Official Choices Ch. 03

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Lorelai was a little annoyed that Hannah had insisted she put on some panties as well as her unicorn t-shirt, but her girlfriend was allowed to try and keep a handle on her behaviour.

Especially as Hannah had willingly sent her out of the bed, and to her dad, despite Lorelai not exactly returning the favour for the redhead.

Sneaking into Mateo’s room had been easy.

He was snoring when she moved in from the hallway, and whilst his room was dark and she couldn’t really make out any of the features, he didn’t seem to have much on the floor or around the bed for her to knock over.

She’d quickly made her way around the bed to the other side, and then pulled back the covers a little. Lorelai had laid down on the edge of the bed, expecting him to wake up, and wormed her way under the covers until her head was on the pillow opposite him.

When Mateo still hadn’t woken up, she rolled her so her back was to him, and pulled his arm around herself. Giving a quiet little gasp as the firm and strong arm tightened and pulled her backwards and into him.

She felt a huge thrill that her daddy was spooning her, and a bigger thrill at the semi-hard something that was now lodged tightly up against her ass.

She couldn’t help herself, one hand creeping down and inside her panties. Not doing anything, exactly. Just resting on her sex as she felt it heating up as she imagined him doing all sorts of things to her.

Kissing at her neck, holding her tight.

Whispering that he loved her.

Taking what belonged to him.

She wanted to reach behind herself and begin to give him a handjob or something. Something that would get him in the mood for when he woke up and discovered his little girl in his bed.

She knew that she’d promised Hannah she wouldn’t let him fuck her, not until they could have their foursome… But that promise was getting harder for her to want to keep, day by day.

She still found it a really, really, hot idea.

However, she also knew that Uncle Jonah was aware of Hannah’s intentions and was doing his best to resist the girl. Which was madness, as far as Lorelai was concerned.

Her cousin was a bombshell of sexual energy that Lorelai adored.

She also wanted to do something with the dick nestled between her ass cheeks because she hadn’t had one. Ever.

Not just in the sense that she was a virgin, but in the sense that she’d only seen them academically, or in split second accidents. Lorelai had never seen a dick close up and all excited because of her.

She wanted her daddy so bad that she ached.

Lorelai wanted him to take her virginity. To slide this monster deep inside her, and to ever so gently make love to her. To join Hannah in ownership of her pussy.

Just the two of them.

Her cousin, who she wanted to marry, and her daddy. Those were the only two people allowed to touch her… But those two were allowed to touch her, however they wanted. Whenever they wanted. Whichever way they wanted.

Despite the thoughts buzzing in Lorelai’s head, it didn’t take her long to drift off in Mateo’s arms.

“Morning, sleepyheads!”

Lorelai groaned and snuggled down further under the blankets, freezing up as she felt a hand under her top, fingers wrapped firmly around one of her breasts.

The hand left her slowly, as Mateo came awake. “Uh… What? Hannah. Lorelai!”

She rolled over, pink in the face and decided that if he was going to pretend he hadn’t been groping her in his sleep, then she’d play along… For now.

She snuggled onto his shoulder, “Sorry, daddy. I… Might have snuck in for a cuddle last night. Guess Hannah got jealous.”

“I am not comfortable getting stuck between you two.” He shook his head.

Hannah laughed, putting down some trays in front of them, “Uncle Teo, Lor and I are fine. I adore the shit out of her, and I don’t mind that she might want… Extras.”

He coughed nervously.

Lorelai grinned and crooked a finger to her girlfriend, who happily crawled across the bed to deliver her the first hungry kiss of the morning.

Hannah pushed her down and into the pillow, swirling her tongue around inside her mouth. Reclaiming her all for herself.

Lorelai lifted her knee upwards to graze at Hannah’s pussy. Making her girlfriend give a timid little moan into her.

The two broke the kiss, and Hannah leaned their foreheads together, grinning at her for a minute.

Hannah sat up and stretched, “Anyways. Breakfast! Rockmelon, strawberries, and fresh peaches. And now the jealous girlfriend will take off again. I’m going for my run.”

“I haven’t been for a run since I came here.” Lorelai pouted.

The redhead shrugged, “Go with Teo once you’re done here. I’m sure he wants one, too.”

“That’s a bad idea.” Mateo said before Hannah could leave, and looked over at Lorelai, “I’m sorry… But there’s probably some local news busybodies keeping tabs on you, at the moment.”

“Shit.” Lorelai swore.

Mateo looked between the girls and frowned, pinbahis yeni giriş “Feeling out of sorts? Not surprising… Why don’t you stay over today, Hannah? I’m sure that Jonah would understand.”

