Oral Exam Ch. 17

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Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot down my thoughts. A special thank you goes out to Azrael, who took the time to edit my work (I still love the hyphen too much!!!) You showed me how to get a little more “hardcore.” Thank you also to Rockcrawler and Company. Your life is a continual inspiration. There is some plot here so, if you haven’t read the first sixteen stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I’d love to hear where you think this should go next. Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy.

The clock was counting down: two minutes left. Only a few students remained: that smelly guy in the second row, the Goth girl who always wore a black hoodie, the non-descript brain who sat in the back. Then there was Shannon, and Jessica.

Today was final exam day.

I had already turned in all of my papers and taken my only essay exam. Some of it was pretty good. The rest was good enough, hopefully, to get by. I had spent the last week (plus a couple of days) in study hibernation mode. I had locked myself in the library to avoid any interruptions. After the last library incident (Damn, I wanted to fuck Lori again), I had found a near-secret cubicle that was hidden beyond almost all conceivable detection. From there I went to work, trying to get done with the papers and research that stood between me and the end of the semester.

No pussy for me; school had to come first. Jessica seemed to understand. She called me a couple of times, inviting me over to her dorm for some “fun.” Her voice sounded so seductive. One time, I think I even heard another woman moaning in the background. There was no telling which of Jessica’s playthings it was. I think I used every ounce of will I could muster when I told her no. I had to turn Jessica down; my grades depended on it.

So it had been a sex-free week for me (alright, I admit I faltered once with fellow grad student Sarah late on Monday – it was after hours so it didn’t count). When I turned in my last paper, earlier that morning, my mind was still awhirl with the concepts I had been trying to lock down. Pure thought had taken its toll on my psyche. My eyes were blurry from staring at dusty books of postmodern theory. I was abuzz from a week-long caffeine overload. My back ached from sitting hunched in front of a dull computer screen. Sleep (or at least good sleep) was an unknown luxury.

But my graduate work was all done. The only thing left was administering the final for my speech class. Piece of cake.

I hadn’t counted on Jessica and Shannon.

Most students dress for comfort on the day of the final exam. Sweatpants, t-shirts, and jeans were the rule. Clothes should be loose, so that they don’t feel uncomfortable or cumbersome in the midst of a terror exam. The early hour of the exam I was administering exacerbated this trend. Finals are a recipe for deliberate un-sexiness, especially when blustery Midwestern winter weather is added to the mix.

Jessica and Shannon had bucked all trends. I was a little surprised to even see them show up at the final at all. Why bother? They had fucked and sucked their way to ‘A’s a long time ago. Showing up was pointless.

But they wanted to tease. Shannon was dressed up as a school girl. She wore black high heel shoes and thin white ankle socks. Her plaid skirt was cut way too short to be considered decent. The top was a white dress shirt with just enough buttons fastened to still be legal. A loose, black tie hung around her neck, pressing the shirt between her apple-sized tits. I could clearly see the perky bounce of her breasts and her flat, teen navel. Shannon completed the look with black, horn-rimmed glasses (completely with sparklies) and her bobbed hair. She was a very cute, studious slut.

Jessica was a baby doll dream. She had on a one-piece dress that looked like it came straight out of Frederick’s of Hollywood. Jessica’s tan skin was a delicious and startling contrast against the smooth, white material. Her shoulders were bare except for two thin, white straps holding the fabric up. I was transported to a vision; I could feel myself holding her, kissing, and nibbling, and biting that slender neck. A small reddened patch of skin on her collar bone drove me wild with lust. I wondered which of her girl-toys had given her that hickey. What naughty games had they played together? The bikini-like top accentuated Jessica’s incredible curves. Her luscious, teen breasts practically exploded out of the fabric’s embrace. The dress tapered at her waist and then flared out again. Her womanly hips and shapely ass were on perfect display. The free-flowing fabric made a sexy swish when she walked and did nothing to hide her prodigious assets. She completed the look with white leather boots that zipped up the side. Their sleek and shiny surface screamed, “Fuck me! I’m a slut!” Jessica’s hair was done up in two twin pigtails. She looked bursa escort like the Swiss Miss maid gone very naughty.

