Patty’s Lace Ch. 12

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Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter 012 Patty Meets Quinn!

Waking up, Patty quietly slipped out of bed, picking the cum soaked lacy delights from the floor. Taking care of business in the bath, she went to the kitchen and dunked the peachy cumrag into a bowl of solution and the other two went in their own bowls as she looked at the clock. 11:10pm WOW, it seemed like she slept for 8 or more hours, she was refreshed and ready to start her day, or night. She debated whether or not to call Sarge at this late hour, but knowing he is a night owl, she thought it would be ok.

Finding her phone, she texted him, asking if it was ok to call. Less than a minute later, her phone rang. Looking at the display it was Randy, a former client. Patty took calls discreetly for just this reason, so her ringtone was a low volume Cardinal Call as to not be noticed.

Randy owned a large indie production company and even though she was not going to service him as a client anymore, she hoped that he would still want to keep in touch. Even though he is married, he adored Patty or more like her collection of slips.

He used a few of her slips from time to time in productions and one even made it to the silver screen. It was a Very Lacy Lorraine half-slip. She was in a movie about coming of age in the 1960’s at university.

She also knew this call was about using a slip for something else. She debated whether to answer or not, then pushed the button as she went to her sewing room.

The leading lady wore it in many scenes throughout the movie. She was not well known then but is now. In most scenes there were flashes of lace. This is what attracted the leading man to his leading lady.

She returned with the slip in hand. “Hi Patty,” Randy said, “Are you free tonight?”

There was a scene where the Lorraine was the star for a few minutes. The leading lady and her best friend were in a bedroom getting ready to go to drive in movies with their guys. The lead lady was sitting at a vanity table in a lace brassiere putting on make-up as they chatted about the night ahead.

Patty replied, “Hi Randy, always to the point, but unfortunately, no.” looking at Young as he slept.

When she stood Patty’s Lacy Lorraine slip came into view. Her friend sat at the table getting ready as they chatted with Patty’s Lace in full view as lead moved around the set. The cameras followed her with a brief angled front close up on the Lorraine as she walked another from behind as she chose her dress for the evening. A Star is Born as this was the picture that launched the Leading Ladies’ career in acting.

“That’s too bad, free later tonight or perhaps tomorrow? Joan won’t be back until Tuesday.” Randy asked. Patty looked at the slip admiring it because this silky Lorraine slip is now a star! She also thought about how she used it on Randy looking at the faint cum stain in her lace.

It was during the weekend of the movie’s release. Sunday evening and they were in her bed. He was one of the very few she allowed in her place. They had already been there for hours, chatting about a myriad of subjects while Patty edged him with that starlet. Afternoon turned into evening and evening into night before she allowed him to finally flood that slip’s lace with cum.

Patty thought, may as well get this over with as she spoke, saying, “Randy, you are a good guy, so kind and witty. I’ve always enjoyed the time we were together, but I have found someone. I hope we can keep in touch as You are special, besides I’ve been thinking about what you told me.

Randy replied, “So you are not free, anymore?”

Patty said, “I hope we can keep in touch.”

Randy said, “Absolutely, you are special to me also, for more than just your clothing. I still believe you should make a go at it with supplying PCs with vintage lingerie. You could start with your massive collection of slips, then move into other items. I believe you can be very successful with it!

Patty rolled her eyes and thought, Ohhh no, now he is going to talk business, may as well plug the phone in, we’ll be here all night. She acknowledged what he was saying, but with Randy, when biz talk started, it was hard to get a word in edgewise.

Patty put the starlet on the coffee table, paying attention to what Randy was saying.

Randy continued. “There are hundreds of companies around. Unlike the big studios, most operate on a shoestring budget. Wardrobe and props are near the bottom of the list of things they want to spend any time looking for or really a lot of money for. Specialize though so you don’t get lost in the crowd.”

Patty moved to her big bay window listening as he continued.

“You let me use your slips in productions for free. You should offer both sales and rental. It may sound strange, but the larger PCs will pay good money, bahis siteleri just to rent a vintage full slip for a scene, as long as it is the right vintage full slip. With directors, they want what they want and nothing else will do. I’m sure you have heard or read accounts of how demanding they can be.”

Patty found the cord and plugged in the phone, listening intently, as she played with Layla’s lace.

