Passionate Heat from Bitter Cold

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The water was only two feet deep, and normally wouldn’t have posed a risk of death to anyone. Today though the temperature was below freezing and a thin covering of ice made two feet more dangerous than twenty. Harry was soaked from the neck down. The only part of his body still dry was his head, and it wasn’t keeping him from freezing quickly.

“I’m sorry, Harry,” Julie said as she reached out and tried pulling him from the icy water. The air temperature was about twenty degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature had plummeted the day before the ice had frozen only enough to hide the danger; parts of the stream were still running free.

“I slipped and lost control and,” Julie was saying as she was pulling herself back to the shore while at the same time trying to get Harry out of the water. She was falling over her own skis as she trying to help Harry; Harry’s skies were stuck half in and out of the water.

“It’s ok Julie,” he said as he tried to stand in the two feet of frozen water around him and get back up onto solid ground. “It could have happened to anyone,” Harry said as he reached down and undid the binding on one ski and succeeded in getting his wet body partly out of the water.

With the help of his now free foot he managed to step on the other binding and release himself from his newly transformed water skis. Taking Julies offered hand he pulled himself up and out of the water and onto the ice where he momentarily froze in place. Jerking free he managed to push Julie and pull himself in a sort of bizarre dance across a few feet of ice and onto the shore.

Harry looked up the trail at their path and realized that it wasn’t anyone’s fault. The wind whistling across the stream would have turned here at the bend where the pool had formed and swept across the exposed part of the trail, sweeping most of the snow off of it. Old icy snow was all that covered the part of the trail where Julie had tried to slow down and failed. She had slipped onto her ass and slid down the slope tw feet to the point where Harry had stopped when he’d heard her yell.

He had turned to look and she’d hit him, knocking him onto his ass and then he’d proceeded to slide back onto the bank of the stream and out across the ice. The ice had only been thick near the bank where the stream had naturally pooled. Harry had stopped sliding about six feet from the shore. He’d lain motionless for about two seconds before the ice gave up and his plunge had occurred.

Julie and Harry were deep in the North Woods, a couple of miles from their cabin and he was soaked to the bone. Julie was wet too, but thankfully only her lower legs were soaked through from trying to pull Harry out.

Harry felt himself begin to shiver violently as he assessed their situation. Julie would probably be ok, but he’d have to find shelter and warmth within ten minutes if he was going to survive. Bending over he tried to see if he could get his skis back on and quickly realized that the water had soaked the bindings and made them useless.

“We’ve got to get you out of those wet clothes quickly,” Julie said as she watched Harry’s pathetic attempt to put his ski’s back on. A shiver rippled up and down her spine as she realized the direness of their circumstances.

“I think I remember seeing a little ram shackled, ancient cabin up the trail a little ways,” Harry offered up this thought as a faint glimmer of hope. He stood up and his already freezing pants and jacket added more of a challenge to the walk ahead. Julie was standing up now, on her ski’s watching him and wondering what to do. The trail ahead was fairly level and wide, and her skis were still working.

“Maybe you could stand behind me and hold on and we can try to ski on only my skis,” Julie suggested. Any other time, and in any other situation Harry would have found this suggestion funny and quickly made a joke about it; right now he was willing to try anything. He stepped behind Julie and, pressing himself against her, held on as they started.

Had anyone been watching they would have rolled down the hill laughing. Julie and Harry were the most ungainly sight as they attempted to ski together on one pair of skis. It did work a bit though, so Harry wasn’t going to complain. It was better than walking, and Julie was keeping him warm and a bit out of the breeze.

Julie quickly realized that not only was Harry completely soaked, but he was shivering violently; trying as hard as she could Julie attempted to make haste as she skied down the trail. It was ungainly, but they were making more progress then they could have just by walking. Within a few minutes they had covered about 1000 yards, and she was starting to getting worried as to how far this supposed cabin Harry remembered was. If they didn’t find it soon, they’d have to stop somewhere and attempt to start a fire to warm themselves up.

“It’s got to be just around the next bend,” Harry whispered into Julie’s ear, his voice quivering with cold shivers. bursa escort He hoped he was right. He needed to be right if he was going to last much longer. Harry felt his eyes closing as they trudged along.