About fifteen minutes into the exam Jessica unwrapped a cherry Blow Pop and began to suck. Shannon saw what she was doing. Her eyes lit up and she played copy-cat with her pen. I wasn’t sure if I should stop Jessica. What are the rules on licking lollipops during a final exam? In the end, I let the ladies keep sucking. It was comical and arousing at the same time to watch these two attractive women fellate objects while “taking their finals.”

A few minutes later, Shannon dropped her pen. She made quite a show of picking it up. She bent over just far enough to give me a spectacular view of her cleavage before straightening back up. She then flashed me a winning smile before scribbling something on her paper.

I also learned Shannon wasn’t wearing any underwear. Jessica, on the other hand, wore fire engine light, pink panties. How did I get this information? Both women flashed me repeatedly, making sure that I got a look at the goodies between their legs. Shannon even rubbed the capped end of her pen along the lips of her pussy and dipped it inside of her box. After sliding it in part way, she pulled pen out of her cunt and stuck it back in her mouth. I bet it was a tasty treat.

I am not sure if the other students noticed Jessica and Shannon’s final exam antics. I know that the guy sitting on Jessica’s right squirmed a lot. I think I saw him trying to peek down Jessica’s dress, out of the corner of his eye. I think I also saw a female student shaking her head and scowling. No matter; worst case scenario a few people get irritated while several others race home to wank off.

I sat and stewed as I watched the tease. Jessica and Shannon showed no mercy. I couldn’t leave or touch myself. I placed my hands palm down on my desk; I was afraid that if I moved them I wouldn’t be able to help myself. Masturbation – even in class – would become inevitable.

I could only sit, and fester, and watch, and think about their incredible teenage bodies. My mind wandered and I daydreamed. I could practically feel their proud, teenage breasts in my hands. I traced soft, supple skin under my fingertips. Their nipples were hard and sensitive to my touch. Those pussies tasted so delightful squirming on the tip of my tongue. It felt so good to fuck those sluts, to pound those sweet, coed cunts. And the treasure of fresh, teenage ass….

Alas, I was powerless. I could not act. I could only sit, and sit, and sit some more as Shannon and Jessica played out their mischievous game.

Time was up, “I hope you guys are all done,” I said. “Pack up your stuff and drop your exams in the pile on my desk. It has been fun. Thanks for a great semester.”

The remaining students groaned in exhaustion. They massaged their aching hands and muttered epithets under their breath. Shannon and Jessica sauntered up to the front, seductively cool, and deposited the blue books onto my desk. In the unison they curtsied and said, “Thank you Professor.” My blood boiled; my cock twitched. Shannon and Jessica gathered their things and left the room.


Later, in my office, I looked at the Jessica and Shannon’s blue books. Shannon had mainly doodled; nothing interesting there.

Jessica, however, had tried to answer my exam in as many obscene ways as possible. Each of her answers said something like, “I licked Shannon’s cunt last night,” “I want to gulp down your creamy cum,” “My pussy is so fucking wet right now,” or “I am your nasty, dirty grade-slut, Professor.” I chuckled as I turned each ribald page of her blue book. One of Jessica’s answers even described non-verbal communication as, “What we do when we fuck. You communicate non-verbally with me every time you slide your tasty, Professor cock in and out of my aching pussy.” I shook my head in disbelief. Oh Jessica!

At the end of the book Jessica wrote in loopy, cursive script, “I am looking forward to having you and then sharing you with all of my sorority sisters. You want to fuck them all, don’t you? Imagine lots of new pussies on your cock. I bet it would feel really good. Remember, the party is two days from now, on Saturday night. Your costume will be arriving at your apartment that morning. All of my finals are done. This evening I am having a girl’s night with all of my sisters. I think you know what that means. (She drew a smiley face here). Try not to masturbate too much thinking about what we did at the exam. We were very naughty, weren’t we? Shannon and I were bad, little sluts. Do you think we need to be punished? Spanked? Fucked? Make sure you save us some of that delicious baby juice, Professor. I want to gulp it down straight from the source. Kisses.”

I grinned. Ahhhh, Jessica you teasing minx! You got me so horny and then left me to my own devices. Masturbation, eh? Not if I could help it. I still had other options. I still bursa merkez escort knew other women.


Shannon and Jessica’s torment had driven me over the edge. My horny frustration had reached a terminal capacity. I needed sex. I had to feel that warmth, that wetness, on my throbbing, over-eager cock. I couldn’t think; I couldn’t focus. I was a walking erection. I needed to fuck. Sure, I could masturbate, but those strokes would be empty. Female flesh was what I craved. Anything less would fail to clear the all-consuming, sexual haze that had descended upon me.

