On the Bus to LA

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“Last call for boarding, Whippet Transit 48 to Los Angeles and points between now boarding at Lot Seven …”

Karen Dewhurst slung her duffel bag into bus 48’s baggage compartment and climbed on board. She headed for the last row of seats hoping to avoid having a seat mate on the trip. She was in no mood for conversation. Taking the seat by the window, she relaxed for the first time in days. Her job search in Philadelphia had been a flop and she was almost broke. Mom and Dad had offered to put her up for a while, so she was heading to Los Angeles to crash with them until she got back on her feet.

Feeling a sudden twinge in her right hip, she shifted in her seat and flexed her leg. Fortunately, these new European model buses had more comfortable seats and more leg room. She’d have to check in with the VA when she got in and see if …

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Shaken from her thoughts, Karen looked up to see a pretty redhead wearing a colorful blouse and a short denim skirt much like her own smiling down at her. Damn! At least it was a woman.

“Nope, have a seat.”

The redhead flopped down, blew an errant curl of cinnamon colored hair from her face, sighed and made a futile attempt to pull the hem of her skirt down. Her legs were long, well-shaped and muscular; a dancers legs. Her face was heart shaped, with dazzling white teeth and jade green eyes that looked right through you. Her softball sized breasts rode high on her chest and her figure was lithe with curves in all the right places.

“Oh thanks. I’m so glad to be sitting with a woman my age. The dudes all try hitting on me and the old folks talk your ear off. Know what I mean?”

Karen chuckled and said “The names Karen Dewhurst, what’s yours?”

“Julie, Julie Whitney, you going to LA too?”

“Yep, thought I’d try gettin’ into the movies.”

“No kiddin’? I can see why, you’re pretty.”

Julie liked her seat mate right away. Karen was a big woman, not quite six feet tall, with broad shoulders, muscular limbs, slim waist and ample breasts. Her face reflecting her mixed heritage of Irish, French-Canadian and Native American with high cheekbones, close cropped black hair, an aquiline nose and a full lipped mouth.

As they chatted and looked each other over, the same thought crossed both their minds ‘I wonder how she is in bed?’ Followed by ‘Ahhh, she’s probably straight. She looks fine though.’

With a hiss of air brakes and the thrumming of its diesel engine, the bus left the terminal, wending its way through the downtown traffic and onto the Interstate headed west. As the bus rolled along, the women were soon chatting like old friends about what was of interest to them.

Julie was a singer and a dancer who occasionally worked in strip clubs between gigs. Karen had been trained in the Army both as a weapons specialist and general mechanic. Julie had a friend in LA who thought she could get her some parts in the movies, on the stage or singing with a band. Karen explained about her fruitless job hunt and her deciding to bunk with her parents for a while until she could go out on her own again.

Several hours passed and, when the conversation flagged, they each took reading tablets from their purses and settled back to entertain themselves. The subdued rumble of the engine, the singing of the tires on pavement and the gentle swaying of the bus in crosswinds combined to make the women drowsy and soon they were asleep. Later, they were awakened by the driver announcing the next stop and an hour’s layover for dinner.


Walking across the terminal to the restaurant, Julie noticed Karen seemed to be favoring her right leg and said “Get a cramp from sitting?”

“Nah, I hurt my leg a couple years back and still it bugs me every so often.”

“I can relate. I’ve pulled a muscle before. How’d you hurt it?”

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

“Okay, no problem.”

They found the restaurant, were seated, they ordered and when their meals came, they ate in silence. Karen seemed preoccupied and Julie chose not to disturb her. She hoped she hadn’t annoyed Karen by asking about her leg and wondered if she would have to change seats when they got back.

With that, Karen emerged from her reverie and said “You wanna split a piece of cheesecake for dessert?”

“Sure,” Julie replied, happy that Karen was still talking to her.

After their meal, they window shopped at the stores in the terminal, bought some drinks and snacks for later and boarded the bus. Not long afterward it left the terminal and headed down the Interstate toward the setting sun.

“What’s that you’re reading?” Karen asked when Julie took her tablet from her purse.

“It’s a book one of the girls at the club told me about. It’s called ‘Tipping the Velvet’ and it’s all about Lesbians in Victorian England.”

“Sounds interesting, is it fiction or history?”

“It’s fiction, but it’s well written and gets pretty steamy in spots.”

“I’ll have to check it out.”

“You can read it when I’m bahis siteleri done.”

“Hey, thanks.”

