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It starts with a kiss. Wait…that’s not quite right. Let me back up, because it actually starts earlier than that.

It starts with a look across the room. I can see it in your eyes, just as you can see it in mine. “I can’t believe you’re actually here.” We rush to each other, meeting in the middle for an embrace, my arms instinctively holding you close to me, leaning my head down and smelling your hair. I can feel you hugging me hard, afraid to let go, afraid I may disappear in a puff of smoke. You look up at me with hope-filled, tearful eyes. I look at your face and am overwhelmed by my emotions for you. I let my hands slide up your neck, taking your face in both of them and pulling you close. No words are spoken between us; none need to be. I brush my lips against yours ever so briefly, feeling the electricity between us grow with each passing moment. My thumb strokes your cheek as I lean in again; kissing you gently and feeling your lips part ever so slightly. Tasting you, tasting your desire spurs me on, and I open my mouth and graze the outside of your lips with my tongue. I feel you grin with pleasure and lust as you open your mouth wider, caressing my tongue with yours. For a moment we are lost there in the moment, hungrily exploring each other, our tongues dancing together. I hear you let loose a soft sigh and relax your body into mine as you feel my flesh begin to stir at the sensation of the kiss. I press myself against you, our kiss becoming less soft and romantic into something more…primal. The sounds of soft sighs being replaced by grunts as our mouths open wide, hungry for each other and frantically eager for what must come next.

One of my hands drops from your face, drifting down your neck, and across your breast on it’s way to the small of your back to pull your body closer. The reaction I get is intense. Still standing, you begin to part your legs almost involuntarily as you reach up my shirt and run your fingernails down my back. A soft sigh escapes my lips at the sensation. I break our kiss to run my lips from your ear down your neck, finally resting on your collarbone, and planting a long kiss there like a punctuation mark. I am trying to do what I always do, to control the situation, but I have no control here. I am…lost. There are no thoughts of seduction, just the need, and the hunger. I continue to kiss your neck as my hands begin to unbutton your shirt. I pause only occasionally to give each breast a soft caress, ending in a pinch at the tip. The word “Yesssss….” barely slips past your lips as your hands and fingernails go lower, past my belt line, grabbing my ass and pulling me to you. My cock jumps at the sensation of being pressed against you from both sides. For a moment we rock back and forth like this, oblivious to the rest of the world. I finally manage to free your shirt and my mouth begins to drift lower. My lips and tongue and teeth make their way across your breasts. I open my mouth wide to take in a nipple and circle my tongue around it gently. Then, just as you begin to adjust, I suck the nipple deeper into my mouth and press my teeth together, biting you and flicking my tongue over the tip at the same time. The sound of a guttural moan fills the room, neither of us aware whom it came from. You begin to pull my shirt up, wanting, no….needing to feel your bare skin on mine. I break my assault from your chest for a moment to let the fabric slip over my face, and hear a whimper from you at the loss of the sensation of my mouth on you.

With us both shirtless, I kneel, sliding my chest down yours, reveling in the feeling of my nipples brushing over your skin. Your hands move from my ass up my back and neck up to my head, your fingertips tracing lines in the stubble on my scalp. I nuzzle and begin to kiss your other breast, my hands running up and down your legs. My fingertips clutch at the top hem of your shorts, tugging ever so gently as you hold me close to your chest. I manage to slide your shorts down to your ankles, and the scent of your arousal fills the area. I run my fingers back up through your inner thighs, and run one finger up your pussy ever so lightly. I hear you actually moan aloud at my touch and sway, dizzy at the sensation. My mouth still on your breasts, I place my left hand open palmed on your ass to help stabilize you as my right hands moves for another pass at your inner legs. My fingertips run a circle along your lips, pausing bursa escort at the top of the arc to place the barest of pressures on your clit. I can feel how wet you are, how much you want this. My fingers moist from touching the outside of your lips, I hesitate at the slightly parted opening.

“Please….” I hear you half-sigh, half-moan, as I plunge one finger into your steaming pussy. You shake and grip my digit tightly, as my teeth bite one nipple hard. You begin to grunt, your hips moving against me as I finger fuck your sweet hole. You lean down and kiss me so hard our teeth make a soft but audible “clack” together, our mouths hungry and needing each other. I extend another finger into you, picking up the pace to match the rhythm of your moans. From the slickness of your sex and the salty smell in the air, I can tell you are close. I break our kiss and nuzzle my way down your belly, my tongue flicking out over your clit as my fingers work their way in and out of you faster, creating heat from the friction. Plunging them in deep I move closer, my mouth sucking your clit into it, my tongue rocking it back and forth just beyond my lips as your moans grow louder. One of your hands leans on a nearby table for support; the other grabs my head and pushes me close, my nose grinding against your pelvic bone as your body prepares for what’s coming. I start to suck your clit harder and extend a third finger to push you over the edge. The wet sounds of my fingers sloshing in and out of you grow louder as your hips buck; your moans turn into a long soundless scream, your mouth open wide, caught in the apex of pleasure. In one movement, I withdraw my fingers and extend my tongue deep to take their place, tasting your orgasm. You begin to come down, your hips shaking and your pussy twitching on my tongue.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” you tell me as you put your hands on my face, much like I did for you earlier, intent on leaning down for a kiss. I straighten from my crouched position and lean up to meet you halfway. Our tongues swirl together, tasting your sweet juices from just a moment before and my body shudders at the memory. You take my hands as we kiss deeply, and I begin to stand, thinking you want to help me rise. Instead, while I am carefully balancing between half-kneeling and half-standing, you take advantage of the situation and push me flat on my back. With the wind knocked out of me, I barely have time to register what has happened before you are hovering above me, on your hands and knees, a wicked grin on your face. You lean down and give me the softest of kisses, just before opening your mouth and biting my lower lip. You move on to kiss and then bite my ear, my neck, my shoulder, letting me feel your warm breath before planting each bite. I am so lost in the sensations I don’t notice you undoing my belt, and tugging at the waistline of my jeans, eager to be rid of them. I raise my ass off the floor and help get them down to the point I can kick them across the room, liberated.

