Overnight surprise

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Anal Sex

When my mother remarried not only did I gain a father figure worthy of my respect but also a really cool auntie.

Jennifer, or Jen as she preferred, was in her late thirties meaning she was more like a big sister than an auntie to me, I was in my early twenties when the following encounter happened.

My mother and stepfather had planned a weekend away in the country and I was looking forward to spending some time home alone, however this was not going to be the case as I was informed Jen was coming to stay for the week.

It was early morning when Jen pulled up in her old school Mini Cooper, the large Union Jack roof shining due to the torrential rain she had been driving through. I opened the front door of the house as she grabbed her suitcase from the rear seat of her car and hurried forward.

“Good morning” she yelled running past me.

“Not much good about this weather” I replied.

Jen looked nothing like the archetypal aunt most people would imagine. Her head was a mass of crimson red hair, she was very proud of being a natural ginger, her figure was usually hidden under baggy clothing but it was obvious she had curves apart from her very flat bottom. She had a natural beauty that wasn’t over stated and I’d never seen her wear make up.

Jen had put her stuff in the spare room that was adjacent to mine, her home for the week, then showered and gotten changed. Dressed in a large grey bursa escort sweatshirt and matching jogging bottoms she had joined me in the kitchen where we sat chatting for several hours drinking coffee. After an evening meal together we decided a movie was in order and settled upon an old style slasher movie. As the unfortunate victims each died a more horrible death we spent more time laughing than being frightened and I noticed how wonderful Jens smile was. Her face seemed to light up the more brutal the on screen slaughter.

“Well that was fun” Jen said as the end credits rolled “Not scary though”

I had to agree “Yeah very formulaic”

Needing the toilet I made my way to the bathroom and upon returning to the lounge I was surprised to see Jen was watching a couple on the television having sex, by no means a pornographic movie but shot in a way that left little to the imagination.

I took my seat opposite her and smiled “Slightly different to the last movie”

“I can’t remember the last time I watched an actual porno” she said.

This statement took me by surprise.

“Can you surf the web on this telly?” she asked.

I told her that yes it was compatible for surfing and that she could find pretty much anything she wanted to watch.

“Are you saying you’re not going to watch it with me?” she said smiling.

Feeling my face redden I nodded in agreement that I would bursa escort bayan indeed watch it with her.

It didn’t take long to find a story she seemed interested in, a woman in a hotel room calling room service but not for a beer or a burger as you can imagine, and I could sense the warmth growing in my groin as the onscreen action began to heat up.

I kept stealing a glance at Jen and you could see the movie was having a similar affect on her, her cheeks slightly redder than before. The actors played their parts with extreme vigour and as the action ended I was slightly relieved it was over.

I made my excuses and headed off to my room, my mind racing with the events that had just happened. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The sound of my bedroom door opening awakened me from slumber and I was surprised to see Jen stood in my doorway, the light from behind her revealing her figure through the long white T-shirt she was wearing.

“Are you awake?” she asked.

I replied with a simple yes.

Jen crossed the short space between my doorway and my bed and slowly reached for my duvet. As she lowered it my pulse raced. No words were spoken as she reached down and took my hardness in her hand. Her grip was firm but not uncomfortable as her fingers began to make me even harder. The warm breath of her mouth preceded the first touch of her tongue on my swollen head, escort bursa her other hand now cupping my swollen ball sack. I disappeared into her throat with ease, her skill was unquestionable, her red hair covering her face as her head moved up and down along my length. I reached round to her behind and discovered how wet she was, a small gasp escaping her throat as two fingers slid easily into her. Jen lifted her leg over my head and I set about assaulting her swollen lips and clit with my tongue as she continued to suck me. Her juices flowed across my face as her gasps grew louder. Releasing my shaft she sat up and removed her shirt, her light pink nipples as hard as bullets, her large breasts swaying from side to side as she rode my face.

I moved her onto her back and continued to lick her willing hole, her hard clit now fully pronounced out of it’s protective hood. My fingers worked in and out of her, her nails digging into my scalp as her first orgasm pulsed through her body. While her body still convulsed I slammed my rock hard cock deep into her and we matched our speed easily. Time was no longer an entity that existed between us as we moved effortlessly from one position to another, our carnal lust our only focus. As my orgasm approached and without any request I ploughed deep into her tightest hole, her scream a mix of pleasure and agony, my hips thrusting into her asshole. My explosion of fluid quickly followed, the two of us collapsing face first onto my bed.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring and experimenting each other only ceasing when my folks returned home.

As you can imagine my aunt and I are now extremely close to one another.

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