“Invite him over.” Lorelai said quickly, looking at Hannah, “Invite your dad over. He and I have mostly just argued. We should try and get along without Celia to play peacemaker.”

Hannah frowned, considering it, “I don’t know, cuz. I was… Starting to get somewhere.”

“Won’t work if he hates me.” Lorelai shrugged.

Mateo sighed heavily, “You two are planning something, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” The two said simultaneously, and innocently.

He rubbed his face tiredly, “Do I want to know what exactly it is that you’re planning? Or is it going to scare the hell out of me?”

Lorelai kissed his cheek and giggled, “Probably scare you, Daddy. Don’t worry. It’s not totally bad.”

“Just mostly.”

She shrugged at his response, and then looked pointedly over at Hannah who sighed and walked out of the bedroom, “Going on my run!”

Lorelai waited until she heard the front door, for Mateo’s sake, and then whispered quietly, “Was it… Nice? Waking up… Holding me?”

“I thought you were trying things with Hannah to make sure you weren’t tempted.” Mateo said with a little accusation.

She frowned, “Hannah doesn’t mind. I… Don’t think I mind. Besides, it was Hannah’s idea that I come to bed.”

“Hannah’s?” Mateo said in surprise.

Lorelai shrugged, “I was upset last night. Nightmares. I’ve already lost you once before. I… I nearly lost you, again. Her. Everyone.”

His arms went around her, pulling her into a gentle but firm hug, “No one is going to let anything happen to you. Never again. You’re safe with us.”

“Exactly.” She whispered, “Safe in your arms.”

He leaned his chin on top of her head, “What exactly are you and Hannah planning? And why does it have to do with both Jonah and I?”

Lorelai grinned sheepishly into his bare chest, one hand playing with a handful of stray red hairs, “If I tell you… You can’t tell Hannah or Jonah that I did. Has to be our secret.”

“Keeping a secret from your girlfriend? That seems like a bad start to the relationship.” Mateo sounded reasonable. Too reasonable. She wasn’t having the affect on him that she wanted.

She frowned, “Hannah might get a little mad at me, but mostly because she’ll be jealous I told you, when… She still isn’t getting through to her dad. So I guess you can tell her, but I doubt you’ll want to.”

“Do I actually want to know?”

Lorelai gave a small and nervous laugh, “Maybe not. But I do want to tell you… I want… I still want… You to be my first.”


She looked up at him fearfully, “I want Hannah there. With her dad. I know… I’m a horrible person, aren’t I?”

“Hannah and Celia have had a lot of talks about her wanting her dad.” Mateo said stiffly, “I suppose this is another one of those runs in the family, things. Not one I expected.”

“You think I’m pretty.”

He closed his eyes, but she still felt a small reaction from his downstairs and pressed the point. “Dad. You want it, and I want it. It isn’t going to hurt us. It isn’t like you’re going to fuck me and leave me. I don’t even want you to fuck me. I want you to… Love me.”

“Hannah’s story is even more complicated than ours.” Mateo tried a different tactic, “Jonah wouldn’t cheat on his wife.”

Lorelai frowned, “Does… Does Uncle Jonah want Hannah, too? The way that she wants him?”

“He’s… Avoided it.” Mateo struggled, and then sighed, “Do you really think anyone can not think about it once you put it in our heads? Both of you are dropdead gorgeous, and sexy to boot. The two of you are trying your damndest to make this happen. I feel like I’m in a hurricane, helpless.”

“We’re adults. We can make our own choices.” Lorelai said firmly. “I can’t think of anyone who would treat me with more respect, Daddy. You know that it’s precious. That it means something. And you won’t abandon me.”

He brushed her fringe out of her face, and she saw the inner conflict in him, “I know that there will be no taking this back. That I could hurt you in a way you never recover from.”

“So help me make it perfect.” Lorelai begged him, “Daddy? I know it’s a first time. That I probably won’t really enjoy it. The best I can hope for is sharing it with someone who cares deeply about me. So I want to share it with the two people who love me.”

“You want me… To help convince my brother… To have sex with his daughter.” He said, almost in disbelief.

Lorelai shrugged, “She wants it. I don’t entirely see it, myself. I have a crush on you, not on Uncle Jonah. And the end game is for me to marry Hannah. Not you. Though, she’s backing out on that one.”

“Hannah’s having second thoughts about you?”

She shook her head, “I don’t think so. I think she’s having second thoughts about media attention. Considering I seem to attract that shit. Kidnapping pinbahis giriş victim has gay marriage to cousin. Hell of a headline in a local rag.”

