Our Brazilian Exchange Student

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When I was a kid, my family hosted an exchange student, and it turned out to be a phenomenal experience for me. He and I became best of friends and remain in contact today through the wonderful world of e-mail.

With that in mind, and having shared these experiences with my wife, I wanted us to serve as hosts and turn it into a family tradition of sorts. After all, Luis (the exchange student) attended our wedding, and has come to visit us with his wife and kids on two occasions. We wanted our daughter to enjoy the same experience.

Being Catholics, we decided a “catholic” exchange student service would be the most appropriate and trouble free. After months and months of paperwork back and forth, Gabriela came to us from Brazil. She was absolutely the sweetest girl I had ever met. Smart as a whip (during her semester here she got straight “A’s” in all her classes including English. Very sociable, polite, basically, it could not have been a more pleasant experience. Our daughter Heather got along fabulously with her, and remain close friends to this date.

Gabriela left us in December and we stayed in touch through the internet. She finished high school in Sao Paolo and won a Fullbright Scholarship. All of us where elated for her.

As soon as she reached Tulane in August, we received her new e-address at school, as well as her cell number, and a desperate plea to go visit her as soon as we could. Seeing as how we would be dropping Heather off at Loyola two days later, we decided to surprise her.

After going through parent orientation, and moving everything into Heather’s seventh floor room, my wife suggested that while she and Heather settle in, that I go pick up Gabriella. Done deal.

I got my bearings, and ventured to the other college campus. Once there, I finally located her dormitory and the front desk gave me her room number. When I made it to her room and knocked on the door, I heard “it’s open”, so I let myself in. There in front of me stood the absolutely most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Facing away from the door, about 5’9″, with a deep, dark, rich tan, long black hair reaching the mid-back, an ass that just made you want to go and touch & squeeze it and play with it all day, I mean the globes were perfect, and legs, ahhhhh, legs to die for, long and perfectly sculpted, all en cased in nothing but the wee tiniest of g-strings, or more like thread. I was awestruck. After a few milliseconds, the creature turned around and when she saw me, covered her breasts, (which for the short glimpse I was allowed also looked marvelous), smirked, and asked who the hell I was.

Of course I stuttered.

“A a, umh, I’m Michael Grayson.”

“Yeah, soooo?”

“Oh, uhh, I’m sorry, I was told Gabriella Pichao lived here.”

“She’s at the beach”

“Oh, OK, thanks,” and turned around and exited just as dumbstruck as I had been moments earlier. When I got about twenty feet away…

“Hey Mike whatever your name is….”


“You know where the “beach” is?”

“Don’t have the slightest”

She laughed and told me to wait.

She came out a minute later with shorts and something today’s kids call t-shirts, but leave the whole midriff in plain sight.

“I’m Amanda, Gabriella’s roommate,” she said as she leaned over and kissed my cheek. “You look lost”.

Lost of course was an understatement.

“You have no idea”.

“You must be the family she tells me about all the time…the one she stayed with when she came last year.”

“That’s us, I mean we, uhh, I mean yes. Whatever.”

She laughed.

“Look, I really am sorry I barged in on you like that, it’s just that I’m certain I heard you say the door was open.”

“It’s OK, really. I thought it was my neighbor. DON’T WORRY, no big deal, OK???”

“You sure?”


With that, we grabbed the elevator downward and Amanda, told me her life story in the three minutes it took us to get to the “beach”. She was from Costa Rica, and instead of rooming with an American, she decided a native Spanish speaker would ease the transition to college life. Unbeknownst to college housing, Brazilians speak Portuguese, never the less, both were getting along just fine. She had graduated from an American school where she had learned the very good English she was speaking to me. When I asked her if she too was on scholarship, she said her family was VERY wealthy and she didn’t need one.

The “beach” was the dormitory terrace that looked out unto the campus. It was rather sizable, jammed with kids in different stages of undress. “There she is, right at the corner.”

I looked over to where Amanda was pointing and all I saw was the back of chaise lounge chair with a towel draped over it’s back. As I made my way, I couldn’t help but stare at the beauty that surrounded me. Not a one piece in sight. It was basically a smorgasbord for any taste. Big tits, small tits, short girls, tall girls even African American girls where sunbathing. Incredible.

There bursa escort were guys, but they were outnumbered easily 10 to 1. After stepping over a few bodies, I reached my destination. This time, I wanted to make sure everything was copasetic, so I called out, “Gabbi?”