“I think I see something,” he heard Julie shout just as he had closed his eyes. “Back there underneath the trees, do you see it,” she was asking him.

Harry looked where she was gazing and thought he also saw something. He did. It was the cabin he vaguely remembered having seen a couple of years back. It was in worse shape then he recalled. They turned off the trail and hopped off the skis to get through the undergrowth that blocked their way. In less than two minutes they reached the cabin. It was locked.

Nestled in the ring of trees, overgrowth having obscured most of the cabin as the forest attempted to reclaim its’ wood, Harry was amazed that Julie had seen it. It was even more amazing that despite its derelict shape it still had all of its windows intact and the door was locked. Harry paused to ponder how they were going to get in when his numb mind was rewarded with the sharp crack of breaking glass. Julie had used one of her ski poles to break a pane in the window and was reaching inside to unlock it. Harry watched as if he was a detached bystander as she then tried to lift the unlocked sash up. It wouldn’t budge.

“Harry, help me,” she said, “I don’t think I can get it up by myself,” she was looking at Harry and he was looking at her but his cold fogged mind didn’t seem to register anything that she was saying. “Harry! Help me open the window,” she shouted at him. He either heard her or at least finally figured out what she was trying to do and came over to offer his pathetic help. Working together they managed to break the combination of old age, decay and layers of paint free that were holding the window shut. It creaked like a tree branch falling free and slowly went up. Julie quickly scampered over the window sill and into the cabin. Harry stood there watching and not watching at the same time. He was cold and only getting colder.

The door opened and Julie popped her head out. “Come on,” she said, “there’s a fireplace, some wood and a bed,” she said to Harry who was staring at the open window as if wondering where she’d gone and if he should follow. Julie cringed as she realized how long he had been exposed to the cold, and how much it was affecting him. Walking quickly to him she grabbed him around the waist and led him into the cabin.

It was musty smelling and old. Amazingly it was dry and not leaking snow, water or air except through the open and broken window. Harry saw the old handmade wooden bed in the corner, complete with a broken mattress, sheets and a blanket. The only logical thought to enter his mind in some time was that they just might stand a chance. He thought this as Julie led him to the bed.

“You’re too cold to last much longer Harry,” she was saying as she pulled the bed sheets back. Surprisingly, it looked as if someone had left the cabin years ago thinking that they would be right back. Everything was in its place and made up as if the owner had just left. The only thing out of place was the dusty dankness that had accumulated when the owner hadn’t returned in many years. She pushed Harry onto a chair next to the bed and started taking off his frozen boots and clothes.

“Harry,” she was saying to him—he wasn’t really realizing it. He was like a newborn toddler whose eyes drifted around looking for what the sound was.

“Harry, you have to get out of these clothes and I’m going to try to start a fire,” she was saying as she pulled his head up level with hers, her eyes boring into his frozen brain and lighting just a flicker of recognition. Harry nodded as Julie turned to the fire.

Harry slowly tried to take off his clothes but he wasn’t very fast. He was watching Julie build a fire with the dry kindling and firewood stacked in front of the fireplace. In the time it took her to get the fire built he managed to half remove his jacket.

“Don’t tell me they didn’t leave any matches,” she was mumbling as she turned the area around the fireplace upside down looking in vain. “You’d think there would be a pack sitting right here with the kindling, or the wood, or at least the candles,” she was saying as she scanned the room. There was a wood cook stove on the other side of the room. Harry watched as she spotted it and then found an old box of matches sitting on a ledge above it.

“Wonderful,” Harry heard her say as he finished getting his jacket off and she brought the fire to a quick start with only one match. Turning back to Harry, Julie’s brief happiness at starting the fire was quickly tempered by Harry’s pale, bluing skin and still clothed body.

“Quickly Harry,” she said as she helped him pull off his ski pants and shirt. Thankfully he had on his polypropylene long johns, she thought as she removed these also. The fire had burst fully alive as Julie succeeded escort bursa in removing all of Harry’s wet clothes and pushed him under the covers. Turing her attention to the cook stove, Julie quickly had it blazing in competition with the fireplace. Hopefully with two fires on opposite sides of the small cabin the place would heat up quickly. She looked around and was surprised at how nice it actually was. It seemed that once both the fires were going it was actually turning pretty cozy.