The bus continued on into the gathering dusk and, after a time, the driver announced he was dimming the interior lights so people could sleep. Karen was already dozing in her seat, so Julie turned off her tablet and settled in.


Living in combat zones had made Karen a light sleeper, subconsciously attuned to odd noises that might mean trouble; so when her seat mate began moaning softly, Karen was instantly awake. She looked over and saw Julie with her head back, eyes shut and her front teeth over her lower lip. Then she saw the woman’s arm moving under the blanket in her lap and thought ‘Damn, she’s jilling off. It musta been that book she was reading’.

Julie moaned again and her arm moved faster. ‘She looks so fuckin’ hot’, Karen thought then impulsively flipped up the armrest between them, slid over against the masturbating woman and whispered in her ear “Want some help?”

“Aw, yeah,” was the whimpered reply.

Julie’s heart jumped when Karen slid against her and whispered in her ear. She’d hoped that Karen would notice what she was doing and see if she liked girls. It jumped again when Karen’s hand closed over hers under the blanket, their fingers interlocked and now Julie had four fingers digging into her gooey pussy. It was sooo hot, she almost came right then, but wanted to enjoy their intimacy so she held off.

Karen snuggled even closer to Julie, gripping her left shoulder tightly as their excitement grew. Karen’s panties were wet and she felt Julie’s body tense and knew she was close to cumming. The scent of a pussy being fucked filled their nostrils and the muted ‘slish-slish-slish’ sound from under the blanket was thrilling.

“Oh gawwd, I’m gonna cum, Ahhhhhhh…” Julie moaned and jetted warm juices over their hands from her overflowing pussy. Karen gripped Julie’s hand and worked them deeper inside her hot snatch, quickly bringing her to a second jolting orgasm. Julie slumped back on the seat, eyes closed; breathing heavily while Karen licked her fingers clean of the woman’s pungent cum. It was delicious.

Julie stirred after a minute or two and said, “Oh wow that was so goddamn hot. Thanks, baby.”

“You got me all worked up when I saw you jilling off,” Karen replied. “I just had to join in.”

Julie sat up, kissed Karen full on the mouth and said, “You wanna get off too?”

“Fuck, yeah, I do!”

Then it was Karen’s turn to pull her skirt up, take off her soaked panties, put the blanket over her lap and enjoy an energetic four finger fucking of her now drenched pussy. Julie snuggled close, nibbling and licking Karen’s ear as she helped fuck her, Karen moaning in delight at the dual stimulation while raising her hips wanting to be fucked harder.

The sighs, the moans, the heavy breathing, the squishing noises, continued until Karen’s body went rigid; she screamed “FUCK!” and squirted clear ejaculate all over their hands and the blanket. Her orgasm rolled on as Julie continued finger fucking her until she fell back in the seat, exhausted.

“Are you ladies alright? I heard a scream,” said a voice. They looked towards the aisle to see an elderly man standing there, a look of concern on his face.

“My friend was having a nightmare,” Julie said. “Everything’s okay now, thanks.”

“Just wanted to check,” was the reply, “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” they replied.

“Damn, I haven’t gotten off like that in a good while,” Karen murmured, “Sorry about the yelling.”

Julie giggled, “S’okay, babe. It was all I could do to keep from yelling myself. That was sooo sexy, I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah, I know,” Karen replied, kissing her. Julie responded and they kissed with lots of tongue until Julie panted “We better slow down before we have another fuck session, not that I’d mind of course.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Karen said. They pushed the sticky blanket under the seat, pulled down their skirts, covered themselves with the remaining blanket, cuddled up and went to sleep.


By the time they’d reached their next stop, the women were very hungry. Taking a booth in the terminal’s restaurant, they sat together giggling like schoolgirls and flirting outrageously, oblivious to the reactions of their fellow diners. When their breakfasts were served, they were quickly devoured, both pausing momentarily to feed the other a tidbit from their plate. After they finished, they found the terminal’s Ladies Room so they could wash and dry their caked panties.

The room was cavernous, a long row of sinks, mirrors and hand dryers on one wall, an even longer row of toilet stalls along another. Washing their panties with hand soap in the sinks, they then dried them with hand driers. They were about to leave when Julie said “You know, there’s no one else in here, let’s go to that last stall and fool around a little.”

“I like the way you think,” Karen replied. Stuffing their panties in their purses, they hurried down to canlı bahis siteleri the stall, went in and locked the door. Karen hiked her skirt up to her waist, put one foot on the floor, the other on the toilet seat, placed her back against the wall and moaned happily when Julie dropped to her knees and began eating her out. Julie was anxious to show her new lover her oral skills and began sucking, licking and nibbling Karen’s tender pink flesh like a starving wolf.

