Office Submission Ch. 05

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Author’s note – Thanks for all the feedback, love to hear the views from others. For maximum reading enjoyment, the best order to read each story is the order they were written. The way to check this is to check the dates of the works as they are a little mixed up on my home page – my apologies. However, these works will also read as stand alone stories for everyone’s enjoyment.

Jack’s exploits will continue and the next instalment is currently being worked on. Once again, I appreciate all of your feedback.

Please enjoy.


Jack sat nervously. He stared at the big, decorative clock on the wall. It ticked loud and slowly, shattering the silence of the big, luxurious waiting room.

He was sat on the edge of the big leather Chesterfield sofa and looked up at Morgan Wilson’s office door – the CEO of the company. Morgan Wilson had started the international company in his garage at his Mum’s house and it was now a multi-billion pound international company with over 8,000 employees crossing three continents. Wilson was known for his brutality in the boardroom and if he called you for a meeting you should be worried.

Jack’s mind suddenly raced to the thought of Zoey. He knew she worked on this floor somewhere but he hadn’t seen her. He smiled as he thought about the time they had spent together at the conference. He instantly thought of her arse and his smile grew wider. Then Jack had a realisation of the moment and shook himself awake from his daydream.

Wilson had called Jack early this morning to arrange a meeting up on the top floor for three pm. Jack was never late and sat waiting to be called inside.

‘I suppose I’ve had a good run in this job,’ Jack thought. He had prepared himself for the worst.

Suddenly, the phone rang on Wilson’s assistant’s desk. The ageing personal assistant answered it, “Mr Wilson? Yes…” she looked up at Jack, “…yes he is. Ok, of course sir.”

She replaced the receiver and looked up at Jack. “Mr Wilson will see you now.”

Jack stood and took a deep breath. He brushed down his suit jacket, checked the clock once more and then made his way to the big wooden ornate door. After turning shiny looking handle, expensive latch clicked smoothly and Jack gently heaved the door open.

Morgan Wilson’s office was the size of a small house. The space was vast. If you wanted to know who the CEO of the company was, you just needed to see the room.

The room had a wide, well-lit corridor with sky lights that led to an open area. Here, there were floor to ceiling windows that brightly lit the area. There was a door to the left and a door opposite. ‘His own bathroom,’ Jack thought. There was a meeting space with four big leather sofas surrounding a small marble coffee table. Jack made his way around the furniture through another wide corridor. This one had huge oak bookcases lining either side — full of books. He carried on down into the main office, feeling the deep, plush carpet around his shoes.

The main room was surrounded by floor to ceiling windows and it made the space seem even bigger than it was. The room had tall ceilings and was tastefully decorated throughout. It was a wide space with a long conference table behind some glass doors to the right. There were seats enough for 16 people in there. To the left there were 2 smaller leather sofas pointed at each other with a small glass table in between. At the end of the room was Morgan Wilson’s desk with four leather chairs facing it.

Morgan, however, wasn’t sat at his big, decorative desk. He was stood looking out of one of the big windows pointing at the scenery down below.

He was stood with Zoey.

Jack recognised her sexy arse. She wore a black pencil skirt that clung to her arse. It gripped the top of her thighs and showed off the shape and pertness of her cheeks. Morgan Wilson and the delectable Zoey were both looking out at the view below and Wilson was gesticulating with his arms at the city in front of them.

“Mr Wilson?” Jack mumbled.

The two of them instantly turned around. Zoey stifled a broad smile when she saw Jack.

“Jack Fraser,” Morgan Wilson announced, “you’re late!”

Wilson’s tone was stern and direct. Jack expected this from the CEO of the company.

“I was…” Jack was about to explain how he was actually here on time, but then thought better of it, “…er, sorry sir.” Jack hadn’t got this far up in the company by answering back or even speaking his mind.

“Well,” Wilson continued, “you’re here now so we can finally start. Let’s sit.” Morgan Wilson marched over to the leather sofas facing each other. Zoey followed Wilson and The sound of her high heels clicking along the floor filled the room. Jack waited a second to see exactly where they were heading and, once he had realised, he joined them at the leather sofas that faced each other.

Wilson sat on a sofa and Zoey sat next to him. Jack sat in a sofa opposite them. He perched forward listening carefully.

“Now listen carefully Jack,” Wilson started, “I know you’re relatively new with your promotion. But, I also know you’ve been belugabahis giriş doing a good job.”