“Gabriella?” a little louder.

She slowly cocked her head sideways, lowered her sunglasses, and shouted, “Oh my God, Mr. Grayson!!!!!” and jumped up to hug me. As she held me tightly, she couldn’t stop talking.

“I can’t believe it! You’re here! I’ve missed you so much. Thank you thank you thank you. This is the best surprise ever!”

Gabriella gathered her belongings and we started back to her room. She knew that Heather had applied to Loyola, but didn’t know what she had finally decided. I told her that when we found out that she would be at Tulane, we decided to surprise her with Heather’s college decision, and surprised she was.

“You mean you, Heather and Mrs. Grayson are here in New Orleans, right now?”

“Absolutely. And I was sent to pick you up so we could get something to eat, what do you say?

“What do I say???? Give me a break…..let me shower and let’s get out of here.”

As we walked I couldn’t help but notice little Gabriella wasn’t the little innocent high schooler I had last seen almost a year ago. Before we left the beach she put a skimpy little skirt over a miniscule g-string she was wearing “to get the best tan”. I mean, an eye-patch has more material, capiche? And the top, ahhhhh. She didn’t have huge breasts. After all, she was kind of short and big boobs would have been disproportionate, you know? I would say they were about a 32 or 34B, which, with that 5’5″ body, was just fine. The top covered her areolas perfectly, and that was it. Her jet-black hair and gorgeous light brown eyes all combined to make her stunning. Her best feature, by far was her ass though. As she turned around to put the skirt on, she gave me a view I knew I would be beating off to for many many nights to come. Imagine a perky ass, no stretch marks, no cellulite, the color of copper, no jiggle to it, nothing. Just two perfect orbs. I immediately fell in lust.

We passed several students on the way up to her room, and while we caught up with each other’s lives, she paused for a second, “Mr. Grayson, can I ask you a HUGE favor, PLEASE???”

“Sure Gabbi, what’s up?”

“Can we take my roommate? She’s really nice, really homesick, her boyfriend’s already cheating on her back home, and I don’t want to leave her alone, OK? I mean she can pay for her dinner, it’s just that I feel sorry for her, you know?”

“Gabbi, any friends of yours are considered friends of ours as well. Plus, I already met Amanda.”

I told herpart of the story and agreed to take them both.

All three girls hit it off perfectly, laughing and carrying about like they had known each other for years. We had a great dinner, and afterwards the girls asked if we could just leave them in the French Quarter and catch up the following day.

Long story short, after two days in New Orleans, Patty and I headed back home thrilled that our daughter already had a mini-emotional support network.

Heather decided to stay in town for Thanksgiving, which trust me, broke Patty’s and my heart. Of course after reviewing November’s phone bill, I saw the collect call on Thanksgiving Day from Padre Island, Texas. Youth.

After Thanksgiving, my wife was going basically nuts climbing the walls counting the days ’till Heather came home from college. After a phone call with Heather in early December, my wife decided to invite Amanda and Gabriella to spend the holidays with us. Gabbi couldn’t afford to go home for Christmas and Amanda had broken up with her boyfriend and didn’t want to go back and bump into him, plus, she wanted to see snow.

I’m still not sure if my wife bounced the idea off my head, or just told me we would have two houseguests for a month, but regardless, I was thrilled to have my little girl back home.

Unlike many, I love Christmas. I mean, I was the kid who watched Perry Como and Bing Crosby Christmas specials religiously every December with my family. Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer were the first tapes I bought my daughter. I couldn’t careless about the traffic, or the congestion at the malls. I just love Christmas.

So the girls got settled in, Heather in her room, and Gabbi & Amanda in the other. They went out almost every night, woke up for lunch, and went to the mall and wherever all afternoon.

It was great to have the house full, and energized with young people.

About five or so days before Christmas, I made the awful mistake of having caffeine after sundown. Now, a little about myself…I’m 40 years old, and no, I don’t have a small bladder or prostate problems. I seldom if ever wake up during the night, and then take a leak and quickly fall back to sleep. However, whenever I take caffeine, I piss like racehorse escort bursa all night..up to six or seven times. It’s awful.

