Office Work

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This is my first story, so be gentle, but any and all feedback will be gratefully received! Thank you in advance and hope you enjoy!

* * * * *

Dave entered the office and sat heavily on his chair, another long day with no end in sight. He didn’t mind, in fact he quite enjoyed his job, he just wished that there was something else for him, something to look forward to, someone waiting for him.

He logged onto his terminal and started doing some menial tasks he hated. His mind wandered. He was assistant manager, although he was only 19, and he worked with some 18 year old girls who were very nice to look at. Some of them were nice to chat to as well. But he’d made a vow to himself that, no matter how tempting, he would not try it on with any of them, it would be unprofessional.

That was that. Honestly. But it didn’t stop his mind wondering. And it didn’t stop it being a bit gutting sometimes when he heard all the exciting things they’d got up to the night before and so on, but he’d cope.

There was one girl in particular, Emma, she was just a bit shorter than him at 5’9″ with very long blonde hair. She wasn’t the most attractive, but there was something about her, the way she carried herself was so intricately sexy, but he had promised himself, and she wouldn’t look at him anyway, not in that way.

His imagination got carried away, as it had been prone to do recently when he thought of her. His mental image focussed in on her hair, down her smooth cheek and then over her bosom, he always imagined her in her uniform, although he didn’t know why, there was a little gap where he remembered being able to see into her bra once, she was wearing a white one that day. His mental eye zoomed in on that this time and he felt himself growing a little beneath the desk.

He realised what he was doing and smiled wistfully before returning to his computer, shaking his head.

There was a knock at the door to his office. He turned around and was surprised to see Emma standing there, as if his semi-erotic thoughts had summoned her. He laughed at that thought. He checked his watch, she would have just finished her shift, which was obvious when he noticed the very short denim skirt and top that she was wearing, he smiled at her.

What did she want, not complaining though, he got up to unlatch the door.

Emma walked upstairs from the shop floor, her shift was finished for the day now. Although she quite liked her job, sometimes it dragged, and this morning even more so, two of her friends were off sick, so she couldn’t chat to them. And Dave had been doing paperwork upstairs, and she’d missed him.

She keyed in the code to the ladies cloakroom and entered. There was no one else in there, she finished at an odd time, so she had the place to herself. She looked up at the notice on the wall, a list of people who had to collect their tax forms from the office. Her name was on there, she didn’t mind that she had to go and pick it up, Dave would be there.

She changed first, nobody thought that the uniform blouses were very flattering, and she preferred a short skirt to the trousers she wore here. The blouse was swapped for a light, blue halter top, it was hot outside, summer had just arrived. The trousers were duly exchanged for a short blue denim skirt, leaving her long, slightly tanned, legs exposed. She tweaked the top so it exposed a little more cleavage, without showing off her bra, which she hated doing.

It took just a few minutes to touch up her make up and she smiled at herself in the mirror. If only Dave would look at her like a woman, and not like an employee, or a colleague, or however it was that he looked at her like that prevented him from kissing her. She would like that.

She left her bag outside the changing room and walked upstairs to the offices. She knew exactly where Dave’s was, but dawdled on the way there, her mind running in nice circles of what he could do to her to make her smile again. She felt a very slight heating between her legs and shook her head out of the fantasy. She was standing outside his office.

She could see him hard at work through the pane of glass. A hand raised and knocked lightly on the glass. He started up, then turned around and smiled at her broadly, she returned his smile with warmth of her own and he walked over to open the door.

The bahis şirketleri door latch clicked open and Dave stood aside to let her enter the office. He smiled again, “what can I do for you then?”

“There was a notice downstairs telling me to collect my tax form, so here I am,” she smiled as the words flowed confidently out of her pretty mouth.

“Of course, it’s just, um, here, um, somewhere.” Dave turned to the heap system on his desk and pulled a few things out, seemingly at random. Eventually he found what he was looking for and produced it, “here, I knew it was, don’t lose it now,” he laughed back at her. “Anything else I can do for you?” He could think of a few, but, no, not those thoughts!

“Oh, yes, I’ve just remembered, I need a signature on this form from a ‘respected member of the community’ and I guess you fit the bill!” Emma produced a neatly folded piece of paper which she thrust at him. He laughed at this, and her eyes seemed to catch hers for just a fraction of a second longer than they had before. He turned away quickly and found a pen, opening up the form.

“Just here?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Anything else while you’ve got me here?” Again that eye contact, but this time he didn’t turn away.

“Well, just one thing.”

“Name it.”

She leaned forward and kissed him, lightly, on the lips. It was a soft, delicate touch that made his knees quiver and his heart skip a beat. Of all the things he expected, that wasn’t it. Definitely not.

