see you.

You, with your long legs and sexy ass.

You, with your long blonde hair and large, inviting breasts.

You, who flirts with me whenever we have company drinks, your fingers brushing against me as you laugh at my jokes and once drunkenly mentioned that I have nice eyes and an ass to match.

I want you so badly I ache with lust. It’s your face and body I’m seeing when I make love to my wife or when I masturbate once the longing gets too much.

I walk into the office each day with a sense of nervous anticipation, excited to see what you will be wearing and thinking up small talk so I can steal precious moments in your company.

I sense you want me too and you are just waiting for me to make a move on this secret attraction

I dream of this moment every day, the moment I storm into your office.

I imagine the look of shock in your eyes as I burst kaçak iddaa in and close the door behind me.

You are on the phone & place one hand over the receiver.

One look at my face and you know exactly what’s on my mind. I see the fear, the hesitation in your eyes. The pout on your lips as you weigh options in your mind, the knowledge that you hold our careers, our marriages, and our fate in your hands. That what you do in the next few seconds will alter both our lives irrevocably.

“Let me call you back,” you say into the phone and hang up.

You stand up and walk to the front of desk. You wriggle sensually as you move and end standing hands on hips before me, I feel the blood rushing to my groin as I realize you have made your choice.

Our eyes are locked, the tension sparking across the room as you remove your jacket and throw it on the floor.

“About time,” is all you say as we step towards one another.

You press against me, feeling my engorged manhood pressing unyieldingly against you.

We kiss passionately, your red lipstick smearing as our tongues and lips entwine.

Your hands grab my ass kaçak bahis and press me even harder against you.

“Take me,” you say, stepping back as you lean against the desk and start to unbutton your blouse.

I step between your legs, backing you up until you are sitting on the desk. I push your hands aside and rip the blouse open. Your breast spill out and I am clawing at them through your bra, feeling your nipples already hard beneath my gingers. We are kissing again, your hands scrambling at my belt and fly to expose my throbbing penis.

I am so hard, it aches as it leaps free. Your hand is cool and smooth as you stroke it, a nail tracing along its length.

“Fuck me hard,” you whisper in my ear, guiding me up towards you.

I am rough with you, lifting your skirt up over your ass, pushing your panties aside and entering your pussy in a fluid motion, my dick plunging into you hard and eager. Feeling your wet slit engulfing me, your desire obvious as I penetrate you again and again.

You wrap your legs around my butt, pulling me against you as I bear down.

Hard and heavy we fuck like unleashed animals, our illegal bahis pent up desire taking over as we ravage each other.

My strokes are long and I thrust with full power, pushing you back across the desk. You slide and moan beneath me, thrusting your hips towards me to facilitate my movements. My hands are all over you. Your face, your breasts, your throat, your hair.

You slap the desk as I increase my pace. “Yes, yes, yes” you pant in time with our motion.

I can feel you quivering beneath me, you let out an extended moan as the first wave of orgasm passes over you. Your hips spasm as you lock your legs around me

“Oooh god!” you moan and I cannot hold it any longer.

With a groan I am cumming inside you, our juices mingling as we collapse into one another. The ecstatic release as I release jets of warm come into you is indescribable.

The scent of our coupling hangs heavy in the air as I lie on top of you, we kiss again, softly this time. We stare into each others eyes for an eternal minute before I withdraw and get off you.

We dress in silence and I leave without a glance but we both sense that this is the start of an affair that could destroy us both with its passion. A destruction we have both welcomed.

I imagine this every time I see you. One day I may make the move.

But not today…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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