“As long as you stay focused and know your product, you can do this. United, for example is known in the industry for uniforms, they always have been, even though they offer costumes of all types. They are large enough now though that they have been able to expand. Attention to detail, white glove service, and knowing your product are the main things.

If a PC calls for a seafoam green lacy mini half-slip from the 1960’s you will need to provide just that. Don’t send one from the 50’s or 70’s, that will hurt your rep more than saying you don’t have any at the moment, but you are on the hunt, and will call them soon.”

The Cardinal sang its song. It was Sarge and Patty said, “I really need to take this call, I’ll just be a moment, can you hold on?”

Randy replied, “Sugar, I have all night.”

Patty thought, Awww Shit, but the conversation is interesting as she said, “Be right back”

Sarge hung up just as she was pressing the button to switch over, so she dialed him. Second ring he picked up.

“YaY Sarge, are you busy?” Patty asked, as she listened to the background noise. It was like he was at a sporting event.

“YaY Patty. Not really, just at the Saturday night fights,” Sarge replied, “What’s up, you ok?”

“Very well, Thank You.” she said.

Sarge asked, “You seen James? Damn I’m ready for him to come back.”

“He is sleeping,” She replied.

“Your place? Good for you two! What’s up?” Sarge asked.

“Like a baby, I was just wondering how things are going for tomorrow, and what I need to do.” Patty said and the phone beeped.

“What? I can barely hear you” Sarge said as Patty heard a cheering crowd in the background. Patty repeated herself when it settled down.

“Everything is good, you just need to have him there around 5pm” he said and added, “Can we come by, later? I want you to meet someone, and there are some details to discuss”

Laughing, Patty said, “I just woke up and he is still sleeping, sure, I’m up for the night.” As her phone beeped.

“Sounds good” he said, “Put a pot on, we’ll be by in a couple hours, take care, Wildcat.”

“You too, Sarge, Take Care & Have Fun at the fights!” Patty said thinking he was at a boxing match and switched over.

“Back Randy” she said, “Hopefully I wasn’t too long.”

“No, No, Sugar.” he said, “I found something to do.”

Patty asked, “What’s that?” Knowing she probably shouldn’t have.

Randy replied, “One of Joan’s slips, a very nice one”

“TMI, TMI,” Patty said, “Tell me of her.” she said, giggling.

“She is a full slip, with golden lace, eggplant in color, from Secrets in Lace, and she feels so good. Where were we, ohh yea, reputation.” He spoke.

“She sounds nice” she said, thinking that slip was probably being punished pretty hard, as he has a long enough but very thick cock.

“Where did she come from again?” Patty asked.

“Secrets in Lace.” he replied and continued. “Rep is your lifeline, your moneymaker. I already know you have what it takes, from being with you. That rep just has to be built with the right people.

One thing you do not want to do is get involved with any hardcore porn houses. Softcore and modeling sites are ok, but hardcore will ruin your rep. Personally, I’d like to see more lacy slips used in modern clips and movies, even while fucking, like they did in the old days. Spice things up. The Japanese do and they are very nice slips left on for the duration. But again, don’t get involved with hardcore porn.

I’ll intro you to the right people. Just let me know when to start putting the word out.

Patty said, “Thank You, I really appreciate you” as she fired up the laptop.

“You are quite welcome,” he replied and continued, “Knowledge is key to reputation. Knowledge of your product, everything thing you can learn, not of vintage lingerie in general, although that helps, but of each individual item offered.

What it is made of is not too important, it’s a satin or nylon slip. It’s history and the history of the company that made it is very important though. It does not matter if the manufacturer is still in business or not, and probably better if not. Certainly, better if the item is not available at a local store or easily obtainable online. The history of the item itself is the most important. though.

Wardrobe Managers do their research and let’s say, you show up to a meeting with a WM working a disco production with full slips like this Secrets in Lace and a Lacy Van Raalte from the late 1950’s. While both may be gorgeous, the meeting would be short, and you would probably not receive many canlı bahis siteleri more calls from that WM.”

“Yes, Yes, I understand, Patty said, “While disco was before my time, I know that it happened during the late 70’s into the 80’s. I would bring a selection of lacy slips from that time period, probably more half-slips than full ones because of the way the dresses they were worn under were made.

“Now you are catching on,” Randy said. “You would want to bring some that have very little or no lace also, most WMs are very specific on what they are looking for and will tell you, while others want to browse.