Mateo winced, “I guess.”

“She’s taking me on a date, soon. Music and cider.” Lorelai smiled, “We’re still together, Daddy. No sign of anything falling apart. I haven’t screwed anything up, too far, yet.”

He patted her hair, “That sounds sweet. I’m still stuck on the fact you sorta want my help.”

“I’m hotter than mum.” Lorelai glowered at him, “But you were right. Celia’s opinion is the one that matters most. If I hadn’t promised Hannah not to do anything to you until she could join with her dad, I’d already be begging you to take my virginity. But I can’t do that to her. I promised.”

Mateo smiled slowly, “You really love Hannah, don’t you?”

“I really fucking do.” Lorelai beamed.

He sighed heavily, “You’re going to keep coming back to me on this, aren’t you?”

“Hannah said I could give you a handjob. But that doesn’t seem… Romantic enough, to me.” Lorelai shrugged, “But, if you need the encouragement, you could teach me how to give one.”

Mateo coughed nervously, “I’m… Still not totally comfortable with this.”

“I know.”

He looked at the ceiling for a moment, “I’ll talk to Celia. I’m not giving you any promises. Hell, I’m not promising that she won’t want to break the two of you up, afterwards. But maybe a… Compromise. Can be found.”

Lorelai scooted up and kissed his cheek, “Thanks, Daddy! You’re the best!”

“I didn’t promise anything.” He stated flatly.

She shrugged, bit her lip, and frowned, “Can… Would you get mad if I tried to kiss you?”

“I don’t think we should.”

Lorelai shrugged, “I… Don’t care? I don’t care about should! What I care about is that I am crazy about you. I am crazy about Hannah. I’m a selfish prat who wants both of you. It isn’t like you raised me.”

He didn’t look convinced by it.

Lorelai rolled her eyes and turned so she could pick at the breakfast her girlfriend had delivered, “So… Is this the bed where you and mum made me? And have Hannah and I been fucking where she was conceived?”

“Uhm… Yes.” Mateo gave a heavy sigh, “Is that something you find… Hot?”

She frowned, “Yes, to my bed. Fucking my girlfriend where her daddy made her is a bit of a naughty thrill. As to you fucking mum in this bed… Not really. I hate her too much for it to be anything but a reminder what a bitch she is.”

“I’m sorry. For how much Ruby has hurt you.” He said seriously, “Your granddad is coming by today with some legal paperwork, to help protect you from her, and media attention. Be nice to meet my dad, won’t it?”

“Mmm.” She nodded, thinking to herself, “Where’s granddad live? He a local, too?”

“Nope, Melbournite.” Mateo replied, “Mostly retired, these days. But he was a barrister back in the day. Not an artist, like the rest of us.”

Lorelai gave a small smile, and then perked up, “Hey… If Hannah’s going to be busy, and I just want to hide… Can… Can I work at your work, again?”

“At this point, we should make you into an intern or something.” Mateo chuckled, “But, yeah, I don’t see a problem with that, if it’s what you want.”

“I don’t want to think much about yesterday.” Lorelai said firmly, and then remembered, “Oh! I need to talk to Kirstie, too. She and Adi probably had a fun night, but she might be worried about me.”

Mateo nodded, “I’ll get lunch delivered to us, this time. So you can make my workplace into your castle.”

Lorelai grinned cheekily, “Hey dad, you ever have to tell a client that they’re dreamin’?”

“Yeah. With clients, it’s always… It’s the… Vibe… Of the thing.” Mateo waved his hands around vaguely, before the two of them descended into laughter.

She grinned ear-to-ear, smiling at him, and then she decided to cross the line. Worst thing came to worst, Mateo would get cross with her and tell her it was never going to happen.

Lorelai planted a kiss on her father’s lips.

It wasn’t one of the hungry ones that Hannah tended to get. It was soft and tender. Lingering, but brief. She vaguely brushed her tongue across his mouth, but broke the kiss before she tried to actually gain access.

The muscled redhead stared at her in shock, as her hand pressed on his chest, feeling his skyrocketing heartbeat. She gave a little lustful smile, before she turned and popped a strawberry into her mouth.

“You’re… Driving me nuts.” He eventually managed, as she snuggled down into his side and continued eating her breakfast.

Lorelai could feel that he was annoyed with her. She probably was pushing too far, too fast. She was pretty sure when he talked to Celia, it would be about getting the girls under control, not making their dream happen.

It was hard to take anything slowly.

As soon as she and Hannah discovered each other, they’d known what was going to happen. Lorelai had tried to resist, but there was absolutely no other way it pinbahis güvenilirmi could have played out.

