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My boss Carl tipped his head back and laughed when I told him that I was just between women and hornier than a three peckered Billy goat in the Spring.

Which is what I was. I had been completely used to three times a week with my wife Kathy, but Kathy was long gone.

Along with the house, a major chunk of my assets, and about everything else that was laying around loose.

I had it coming, I suppose. Let’s face it, when the wife comes home and finds her best friend naked and on top of the supposedly faithful husband it can be tough on relationships.

Of course, Kathy was supposed to be gone until Saturday, off bowling in Nationals with her Mother. If she had stayed with the plan all would have been fine, her friend Sarah and I had had a thing going for a couple of years and no one seemed to be even close to finding out.

I don’t even know why I had strayed, except that Sarah was dark skinned, slender and hot as hell. Her own hubby was one of those corporate types that spent more time gone somewhere than he did at home.

We had been at a party, Sarah looked at me and I looked at her and we both knew, it was only a few days later that I ended up at her house one afternoon.

It was a regular thing after that. Kathy and I still bounced the bed three times each week, I am one of those guys that is lucky in that I seem to be always able to get things up and going.

Sarah and I managed to get together a bit less regular but still it was once a week or so. I liked the fact that Sarah was fully waxed, plus she had spectacular lips that were made for licking. Where Kathy would lay back and move her hips in a steady motion, Sarah was wilder and pounded away, letting out little squeaks and chirps. She also loved to be up on top and in control, which is exactly where she was when Kathy walked in the door saying, “Honey! I am ho…….”

I was right in the middle of an orgasm, Sarah was also, her head tipped back and her mouth open.

Probably quite a sight.

Like I said, I had it coming. No amount of “I’m sorry” or “It won’t happen again!” was going to fix that.

All because her Mom sprained her damned wrist.

My job was solid though, Carl paid fairly well so I managed to handle the rent in my little one bedroom apartment. Kathy got the three bedroom ranch house, I got the house payments.

The truth? I missed fucking Kathy way more than I did Sarah, after the hair pulling Kathy gave Sarah, that was the end of that, too. Of course Sarah was stark naked which is a bit of a disadvantage.

So my nice regular sex life became bursa escort what I could find when I could find it, which as every guy out there knows, means it’s irregular as hell.

Sure, women like to fuck as much as men do, but normally they seem to want the guy to fuck just them, plus they are always looking around for stuff.

Anyway, Carl must have noticed my mind was somewhere else, he point blank asked me what was up. That’s when I told him I was hornier than a three peckered Billy Goat.

“Hey, I know someone that can take care of you.” He said, laughing. Carl and I got pretty close over the years, as it turns out he knew all about Sarah and me way before Kathy caught us. Carl was smart, he stayed single and now coming up on 40 it looked like he planned on staying that way.

He also got laid a lot, I am sure. Probably that huge Mercedes he drove helped with that, I wasn’t doing all that well with my Geo Metro.

“Yea? Who?” I asked him.

“Her name is Lee, tall and slender, she takes care of our clients from time to time, stuff like that.”

“Oh. Well, I doubt I can afford…..”

“Naw, don’t worry about that part, I put it down as outside labor and write it off anyway.”

We both cracked up at that.

“I will have her waiting down at Red’s tonight at 8 if you want, she is easy to spot. On the tall side, long dark hair, she usually wears a long black evening gown. Damn good, you will like her.” He grinned at me.

What the hell. I could use a roll in the hay, so I agreed. I knew where Red’s was, it was a nice little bar downtown and I had been there many times hunting. It was mostly a couples place, not very many singles so I knew she would be easy to find.

I was showered and shaved when I walked into Red’s a full half hour early. I paused at the door, letting my eyes adjust to the dark room. I spotted Jeanie behind the bar. I had hit on her every way I knew and got nowhere, she wore a perpetual low cut blouse that showed of her big set of tits nicely, all I ever got was a peek now and then when she bent down to get something from under the bar.

I had spent a lot of time waiting for the next peek, her top would fall open exposing one tit all the way to her nipple. She knew that, too, it was good for tips.

I spotted her seconds later, she was already there. Tall, slender, long dark hair. Dark blouse with a lighter skirt but I dismissed that.

I walked over and sat down next to her, Jeanie brought me a Bourbon and left.

“Hi, is your name Lee?” I asked, looking over at her. High bursa escort bayan cheekbones, the blouse was open to level with the middle of her chest. I saw the flash of several diamonds in the light from behind the bar.