It was around lunchtime when I found myself wandering around the local mall. This plan had to work. I knew where I was headed, but I took my time getting there. Perhaps taking time would calm me down. Relax! Women could smell desperation. It leaks from our pores like dog shit. I strolled around, casually looking in shop windows contemplating a few worthless “necessities.” I tried to keep my heart at a casual tup-tup. No need to excited. Letting my mind race unhindered would only fuck up my cool.

After eating a pretzel (those mall-bought pretzels are so tasty!) and wandering aimlessly for over an hour, I decided that I needed to stop teasing myself. I was Zen enough; I needed to make my play. Would she be there? Would she be busy? Would she be ready and willing to fuck?

I strolled confidently into the clothing store to see if Taryn was working. A wave of angry, screeching metal music hit me as I walked through the entrance-way. The place looked empty; I couldn’t see anyone working at the moment. I walked over to a rack of shirts and began to browse.

“You don’t look like the type.”

I turned around to see a delectable package of alternative femininity smirking at me. The woman before me was young, in her late teens or early twenties. She was pretty tall, probably 5’8,” and very thin. She had a pale complexion peppered with freckles. Too much make-up was dabbed onto the skin, probably in an attempt to hide what she believed to be blemishes. A thick layer of eyeliner was caked on, drawing attention to her piercing violet eyes and porcelain skin. She wore a long, black, swirly skirt and Doc Martin boots. A retro, Dead Kennedy’s t-shirt covered her small ‘A’ cup boobs. The fabric was cropped to display a muscular, flat stomach. I think I could also see a teasing piece of jewelry dangling from her left nipple. The woman had a Celtic knot tattoo on her neck, a stud in her nostril, and twin rings in her lip and eyebrow. Her long hair was dark brown with wool synthetic dreadlocks.

I was immediately attracted to this woman. I had never been with anyone that looked like her or had quite the same edge. Her piercings and tattoo only sharpened her innate beauty. She stood confidently with a stance replete with self-awareness. Most of all, despite an obvious attempt at angry fashion posturing, she seemed comfortable in her skin. Nothing could be sexier.

“No I don’t think I do,” I replied. “But I am really here looking for Taryn. Is she working today?”

The woman (I noticed she wore a name tag with the name Roxy) shifted on her hips, raised an eyebrow, and said, “Sure she’s here today. She’s in the back doing some sorting. Do you want me to go get her? Or give her a message?”

“Well just let her know that… ummmm, the Professor would like to talk to her.”

“Really?!” she said, her voice drawing out the word in a question. “The Professor? I think I have heard about you.Allabout you….” She squinted as her violet eyes seemed to focus. Roxy looked me up and down, doing an obvious appraisal. Her eyes landed on my crotch. I could feel myself being judged right there. A slight smirk formed at the corner of her mouth. “Very nice. I’ll go let Taryn know. I think she’ll be happy to see you.”

She turned and went to the back of the store. My eyes lingered on her ass as she strode away. Her gait was long and smooth. While there wasn’t much junk in her trunk, there was definitely enough to hold onto. I was sure I could get a good grip, if given the opportunity. My thoughts drifted to the gutter. I thought for a moment what it would be like to hold her against me, to feel the soft fabric of her skirt against my hardening cock. What would it feel like to slowly raise that skirt upwards and then hold my cock against the smooth skin of her ass? Just a twitch and a jab, then paradise!

A minute or two later I saw Roxy again, this time with Taryn eagerly following at her heels. A big smile was beaming across her face as she approached. Taryn was wearing a pleated jean skirt and a solid red, halter top. A black, fishnet tunic, making her seem just a little naughty, covered the halter. Taryn had on red Converse sneakers and white ankle socks. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She had streaked her hair with blonde highlights, since the last time I had seen her. I marveled at Taryn’s lithe, athletic bursa sınırsız escort body, her rippling muscles and supple skin. One word and she could spring, like a tigress, into action.

“Professor, it is good to see you,” Taryn said as she leaned in to give me a friendly, but lingering, hug. Her warm embrace felt fantastic. The arousal I had been feeling since the final exam flared up anew. Taryn’s tits pushed into my chest, while her hand gently rubbed my back. “It has been a couple of weeks. What a way to treat a girl? I was wondering if I would see you again.”

