Our Summer with Aunt Sam Ch. 04

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Jules began riding me very slowly again, almost like she was trying to be discrete about it…like that was possible. The slowness of her motion though was driving me wild. The muscles of her pussy were clamped tight around my shaft and the feeling as she slowly moved up and down it’s length was unreal. It also offered a perfect view of our fucking, her lips wrapped tightly around my rigid shaft and her clit hard and protruding from her hood. Our eyes remained locked, trying to gauge each other’s reaction to Aunt Sam catching us.

“She seems ok with this,” Jules whispered to me.

“Yah, she does. I doubt she would have gotten naked if she hadn’t been ok with it.”

“True…Fuck, your cock feels good. I want to totally let go, but…I know what she said and all, but…it just is such a fucking weird scene, you know?”

“I hear ya, but think about it sis, she could have stayed hidden and just watched. Instead she walked down here and then got naked. I think she’s actually totally cool with it. And I bet she’s turned on too.”

This had the effect of making Jules relax a little more and she began to increase her rhythm, riding the full length of my shaft with an increasing pace. I looked around Jules and could see that Aunt Sam had turned away from the waterfall and was swimming back in our direction, her eyes clearly on us.

The whole scene had me seriously turned on. My hot sister was riding my cock and our Aunt was watching us do it, now less than 10 feet away. And I could tell Jules was getting wound up too, her hips beginning to gyrate as her pace increased, and the concern that was visible in her face only a minute before had been replaced by a mask of pure, carnal lust. And beyond that, it was pretty obvious she was really getting into my cock. She had told me I was the biggest cock she had ever seen, which made it the biggest cock she had ever fucked and she was making the most of it.

Suddenly, I felt something rub against my balls. I looked around Jules and Aunt Sam was right behind us and she had reached up and was caressing my balls as Jules rode my cock. Jules’ back suddenly arched and her head whipped around as she felt Aunt Sam’s other hand run down her back.

“If you want me to leave you two alone, I will, but I just couldn’t help myself. Seeing you take Tom’s massive cock with your petite build is probably the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. I just wanted to feel your sexual energy.”

“We don’t mind. Enjoy us all you want,” Jules said in a breathy voice, speaking for both of us…”You’re fucking hot too.”

And the next moment, they were kissing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Aunt Sam had brought her left hand up and around Jules’ neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss, their tongues swirling together. Her right hand moved to Jules’ left breast, which she gently massaged, and then rolled Jules’ nipple between her thumb and index finger.

As Jules’ continued riding me and they continued kissing, Aunt Sam’s hand slowly drifted down from Jules’ breast to her stomach and lower, her fingers opening into a V as the slid over Jules’ pussy and around either side of my cock. OMG…Aunt Sam was feeling us fuck, feeling the length of my cock slide in and out of Jules’ sopping wet pussy. She then pulled her hand up, resting her middle finger on yalova escort Jules’ exposed clit and began to rub it, eliciting a loud whimper and causing her entire body to buck.

In panting breaths, Jules pulled back from the kiss and begged, “Oh yes…fuck, fuck yes…play with my fucking clit…oh fuck, oh fuck. Fuck me Tom…fuck me Tom…let Aunt Sam see you fuck me.”

Jules’ breathes were rapid pants and I could tell she was on the verge of totally exploding. For that matter, so was I, every nerve in my cock beginning to fire as I felt the orgasmic sensation of my cum rising out of my balls.

Jules’ was moaning loudly…not just moaning, but screaming, her cries of pleasure consumed by the surrounding forest as I felt the muscles of her pussy clamp down on my cock. Aunt Sam was furiously rubbing her clit with two fingers and with another scream, Jules’ and I came simultaneously, my cock shooting heavy streams of cum deep into her pussy as she responded in turn, drenching me and Aunt Sam’s hand with gushes of hot liquid as she arched her back and threw back her head.

No porn scene I had seen or would see would ever come close to this moment. This was the pure release of carnal lust and desire, offered by our bodies to each other. Jules couldn’t take any more and nearly threw herself off my cock and onto the ground beside me, her body writhing in total pleasure, her orgasm still raging. This now left Aunt Sam hovering over me and as fast as I could process what was happening, she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth, sucking me and pulling the last of my cum into her mouth, then licking me clean.

My mind was reeling as I watched in amazement as my aunt licked and sucked my cock. While it was no longer throbbing, my cock clearly had no intension of losing its erection. It was like a prize fighter between rounds, still intense and focused. I think Aunt Sam sensed it also. Her technique shifted and became more erotic, sucking me with passion and a growing fervor.

Jules’ body had finally calmed down and she was looking over at us, watching Aunt Sam suck me. Our eyes met and a thin line of a smile passed over her lips as she let her hand slide down between her own legs. Well, that made it pretty clear she was getting ready to fully enjoy whatever show was about to happen.

Aunt Sam looked up and staring directly into my eyes, whispered two words, “May I?”

All I could do was nod, but that was all the approval she needed. She moved into a kneeling position over me, and holding my cock straight up, slid all the way down onto me in a single, smooth motion, letting out a breathy moan as she bottomed out on my lap. She wasted no time, beginning to ride me in full, confident strokes, clearly knowing exactly what she wanted. As she did, she took hold of my hands and placed them on her breasts, giving me both permission and guidance.

Jules was now laying on her side, facing us, her legs spread with two fingers buried inside. She watched as Aunt Sam leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of my shoulders and drove her hips into me, fucking me hard, her eyes closed and her breathing heavy. Guttural moans escaped her lips and her pace quickened again. She was having an orgasm. My aunt was having an orgasm as she rode my cock and my sister watched while she finger fucked yalova escort bayan her own pussy.

