On Her Terms Ch. 04: The Party

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Dale was just bending over to pull the laundry out of the dryer when his ass began to vibrate. The sensation caused him to jerk back upright. The vibrating butt plug, operated by remote, was his signal to go find his Mistress. It vibrated quite often throughout the day. His Mistress, Sam, a butch lesbian, had trained Dale to be a sissy slut, and her personal slave. And she thoroughly enjoyed having her own personal call-button.

He found Sam in the bed room with her girlfriend, Laura. Laura also happened to be Dale’s ex-girlfriend, which is how he became introduced to Sam in the first place. The two of them were lying in bed. Sam was leaning back against the headboard, looking flushed, with sweat glistening on her curvy, athletic body. Laura lay curled up with her head in Sam’s lap. She was also covered in sweat and was breathing heavy. It was obvious they had just finished having some really good sex. Of course, Dale was already painfully aware of that fact, since he had been able to hear them both moaning and screaming in ecstasy for the last hour or so. His poor dick had been straining against its chastity cage all afternoon.

“Dale,” said Sam. “Would you be a dear and go get us some water. We just had quite a workout.” She winked at Dale mischievously.

“Yes, Sir,” said Dale and turned around to fetch the water. When he returned with the glasses, Sam finally turned off the vibrator.

“I want you to wash these sheets later.” Sam said to Dale. “I’m afraid Laura got them a little wet.” Dale looked at the bed to see the large wet spot where they had been having sex. The musky smell of it permeated the air, causing Dale’s confined cock to twitch. The smell of sex and the post-orgasmic bliss on the women’s faces was maddening to Dale, who had not been allowed to cum in over three weeks. And he still had one more week to go before he would be allowed any pleasure. But the thought of that pleasure was enough to make him tolerate the constant frustration. After a full month of chastity he was going to be allowed to fuck Laura in the ass, and he could hardly wait. But until then, he had to do anything Sam asked him to do. He had to prove that she owned him completely and that he was willing to be a total slut. So far, he had done just that.

The second week of slavery had started out simply as a continuation of the first week. During the day he would try to go about his life as normal, then every evening he would go over to Sam and Laura’s apartment and become their slave. However as the week went on, it became harder and harder for him to concentrate on his job and other daily activities. Luckily, Sam had an answer for that: He could move in with them and be their slave all day long. It was actually very convenient timing. Dale’s classes had just ended for the summer, and his job on campus was going to expire at the end of the week as well. He would have nothing else to do during the day. With no good reason to say no, he agreed.

As per Sam’s instructions, he only packed one change of clothing and whatever toiletry items he would need. Sam explained to him that he didn’t need much clothing since he would be naked most of the time he was there. He slept on the futon in the spare bedroom, and was responsible for all of the household chores, including cooking meals. But now that he was staying there, he was under Sam’s control 24/7, and she enjoyed finding new ways to torment him.

Often Sam would order Laura to tease Dale by tying him to a chair, unlocking his chastity cage and sucking his cock until he was on the verge of an orgasm. Of course, Dale was never allowed to actually cum. Sam assured them they would both be punished severely if he did. Laura would worship his cock, stopping just before he reached the edge, continuing on until Dale was in tears, begging her to stop. Then, Sam would fuck Laura right in front of him, bringing her to multiple loud orgasms while he watched in frustration.

During those weeks, Sam also continued abusing Dale’s ass, training him to take a series of ever-larger plugs and dildos. She enjoyed taunting him while she stretched his ass open with the largest dildos she could find, and telling him what a slut he was. She also made him give himself daily enemas. During the two weeks he stayed with them, his ass was constantly plugged and he never had a solid shit the entire time. Not only was his anal training a constant source of humiliation, his gaping asshole was proof that he was indeed a pathetic sissy slut. As Sam frequently reminded him, a real man would never let his ass get turned into such a loose, worn-out fuck hole.

Every day, while he was sucking one of her strap-ons for hours on end, or while she was fucking his ass with a giant dildo, she would tell him that she was going to find a real man, or several men, to turn him into a real slut. She would tell him that every day, until he was sure she meant it. When she told him to imagine that the dildo he was fellating was real, ankara eve gelen escort he couldn’t help it. He became resigned that he was eventually going to suck a real cock and get fucked in the ass. He began to wonder how different it would feel and taste. He had swallowed his own cum numerous times, but what would another man’s taste like? Sometimes, he caught himself almost looking forward to finding the answers to those questions. After sucking rubber cocks for so long, he was genuinely curious to try the real thing.

