On the Road

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I have a new co-worker. We work tight deadlines, most weekends, and with too little time spent in one place. We’re in the middle of working a Construction Expo in Charlotte, NC, long hours, lots of teasing, all through the day.

We just finished dinner at the hotel bar, where we drank some wine, and kept flirting, less and less subtly as the night wore on. Our hands would touch, as if by accident, until he finally touched my thigh in a way that couldn’t be an accident, really.

My hand moves over his, as I debate with myself whether to move it off my leg. Instead, I touch it gently, and move if higher on my thigh, pulling up my skirt at the same time.

Our eyes meet, smiling.

He starts to knead his hand into my thigh as he asks the bartender for the check. He’s barely audible as he asks, “you don’t want dessert, do you?”

I look at him, and answer, “I do, but not here,” a grin spreading across my face.

The hand on my leg clenches me as I shrug my shoulders and bite my bottom lip, my tongue darting out just enough for him to see it before I tuck it back in.

His hand moves to the small of my back as he guides me to the elevator. Our rooms are next to each other’s at the end of the hallway, when we get to their doors, he looks at me smugly, asking “your place or mine?”

I answer quickly, “let’s start in yours,” as he opens the door and walks over to the bed.

He pulls me into his arms as he backs me onto the bed, pulling me underneath him as his mouth closes over mine and his hands glide under my cashmere sweater.

I mirror him running my hands under his shirt, then press myself against his chest as my hands find his waistband, sliding underneath it, teasing his ass, his cock, his balls, then his cock some more.

As he feels my hands on his cock, he lifts my sweater above my head, unclasps my bra, and pulls it off. He kneads and tugs at my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples. His head moves between them, licking, sucking, nibbling and kissing, seemingly everywhere, his chest against my belly as he sucks on my hard nipples.

I wrap my legs around his, entangled with him, he moves two pillows under my head. As he raises me onto them, he slides off my skirt, leaving me only in my black lacy g-string and heels.

After I fumble with his belt, he raises himself, slides his own pants down and takes off his shoes. His cock is rock hard and he straddles my chest, placing it against my lips.

I look up at him, gently place my hands on his balls, cupping them, as my head moves over his cock, sucking him into me until I feel him kaçak iddaa against the back of my throat. He pulls back a little, and my nose nuzzles along his shaft, flicking my nose up gently, my tongue barely touches him, teasing him, until I get to the base, my hands around his shaft. I devour him, furiously licking and sucking that spot at the base of his cock, his with his balls on my chin. I keep licking and sucking, greedy for his taste.

He runs his hands gently through my hair as I languidly roll my tongue around the base of his shaft, then tease his left ball into my mouth, pulling it in deeply, gently nibbling it, circling my tongue around it inside the sack. I suck it in hard, kissing it gently before I release it and move the right. My tongue rubs along the bottom of his right ball, bringing it toward my mouth as my hands dance up his shaft, squeezing it hard, then gently, as my tongue swirls it around my mouth. I suck on it eagerly, then my hands move up his shaft, my tongue flicking along the back of it, pretending he’s an ice cream cone, as I slurp my vanilla dessert into my mouth.

When I’m back at the top of his cock, my tongue spends some time circling his ridge, my fingers just under it, squeezing the back. Then I move my mouth back of the tip, my tongue teases it, flicking over it, until I place my lips firmly on his cock and pull him in, my tongue grazing the back of his cock as I suck it deeply, steadily, further and further back.

I lightly scratch his balls my long red nails, then squeeze them gently as my mouth rides up and down his shaft, bobbing as he fucks my mouth. I move up and down, again, again, and again, his hands tight on my head, until I’m almost gagging. My hand grips his shaft, pumping him hard with my hands as my face moves over his cock.

I bend my head back a little to lick up the pre-cum, as my hands move to his ass, one hand on his balls, the other sneaking farther, probing gently, then going in deep. The back of his shaft glides along my tongue, flicking fiercely as my head moves up and down, one hand on his ass as he bucks his hips into my face.

The hand on his balls can feel them fill as I push one finger into his ass, moving it in and out, pumping in time to my mouth bobbing over his cock. He tells me, “I can’t hold out much longer, baby!”

I don’t want him to. I want to taste him, and tell him so. My neck arches back as my tongue sticks out and he bucks hard against my mouth and my finger in his ass. I suck greedily at his cock as I feel his balls exploding. I lap up all of it, swallowing hard, licking, as he keeps spurting into kaçak bahis my gaping mouth.

