One Night

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Author Note: This is my first story after a serious case of writer’s block. I haven’t written anything in nearly a year and so I hope you enjoy this little tale. It’s a little twist on life and shorter than what I normally write. Hopefully the intent comes through and I look forward to some constructive feedback. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Georgia Williams stood looking at her work colleague, Scott McNamara while he escorted lecturer Madeline Albright to her car. It was a daily ritual with those two, with Madeline only ever wanting to be escorted by the hunky Scott and usually after 6pm when she had finished for the day. He was a six-feet, four inch bundle of muscle, with a gorgeous face, topped with that dreamy dark brown hair, and strong jaw. Georgia had known him for a few years and it was Scott that put in a good word for her when she applied for the job. It also didn’t hurt that the politically correct university wanted more females on the security team. Scott didn’t care though and the two of them got on well, having a lot in common. At only twenty two, he had the world at his feet, with any number of women throwing themselves at him. He had reduced the number of subjects he was taking for his business degree so that he could work and earn enough to pay his way. If it took him longer it didn’t matter, but given he was a high distinction student, he was flying through the subjects and would be finished in the next year.

Georgia was twenty, of average height but was fit and athletic, never wanting to rest on her laurels and let herself go. It just wasn’t who she was. She had joined the security team at the University in the last nine months, to help pay her way through University as well. It also didn’t hurt that she could use the money to buy not only clothes, but some sexy toys she had always wanted. It was an easy gig, with the University getting cheap labor, after hours, to mind the library, main office building, technology building that housed all the student computers, main car park and cafeteria. It was only a small part of the campus, but enough for two security guards. She was rostered on with Scott four nights a week, with one alternating weekend. They would start at 5pm and finish at 11pm during the week and only work afternoons on weekends.

Watching as he waved Madeline off, Georgia smirked when he got close and shook her head. She could see why he would help her. Madeline was stunning. She was a young lecturer from the business faculty, and at around thirty years old, with long flowing blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and full lips, was a real knock out. Her figure, well, that was something to behold. Not one to dress demurely, Madeline wore tight dresses that showed off her enviable curves. She looked more like a model or porn star than a lecturer at a prestigious university, with huge breasts, skinny waist, round hips, incredible ass and legs that didn’t end. But the one thing that Madeline couldn’t understand was why she only ever wanted Scott to escort her to her car. It was something she liked to tease him about.

“I think she likes you,” Georgia said with a chuckle.

“Uh huh,” Scott said with that look of disbelief. “She is nothing but polite and nice. You know she’s nice to everybody.”

That was true. Everyone only ever spoke highly of Madeline and she was indeed nice. But it still didn’t stop Georgia from teasing Scott. It was more fun that way. It was easy between the two of them and while she could tease him, Georgia never let anyone else do it. She felt protective of him, not that he really needed it. They were a good and effective team, which was how she wanted to keep it. Not to mention being the only one that could tease him like she did.

“You want to fuck her,” Georgia said nudging him as they began their patrol of the empty office building. They would lock it up and make sure all the lights were turned off.

“And you wouldn’t?” Scott asked as they entered the building. “I’ve seen you staring…”

“I never said that,” Georgia replied causing them both to laugh. She slapped his ass when he walked by and looked at him like nothing happened. He had a great ass and there was no way she was going to give that up. When she walked passed to get to the first room, Scott reciprocated, slapping her firm, round ass and causing her to poke her tongue out at him. It was playful between them and that was just how she liked it. They had so much in common, friends would ask if they were a couple, only to be disappointed when they answered in the negative. But it was still fun though.

The two of them swept the building and closed it down, locking it up tight after the hour long process of visiting every room and level in the five level building. They headed back to their office near the library to have a bite to eat and take a load off before heading back out to undertake the rest of their duties. The next thirty minutes flew by and before she knew it Georgia was heading back out to patrol her area. She would meet up with Scott bahis şirketleri along the way, with them often closing the library together and then heading back to the office.

Not wanting to waste any time, Georgia flicked her head upwards at Scott to give him the signal she was off and he did the same, both of them smiling at one another. She grabbed her torch, and radio before heading out. As she was walking away from the office she noticed a woman walking towards her. It was odd, given no one usually came down to the security office this late at night.