He opened the door and stood aside to let her in, like the gentleman he was. He asked her what she wanted and the words of her request stumbled out. Dave was not always the most organised person, and Emma smiled a small smile to herself as he leafed through the mess on his desk to find what she wanted. Eventually it came to light and he handed it to her.

She suddenly remembered that she needed her passport form signed by someone, and what better opportunity to chat to Dave for another thirty seconds. She pulled out the tatty form from a pocket and passed it to him, his eyes seemed to glint and catch hers for a moment more than she was used to. Her breath caught as he smiled and she felt her cheeks rising in red as he turned away.

As he signed and dated all the relevant bits, she wandered over closer to the desk and stood closer to him. He straightened and passed the form back, again their eyes caught, Emma felt her heart flutter and the surge of adrenalin deafened her to what he was saying, and what she responded. Her vision blurred and she couldn’t resist it any longer.

She leaned forward and kissed him, it was a clumsy kiss, not what she had planned at all. She drew back and gasped, preparing to run.

Dave didn’t know why she’d done that, or what caused him to break his rules then. He felt her head backing away, but some part of him couldn’t let her go without letting her know how he felt. He brought his hand up behind her head and drew her deeper into the kiss.

At first their lips melted together again, then they parted and tongues danced out to meet and caress one another. His legs were weak, his heart in turmoil. He kissed her deeper. Both his hands roaming around her back and drawing her lithe body closer.

She shouldn’t have done that, he wouldn’t like it, he’d never talk to her again, she jerked her head back. But she couldn’t move it, his hand had closed around her head. This must be some kind of mistake, he couldn’t want her, could he?

The kiss came as even more of a shock as his lips pushed against hers, then his tongue snaked out and parted her lips. It entered her mouth and she gladly responded with her own lips and tongue. Her body lit up as she felt his strong hands closing firmly around her and drawing her into his muscular body. She moaned lightly into his mouth.

He wasn’t sure but he thought she moaned slightly as he drew her closer. He let his hands explore more of her body, moving swiftly, hungrily around her back, around her pert buttocks. He could feel his erection throbbing and didn’t know whether to draw her closer or to hold her distant. She decided that when her hands clenched in kind around his buttocks and drew his hips to grind against hers.

She could feel his cock, it felt so alive, she had to feel more of it. Her hands followed his pattern, a pattern that her body on bahis firmaları fire, and she clenched around his buttocks, drawing him closer. She could feel it even more now, and needed to grind against it, to feel it touching her body, to feel anything between her legs other than the furnace that raged there now.

She stepped back for a moment, knowing that he needed guidance, that he would still be unsure of how far to go. As she stepped back, his hands fell away from her buttocks, she caught one and raised it to her mouth, her lips kissed the back of it and she placed the palm onto her breast. He squeezed, gently, and she felt the rough fabric running over and stimulating her erect nipple. She closed her eyes and sighed, her hand taking his to the next step and placing it up, inside her top, on her bare breast. He squeezed, harder this time, and his thumb found her nipple, flicking it.

Dave knew that he wanted her, he knew that she wanted him now, but he didn’t know how far to go, what she would want. Before he could linger on this thought, she stepped away from him. Disappointment welled up inside him, but she caught one of his hands as it fell limply from her pert ass.

He looked over her body, she must not be wearing a bra, judging my how much the nipples poked through the fabric of the top. She looked so fine there, just waiting for him. She kissed his hand lightly, and sends a shiver up his arm. Then it is as if time slows as she places it on her breast. He knows what to do, he squeezes, feeling her erect nipple rubbing his palm. He can see she likes it as her head sways and her eyes close. He watches as her hand guides his inside her top.

He feels for the first time her bare flesh, and he squeezes again, knowing what will make her glow, he flicks her nipple. She moans and her hand drops, leaving his to it’s own devices.

His other hand joins the first, on the second breast, and for a few moments he just moves them lightly, rubbing around the nipple, flicking it occasionally. Her breathing becomes slightly ragged, and her eyes remain closed. He lifts up her top and she freely lifts her arms to let it pass. The desk is just behind her, and she sits back on it with a slight push from Dave.

He kisses her again, their mouths meeting in new passion as his hands continue to explorer her breasts. Slowly he leaves her mouth and runs a trail of soft, wet, kisses over her cheek, down her neck, over her chest and to her nipple. He kisses around it, one hand working on the other and his second hand roaming the bare flesh of her back. Slowly his mouth finds her rock-hard nipple and his lips close around it. His tongue darts around, flicking and teasing and she moans again, louder this time.

He can feel the nipple getting harder under his tongues playful flicks. His other hand roaming around her thighs now, sliding up and down between her legs, moving slightly under her skirt. “Touch me, touch me please,” she pants and almost begs.