We are dealing with a browser in this scenario, so you are right, a good selection of full and half-slips would be good. A variety of colors would be good, even some from an earlier time period would be ok, say sexy little minis from the 60’s but nothing out of the 50’s as the ladies who disco danced were probably teens into mid-twenties and wouldn’t want to wear their mother’s slip to the disco.”

“That Secrets in Lace is really nice though.” Patty said.

“What?” Randy said, “Ohhhh yes, she is, and feels sooooo good. You probably wouldn’t see her in a disco though.” Laughing.

“Probably not” Patty said, giggling.

“I have some biz to take care of with her. You let me know when you are ready to go. Have a good night, my friend, and hope to hear from you soon!”

“You too, my friend, we will talk soon, Take Care & Have Fun! They both clicked off.

Patty studied the eggplant Sophia Gold Lace full slip on the Secrets in Lace site and the gorgeous redhead modeling it and put one in her bag along with a red and black one. Getting them on sale, that was her way! Looking at the Camisoles and Thongs of the same colors, the camisoles were added to her bag. She didn’t like thongs for general purpose calling them butt floss, but these were nice, so one of each color went in her bag, Looking the page over for half-slips she saw none, so she clicked back to the slip salon.

Spotting the beautiful Lana full slip, she also spotted a different style of Sofia full slip. Clicking Lana, she found them in three different colors, Red, Winter White, and Green all trimmed with stunning white lace. Although, not on sale, into her bag they went as a Silver Mercedes AMG GT Roadster parked across the street.

The top was down, and Patty recognized Sarge in the passenger seat. She didn’t know the woman driving but she was gorgeous! Grabbing the binoculars, she kept handy in the window, Patty focused in on her as they stepped out of the car. A Blonde California surfer girl, well-proportioned wearing a grey plaid mini skirt showing off her long legs, with a white sweater and heels. They put the car top up and Patty’s phone chirped.

Sarge was on the line and when she pushed the button, he said. “Put down the nocs and put a dress on, we are here. By the way, Nice Slip.” and hung up.

She watched them cross the street and buzzed them in. Then she took off, plugging in the pot, happy that she always kept it ready to perk. Running into the sewing room, and “Owwww, Shit” she shouted when she stubbed her toe on a container of half-slips she left in the floor. Grabbing the first dress she could get her hands on, she looked at it as she limped for the bath, A pretty little lavender sundress, that would work. She stopped and looked in on Young who was still asleep in that bed of slips on his stomach. Closing the bedroom door gently, in the bath she went, putting the dress on and straightening herself up until the doorbell rang.

That toe still hurt as Patty limped to the door, opening it, Sarge reached in grabbing her around the waist, lifting her. Patty giggled like a schoolgirl as he spun her around with her kissing his cheek until he gently set her down and she said, “It’s good to see you too!”

Grabbing the lady with him, pulling her close, he kissed her enchanting lips and said, “Quinn this is Patty, Patty, Quinn,” making the proper introduction.

Quinn hugged Patty taking her by surprise, but Patty hugged her back as Quinn said, “Sarge has told me so much about you, I feel we have been friends forever! Good to finally meet you! What has he told You?”

“Good to meet you too!” Patty said.

They released each other and Patty said “Come in, come in! Coffee is perking per Sarge’s order!” Holding the door for them.

Quinn took a step inside and Sarge pulled her back, grabbing her by the waist then lifting and spinning her. Quinn’s arms went around his neck as those long legs went around his waist. She kissed his lips as he carried her inside. Patty noticed the creamy slip lace that popped out, identifying it as a vintage Vanity Fair classic as Sarge set her on the sofa, then sat by her.

Patty limped to and sat in the chair, asking Quinn, “What did he tell me?”

“Maybe I should explain better, You will be going to work with me soon, has Sarge said anything about this?” Quinn asked.

Patty replied, “Ummmm, no”

Quinn punched canlı bahis Sarge in the arm and said, “The lady doesn’t even know what she is going to be doing yet?”

Sarge replied, “This is the first time I’ve seen her in four days.” Then asked, “Where is James and why are you limping?”

Patty replied, “Sleeping.” Pointing at the bedroom door. Then said, “Old age, I guess”

Quinn looked at Patty and spoke, “Like I was saying,,,,”

Sarge chimed in, “Can we get to the details for later today, while he is asleep?”