The larger woman strolled towards her, with a smile on her face. Georgia knew her, she was an older woman that had the hots for Scott and had been chatting him up for a while now. Jenny Stoker was her name and she had cottoned on to Scott when they were in the same elective class together. She was over-weight, with a round belly, not that there was anything wrong with that, but Jenny was very pretty. She had the face of an angel, with big beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile. What she lacked in the chest department, even though she wasn’t that small, she made up for in personality. Always forward and up for a laugh was the way most people described her. Wearing a knitted top and jeans that hugged her huge legs and ass, Jenny looked quite pleasant, even if the sneakers looked out of place.

“Hi,” Georgia said before Jenny stopped in front of her. Jenny was in her late twenties and the gossip around the campus was she was divorced and trying to re-invent herself as an accountant. Not that Jenny let on. She was always too bubbly and bright for that.

“Hiya!” Jenny said all bubbly and over excited. “Is Scott in there?”

It was the tease that Georgia needed right now, to make Scott squirm. It would be perfect given she knew what their relationship was like, but Jenny always seemed to rub him up the wrong way. Jenny had kissed Scott forcibly and pushed herself on to him at a few late night parties, much to his unhappiness because he never asked for it. Georgia knew that he liked her as a friend, but not in that way, given she was too pushy and overly demanding. Jenny had gone off in a huff one day when Scott asked her to keep her hands to herself. While most guys would have gone with it, Scott was different which had impressed Georgia no end. Perhaps not all guys were jerks.

“Indeed he is,” Georgia replied happily. “Go right in. He’d be happy to see you.”

“Thanks,” Jenny said happily before bounding inside.

There was no way she could wipe the smile off her face, it was going to be so good. Georgia waited for Jenny to disappear before creeping back to spy on them both. She knew Scott wasn’t that judgmental when it came to women, but he did hate bad attitudes and he felt Jenny had one. Ironic given he could have any woman he chose without having to get to know them. Trying to be quiet and not get caught, it took some time but Georgia finally got back into the office undetected. It was clear she had missed the start of everything. They were in a position that she had never imagined.

“I know I’m not like Georgia. You do like her,” Jenny said but stopped when Scott butted in.

“Hey, stop. I like her, sure. She’s great, funny, and all that but I doubt she would want anything to do with me. Why are you saying that?” Scott asked curiously.

“Look, I know I’m a little overweight. I’ve got a belly and big thighs. I am trying to lose weight, but I’ll never be that skinny,” Jenny said but again Scott shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter. I know it sounds stupid, but personality means more to me. I need to connect with someone more than just physically,” Scott said politely. “What’s this all about? You’re normally more confident than this…”

Georgia felt herself smiling at his admission. Sure she found him hot but it was nice to know he didn’t take her for granted, expecting her to give in to him. She realized there was another side to him, who didn’t like someone for just their body. Perhaps being drop dead gorgeous wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and he knew that. Georgia moved to get a view of them and was stunned when she saw Jenny sitting on his lap sideways so that they could look at each other.

“I don’t know. I mean, I like you and…” Jenny replied taking a deep breath as she summoned up the courage to tell him.


It was a little tense, with Jenny looking at Scott and wringing her hands nervously.

“Okay,” Jenny said taking another deep breath. ‘I’m just going to come out and say it. I want to fuck you.”

The clanger was dropped and Georgia sat there with her mouth wide open. Even though it was obvious, the frank admission took her by surprise. What happened next was even more surprising.

“I know that. Hell, you always throw yourself at me. But I’m not sure that is a good idea. I know we flirt and stuff, and I know I shouldn’t,” Scott said but Jenny kissed him suddenly. She pulled back and smiled nervously.

“Sorry. I couldn’t resist,” Jenny said bahis firmaları leaning forward with her elbows on the table.

“See what I mean,” Scott said with a sigh.

“Sorry. I know. I can’t help it. What can I do?” Jenny asked with a cute little shrug. She was trying her hardest to break down his barriers and it seemed to be working.

“I like to know someone first. Get to know what they like,” Scott said politely.

“I like movies and music, going to the beach,” Jenny said before she looked at him and giggled.