He runs his hand further up her leg, then down again, then up, and down, gaining a little ground each time on her, closer to her nerve centre. When he reaches the top of her thigh, he can feel the dampness that has formed on her panties, his finger running oh so lightly up the front of them causes her to moan again. His other hand moves down to join the first and he takes her knickers down slowly.

She lifts her legs up to allow him to remove them. He stands back from her and catches her eyes as she pants lightly. He raises her knickers to his mouth and inhales, it is a beautiful scent, the smell of her.

Then he smiles again, and with the lightest of touched on her knees, parts her legs. She complies immediately and helps him by hitching her skirt up. He kneels in front of her between her legs and reaches out a finger. Starting at the bottom of her slit, his barely touches her, running it up the length of her, to the top where her clit receives a separate little jolt of energy. Then he runs it back down, touching her a little harder, parting oh so slightly the entrance to her majesty. He hears her gasp and moan as her passes her entrance, and her clit.

He lowers his head and, following the path of his finger, runs it up and down her slit, her moans become more anxious, and his head pauses at the top of her slit. The smooth sensuality of his tongue darts forward kaçak bahis siteleri and connects with her hard clit, bringing a fresh urgency of moan. He rings around it with gentle movements of his tongue, clamping down and sucking occasionally on her clit.

His hands run up her thighs from her knees and he positions a finger at the entrance to her hole. He slides it in to the first knuckle and leaves it resting there. Her hips start to move slightly, trying to force his finger deeper, at last, when her breath is coming in short gasps, he enters his finger into her, then a second. His tongue still working on her clit, drinking her juices. The two fingers in her move in and out slowly, in a corkscrewing motion.

He hears her moan “faster, please, make me come, I’m gonna come, so hard, make me come, make me come,” repeated over like a mantra. At this he picks up the pace, his fingers moving lie a blur, his tongue seeming to be everywhere, flicking and teasing her clit. He feels her tight pussy contracting around his fingers as a small scream escapes her mouth.

He spares a glance upwards and sees her mouth open in a silent scream, her whole body tense with her head thrown back. One final, strong flick of her clit and her body shakes, her hips buck wildly off the table, another scream escaping with several moans. After about 30 seconds, he removes his head and she comes down from her high, panting and gasping.

He takes her in his arms and hugs her, all she can gasp is a muttered “thank you.”

She may seemed exhausted, but her hand is soon snaking down the front if his shirt, deftly undoing the buttons on his shirt. She gets it undone and wastes no time in feeling and kissing his hairy, muscular, chest. Her other hand can’t resist and grasps down to his trousers, closing around his erect penis through his trousers and drawing it back and forth.

Before his mind can catch up, she’s on her knees and fumbling with his belt and zipper. It’s not long before it stands gloriously in front of her, and she takes a few moments to draw a finger up and down it’s length, exploring it’s contours. She looks up and smiles mischievously at him, her tongue suddenly darting out and licking a bubble of pre-cum from his end. He gasps and she smiles again.

Again, quicker than he can react, she has taken his length into her mouth, giving him a blow job like he hasn’t had for months. He moans again, not in control of his own body as his hips thrust forward to meet her head’s movements. Her hand joins her mouth and she jerks him off as she sucks.

As the feeling grows she takes it from her mouth, her hand continuing a slow wanking. She looks up again and catches his brown eyes with her blue ones. “Would you screw me now, please?”

He needs no more asking than that and draws her up onto her feet. He falls lightly back onto the chair at her push and she leans forward to kiss him. The kiss is more fiery this time, as between two people who are sharing that special moment. Her hand clutches around his cock again even as his delves between her legs, she kneels on the chair and their hands come together, drawing with them each others’ sex.

They both moan as his cock head grazes at her entrance, and his hands move around to her buttocks. She repositions herself slightly and then slowly, oh, so, slowly lowers herself onto his erect organ. She’s very, very tight, and for both of them there is pain mixed with such primal pleasure to out weigh it.

Soon she is completely filled by him, her damp sex pushing on his tense testicles. His hands squeeze on her buttocks as she draws her self back up again, their mouths still locked in a battle not to scream.

Both of them feel their orgasms rising, Dave fights his off even as Emma accepts her second and moans deeply into his mouth before surrendering and screaming, her hands drawing blood as they run over his shoulder.

Her pace is increasing, and his hips are meeting her thrust for thrust, he can see, and feel wetness running down both their legs from her sopping pussy. His entire world is lighter, seeing in white as bliss approaches. Her head lolls from side to side as she surrenders completely, her pussy contracts around his hardening cock, “fill me up,” she moans and he can resist no longer. His seed erupts from his cock and fills her.

Neither can tell how long it lasts, as they both come back down together, their thighs coated in various juices,, their mouths dry and anxious for more.

They gaze into each others’ eyes.

He hugs her and draws her close.

***The End***

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