Quinn replied, “Ohhhh, Oh ok.”

Sarge spoke up, “We have the whole end of Johnny Rockets on Hollywood Blvd from 4:30pm until close. I know the lead manager. Everything is taken care of. She also put the song you asked for in the jukebox. There is a cake, and all the goodies for a Big 30 birthday party. A bunch of guys from the station will be there with ladies, so it will be a full house. Are you bringing anyone?”

Patty said, “I’ll be with James.” Kind of embarrassed as she realized she had no real friends other than Sarge. Young was not a friend now, but much more.

“Just have James there any time after 4:30 so we can get the party rolling, do you have a present for him?” Sarge asked.

“Of Course.” Patty replied. “Be right back.”

She was in and out of the sewing room in an instant, even while limping, with a nicely wrapped medium size package. Handing it to Sarge he asked, “What’s this?”

Patty answered, “A car cover for his Mustang, hopefully he will like it. How much is all of this costing?”

Sarge said, “Well, he loves that car, so I’m sure he will love this. Speaking of, Sparkles, can I get your keys? I’ll go put this in the car.

Quinn tossed the keys to Sarge as Patty stood there putting her hands on her hips, “Saaarge!” she quipped.

“What!” Sarge answered.

“How much is all of this costing?” Patty asked in that low combative tone.

Sarge answered with a tone she knew from the streets. “Don’t you worry about it, little girl.”

They stared at each other for a few moments until Quinn chimed in, “Ha! You two are like Sister and Brother!” They both looked at her, then Sarge got a wide silly grin on his face, as Patty turned and opened the amoire’ doors.

Quinn looked into Patty’s armoire’ with astonishment at all the lingerie, The Silky Stunning Full Slips, along with the Lacy Camisole/Half Slip sets. When she opened the drawer to retrieve the bank bag, the gorgeous half-slips piled inside caught Quinn’s eye. Patty took some Franklins from it and handed them to Sarge. “You are not footing this bill alone, take it” she said in that same low tone.

Sarge laughed and said, “You’re right! Quinn and the girls from the club put some in. Hell, the guys at the station even threw some in the pot.” as Patty put the money in his hand.

Sarge counted it and said, “Damn girl, we are going for hamburgers, not surf and turf,” putting the money back in her hand.

Patty said, “I wanna contribute also,” with pouty lips as she put part of the stack in his front pocket.

Sarge took Patty in his arms, kissing her cheek and said, “Thank You” Then he picked her up and she giggled.

Quinn looked at them and said, “Yep, Sister and Brother!”

Setting Patty down, he grabbed the package and out the door he went. Patty put the remaining Franklins back in the bag and tossed it on the slips. She started to close the drawer until she saw how Quinn was studying them and buried the bag in the lacy delights so Quinn can study them better, leaving the armoire’ open.

Patty sat in the chair as Quinn spoke, “Like I was saying, You and I will be working together soon. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the meeting on Tuesday. I hope all goes well. I know you have a lot of questions, so feel free to ask. I’ll answer what I can.

Quinn turned her eyes back to the armoire’ as Patty asked, “I hope you don’t mind me for being so forward but, who are you and Who do you work with?”

Quinn looked at Patty and asked, “What has Sarge told you?”

Patty answered, “I could meet some people in the hills or move far away. I don’t plan on moving.”

Quinn said, “Then he told you nothing, not surprising, he is a very private guy in these matters.”

“I didn’t even know about you, until tonight. I didn’t know he was with a, may I say, a gorgeous lady like you”

“That’s my guy.” Quinn said, smiling. “And I Love Him.”

“You and Sarge are a Beautiful Couple.” Patty said. Coffee’s up, would You like a cup?

Quinn looked down as she blushed taking her left ring finger in the thumb and fingers of her right hand saying, “Thank You, but I know you must have questions, fire away. Coffee sounds good.”

Patty said, “Back to the first,” as she stood up and headed for the kitchen.

Quinn said, “I work with Sam at Katz West, I’m sure you have heard of the place. Do you know why the place is named Katz?

Patty answered as she returned with three cups and the bowl of cream and sugar packets, “Sounds like a good name for an upscale gentlemen’s club to me, but why?”

Quinn replied giggling, “It is, I guess. Do you know what we do?”

Patty answered as she poured Quinn’s coffee, “Gentleman Club Stuff?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32