That fateful night, after my sixth trip to the john, I saw it was already 5:30 am, and decided to start my day early. I put a t-shirt and some shorts on, and walked out of my room. As I padded down the hall towards the stairs, I passed Heather’s room, and as I passed the guest bedroom, I heard music to my ears…the unmistakable sounds of sex.

Many people would say they thought they heard moaning, and wanted to check if someone was ill or hurt. Not me. I know a sex moan when I hear it, and let me tell you, it is in no way similar to the sound someone makes when he’s hurt or sick. Let’s not insult each other’s intelligence.

I definitely heard moaning. Of course I stopped dead in my tracks, and waited to hear the sound again. Three seconds later, there it was, mixed with some indiscernible comment.

My house is fairly old, and has those old style keyholes. Seeing as how the door wasn’t open or conveniently “ajar”, I had to kneel down and peek through the door. Thankfully it was dark outside, and I hadn’t turned the hall lights on yet. The room had a low glow to it, probably candles. Unfortunately, the bed was 90% out of my range of vision. I could see the occasional hand, arm, a leg here, a foot there, but I didn’t get the whole picture. I was suffering. These two beautiful girls where going at each other in earnest, and I couldn’t see the show, only hear it!

They were talking in Spanish I suppose because they were moaning and groaning up a storm, and one was directing the other, and then vice versa, and then cumming. I spent about thirty minutes listening in before they decided to call it a night.

I was flustered to say the least. I needed to, no, I wanted to see them in action completely unencumbered. What to do?

Of course, I wasn’t right the rest of the day. How could I be??? I must have beat off twice and even gave my wife a noony! She was thrilled (and a little curious).

During lunch the girls were carrying on as usual and I learned that once again, they were off to the mall afterwards to continue their Christmas shopping. My wife asked if she could come along, and within minutes, I was all alone. It was then time to come up and implement a plan. First things first, I went to inspect the girls’ room. Aside from being a complete mess, nothing out of the ordinary. Panties here, socks there, jeans everywhere. As I sat on the bed, I looked around to see where I could hide a camera. Of course, I had no idea how to connect one to my computer or anything else, so I decided a visit to the local security store was in order.

It’s incredible what you find in those places. Everything from camera pens to nanny cams. I settled on the latter. I rushed home and placed the teddy bear on a bookshelf overlooking the bed, than rushed to the TV & VCR in the den and did the hook up. Voila! Perfect.

My wife called around seven asking if I minded if she and the girls went to happy hour, and then dinner (female bonding). “No problem”. I settled in, watched some programs on TV, and ordered Chinese.

At around ten the girls came home, and believe me, they were feeling no pain. Heather was the only one sober. My wife went straight upstairs and Heather and the guests joined me in the den. Apparently they had Patty doing tequila shots in between frozen margaritas for several hours. Amanda & Gabriella weren’t quite so bad off, but were also buzzing. My daughter, being the responsible one, was the designated driver.

20/20 was on, which did not interest Heather too much so she excused herself saying she was exhausted and was going to call it a night. With Heather gone, Amanda took off her boots and asked Gabbi to please rub her feet. As this was going on the girls started saying how they had had a blast at Victoria’s Secret.

“Really? Did you ladies find anything to your liking?” I asked.

“God no!” said Gabbi, “I didn’t like a thing they had. First of all, what’s up with wearing green underwear just because it’s Christmas? What am I, an elf or something?”

With that Amanda started laughing, “Well, you are kind of short Gabriella.”

“Huh! Better short and sexy than tall and wearing those grandma panties” Gabbi retorted as she pushed Amanda’s feet off her lap.

“Grandma panties! They’re thongs for goodness sakes. They’re the only ones they had, don’t you understand?”

“Well, I rather be naked than wear those awful things, don’t you think Mr. Grayson?” Gabbi asked as he looked at me.

So what’s a gentleman to say? “Well ladies, I really wouldn’t know what women your age wear.”

“Ha, Ha, Ha,” said Amanda. “You should have seen him staring at my butt when he came into our room at school Gabriella, he was, how would you say??? Drooling.!”

“What???” said Gabbi.

“He walked on me while I was changing and couldn’t stop staring at me, isn’t THAT true Mr. Grayson?”

“Indeed escort bursa my little Amanda. Honestly, I’ll share a deep dark secret with you two…I love women.”