Both completely naked now, the next few moments are spent exploring. Our bodies are rubbing together, our hands caressing and marveling at the softness of skin. I actually let loose a moan that startles even me when you shift to one side and lift your leg, rubbing the underside of my throbbing member. I am so completely hard now, I don’t remember the last time I was ever this aroused. You give me a wicked grin as you lean your head down, kissing at my nipples while your fingertips trace up and down my full length. You hesitate at the top; teasing me and making me moan “Yesssss….” before caressing the head and giving it a gentle pinch. A bit of pre-cum leaks onto your finger, evidence of my complete and utter arousal. You your fingers up to your mouth, and look me in the eye with that same grin as you give each finger a lick. You begin to kiss down my chest, hovering above me and letting your breasts rest on my aching cock. You sway them back and forth over it, and just when you have me squirming you lean a bit lower and give the head a kiss, and a gentle nibble as it swells to maximum capacity. You nuzzle lower, your tongue flicking out here and there, tasting my skin, my muskiness. In one motion, you run your tongue from the base of my shaft all the way to the head, and take all of me into your mouth, down your throat and hold me there. It’s all I can do to not burst right at that moment, bursa merkez escort and you hear “Ohhhhhhh…” as I attempt to hold back the dam. You look up at me through my wide-open legs, and begin to pull your head back, your tongue wrapping around the underside of my shaft and head. Your hands move lower, gripping my testicles and holding them close to me while your head starts to move back and forth. Each time, taking me to the back of your throat and then hanging there for a moment. Giving me a low hum, letting the head of my cock feel the vibrations in your throat for just a moment before you pull back and flick your tongue up and across my head.

“Oh, fuck…I’m…” I start to say between moans, expecting you to stop or slow down. Instead, you go faster, tightening your jaw around my hardness, your teeth scraping the underside of my shaft. Your hands massaging my tightening balls, pressing against my taint, I can no longer hold back. The pressure rises deep within me as my moan rises and my ass lifts off the floor as I empty myself into your mouth. My cock jumping, spurting into you as you take me deep into your throat, swallowing my entire load.

You smile a wicked smile of satisfaction as you crawl back up my body and kiss me deeply, letting me taste my own orgasm. The kiss this time is just as deep and passionate, but less frantic. More a relief of a kiss, our bodies and mouths more relaxed. You climb on top of me straddling my hips and continue the kiss, your hands on my face, and my hands on your back. Our tongues massaging each other, our bodies pressed together, you can feel my cock stirring again as I can feel your wetness pressed against me. Before long our bodies are involuntarily pushing together, both of our organs seeking equal release. You begin to slide your wet pussy lips along the length of my hardening cock, both of us shuddering at the feeling. With each pass, it seems my cock starts to throb more and more, your sex literally soaking both of us with desire. You slide all the way against me to the tip, my head pressed against your clit, and gasp, as I am poised at your opening. Your lips part wide, my cock aching to enter. You look into my eyes as I look deep into yours. We both know this is the point of no return, and neither of us take it lightly.

“You sure?” I ask, praying that you won’t say no.

“Fuck, yes.” you respond, opening your legs wide and pressing into me before I have a chance to react. I sink into you, feeling your pussy stretch and give at my entrance. About halfway down you let out a small shudder with a moan, and I can feel you quivering around me. Pushing deeper into you, slowly, I can feel how warm and wet you are. I can feel how perfectly we fit together, how much we both need this. Finally you sink all the way down and I can feel your pelvic bone against mine. It feels like you are home, and I hear you start a high-pitched moan at the sensation of me filling you. For a moment we just stay there, marveling at how good this feels.

“Holy shit, you feel amazing,” I manage to say between ragged gasps.

“You’re…. unnnhhh…not bad yourself,” you shoot back with a twinkle in your eye.” Just give me a minute here.”