She buried her head a little, and whispered, “Guess I dug a hole.”

“That wouldn’t happen to be your favourite movie, would it?” Mateo asked with a small chuckle.

She shook her head, “No, just easy to quote… I… I’m sorry.”

He hugged her, and then surprised her by holding out a small piece of fruit on a fork for her. She felt her heart pounding in her ears as she delicately pulled it off the end, smiling nervously at him.

“Lor, you are an amazing woman.” Mateo said to her, with what felt way too much like an actual father’s voice. “You are beautiful, and intense, and you make me wish I wasn’t the one who created you. You really do. I’m not angry with you. I’m not disappointed in you. I am a little disappointed in myself… But not you. We’ll find our rhythm, but considering the utter chaos of the last two days, that’s going to take some time. And some self-discipline.”

She smiled weakly at him, “Why do I feel like I would have preferred it if you spanked me instead? I hate being told off by you. You’re way too nice and make me punish myself.”

“I don’t mean to make you feel punished.” He replied and stroked her cheek, tucking her fringe behind one ear. “I utterly adore you. And I… I am feeling more than a little extra protective, about now. Which probably means you’re going to find me annoying. I’ll be… Stricter.”

Lorelai smiled at him, “That’s not it. I feel disappointed in me. I mean… I have Hannah. Who is the fucking best. Seriously. What she and I have… It’s more intimate than anything else even could be. And It’s only been a couple days. Why can’t I just be happy with her?”

“You love her. And she loves you.” Mateo said calmly, “But, you probably should give a tiny bit more attention. Don’t pressure her, as such… But maybe she needs a date or three. Just the two of you.”

“Yeah. Um… I need some Daddy advice.” Lorelai hesitated, “I asked Hannah to bring Uncle Jonah over, but… I really don’t like him. Really, really. How do I learn to… At least get along with him?”

Her father frowned, “Getting along with my brother? I think most of your problem is he acts coldly to someone you really care about.”

“He treats her like an idiot.” She said crossly. “And treats her like shit because a bunch of dicks hurt her. I want to break his teeth over it.”

Mateo turned his head a little, “She didn’t tell you, did she? Hannah asked him to. He fought it, at first. Jonah spent the first few days alternating between planning on killing a bunch of assholes, and blaming himself that it happened. Hannah decided the answer to fixing him, was to get him to pretend it was her fault.”

“I want to hit him, even more.”

He shrugged, “Lor… I don’t disagree with you. I’m not the right person to convince you to be okay with his decision. I’ve only followed through with it because it’s Hannah’s choice.”

“Her choice.” Lorelai said quietly and closed her eyes in pain. “She’s as independent as I am. She gets to make her own choices, even when they’re the wrong ones. Fucking stupid ones.”

“Can’t say I disagree.” He shrugged and popped a piece of fruit into his mouth.

Lorelai ate the rest of her breakfast in silence. Simmering in anger. She absolutely hated that Jonah had gone along with his daughter’s request. It was a stupid and asshole move. Encouraging Hannah, even a little, to blame herself… Lorelai really wanted to make her uncle regret it.

Yet, at the same time, it had been Hannah’s decision.

Lorelai adored the shit out of Hannah. She couldn’t imagine a life without the fiery redhead anymore. Some of the dreams that weren’t nightmares were already about wedding bells and amazing white dresses that trailed out behind her.

Days. They had spent a total of two nights together, and Lorelai was on the verge of tears just thinking about how angry Hannah might be if she didn’t respect her dumbass decision.

If Hannah didn’t feel things as deeply, and left her… Lorelai didn’t think she’d cope with it. She didn’t want to imagine it, because it hurt too much just acknowledging the possibility.

The Triss who had eaten the edge of her coffee cup, nervous to be looking for her birth father felt like such a distant memory. Becoming Lorelai was changing her on some fundamental level.

It wasn’t taking away who she was. It was wrecking all the things that had hidden away who she was. She wasn’t Tenacious Triss, some gung-ho girl who was going to get in over her head sooner rather than later.

She wasn’t quite sure who she was.

Maybe that was what it meant to truly be an adult.

Not really knowing who you were, or what exactly you were looking to become, but having to be brave-faced and do it anyway. Feeling like you were one wrong step away from losing everything because you were now being held responsible for your actions.

“You mad at Hannah?” Mateo asked her.

Lorelai nodded silently.

Her father took a moment to think before he continued, “Or are you mad at yourself for not understanding why she wants to be punished?”

“Why the fuck does she want to be punished!?” Lorelai snapped, a hand hitting her tray, “It makes no fucking sense!”

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