“Connie….cold….Connie…,” his own voice sounded foreign to him as he struggled with the shivers and hoped that Connie would help him warm up.

He’s delirious thought Julie. He thinks I’m Connie. She was cold too, but thankfully she’d only gotten wet from the thighs down, and even then she hadn’t plunged completely in. Harry on the other hand had been soaked through; the only part of him that had stayed dry was his head. She couldn’t imagine what would have happened if he’d gotten his head wet. Unlike Julie who often went out in the cold like Nanuk of the North, Harry was more sparsely dressed, relying on the ability of his large body to keep itself warm in almost any conditions. These weren’t conditions he was prepared for.

Julie realized that Harry’s only chance was her own 5’8”, 120 pounds of warmth. Harry’s pale body strengthened her resolve for what she had to do. She’d taken a couple of survival courses over the years but had hoped she’d never need to use what she knew. She quickly stripped herself of her clothes and climbed into bed, pressing her naked body up against Harry.

Cold. Harry was colder than anything she’d ever felt—it was like pressing yourself up against a molded sheet of ice—the cold seemed to touch every pore of her body at once. She pressed tight against him, wrapping her arms around him and facing him. He was a human icicle and if it wasn’t for the fire shedding a few whispers of heat on the back of her exposed head, she would have pulled away from him instantly.

“Connie…,” he said again with a voice that seemed comforted, and was maybe shivering just a little bit less. Julie didn’t respond, she’d let Harry think whatever he needed to if it would help get him through the moment. She did roll over though. She needed to feel the warmth of the fire on her face, and get the psychological benefit of seeing the flames if she was going to be able to hug an icicle until he melted. Pulling Harry’s body tight around her, his arms wrapped around him as she spooned him, Julie was thankful at least that she couldn’t feel anything down there other than the cold; she didn’t know what she’d do if she felt his thing pressed against her nakedness. She wasn’t ready for that problem yet.

Julie thought of Connie, her best friend since childhood. It would have been so much better if Connie and Julie’s husband, Pat had been here this weekend. This situation would have been easier to deal with if everyone was here—and she wouldn’t be the one naked in bed with Harry right now. Every year they went skiing for a long weekend on the isolated trails in the North Woods. They’d been coming to the same place for the past three years, which was good—and probably the only reason they’d found this cabin at this critical time.

Connie hadn’t been able to come this weekend, at the last moment her mother had come down with a bad bout of the flu and she’d gone home to stay with her. Pat had needed to work on an unexpected business meeting that had been scheduled for the coming week. Julie and Harry wouldn’t have even come if it hadn’t been for their spouses’ insistence.

Pat and Connie had insisted they go, pointing out that they had already lined up a sitter to watch their combined three kids, and they wouldn’t get their deposit back anyway at this late a date for the cabin they had rented. Julie almost laughed out loud at all the good the heated chalet was doing them at the moment. Harry and she were enjoying the much more spartan comforts of the woods, far from their spacious accommodations with separate rooms, let alone separate beds.

“Harry,” Julie tried to get a response out of him, realizing that he hadn’t said a word since the last time he’d called her Connie. He didn’t respond. She was worried. Julie knew you weren’t supposed to fall asleep in the cold—that your body would shut down and you’d never wake up, you’d freeze to death in your sleep. What if that was happening to Harry right now, she thought. She’d never forgive herself for having pushed him into the water, accident or not. She’d also never be able to face Connie and the kids.

“Harry,” she tried again accompanied by a slight elbow in the ribs. He grunted and jumped at being poked. Ok she thought, he’s not dead yet, and it was getting warmer. Maybe things would still work out ok after all. At least you’re not going to freeze to death she thought as she let him sleep. His shivering must have exhausted him, and he was at least now breathing fairly evenly. escort bursa She even thought his body might be warming up, or maybe hers was just too cold to tell the difference.