I squeeze his balls and push my finger deeper into his ass; I work it in and out as my head keeps bobbing over his spurting cock. He holds my head with his shaking hands. He’s so tasty and produces so much, it leaks out of my mouth and drips down my chin, over my breasts. I lean in to him lick it all up, squeezing his balls, making sure I get every single drop until I sense he is spent. I breathe into his groin as my neck arches back, so happy, so full.

He leans over and I offer him my mouth, full of his cum, and he leans over to kiss me, tasting himself on me. Our tongues dance.

He climbs off of me, then leans over me, covering me, fully. His hands move to my breasts, rubbing small circles over my nipples, sucking and nibbling until they grow hard in his mouth. He licks off the drops of his cum that have spilled on me.

Every time he squeezes his teeth over my nipples, shivers land in my pussy, there is a straight line of sensation. My bare pussy glides across his groin as his hands lift my other breast to his mouth. Then it lifts off, I’m shocked as he spanks my breasts, then follows his swats with a kiss. I’m writhing under him as he kisses the red skin of your other breast. His other hand circles the breast his mouth just vacated, lifting to spank it; again three times. He rapidly follows his spanks with a kiss to that very, now reddening spot, then circles both breasts with his hands, kneading them gently.

As he nuzzles his head between my breasts, I move my flimsy lacy thong to the side and find his cock, placing it against the opening of my pussy, grinding up into him as he plunges in deeply. I lift my hips to meet him, clenching my pussy to grab him. He is still alternating kneading, spanking, and kissing my breasts, and I’m alive with sensation, as his spanks are gentle enough not to hurt, yet strong enough to make me tingle as his cock bores into me, creating its own tunnel deep into me.

My hands reach for his neck, pulling his face into mine as my hard nipples press against his chest. His balls slap against me as his whole body comes down on me, pressing into me as our tongues suck on each other. He grinds his cock deeper into my pussy, so deeply I groan; every thrust hitting my soft spongy spot, my legs pull him in, driving him toward me, pussy clenching hard, I draw his cock in as far as I can, holding him in, squeezing him tight, bucking my hips toward him, his body pressing down against my hard clit.

I look up at him, tell him how badly I need to feel him cum inside illegal bahis of me. I tell him how much I want that slipperiness, how I want him to push so deeply into me he won’t know how to go deeper.

He lifts himself up with my hands at my sides, draws back his hips, almost all the way out, and then slams hard down into me, again and again, until, once more, he pulls almost all the way out, then drives back in, harder and harder into my pussy until I can feel the tip of his cock bouncing against my cervix, pulsating into me, so hard.

His balls buzzing as they slap against me, and my legs come even more tightly around his waist, heels on his ass as I pull him in, and he slams his hips against me, arching his back.

I bury a finger in his ass, pushing it in as he starts to cum, cum, and cum, his balls pumping cum through his shaft. As cock explodes into me pumping against me, I pull my finger out and push it back in, make a “come hither” motion with it, over his prostate, making his cock even more alive. As I feel his balls emptying into me, I keep clenching, and milking, one hand on his balls, squeezing, the other in his ass.

My legs move to his shoulders and I arch my back. He rolls my hips up off the bed, his fingers slide my string aside and his cock finds my ass, slick with cum, pushing slowly into my puckered rosebud, slowly feeling me open. His hands hold my ankles tightly, pressing them up, as he impales me on his cock. He pumps his cock in and out of my slick ass, pulling the swollen head almost all the way out as he pushes my ankles further up towards my head, and pumps in and out of my ass. He can feel my tight, slick ass pulsating around his cock as he leans against the backs of my legs and arches his back to push his cock in further, deeper, pumping his hips now, pumping his cock up my ass, his balls pressed against me.

He reaches down with one hand to massage my clit as he keeps bouncing his body against mine. His hands on my pussy, his cock in my ass, all this bouncing, is making me squirm. He looks at me, “cum with me baby, I want to fill your ass with my cum,” he moans as my fingers intertwine with his against my pussy. I answer him quickly, “yes baby! Please! Fill me!” as I arch my back to push his cock in as deep as I can. He pulls out one more time, pinches my clit between his fingers, slamming himself back into my ass. He keeps driving deeper, as we both ooze wet sticky cum, everywhere. He grins down at me, spent, and pulls me up over him as he rolls onto his back.

I tuck my feet under his ass, nuzzle my face into his neck as his hands rub my back gently. He reaches down and tugs the blankets over us, teasing me with magical words “do you want to take a nap, baby, before we move to your room?”

I nod gently, drifting, wondering if he’s kidding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32