“Why, yes it is. How did you know?”

“Carl told me.”

“Carl?” She hesitated. “Oh, Carl. Right.” She still looked slightly puzzled but flashed a big smile. Then she took a sip of her drink, I picked up mine and noticed she glanced over her shoulder at a well dressed man sitting in a booth about 20 feet away.

I looked that way in time to see him look at me, then back to her and nod.

That was odd as hell, I thought. Maybe her pimp or something?

“OK. Well, what’s your name?” She gave me that dazzling smile again.

“Dan. So are you ready to go?” I took another sip of my drink.

“Wow, you are quick, aren’t you? Where do you want to go?” Lee still had that amazing smile on her face.

“My apartment, it’s just two miles from here.”

She looked me up and down, never losing the smile.

“OK. But just for an hour or two, then bring me back here, OK?”

“OK.” I got up, she slid off her stool, then stopped.

“Just a sec, be right back.” She walked over to the man sitting in the booth, said something. I saw him nod, then she came back to me.

I showed her to my car, she slid into the passenger seat. At my apartment, I wasted no time. I reached out and took her in my arms, she stood there with that silly grin on her face. I got the blouse off of her, she unclipped her necklace and slipped it into her purse, her smallish bare breasts looked wonderful in the dim light in my living room.

She reached out and helped me off with my shirt, then stepped back and slithered out of her skirt. She had on a garter belt and nylons, nothing else. There was a dark mass of pubic hair, I dropped to my knees and nuzzled her as she held the back of my head.

Finally I tripped the snaps, slid her nylons off, then undid the harness around her waist. I had only seen those in photos before, Lee was the first woman I had ever seen in person wearing those.

She was finally completely and gloriously naked, I undid my pants and stepped out of them. She instantly reached down to fondle me.

“Oh, good, you are already hard!” She smiled. I led her into my bedroom, turned on the lamp. She went and sat down on the edge of the bed, looking me up and down, still with that same smile on her face.

I sat down beside her, we spent a very long time exploring each other. Then I pushed her back, bursa bayan escort she lay back with no resistance, opened her legs to give me access. I looked at her closely, in the brighter light of my room I realized that she was older than I expected, at least ten years older than my own 32.

By that time, I didn’t care, her body was beautiful. I buried my face in her pubic hair, she smelled so sweet and clean I couldn’t resist.

“Oh, God I needed this!” Lee cried out as I slipped inside her with no effort at all. Her pussy gripped me like a vice, I struggled to keep from coming instantly, then fell into a rhythm.

My first orgasm was mind blowing, her vagina was very tight and she had amazing muscle control, I could feel her clamp down with each back thrust and then flow open as I pressed.

We slid apart, her hand came down to fondle me and I very quickly managed to recover. This time I had her on her knees and elbows as I jammed my rock hard six inch penis into her from behind. My balls made a steady slapping sound in time with her grunts. She was seconds ahead of me, I felt her body open to accept me as I shot off even deeper into her.

We lay intertwined for several minutes, then she sat up.

“May I use your shower?” She asked.

“Sure!” I told her, enjoying the view as she got up naked and went into my bathroom. She was back in just a couple of minutes, drying herself off with one of my towels. Then she used the damp towel to wipe me down. I went in and took a quick shower anyway, we both dressed afterwards.

I sat there and watched her reattach her nylons, delighting in the look as she stood up facing me with a smile wearing nothing else.

“Thank you for such a nice time, Dan. Jimmy has wanted me to do this for ages.” She reached for her blouse and skirt.

“Jimmie?” I thought. I wondered what the hell she meant by that but I didn’t ask.

We went out to my car and drove back down to Red’s. Inside, we went to the bar, I ordered us some drinks. She sipped hers for a few minutes, quietly. I didn’t know what to say, either.

Just then the man from before came in, she spotted him and gave a small wave. She got up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, picked up her drink and went over to him.

Another customer, I thought. I finished my drink, then went home and slept the sleep of the dead, dreaming of her fine body and the way she had felt as I had slammed myself into her.

That was fun, and just what I needed. I woke up raring to go.

I was already at my office working when Carl got there.

“So what happened last night?” Carl asked me.

“It was one hell of a good time, thank you.” I grinned at him. He looked puzzled.

“Lee called this morning. She said to tell you she was sorry that she was late, but you should have waited.”

“Late? But……”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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