Julie pulled his arms tight around her and snuggled closer as she watched the fire burn, trying her best to absorb the infrared heat through her eyes. She was thinking about Pat and how they loved to cuddle on the couch and enjoy the warmth of the fire spreading across their bodies. What she wouldn’t give to be with him now, warm in their own home. Julie never realized that she herself was drifting off, the fire having a hypnotic affect upon her as it slowly warmed the cabin and her face.

Julie was drifting, vaguely aware that she was asleep, but conscious enough to know that she was dreaming. Quickly she forged ahead on one of her sparse outings into the world of lucid dreaming. She’d been trying lucid dreaming for over a year and was finally getting some occasional success on those rare occasions that she managed to catch herself before gaining consciousness, while still foggy enough to maintain some grasp upon dreamland. This was one of those moments. Her dream came back over her and she realized that she was having an erotic lucid dream. She’d only succeeded once before at this and it had been ages ago.

She felt his arms holding her as he prepared to plunge his cock into her eager waiting sex. She realized that it might very well be the familiar feeling of a hard erect cock pressing up against her naked ass that was the driving force behind this dream. Hell she thought, I might even be completely awake but I’m going to enjoy it anyway.

Pat often woke up in the morning with an erection, and most of the time it was pressed up against her firm ass. Normally by the time morning rolled around she found herself spooned up against him, pressed tightly to his warm body. More than half the time this combination of morning spooning and Pat’s early morning nocturnally hard cock led to amorous lovemaking before they even opened their eyes.

Julie pressed herself back and felt his cock slide easily into her warm, moist opening. Obviously he been pressing himself against her for some time, she was that wet. Shifting her ass slightly she slid down upon his erection—all the way, and then some. She stopped. It was bigger than normal she thought, and then realized that she was dreaming. This sudden realization almost woke her, except that she’d never forgive herself for letting such a filling cock slip back into the mists. She was imagining a stranger’s large cock insider her, and it was turning her on.

She pressed harder and impaled herself completely on the cock of her dream lover. Pat wouldn’t mind she thought, she’d only be wetter when he woke up and gave her his cock for real.

Julie started to pump her hips slowly upon the imaginary man she was fucking. At first he didn’t move at all. It was like fucking a fixed dildo that awaited her every move. She just fucked harder and with faster strokes. Slowly she thought she felt some movement, it didn’t seem like it was just her doing the fucking anymore. She felt her lovers’ arms stirring around her, holding her tighter as her dream dick started to fuck back. Julie could tell that she wouldn’t last long, this different, larger cock inside of her was turning her on in a way she’d never felt possible.

“Connie…..,” she heard her dream lover whisper, “I was so cold….,” he continued. Cold? That sure was an odd thing for a dream lover to whisper in her ear she thought as she reached back behind him and grabbed his ass, pushing him harder and deeper against her. She was now so wet that she could feel her juices running onto her thighs. It was odd; she seemed to be getting more turned on by her own excitement.

“Baby that feels so good,” her dream lover said as she started moving her hips faster. She felt her lovers right hand slide around her body and down across her stomach. It tickled a bit as he kept going below her belly, past her belly button and through her sparse pubic hair to her swollen clit. His hand touched her just right, like her dream lover always would.

“Oh yes Pat, right there,” she heard herself say. His middle finger had found her budding flower and was tracing teasing circles upon it. Her lovers pressure varied just enough as he subtly pulled the hood of her clit back and grazed her naked clit before releasing it and leaving her center for a split second. He continued this slow teasing as Julie smiled, realizing that she was going to come quick, hard and fast. She felt her own body stiffening, her muscles tensing and tuning for their explosion of cosmic clitoral nerves.

“Pat?” her dream lover asked in a confused voice. She only half realized that her lover was questioning her as waves of synaptic bliss crashed forth from the shore of her clitoris and broke free to drown her body in nirvanic ecstasy. She felt herself leave her body as her climax drowned out all else for the moment.

Harry had awoken in a daze. He never woke up very clear minded, there was always a fog shrouding his thoughts and perceptions until several minutes after he reached full consciousness. This time though he thought for sure he should have been dead.

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