Jack watched him trying to quickly assess where this was leading and he began to fear the worst. He flashed at look across at Zoey sat next to Morgan Wilson on the sofa. Her skirt had ridden up slowly and his eyes were drawn to her legs. His eyes followed them up and to her chest. Her breasts were encased in a tight white shirt. She had the top two buttons undone and Jack made out the top line of her cleavage. Her breasts stretched against the white cotton material and Jack could make out the outline of her bra against the material. He continued looking and saw that she was staring at him and smiling. They had both seen each other naked and he had cum over her. She had a wonderful body and Jack felt his cock twinge as he sat there.

“So,” Morgan continued, “I have a very important task for you.”

Jack’s ears pricked up as the realisation of how he wasn’t in trouble sunk in. His shoulders relaxed as Morgan spoke.

“There is a new American client that we potentially have new deals with. There is also talk of the client investing in the company in a multi-billion pound merger. I have the information here.” Morgan placed a thick document on the glass coffee table between them.

Jack reached over and picked it up. He heaved it onto his lap and watched as Morgan Wilson opened his own copy. Jack opened the first page and began to flick through each of the sections.

“I cannot emphasise this enough, Jack, this merger is of extreme importance to us,” Wilson explained. “The board suggested you take this task on because you are a ‘people person’ apparently.” Morgan used his fingers to quote when saying ‘people person’ to emphasise the point. “Turns out that, apparently, I’m ‘too brash.” Again, the finger quotes.

Jack smiled inside. He thought, ‘Maybe the board aren’t completely stupid.’ Jack looked up at Zoey. She was smiling at Morgan’s comment whilst looking through the documentation. She breathed in deeply and flicked her beautiful eyes in Jack’s direction — her smile grew. Zoey then parted her legs slightly.

Jack’s eyes instantly flashed down to her legs and he could see a little further up her skirt. His eyes darted from the paperwork in front of him and then to her legs. He then looked at Zoey who looked briefly at Jack and then back down to her own paperwork.

“You can see on page 48,” Morgan Wilson repeated, “the potential pricing structure for the merger and then the details of it are broken down on pages 53 to…”

Jack turned the pages to match the pages Wilson was talking about. Wilson’s voice droned on but Jack was only half listening now. His eyes kept wandering back to Zoey and her legs.

She subtly parted her legs even further and now Jack could begin to see the flash of some sexy panties. ‘White,’ Jack thought and his cock began to grow into a full erection. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

Zoey coughed, closed her legs and crossed them.

“…and the predicted figures are looking really good for us. So you need to ensure you’ve got your head round them before negotiations next week.” Wilson’s voice changed tone and brought Jack back to reality. “So…don’t fuck this up Fraser. We can’t let this slip. You hear me?”

Jack nodded.

“You take the client wherever he wants to go. If he doesn’t want to sleep, you don’t sleep. If he wants to eat, you eat. If he wants to decorate his room with fucking post-its, you tell him it looks amazing! Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” Jack replied.

“Right. I need a piss. Wait here,” Wilson suddenly got up and made his way back to the corridor that Jack had entered through earlier. “Make yourself useful, look at page 114 at the US benefits for us, I won’t be long.” He marched out.

Jack watched him leave and lowered his voice, “He’s a character isn’t he?”

Zoey looked at Jack and smiled, “Yes, he’s a bit full on. I think he’s stressed with the merger. It’s big money.”

“I can see,” Jack looked down at the paperwork and nodded.

Zoey put down her paperwork and leaned forward in her seat, “Jack, listen, I’m sorry if this is awkward. I genuinely didn’t know about this today and I certainly never expected to see you up here.”

“Stop, Zoey,” Jack looked at her, “it’s not awkward at all. It’s fine.”

Zoey smiled and just looked at Jack for a moment. “Good,” she lowered her voice, “I’m glad it’s not awkward.” Zoey looked down at her paperwork, “Even with that hard cock in your trousers?”

Jack stopped. His cock strained in his trousers as soon as he heard her say that. “Sorry?” he gulped.

“I know you’re aroused,” she continued, “I’ve seen you watching me and staring at my legs the entire time.”

“What do you expect?” Jack quickly responded through a loud whisper. “I’ve seen you naked and here you are teasing me again.”

She smiled, “How? By sitting here.”

“You know exactly how,” Jack playfully responded.

“Just by showing you my panties?” Zoey instantly parted her legs wide for Jack. “This? This has made that cock belugabahis güvenilirmi hard?”

Jack stared at her crotch and clearly saw her pull-ups stop at the top of her thighs. He saw the flesh before her white frilly cotton panties. He could clearly see the outline of her pussy and also a slight wet patch that had formed on her panties.