“Oh, fuck,” Karen moaned, “You eat so good, baby. My pussy loves your tongue.” She began pushing her cunt onto Julie’s busy mouth, wanting to cum and cum for this wonderful woman she’d found. Julie gripped Karen’s ass cheeks, continuing to lick and suck and drink the pre-cum flowing freely from the woman’s gooey hole.

“Ahhhh, yeah, rightthererightthererightthere,” Karen gasped, “Oh fuck, here it comes … NNNGGGGGHHHH!” shooting Julie’s mouth to overflowing with clear ejaculate as her orgasm shook her body like a leaf in the wind. Julie swallowed what she could as the rest ran down her chin and onto the floor. She continued to eat until Karen had another orgasm and fell back against the wall, panting like she’d run a mile.

Julie cleaned her face with toilet paper while Karen recovered and then said, “Damn, you sure can suck pussy, woman. Now it’s your turn.” She turned Julie around, had her lean over the toilet, grab the tank lid and bunched her skirt around her waist so her ass and pussy were exposed to her lustful gaze.

Going to her knees, Karen began to lick and nip Julie’s firm ass cheeks, coating them with saliva as Julie whimpered and moaned in anticipation of what was to come. Then Karen buried her face in her lover’s dripping cunt, licking and sucking noisily; it was like eating a warm melon. “Ahhhhhh …” Julie wailed, pushing her ass against Karen’s face as the woman’s wiggling tongue burrowed deep in her pussy. Then Karen shifted her attention to Julie’s puckered asshole, licking and probing with her tongue until the sphincter muscle relaxed and allowed the velvet probe inside.

“Oh, Jesus,” Julie wailed, “That feels so damn good. Eat my asshole, baby.”

Karen complied, sucking and licking, while pressing three fingers deep in Julie’s dripping cleft and wiggling them back and forth. Julie was being driven insane by Karen’s ministrations as she held the toilet tank lid in a death grip and rotated her hips, wanting more fingers inside her. Karen knew her lover wanted to be fucked senseless, so she bunched her fingers together and pushed her whole hand into Julie’s soaked pussy. She wet three fingers of her other hand and plunged them in Julie’s gripping asshole, pumping hard. Being fucked in both holes made Julie’s mind reel and she mewed with pleasure.

After several minutes of having both holes fucked, Julie’s orgasm roared through her body as she shrieked in delight, cumming and cumming until she slumped forward, exhausted. Karen licked her fingers clean, and then lifted Julie up and into her arms where they embraced, sharing open mouthed and sloppy kisses.

They suddenly heard a subdued buzz of conversation and Julie whispered, “Oh my God, there are other women in here. How long have they been here? They must have heard us? What’ll we do?”

“We’re gonna catch our bus,” Karen replied, firmly. “We’re gonna walk outa here and they can just deal with it.”

Smoothing their clothing and fixing their hair, they opened the stall door to see several women standing together looking at them. Holding hands and grinning, they strolled by them without a word being said. Someone hollered “Woooo!” and the group burst into applause as the lovers went out the door.

Buying some bottled water and energy bars, Karen and Julie reached the bus in time to regain their seats before it pulled away on the next leg of their journey. Tired from their bathroom escapade, they soon fell asleep snuggled together and didn’t awaken until the bus made a stop for lunch and to exchange passengers. After lunch, they wandered through the terminal ending up in the gift shop.

Julie showed an interest in a stuffed bear wearing a ballet costume, so Karen bought it for her. Julie, overjoyed at the gesture of affection, hugged Karen and they shared a passionate kiss, astonishing the young sales girl. Back in the bus, Julie cooed over the stuffed toy as Karen brushed her hair, the little intimacies serving to further strengthen the developing bond between them. When the bus continued on, they read for a while, and then fell asleep again, not awakening until dinner.


As the bus rolled on through the night, Julie said “Karen, you awake?”

“Nope, too much sleeping this afternoon I guess.”

“I can’t sleep either.”

“C’mon over and we’ll snuggle.”


“Mmmm, you are sooo sexy.”

“So are you, I had fun today.”

“Maybe we could share an apartment when we get to LA.”

“I’d like that a lot. Then we could fuck whenever we wanted.”

“You’re insatiable.”

“You love it too.”

There canlı bahis was a pause, and then Julie asked “How’d you hurt your leg, sweetie, in the war? I don’t wanna be nosey. I just wanna understand why you’re in pain sometimes.”