“We’ve already talked about this. You brought it up remember? Even though we were flirting, you never answered. So, I’m going to ask again… what do you like sexually?” Scott asked which floored Georgia. It was getting juicy now. “I mean, I want to know everything. I don’t want to be with someone who says anything, yet when I touch their ass it ruins everything. You know?”

“You’ll have to find out,” Jenny replied with a sultry look.

“Right,” Scott said with a chuckle. “That one again.”

“Why not? It’s fun,” Jenny said cheekily.

“I don’t want to lead anyone on. This has probably gone too…” Scott said but given her bubbly attitude it was nearly impossible to finish a sentence.

“You’re not. I’m a big girl. I just want to put it out there, have some fun. Come on, have some fun with me,” Jenny said with a sexy little smile.

It took a moment and finally Scott nodded in reluctant agreement.

“Okay. Let’s start with something easy. Do you like back rubs?” Scott asked putting his hand on her back. She nodded. “What about like this?”

Scott slipped his hand up the back of her knitted top and caused Jenny to sigh softly.

“That’s nice, yeah, like that,” Jenny said biting her bottom lip. “Mmm, right there…”

“You like that huh?” Scott asked his hand stopping in the middle of her back. His hand moved under her top which caused Jenny to coo.

“Cheeky boy,” Jenny said.

“It was getting in the way,” Scott said in obvious reference to her bra.

“You’re making me so horny,” Jenny said enjoying his hand on her bare skin. “I feel so naughty.”

“You like being a naughty girl?” Scott asked as his hand wandered all over her flesh, causing her to throw her head back and sigh. She then looked at him and nodded.


Scott pulled his hand out of her top and sat there looking at her with a cheeky grin. She was about to say something when he spoke first.

“Give me your bra,” Scott said which took Jenny by surprise. She looked around and then at him, her cheeks reddening quickly.


“You like being naughty, and you want to have some fun, so…” Scott said running a hand up her thigh. “So, I’m going to make you very naughty. Give me your bra.”

Jenny looked at him for a minute before smiling and blushing harder. She then looked around before doing that dance that women do when removing their bra from underneath their tops. Within moments she was pulling it out from under her top and handing it to Scott. He put it in his desk drawer and returned his attention to the smouldering woman on his lap.

“Now my tits are free, wobbling around,” Jenny said with a giggle while blushing madly.

“Good. Show me your tits,” Scott said to the dark blonde woman.

They stared at each other for a moment. Georgia didn’t want to even breathe, in fear of letting them know she was watching. She felt her pussy tingling with excitement and hoped that they would go all the way. It would be so hot to watch it first hand.

Jenny then moved, lifting her top and showing Scott her nice sized breasts while staring at him. If she was blushing any harder she would have lit up the room in glorious red hues.

“I know they aren’t big, but,” Jenny said but stopped when Scott shook his head.

“No. They’re great. I love your nipples. But I don’t think you are naughty enough,” Scott said patting her on the ass to get her to move.

“What? What do you have in mind?” Jenny asked flushed and finally putting her top down.

“Come with me,” Scott replied motioning for her to follow as he left the office.

Georgia didn’t want to be left behind but waited for the all clear before she quietly followed them to the main office building. She watched as Scott opened up and let them both in before disappearing into the darkness. Eager to catch up, Georgia let herself in and quietly looked around trying to see where they went. Upon hearing them upstairs, she took the stairwell up so that they wouldn’t hear the elevator giving herself away. Georgia stopped when she heard them on the fifth floor. Tingling with excitement, she finally found them in the board room, that had a kitchenette attached. Seeing it as a good place to hide, Georgia crept into the kitchenette and looked out into the dimly lit boardroom where Scott had managed to get Jenny topless. Or did Jenny take it off willingly without being asked. Georgia couldn’t be sure, but she could watch and see where it lead.

“I bet you kaçak bahis siteleri like being spanked, don’t you?” Scott asked slowly walking around the half naked woman.

“I do,” Jenny replied softly with a great big smile.

“Like this?” Scott asked before slapping her ass. The jeans muffled some of the sound, but not that of Jenny when she moaned softly.

“A little. But I usually like it on my bare skin,” Jenny replied softly. Her tone was sultry and sexy.