“I bet that cock is straining against those tight trousers, isn’t it?” Zoey whispered. She looked down at Jack’s crotch and stared. “Jack, all I’ve thought about since you walked in here is your hard cock. Fuck. Can I see it?”

Jack was astounded and incredibly aroused.

“As soon as you came in here, I became so aroused. Look,” she pointed down towards her panties and the slight wet spot had grown. Zoey slid her hand down and deftly stroked her pussy on top of her panties. Her legs seemed to grow wider as she gently circled her clit. “Ohhhhh,” she groaned quietly, “I’m so wet Jack.”

Jack watched in fascination. His eyes kept darting from Zoey’s face to her fingers on her pussy and then to the corridor that Morgan had disappeared down. He gulped. His cock was straining and pulsating in his tight pants.

“Hmmm,” Zoey moaned quietly, “are you hard Jack? Is it straining against your pants like it was in my hotel room…ffffuuuck.”

“Zoey,” Jack whispered, “Wilson will be back any second — you must stop. He’ll see.” Jack’s eyes were drawn to the corridor but, always, they returned to her panties.

“Oh, Jack. I’m so close,” Zoey groaned in a whisper, “I think I’m going to cum on his sofa.”

Her hand was furiously rubbing her clit and was concentrating on one particular spot now.

Jack placed his hand on his hard cock and squeezed it. His cock pulsated and he pushed his hard shaft up against his toned stomach.

“Oh god, Jack!” Zoey moaned Hmmmm…is he here? I don’t think I can wait.”

Jack’s eyes darted to the corridor and then back to Zoey’s hand on.

Her breathing started to shorten. “Oh my god…”

Jack looked again at the corridor.

He looked back at Zoey’s face and down at her crotch. She was grinding her hips against her fingers.

“Oh god, oh fffffuuuck.”

Jack’s eyes darted back to the corridor.

Morgan entered and was coming back. “He’s here Zoey. Stop,” Jack whispered.

Zoey instantly closed her legs and pulled her skirt back down her legs. She sighed, “God, Jack. I was about to cum, I’m so close,” she whispered.

“So,” Wilson’s voice filled the space, “what do you think?”

“Well,” Jack started whilst looking across at Zoey, “this all looks fine Mr Wilson. When does he get here? The client.”

“The private jet lands at 5:30pm tonight. We’ve hired a car and a driver and you’re going down to meet him at the airport.”

Jack looked at his watch, that left 50 minutes to get there. He suddenly felt really under prepared. He looked across at Zoey. She looked flushed and she kept stroking her neck with her finger tips.

Morgan Wilson looked at Jack’s face. He was the kind of person who enjoyed people feeling uncomfortable around him. “Problem, Jack?”

“Er…no sir. Shall I go and gather my things?”

“Well you have less than an hour. You had better hurry, hadn’t you? The hotel suite is booked for him and the driver will take you there first, should they want to go there first, of course.”

Jack stood up and quickly adjusted his hard cock his trousers. He looked once more down at Zoey and a yearning in his balls began.

“Ok, I’ll go freshen up and prepare my…er…things,” he said.

“Yes,” Morgan Wilson said, “remember how important to this company that client is Jack. Do not fuck up!”

Jack moved away from the sofa and towards the corridor exiting the office.

“Jack!” Morgan Wilson shouted after him, “Mrs Harris here will come with you to meet him at the airport too. She knows the figures and, you never know, Zoey may swing the deal in our favour with him. He may be a brunette kind of guy!” Wilson laughed to himself. “The guy’s name McDermott, Tony McDermott. Now, get fucking going.”

“I’ll meet you in the car Mr Fraser,” Zoey said as she got up to leave, “I’ll just grab my things.”

Jack looked up at a red-faced Zoey and smiled. He then turned and left the same way he had entered Wilson’s office.

It took Jack exactly 27 minutes to freshen up, shut down his computer and gather his things together. He locked his office door and made his way down to the company’s large car park. In the time it had taken for him to freshen up and get ready, his erection had subsided. However, the thought of Zoey so close to cumming in Wilson’s office and the thought of being in close proximity with her for the next few hours meant the aching feeling in his balls still lingered.

He entered the company garage in the basement and there was jet black limousine waiting with the driver standing by the back door.

“Good evening sir,” the driver nodded at Jack. He opened the door for Jack to enter and smiled.

Jack moved forward and left his small suitcase near the driver. He stooped belugabahis yeni giriş down and stepped into the well-lit limousine.

