Office Meeting

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It was a warm Melbourne day and I was sitting around at home with nothing to do. I decided I would drop in on a female friend of mine who worked in the city. By the time I arrived though, it was just on five and so I went up to her office expecting no one to be in.

As it turned out, she hadn’t left yet and didn’t notice me as I stepped into her office. She stared absent-mindedly out the window at the cityscape below with the phone to her ear while standing at her desk. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, gently cupping her breasts in my hands through her shirt and whispered in her ear “Hello, gorgeous, I want you so bad.”

Her breathing stopped for a second and her body went tense as her brain tried to register who the voice belonged to, then she relaxed as she whispered back with a giggle, “Sounds like fun” and placed the phone down.

I pulled her in tight against me as I slipped a hand up her blouse and began to caress her soft stomach. My other hand started undoing her bra and then reaching around the front to fondle the now exposed skin of her breasts, her nipples hardening at my touch and a shudder running down her body.

Her scent was driving me wild, I pushed her hard up against her desk pressing my rapidly hardening member into her so she knew what effect she was having on me.

I brushed my lips over her neck and began güvenilir bahis to nibble on her ears as she reached around and fondled my groin through my pants, her other hand guiding mine down her stomach and into her underwear placing it on her pussy while she whispered: “You know something? It’s always been a fantasy of mine to fuck someone in my office.”

I traced the outside of her mound with my middle finger as she let out a gasp, feeling her getting wetter. She turned her head to kiss me passionately and my cock began to ache.

I slipped a finger deep between her legs as she gasped again, letting out a moan, my free hand undoing the buttons on her blouse. “Wait” she said, “the people in the buildings across the road will see us!”

I replied “Who cares? What’s better than fucking while people are walking past below, oblivious to what we are up to? And what are the people in the buildings over the road going to do?”

Her hand raced to undo the last of her blouse buttons as she slipped it off with her bra. Standing there half naked with the sunlight coming through the window reflecting off her beautiful body almost made me cum right then.

I unzipped the back of her skirt and let it fall to the floor as she grabbed her panties and slid them over her black, knee high boots. Now she was totally naked while I fondled her breasts and had a finger deep güvenilir bahis siteleri inside her pussy for anyone in the surrounding buildings to see.

She spread her legs wider for better access as she reached back and put a hand down my pants, feeling my cock that was already starting to leak. Grabbing it around the shaft and pumping it up and down she said, “You know something? It’s not fair, your still dressed!”

With that, she turned around and grabbed my shirt almost ripping the buttons off, pushing it over my shoulders and then unzipping my jeans pulling them and my underwear down around my ankles. She sank down to her knees and took my whole shaft in her mouth at once.

Naked on her knees, wearing only her boots and with my penis disappearing deep into her mouth, she was the biggest turn on ever as I looked down into her eyes. I had to stop her after only a few minutes as I felt my penis about to explode in her mouth.

“Stop, I want to cum in your pussy.”

I stepped out of my jeans as she stood up and placed her hands on her desk, bending over. I came up behind her and began to fondle her breasts again, kneading and pinching her nipples and teasing her pussy with the head of my cock, pushing it against the elastic ring at the start of her vagina until the head just popped through, running a hand down her stomach to her tease her iddaa siteleri clit at the same time.

Eventually she couldn’t handle it anymore and pushed back on my cock taking it deep inside her, all the way to the hilt. My thickness and length, and the feel of her velvet-like pussy made us both groan in ecstasy.

I began to slide in and out of her very slowly, savouring the feeling and giving the occasional deep thrust to make her groan as she grunted “Fuck me hard, really hard! I want to cum!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice as I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to slam my cock into her whispering: “I want you to cum for me, all around my naked cock. Can you feel how hard you make me?”

“Oh yeah baby, I am about to cum, don’t stop!”

I gave her everything I could and watching her bent over, shuddering as my cock slid in an out of her, wearing only her boots and with the smell of sex in the air got me closer to the edge.

After another moment of thrusting I felt her pussy begin to involuntarily contract as she came with me deep inside her.

It was too much for her as she collapsed onto the desk and immediately, my cock at bursting point exploded deep inside her as I moaned:

“I am cumming.”

“Oh yeah baby, I can feel it pouring into me!”

With that, I collapsed on top of her as my penis went soft inside of her, listening to her breathing and heart beat, taking in her intoxicating aroma.

As we put our clothes back on, she asked if I wanted to go back to her place and I replied with a cheeky grin, “Only if you leave your underwear in the office!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32