You begin to rock back and forth on top of me, your panting becoming full-fledged moans. You’re not quite working me in and out of you, more like gyrating on my cock. My hips jerk off of the floor and I begin to pant myself. I can feel every muscle inside you working my dick, trying to milk me for all I am worth. You sit all the way up, riding me as if I were a horse and you a wild frontierswoman. I place one hand on a breast, caressing and giving your nipple a little squeeze. The other I put, palm down, on your belly, letting my thumb rest against your clit as you continue to gyrate and rock back and forth. The reaction is immediate.

“Ohhhhhh…fuck, don’t stop,” you moan, as your voice gets louder and louder, just shy of a scream. I begin to work my thumb faster, sliding it up and down your clit with each thrust of your hips as you arch your back, impaled on my manhood and working it every way you can. I feel your pussy lips grip my cock hard and I know you are close.

“Fuck yes…fuck yes…fuckkkk yessss…” you start to scream over and over like a mantra, your entire body shaking with lust. I begin to gyrate my hips with yours, moving in the opposite direction as you to increase bursa sınırsız escort friction while still working your clit.

“Oh fuck…. oh fuck…yes…YESSSSSS FUCK!” you scream as your body shudders hard and you collapse on top of me, kissing me so hard you bloody my lip. Momentarily exhausted, you go limp for a moment, and I can feel your pussy twitching around me. My first instinct is to thrust, to remind you I am still here and need attention, but I want to give you this moment for yourself.

“Fuck, I needed that,” you say, panting. I grin and kiss you hard, the sweat from our bodies mingling together and creating a musky sex smell in the room. All it does is turn me on more. My cock is aching for release, and I need you. You open your mouth wide to kiss me back, still trembling from your recent orgasm, and I decide to try something else. I reach up to hold your face as we kiss and thrust myself deep into you. When you sigh with pleasure I quickly grab you and roll us both over, switching our positions. You gasp at the sudden movement, but give me a smile when you see what I am up to.

“You’ve worked hard enough for one day,” I say with a grin. “Let me take care of things from here on.” Holding myself up with one hand, I begin to open your legs wide until I am as deep inside you as I can possibly be. As you lay there, spread eagle, I begin to work my shaft in and out of you. At first smaller thrusts, but then becoming more and more pronounced and longer and deeper. My hips, pulling me so far out of you until only my head remains, and then thrusting back to balls deep, hard. This is not gentle lovemaking, but frenzied fucking. I need you, need to be deep inside you. Soon you begin to raise your hips off of the floor, fucking me back, and our moans of pleasure are filling the air along with the wet sounds of fucking, the rhythmic sound of my balls slapping your ass over and over.

“You like fucking my pussy?” you grunt at me through clenched teeth “Jesus, fuck me hard!” you command. I have no choice in the matter, and I can only acquiesce.

“Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me now!” I am losing myself in the moment, becoming an animal, my only thoughts of thrusting and my own pleasure. You wrap your legs around me, crossing your ankles over my ass, and I pick up speed.

“Shit…. Fuck….” I cry aloud, feeling my balls tighten. I know I am close. I try to hold off, wanting you to come with me. I snake a hand between us and rest my thumb on your clit again, wanting to speed things up. You sense what is happening and clench your pussy tight around me. It’s a race, seeing who can get the other to finish first, an unspoken competition.

“Do you love me?” you ask, innocently, breathlessly. I try to only nod, my only thoughts on holding back the tidal wave that is soon to be released. You wrap your hands around my face, still fucking me hard with your hips and clenching down tightly onto me, looking deep into my eyes.

“DO YOU LOVE ME?” You shout with a moan. I can see you are almost there as well; it’s going to be very close for who finishes first. This is the moment. We are as close as two people can be, at the height of ecstasy, wanting, needing.

“YES! YES I LOVE YOU…I DO! YESSSSSSS!” I shout with a shudder of relief, as I relax, no longer able to hold back. My hips convulse and shake as I let loose a flood deep inside you, a flood you can feel happen, drenching the insides of your pussy. As I collapse on top of you momentarily, I open my mouth and bite your shoulder hard enough to taste the blood in my mouth. You start to grin as if you’ve “won” our little contest but then:

“I love you too…. OHHHHH FUCK….” As you feel my seed spilling inside of you and my cock convulsing it causes you to start to shake and convulse, gripping me tightly with both your arms and your sex. As I bite you, your moans intensify and become louder.

“FUCK YES, YES, YESSSSS….” As you your eyes roll back in your head and your hips offer a final thrust, your pussy gives my cock one final squeeze, milking the last bit out of me. Our bodies relax and melt into each other, drained and exhausted.

“Jesus, is that what you imagined it would be?” I ask, trying to catch my breath.

“More than,” you reply, kissing me. As my dick begins to shrink inside you I can hear you whimper in disappointment. “Shouldn’t we have tried to make it to a bed?”

“We’ve got time,” I reply with a grin. I withdraw from you, kissing you at the same time to distract you from the sensation. I roll onto my back and put my arm around you, letting you curl up on your side, laying your head on my chest.

I reach out and take your hand, afraid to ever let it go.

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