Finally, it was the day before Laura’s birthday, and his month of chastity was almost over. He had been a total, willing slut for the last few weeks and it was almost time to enjoy his reward. That morning, Sam introduced him the extra-large version of the flared butt plugs that she had recently taken a liking to. Even with the flared tip pressed together it was almost as large as any of the other large plugs she had used on him. Once inside of him, the tip flared open and spread his insides wide open. The feeling of extreme fullness was intense. He felt like he had the take the biggest dump of his life. He groaned as his body started involuntarily trying to squeeze it out. However, the shape of the plug made it impossible to squeeze out like that so he just groaned as the spasms wracked his body for a few minutes before finally accepting the invader. Sam patted the base of the plug and walked away chuckling, leaving him to lay on the bed and adjust to the new toy.

The feeling of extreme fullness stayed with him most of the day. He was walking bow-legged for the first hour as he went about his chores. Finally, when the day was almost over, Sam called him back into the bedroom and instructed him to kneel on the bed with his face on the mattress. She slowly pulled the large plug from his ass. He grunted as the flared end slipped out leaving him feeling completely empty inside. Sam taunted him as his anus stayed dilated even when empty. “Look at your slutty ass,” she teased. “I think you enjoy having your ass stretched out like that, don’t you, slut? I’ll bet you can’t wait to feel a real cock in your ass, huh? She slid three fingers easily into his gaping hole.

“Yes, Sir.” said Dale, knowing what she wanted to hear.

“Yes, what?

“I love it when you stretch my slutty ass. I want to feel a real cock in my ass.”

“Well, it’s a shame I don’t have one.” She slid her pinky in alongside her other fingers and began working them in and out. “But don’t worry,” she said huskily. “I’ll find a nice cock for you, sooner than you think. I can’t wait to watch you get fucked by a real man. Or maybe a couple of men. I’ll bet Laura would like watching that, too, don’t you think?”

Dale didn’t respond. He just moaned as she worked her fingers all the way into his ass. The thought of Laura watching him be used by other men was humiliating. And he believed that Sam was serious about making him do it. He was completely submissive to her now. And the more he played the role of the slut, the more he enjoyed it. He enjoyed sucking on her strap-on dildos as if they were real. He enjoyed the feeling of her hips slapping against his ass and her strong hands squeezing his waist as she fucked him like a cheap whore. And he was ashamed to admit that he really did want to know what it was like to suck a real cock, and get fucked by a real man.

Sam slid her fingers in and out of Dale’s ass a few more times. Then she pulled them out and held them up in front of his face. He began sucking on her fingers as she put her other arm around him and cuddled up affectionately. “I want you to know, I don’t just do these things to torture you for no reason,” she said. Her voice was soothing. She had never cuddled with him like that. His cock strained against the cage. Sam traced her fingers down his chest, and took his restrained manhood into her hand. “There’s just something I love so much about pushing you farther and farther. You have no idea how much I like seeing your gaping ass, knowing that you willingly let me destroy your ass like that. And I know you enjoy it too.” She gave his balls a playful squeeze. “Tell me honestly, do you enjoy being my slave?

Dale had to admit she was right. He did enjoy it. He enjoyed being degraded and submitting to her every whim. “Yes, sir.” he answered. “I really do enjoy being your slave.”

Sam smiled and kissed him lightly on the forehead. “I wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t love it so much. I’m just happy to help you discover your true self. I can’t wait to help you discover even more tomorrow.” With that she got up off the bed. “You better go get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.” Then she turned and walked out of the room and down the hall, her round hips swaying back and forth with her swagger. Dale’s mouth watered as he watched her walk away. His mind reeled as he got up and staggered to his bed in the spare room. He sat down, noticing how gaziosmanpaşa escort his ass felt empty and naked without a plug inside of it. He was grateful to be allowed to recover. But he was so confused by everything that had happened. All he could really say for sure was that he truly felt warm towards Sam, and really did enjoy being used by her. Every bit of attention he received from her, no matter how devious, was a source of satisfaction. As scared and intimidated by her as he was, he couldn’t help but admit, he was also addicted. Then he remembered the reward that awaited him the next day, when he would be allowed to make love to Laura’s ass. His excitement made it hard to sleep until finally exhaustion overtook him.