Whilst waiting in the spacious vehicle, Jack picked up the documents he had laid down on the seat next to him and shuffled through to the person particulars. Not a lot was written down other than a name and othe basic information. Name: Toni McDermott, aged 47. ‘That’s a different way of spelling Tony,’ Jack thought, ‘only in America, I suppose.’

Suddenly the door opened and Zoey bent her head to get in. Jack’s eyes instantly shuffled to her cleavage. She bent low to get in and her breasts swung loose as she did. He could clearly see down her shirt and into her bra. He just made out the swell of her breasts before she sat down on one of the seats next to him. The door closed gently behind her.

Zoey looked around the inside of the plush limousine, “Wow. This is fancy. He’s not kidding on the importance of this, is he?”

“No,” Jack replied, “I’ve never been in one of these before.”

“Me neither. It’s great though. What are those buttons for?” she asked as she started pressing them. Random lights went off and on and eventually she smiled and stopped.

“Zoey, I was thinking that I hold the sign with this Tony McDermott’s name on and you be the first to greet him,” Jack suggested as the limousine gently pulled away.

Zoey smiled at him, she knew exactly what he was thinking. “Why is that Mr Fraser?” she queried.

“Well,” he stumbled on, “as the client is a guy, I know his thought process. He’ll think: ‘that’s my name’ and head over to us. He’ll see you stood next to me, smiling and he’ll check you out, think ‘gorgeous’ and thus the first impression is made.” Jack looked at her apologetically, “Sorry Zoey. I’m just thinking that he’s American, rich and, therefore, probably really arrogant.”

She looked at him as he spoke and nodded in agreement.

“So he’ll love a warm greeting from a very sexy and attractive woman, rather than…er…me,” Jack smiled at the last comment and hoped she would consent, he knew it could make a big difference.

“Ok Mr Fraser,” Zoey answered after a thought, “I’ll be the glamorous assistant, I suppose.” She once again looked directly at Jack and smiled.

“Thanks,” Jack replied. “Sorry,”

“It’s fine Mr Fraser,” Zoey reassured him, “I understand the importance of this meeting.”

Zoey looked at Jack and then down at her shoes. “Mr Fraser,” she spoke softly, “I’m so sorry about earlier. I can’t explain what came over me.”

Jack looked at her and tried to speak but she continued talking.

“It was the first time that I’d seen you since the conference and my arousal just, kind of, overwhelmed me. Then the situation made it even harder and I just needed to cum with you watching. Sorry.”

Jack’s cock started straining in his pants again. He could see Zoey was embarrassed and didn’t want her to feel any more guilty than she already did. “Honestly, Zoey,” Jack said whilst looking directly at her, “it’s fine. Look, you are so sexy and, after our conference, every time I see you I’m in a constant state of arousal. I know how you feel.”

She smiled. It made her feel a little better. “Well, let’s try and focus on this task now.”

Jack nodded and showed her the client portfolio. They spoke for around twenty minutes just about the client and how they would proceed. They agreed that Zoey would greet the American warmly (a hug, if the moment presented itself) and Jack would let the first impression sink in before introducing himself as head of the merger operations. Zoey would be the honey to his fly trap.

They arrived at the airport and the limousine pulled up near the entrance. Zoey and Jack jumped out and headed to the arrival lounge. They walked together and Jack held the sign with Tony McDermott’s name written on. They stood and waited for the doors to open in the arrival lounge.

It was around five minutes later when people started to spill through the doors. Jack looked through the throngs of people as they poured out onto English soil. The deluge subsided and no more people came out.

“This is definitely the right gate, isn’t it?” Jack questioned.

“I’m sure it is,” Zoey answered, whilst fishing out her phone to double check.

Jack looked at the door and then across at an information screen to see if there was a problem.

Suddenly the gate opened again. It was the American. They knew it was their client because there were three porters struggling with all the bags and smiling when they saw the sign Jack was holding.

Jack then saw the client.

It was a woman.

‘Of course,’ Jack thought, ‘Toni, with an i.’

Zoey noticed too and instantly snatched the sign from Jack and winked at him.

Toni McDermott was all American. She was tall (a little shorter than Jack) and had striking long, wavy blonde hair. She wore big dark sunglasses that covered the majority of her face. But, she was smiling and her teeth glistened brilliant white as she saw Zoey holding the sign with her name on. She wore a suit jacket and black shirt and as she strutted towards them, Jack noticed her breasts bouncing in her shirt. They looked larger than Zoey’s from the way they bounced. She wore long black tight suit trousers with a pair of black high heels. Because she was tall, her legs were long and seemed to go on forever.

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