“Alright then. Show me your ass,” Scott said which caused Jenny to bite her bottom lip and hesitate. She stared straight at him, never taking her eyes off him once before finally reaching for the button to her jeans and undoing it, then unzipping and pushing them down over her hips.

Georgia gasped at seeing Jenny’s bare ass and quickly covered her mouth and got out of sight. She was sure she was busted waiting to hear Scott tell her off but nothing happened. She held her breath, making sure the coast was clear when she heard Jenny talk.

“Like this?

“No, take them off. Then over the conference table,” Scott said firmly.

Georgia moved to see what was happening and saw Jenny with her jeans around one of her ankles, and her legs spread while bent over the conference table. It was obvious the blonde had not worn any panties, giving Georgia the idea that Jenny wasn’t so innocent in all this. Her mind wandered though seeing Jenny’s round ass shining in the light, with the hint of glistening between her legs the evidence of her arousal. Before Georgia could take stock of her own arousal she witnessed the first soft slap on those meaty cheeks.

“Mmm, nice,” Jenny said but hesitated when Scott’s hand rested on her lower back.

“I bet you like it hard, don’t you?” Scott asked firmly. “Your pussy tells me so…”

Jenny sighed and then moaned.

“I guess there’s one way to find out,” Jenny replied with a somewhat confident, but smouldering tone.

An almighty crack filled the silent room followed by a whimper and then a deep guttural groan. Georgia stared at the burning red hand print on Jenny’s thick flesh and felt her pussy throb with desire. Another blow filled the void, this time on the other cheek and again stirring something inside of Georgia as Jenny moaned her approval.

“Such a slut, aren’t you?” Scott said more as a statement than a question.

“Yesss,” Jenny said trailing the last letter as she enjoyed the sensations.

“I’m not going to fuck you, simply because you’re such a big tease. Think of it as punishment, but,” Scott said looking between her legs. “Fuck! You are wet. You like being called a slut don’t you?”

“Yes,” Jenny said sexily. “I’m a filthy slut.”

“Good, because,” Scott said shoving two fingers into her sopping pussy. “You’re going to cum for me, right here, right now. Like the filthy slut you are…”

Jenny began to moan as his fingers destroyed her tight, wet pussy. She reached back to spread her ass cheeks for him, giving him greater access to her slutty holes.

“Oh god. I’m such a bad girl. Fuck, I’m going to cum if you keep that up!” Jenny said starting to moan louder and louder. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Good,” Scott said before he slapped her ass again as he fingered her roughly.

Two more stinging blows on her ass and Jenny was wailing as her orgasm ripped through her body. Georgia sat there with her legs tightly crossed, holding her own arousal at bay while Jenny fell to pieces. Scott had smeared her wetness everywhere, roughly pulling his fingers out of her used cunt and spanking her on the ass one last time. Jenny had gone limp on the table, her juices running down her legs while Scott walked towards the conference room door.

“I… I, oh my,” Jenny said picking herself up from the conference table. She looked gorgeous completely naked. Her curvy body, smooth as far as the eye could see and ever so delectable.

“Get dressed. I’ve got rounds to do,” Scott said with a smile.

Jenny stood up on shaky legs, the smile on her face unable to be washed away, and pulled her clothes on.

“I want to return the favor. I can’t wait to taste your cum. I love swallowing it,” Jenny said with a sexy little moan. “I can suck cock for hours.”

Playfully she walked towards Scott and put her hand on his chest. She seemed grateful for the experience she just had.

“Well then. We’ll have to see about that won’t we,” Scott said with a short laugh while shaking his head. “Now, get out of here. I’ve got a job to do.”

The room smelled of sex and slowly Jenny made her way passed Scott, giving him a wink before leaving the room. He turned the light out and left.

“Thank you. I had so much fun,” Jenny her voice trailing as they walked away. The rest of what she said was muffled.

Georgia sat there in complete arousal at what had just happened. She had obviously missed something because Jenny seemed to be so willing and into whatever Scott was doing, that she simply let him. Georgia’s mind had changed about Scott and knew they were more alike than she had ever imagined. Even though she had rounds to do, she knew what had to happen before the two of them left tonight. It was a spur of the moment thing, sure, but she had to know.

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