The next morning, Sam woke him up and told him to make breakfast. He did, making an extra-large meal in honor of Laura’s birthday. After breakfast, Sam took Laura out shopping, leaving a list of chores for Dale. He was pleasantly surprised that Sam allowed him to go the day without wearing a butt plug of some kind, although he was still to give himself his daily cleaning.

They returned that afternoon, shopping bags in hand. Sam instructed Dale to follow them to the bedroom and pleasure Laura orally. As Sam went in to shower, Dale ate Laura to multiple orgasms and then turned his attention to her ass, lavishing it with kisses and caressing it with his tongue. He began to imagine his cock sliding into her tight rosebud. She too, was turned on by the feeling of his tongue on her sensitive rim, looking forward to the feel his warm, smooth manhood inside of her; soft yet firm in a way that no synthetic material can replicate. Neither of them had experienced that pleasure since several years before, when they were still dating each other.

After a long while, Sam stopped them and told them both to shower, together. In the shower, they took turns scrubbing each other, and making out, feeling like they were brand new lovers all over again. Dale’s cock throbbed the entire time as it strained against its cage. Only when they had exhausted all of the hot water, did they reluctantly towel off and return to the bedroom. At Sam’s bidding, Dale helped Laura get dressed for an evening out at the bar. He helped her into a sheer, lacey thong and a matching bra, purchased that morning. Then he helped her squeeze into a tight black dress. The dress hugged her body accentuating every curve. She strapped on a pair of high heels and then strutted in front of the mirror. She looked like every hetero man’s wet dream. Dale could hardly believe that she was going to be his at the end of the night.

Sam came in to join them wearing a tight blouse that showed off her ample breasts, and a pair of hip-hugging Jeans. Sam embraced Laura with a big kiss. Then she instructed Dale to get dressed. He did as instructed, getting dressed in a pink thong, over which he donned the one change of clothes he had been allowed to bring over: a regular pair of jeans and a blue button down shirt. Once he was dressed, Laura grabbed her purse and the two women walked out the door, while Dale followed behind. He drove them downtown to one of their favorite bars. As the women got out, Sam gave Dale a few instructions. When they were gone, he went to the store and picked up some wine, a selection of beer, and a few bottles to restock the liquor cabinet. He didn’t know what Sam had in mind but he had the feeling this wasn’t all for just the three of them.

Once back from the shopping trip, he cleaned up the living room and the master bedroom and vacuumed both. When the cleaning was done, he sat down to wait for Sam to summon him. Luckily he didn’t have to wait long. She texted him and told him to come meet them at another bar, just a block away from the first one. He drove back downtown, parked, and walked inside.

Once inside, he glanced around, looking for Sam and Laura. He felt nervous having never been in public with them together. Laura noticed him from across the bar and waved to him. As he walked towards her, she rushed to meet him and gave him a big hug, planting a big sloppy kiss on his cheek. She was obviously drunk, and a very happy drunk, at that. She dragged him back over to the rest of their party. Her friends were sprawled around a small dining table and around a pool table next to it. Sam was seated at the table with two other women, both of whom appeared to be lesbians by their boyish clothes and hairstyles. At the pool table was a curvy red haired woman, and two guys, both nicely dressed with neat, combed hair. Laura took Dale around the tables introducing him to her friends. Sam gave him a discreet wink and a devilish smile, while her companions at the table gave him nothing more than a courtesy nod of recognition. The folks at the pool table seemed way more interested by comparison. The redhead, whose name turned out to be Katie, said “Hi” with an arched eyebrow and a flirtatious smile. Dale smiled back at her, but gölbaşı escort was quickly thrown off guard when John and Steven, the two guys with the group, gave him similarly flirtatious looks. John Held out his had to shake, and gave Dale’s hand a gentle squeeze caressing it lightly with his other hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” said John with a wink. “Care to join us for a game?”