And with that they both laughed, and Amanda got up, asked if anybody wanted anything from the kitchen, and left, coming back a moment later in nothing but the sweatshirt she was wearing and socks, with three beers in her hand. She handed one to Gabbi, one to me, and then set the other down on the table, put her hands on her hips and said, “Now Mr. Grayson, Gabriella here says that THESE are granny panties.” She turned around and modeled for me a very nice satiny green thong. “Do these look like the calzones your grandmother use to wear?”

“Definitely not,” I answered as I sipped my saliva down my throat and stared at that magnificent ass of hers with those long shapely tan legs.

“Oh Amanda, I can’t believe YOU!” said Gabbi as she got up, kicked her shoes off, unbuttoned those hip hugging low rider jeans, and pulled them down. Now, there stood this beautiful little Brazilian, in a white cotton sweater and socks, and nothing else, with HER hands on her hips, and then twirled around in front of me asking, “Who would you rather be with Mr. Grayson, her or me?”

As I sat open-jawed staring at Gabbi with absolutely no panties on, not a hair in sight, two luscious poutty nether lips looking at me, and those two glorious orbs of an ass, I was at a loss for words.

“Well, Mr. Grayson, who would it be, Miss Granny Panty or me?”

“Girls, you’re asking something that’s impossible for me to answer in any decent way. In fact, maybe I should just say good night and count my blessings, ok?”

“How could this be difficult Mr. Grayson? I’m tall, she’s not, I have bigger boobs, she has small breasts, don’t you have a “type” that you like?” asked Amanda.

They then said something to each other in Spanish and chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You….obviously you like what you’re seeing” and pointed to the immense bonner I had tucked away.

Embarrassed as I could be, I excused myself and said good night.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re staying right here until you tell us which one you prefer,” and with that Amanda pushed me back on the couch, tugged her panties down, pulled the sweatshirt over head, and straddled me. As I stared at those incredible gravity-defiant tits, with the pink areola and think long nipple, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

“Amanda, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Get off him, he’s Mr. Grayson for god sakes!”

And that my dear reader is the perfect example of how us males think with our dicks instead of our minds.

“Oh don’t be a prude Gabriella, his cock feels soooooo good right now, I’m not getting off him ’till I get off,” and with that she yanked my dick out of my boxer shorts and started sliding it up and down in between those delicious wet lips of hers.

And then, like a magnet to steel, my mouth went right for a tit. I started licking the underside of each breast, then the areola, and finally took the nipple into my mouth, which caused Amanda to groan loudly, and simultaneously impale herself on my manhood.

Having pushed herself onto me to the hilt, she threw her head back and said, “Oh god, that feels so fucking good! That’s just what I needed….Gabriella you’re going to love this cock, it’s nice and…and…and..uhh.uhhh, thick.”

I separated momentarily from Amanda’s tits just out of utter curiosity to see what Gabbi was up to. She had taken a seat in my recliner, was still wearing her sweater and socks, but had lifted each leg over an armrest and was diddling herself fiercely with one hand while the other massaged her breasts.

“Do you like this Mr. Grayson, do I feel good, huh?”

“Honey, you feel fine to me!”

“Oh, just fine huh?”

“No! You feel, uh, …..exceptional.”

“You see Gabriella, he say’s I feel EXCEPTIONAL.”

And as I looked over to see Gabbi’s response, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had taken off her sweater, and was now buck naked (except for the socks) and was really getting into her masturbatory frenzy. Her feet were clinching tightly, she was breathing quickly, her pelvic movements were spasmodic, etc. etc.

“You want to cum Amanda?” I asked.

“Of course, so please DON’T MOVE!”

“Nothing doing” and I pulled her up and off me, I stood up, turned her around, and then made her bend over and place her hands on the coffee table in front of the couch, and entered her from behind.

“Ohhh, this is MUCH better, Gabriella you’re going to LOVE this. Uh..Uh….Uh, uhhh…uuuuhhhhh,” groaned Amanda.

I was in seventh heaven. Here I was fucking this incredibly gorgeous Costa Rican coed, while an equally beautiful Brazilian girl was masturbating a few feet away. How could life get any better?

And moment’s later….it did. I felt a set of hands behind me, guiding me over to the end of the table. I scooted over, and pulled Amanda with me. Then, as I continued to fuck Amanda from behind, Gabbi threw everything off the table, and laid herself down on it with her pussy in front of Amanda’s face. I assume Amanda started eating her out because I could see that Gabbi started rubbing her own tits and moaning.

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