“Yeah, great catch,” Roxy chimed in, her voice dripping with sardonic attitude. “Guys, they’re all bitches. You should know that, Taryn.”

I didn’t know how to react to react to Roxy, so I apologized. “Sorry about that. Time got away from me,” I said as Taryn and I disengaged. I would have loved to hold her longer, but Roxy was still standing there looking on. A slightly askew smile crossed her face as she watched our conversation. “The end of the semester is pretty crazy. I had lots of assignments. The in-class essay test I took on Tuesday kicked my ass pretty hard. And I still have to grade some final exams.”

“Liar,” Taryn said, punching me playfully on the arm. She winked at me, letting me know everything was ok. “You say it is finals, but I bet it’s What’s-Her-Name that was keeping you busy.”

“Ummm…. Jessica?”

“Yeah her,” Taryn said, grinning. “No biggie. If it hadn’t been for Jessica we would have never met. I believe she made a lot of noise that kept me up. And I’m not exactly innocent. I’ve played around with you and I still have a boyfriend. I think you met him?”

I fondly remembered the moment when Taryn was guzzling my cum while I talked to her boyfriend. Her naked form had been hidden from view by a store counter. The memory was pretty exciting, but also a little scary. If he had leaned over, we would have been caught. Taryn’s boyfriend was a big dude; I wouldn’t want to mess with him in a fair fight. “Yup, we met,” I said.

“Cool. So Professor, I have to finish inventory in the back, before the boss gets here later this afternoon. There some boxes back there that need to be opened up. Would you like to join me in the back?”

Roxy snorted sarcastically before I could respond. “C’mon Taryn,” she said. “We all know what’s going to happen. The Professor walks in and you get all hot. You guys are going to go into the back, you’ll find a nice comfortable spot, and then you will fuck like bunnies. There is no need to speak in code. You haven’t shut up about how he fucked you over the store counter since he cracked you open a couple of weeks ago. Quite frankly, I hope he takes you in the back room and rodgers you good. Maybe that way I will get a new fuckin’ story. The old one is getting boring.”

Taryn giggled as I looked on surprised. She turned and took my hand between her palms, before saying, “Well now that Little Miss Blunt has put everything out in the open, I can ask if you would like to go in the back room and fuck like bunnies?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

“Then follow me,” Taryn said leading me by the hand

“Have fun. I’ll just stay out here and do my job while you go bang each other silly,” Roxy yelled after us.

My plan worked. I couldn’t help but grinning. Life could certainly be amusing.


“Oh fuck… That feels good…. Yeah, eat my pussy…” Taryn moaned softly. I brushed my tongue against her pussy lips, tasting the sticky-sweet nectar between her legs. The unmistakable texture of her cunt felt so good against my mouth. I breathed a deep sigh. This is where I wanted to be. I loved cunt; I couldn’t get enough. Taryn’s snatch was so special, so good, so tasty, and so wet. I could lick it all day and well into the night.

Taryn was resting on a large card board box filled with designer shirts. Her denim skirt was hiked up around her waist, while her panties dangled loosely from one foot. I knelt on the floor in front of her, a pair of jeans under my knees. My hands were cupping her tight, teenage ass pulling her cooter closer to my mouth. Her thighs pressed against my ears and her legs were draped over my shoulders.

As soon as we got into the store room Taryn and I fell together in a feverish kiss. Our mouths danced a wet and lascivious tango. Our desire was scalding; our passion burned. Surprisingly, Taryn was as horny as I. Her lust could not be contained. We moved about the back room blindly, spinning round and round, madly kissing and groping.

We bumped from box to box trying to find a surface where we could begin our congress. The card board box on which Taryn was now resting had simply broken our fall. We had tumbled onto the box in a flailing mass of limbs, and from there I had continued my descent onto the floor. I was inspired. The vision before me of Taryn, legs akimbo, was all I needed. I decided that it was pussy eating time.

Up and down my tongue went, taking long slow licks from the base of her slit to the top of her clit. With each lick I dipped gently inside of her pussy, tasting her flavor on the tip of my tongue. I moved slow; I wanted to savor. Taryn was delightful. So fresh, so good – a gourmet pussy delight.

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