Just like that, Dale found himself in game of pool, teammates with Katie, who was drunkenly flirting with him throughout the game, playing against John and Steven, who were obviously gay, and also seemed to be flirting with him. Any time he sank a shot, one of the three of them would give him a congratulatory slap or pinch on the ass. At first he was tense and uncomfortable. Katie was all but grabbing him directly by the crotch where she would discover the hard metal cage. But then Sam ordered up a couple rounds of shots and Dale began to loosen up.

Halfway through their game, Sam sidled up to Katie and whispered something in her ears. She looked disappointedly at Dale and gave a dramatic pout. Sam just winked and walked away. After that Katie wasn’t quite as flirty, but still just as playful. John and Steven, however, never stopped flirting and became even more playful as they continued to drink. All the while Dale kept glancing at Laura, who alternated between the two tables, looking dazzling in her tight dress. Finally, after having been there for over an hour and a half, Sam came over to Dale and put her arm around his shoulders. “How are you getting along with your new friends?” she asked.

“Pretty good, I guess,” answered Dale. “But Steven and John keep flirting with me an awful lot. And Katie was flirting with me but then she stopped after you talked to her.”

“Well, that doesn’t surprise me,” said Sam, smiling mischievously. “I told Katie you were gay.”

“You told her what?” said Dale, shocked.

“Don’t worry,” said Sam. “I didn’t exactly lie to her. I also told John and Steven that they were going to get to fuck you later tonight.” Dale looked at her in shock as the color drained from his face. “And they are going to fuck you if you want to have Laura’s ass tonight. So you better get nice and friendly with them.” She smiled a big smile at him. Dale looked somewhat anxious and uncomfortable. “Just think of all the practice you’ve had sucking cock and taking it up the ass.” Said Sam. “Tonight you’re going to get to feel the real thing and not just a piece of plastic.” Then she leaned in close and whispered into his ears. “Just think of all the times you begged to take a real cock. I hope you weren’t just saying that to make me happy.” She gave him a wink and then walked back to the table with the rest of the lesbians. Dale turned helplessly back towards the two gay men on the opposite side of the table. Suddenly their lascivious grins had a whole new meaning.

After another awkward hour or so, it was time to leave. They said goodbye to Katie and the lesbians and then Sam, Laura, John, and Steve piled into the car. Dale drove, being the least drunk, while Laura sat in the passenger seat and the other three sat in the back. Laura’s hand drifted to Dale’s lap and carressed his caged cock and balls the whole drive home. Meanwhile Sam whispered mysterious things to John and Steven.

When they got back to the house, they all walked into the living room. “Dale, be a dear and get us some drinks, will you?” ordered Sam. Dale went into the kitchen and brought back wine and beer as per their requests. When he came back in he found Sam and Laura seated at one end of the sectional couch, with John seated on the same side, and Steven seated caddy-corner. Dale handed out the drinks and sat down next to Steven. Sam and Laura were making out sloppily. Sam extricated her lips from Laura’s and looked over at Dale. “Why are you still wearing clothes?” she asked bluntly. “Our guests want to see your little sissy panties.”

Dale blushed as John and Steven looked at him expectantly. Embarrassed, Dale got up, undid his jeans and shirt and took them off. Soon he was clad only in his pink thong. Sam instructed him to turn on the stereo. As he walked over to the stereo and bent down to turn it on, one of the guys cat-called him. The Stereo played one of Sam’s workout mixes, which was mostly techno. Dale walked back towards the couch, feeling self-conscious. Steven made a comment about his large bulge. Sam chuckled. “Don’t get too excited,” said Sam. “Dale why don’t you take off your panties and show the boys what you’ve got?”

Reluctantly, Dale slid his panties down, revealing the shiny metal cage locked around his manhood. The guys laughed, surprised. “Oh Sam, you are evil!” said John. “Come over here and let me get a look at that thing,” said Steven. “Sam’s told us all about this thing and I’ve been dying to get a look.” Dale walked over and stood before them. They both reached out to fondle his balls and prod his caged meat, which was straining to be released. “You poor thing,” said John, teasingly. “Is Sam being mean to you?”

“Oh, don’t worry about him, he loves it,” said Sam. “I’ve told you how much he loves being my little slut. In fact, last night he was just telling me how much he wants to get a taste of real cock. Weren’t you, Dale?”

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