The tension began to leave Aunt Sam’s body and her motions slowed and then came to a stop. Looking over at Jules’ she said, “I think he’s going to last a while. Why don’t we both make the most of it and trade off?” Jules nodded.

“Lay there hun.” Climbing off my rock-hard cock, Aunt Sam looking down at me and said, “Go over there and fuck your sister. I’ll tell you when to come back and fuck me again. Let’s see how long you can last.”

And that’s exactly what I did. Jules already had her knees up and legs spread wide and was still soaking wet from her first orgasm. Positioning myself over her, I rocked my hips forward and slid into her all the way, immediately beginning to fuck her with a smooth, steady rhythm while she moaned and rocked her own hips.

It took no more than 3-4 minutes before she began to moan loudly and I felt the heat of her cum flowing around my cock, causing a clearly audible squishy noise as I continued to fuck her. This time, instead of losing control and pushing me away, she continued to ride the wave, her body continuing to convulse as subsequent orgasms flowed over her. Finally, I could tell she was nearing the end and I slowed then stopped, her body coming to rest beneath me, her glassy eyes looking up at me with a calm serenity.

While I had been fucking Jules, Aunt Sam kneeled to the side of us as she played with her bare pussy, her breasts resting full and heavy against her chest. “My turn.”

With that, she shifted onto all fours beside us and looked me in the eye, directing me without saying another word. I slid out of Jules and moved behind Aunt Sam, the outer lips of her pussy swollen and her labia open and ready. I took hold of my cock and positioned the tip and thrust in, wanting to give Aunt Sam exactly what I knew she wanted. Her grunt of pleasure told me I was doing exactly that.

I fucked her, hard. I focused on my own personal pleasure and lust, knowing that in doing so, I’d be giving her exactly what she wanted. I pounded into her, watching her body convulse each time I bottomed out against her ass.

“Fuck me Tom. Fuck your aunt the way you know I want it. I wanna feel your cum shoot inside me.”

That was it. Hearing Aunt Sam talk to me that way, along with everything else sent me over the edge. Now it was my turn to howl as I slammed into her pussy, my cock erupting and filling her pussy with several hot streams of cum.

As I did, I felt Aunt Sam’s own body begin to convulse and I suddenly felt that now familiar heat and wetness of her own orgasm rolling over and around my cock and squirting onto the ground below her. I guess it ran in the family.

Finally satiated, we all lay on the ground for a few minutes, then headed into the pool to clean and cool off. We swam around individually, then finally came together in the middle.

“I have a confession to make,” Aunt Sam said. “I’ve been hearing you all in your bedroom for the past few nights. At first, I wasn’t totally sure, but after listening some, it was obvious what was going on. As you can now see, I’m rather open minded when it comes to sex, so it didn’t phase me at all. In fact, I wondered if you all would take the opportunity of a day alone to enjoy each escort yalova other, and I was curious if I’d find you ‘engaged’ when I was able to come home early.”

Aunt Sam paused for a moment, then continued. “I honestly didn’t expect to become involved with either or you, but when I saw you together by the pool, it was the most erotic thing I could imagine and my body and desire took over. I hope this doesn’t make things uncomfortable between us all. I’d never forgive myself if I hurt either of you.”

“Hurt us?” Jules said, “I feel like the luckiest and most fortunate girl in the world. Ok…sure…I’ll admit it’s supposedly taboo to do what Tom and I have been doing and what we all just did. But I’m learning about sex with people I love and trust…and it’s so much more than that. What just happened is an experience most people will never have…I mean totally, seriously erotic. And Tom and I were able to have it in a safe and loving environment. Hurt us? You’ve given us an amazing gift, I’m looking forward to spending as much time here as I can.”

“Me too,” I chimed in.

“Thank you Jules. Thank you Tom. Once I was thinking clearly, I was scared I had done something terribly wrong, but apparently, the two of you are cut from the same cloth I am. Let’s head back up to the house. I’m not saying if anything will happen again…at least involving me. But know you two can explore together all you want while you’re here. Just know that out there, in the real world, and at home, you need to be extremely careful and discrete. For many people, what we’ve done is wrong and unforgivable. My advice…and it comes from experience…is once you leave here, you return to a traditional relationship, which should be easier with Jules heading back to college. But know this is always a sanctuary where you can come and enjoy life however you want.”

“What if we want you to teach us and show us everything that’s possible,” Jules said. “I mean, both Tom and I are clearly fine with it all and what just happened was totally amazing and at least for me, I want to experience more of it.”

“Yah, I agree with Jules,” Tom said. “This was amazing and I want to learn how to be the best lover I can…and enjoy myself at the same time,” Tom added with a big smile.

“Ok, we’ll see. But you can probably guess I won’t be all that difficult to convince, especially given how amazing both your bodies are, especially what’s hanging between your legs,” she said looking at my cock.

Turning to Jules, she continued. “But so I don’t make any false assumptions, were you ok with what happened between us? I’ve been bi for as long as I can remember, but shouldn’t assume that what happened as anything other than the heat of the moment.”

Jules turned to me and then to Aunt Sam. “I experimented some in high school with a friend, but when she moved, I never had another opportunity. I enjoyed it though and definitely enjoyed it today, and would like to try more, if that would be ok.”

Now it was Aunt Sam’s turn to bite her lower lip. “I think it’s safe to say the three of us can do anything we want, and I’d love to teach you both anything and everything I can. And yes, the idea turns me on no end. In fact, any night you want, you’re welcome to enjoy my king bed with me.”

“That will happen tonight,” I said confidently.

With that, Aunt Sam grabbed her clothes and we all headed back up the hill to the house. Jules and Aunt Sam were holding hands and as I walked behind them, I began to imagine all the possibilities that lay ahead.

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