“Sure, babe,” Karen began, “After graduation and spending a couple years in the local community college, I got bored and joined the Army because I wanted to see the world. What I saw of it really sucked. Once I got out of boot camp, I went for training as a weapons specialist and then as a general mechanic; then I was shipped out to Afghanistan. What a shithole that was.”

“I’ve seen stuff about it on the TV, hot, dusty, ugh.”

“It was that and lots more. Ever seen a Camel Spider?”

“Ew, no.”

“Neither had I until some asshole thought it would be funny to toss one in my bunk when I was sacked out. I about shit myself until I killed it with my boot.”

“Wow, are they poisonous?”

“Nah, they just look scary as fuck, they can nip you good though if you’re not careful. I found out who did it and got even. We were always pulling crap like that on each other.”

“How’d you get hurt?”

“HQ got some humint that there were some Taliban operating in a Kandahar suburb, so we were sent to check it out.”

“Humint, what’s that?”

“Human Intelligence, people see stuff and wanna get paid for telling it to you, anyway, I’d just sewn on a fourth stripe and the Major tapped me to lead the patrol, so …”

“Wait a minute; I thought women weren’t allowed in combat.”

“That’s what the regs say, sure, but the Major was a cool guy. If a woman wanted to fight alongside the guys and could hold up their end, he’d let ’em. Anyway, we went out in a coupla’ Humvees that the motor pool had up-armored with steel plates on the chassis and sides and a MRAP in case the shit got real.”


“Mine Resistant Armored Personnel Carrier; big mother, six wheels, gun turret, anyway, we rolled into this crappy Afghan village and down the main street into the market place and didn’t see a soul. We figgered the people were hiding or the Taliban had run ’em out, so we were on our guard. Turns out it was a trap. The first IED went off under the MRAP, blowing three wheels off, but the guys inside were okay.”

“What’s an IED, babe?”

Improvised Explosive Device, an artillery shell or a bundle of plastic explosive like C-4 buried in the ground; anyway, the second went off between the two Humvees; flipped one ass over elbow, blew the other ones front end off. I was in that one and that’s how my leg got crushed.”

“Oh, baby,” Julie exclaimed, hugging her, “How awful.”

“I didn’t feel anything at first and my ears were ringing from the blast. The next thing I knew, the medics were pulling me out of the wreck, doping me up and I was medevacked out to a hospital. They did what they could, but my right leg bones were shattered; tibia, femur, fibula, the works.”

“Oh my God!”

“Yeah, they were gonna take it off, but the head surgeon thought they could save it. Now I’m all Titanium from my hip joint down to my ankle. It still hurts sometimes, but it’s better than being a cripple.”

“Titanium, I thought they used steel or aluminum to replace bones.”

“Titanium is less likely to be rejected by the body’s immune system than other metals. From the outside, my leg had some nasty bruises and was pretty much okay, but the inside was a mess. Some cosmetic surgery covered the scars and here I am.”

“I’m so glad you’re here with me now.”

“Me too, now, since we’re telling about ourselves, what’s the story on you?”

“Nothing as exotic as yours, that’s for sure. I grew up on a farm in Iowa that my dad and grandpa owned. I was one of six kids; three brothers and two sisters; I was the middle girl. It was a great place to grow up. You worked hard, but there were good things to eat and once a week we’d all pile in the truck and go to town.

We’d buy comic books and toys, go to movies, eat ice cream and generally have fun. My mom and grandma would go off shopping and the men would browse in the hardware store or on the farm machinery lots. Shoot, I was driving tractors by the time I was thirteen and combines by sixteen.”

“What got you started dancing?”

“My grandma, she’d been a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall when she was young and loved to dance. I was the only one of my sisters that was interested, so she taught me all the steps and moves including high kicks. Hell, she was seventy-two and could still dance your legs off.”

“She sounds like a cool gal.”

“She is, so’s my Mom. She was a history teacher at the County Combined School in town. We kids couldn’t get away with much like the others did and always had our homework done on time.”

“How come you didn’t stay on the farm? It seems like it’d be a nice place to live.”

“It was, but I wanted to dance on Broadway like Grandma did. She was able to wangle me an audition with the Rockettes, so off I went to New York to become a star. I didn’t make the first cut, so I was hired as a backup in case one of the dancers couldn’t make it. We’d train and practice all the routines every day to stay sharp. I actually went on stage a couple of times as a stand in, but that was pretty much it.”

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