Photographer in Training Pt. 01

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I’ve known Mel for a few years — she happened to be a guest at one of our New Years Eve parties, and was interested in photography as a hobby, so we had a good chat about kit and stuff.

Mel is what I’d call a ‘pocket rocket’ — early 30’s, 5 feet 1 inch, maybe 100lbs, the most infectious smile, great lips, amazing blue eyes, and 38 inch breasts. She’s a proper little stunner. And quite flirty too. I guess you could say that she knows what she wants, and she uses her eyes, smile and flirting to get it!

So fast forward a few years, and Mel is making a living out of her photography — she does a lot of school portraits, a few family photoshoots, that sort of thing. And it seems like she’s doing well, although we’d not spoken for a couple of years.

Out of the blue, I get a message from Mel, asking if I’ve got any time to have a chat. Nothing unusual really, only that we’ve not really been chatty before, other than abusing each others work on facebook in a jokey way. So we arrange a time when we can facetime.

On the call, Mel explains that she’s been asked to do a boudoir shoot for a friend, and quite frankly she’s not got a clue how to go about it, had no experience of them, doesn’t know where to start. Did I have any advice?

I have done a few boudoir shoots, and have a pile of props and things that I’ve used, so I suggested that Mel comes over to my studio and she can pick out stuff she might want to use.

Mel replies “How about you do a boudoir shoot for me, then I’ll be able to see how you go about it, what you use, how you relax the client, that sort of thing?”

I agree that we can do that, and we arrange an evening when she can come over. I tell her to bring lots of sexy underwear, and anything that she feels sexy in, and also a bathrobe.

A few days later, Mel arrives at the studio carrying a holdall, and a suit carrier. She’s sweating because the temperature is high, and she’s wearing a vest top and hotpants, her nipples evident through the thin cotton.

“Hiya, I decided that we wouldn’t want any straplines, so I took my bra off at lunchtime — is that ok?” she smiles

“Yep, great idea Mel, I should have suggested that already!”

We move into the studio, and as I always do with boudoir shoots, I opened a bottle of bubbly. We start to chat about what Mel wants from the shoot, what angles do I use, lighting, backdrops, how far do I go, how do I relax the client, that sort of thing. Soon we are half a bottle of bubbly down, and Mel is starting to relax. I explain that I’ll do the shoot as if she wasn’t a photographer, but if she has any questions or suggestions, then she should speak up and we’ll try her suggestions. We talk about clothing and she says that she’s got some outfits that she’d like to try as well.

I tell Mel to go into the curtained off area in the corner of the studio to get changed into her first outfit, and I start setting up cameras and lights and out some light rock music on. When Mel comes out of the changing area, she’s wearing a miniskirt, white blouse, blazer, no bra and large specs. I can see that she’s wearing suspenders and high heeled shoes.

“How do I look then Paul?” she asks.

“Sexy PA?” I reply.

Mel giggles “Yep, I’m switching between sexy PA and slutty secretary in this one!” as she refills her glass with champagne.

I move my desk & leather kaçak iddaa office chair over into the shooting area, and suggest that she uses that as a prop to start with. I setup the lights whilst she gets into position.

Mel starts by sitting at the desk, with the champagne, and I suggest that she leans forward to show me some of her cleavage. We rattle off some shots like that, and I suggest that she undoes one more of the buttons on her blouse. A few more shots, as she uses her arms to push her breasts together, and looks seductively into the camera lens.

Then she sits back, and puts her high heeled feet up on the desk, leaning back into the chair and I start to see her white suspenders under the skirt. Mel undoes another button on her blouse, and takes a sip of the champagne. I rattle off more shots whilst telling her how fabulous she looks and to pout, smile, look seductive, etc.

Mel finishes her glass of bubbly, and asks “Is there any more of this?”

“Of course there is, I’m a photographer — I always got at least half a dozen bottles in the fridge!”

So I get another bottle and I suggest that Mel opens it, as part of the scene. She asks if she can try something, and I tell her to go with it as I head back behind the camera.

Mel takes off her blazer and moves it out of the way, showing off her short sleeved tight blouse against her breasts, then gives the champagne bottle a shake. I can see whats coming here, and I ready the cameras to burst a number of shots off. Mel leans the bottle slightly towards herself and eases the cork part way out. Another little shake, and the cork flies off, and champagne shoots out, arcing bubble all over Mel’s fabulous breasts, drenching the blouse and making it almost see-thru. I must have taken over 50 shots in the 2 seconds that this took, and Mel is laughing at the champagne on her face, and dripping down into the well of her breasts. I quickly move to get some shots as she lowers the bottle, and I tell her to look at me like she wants to fuck me down the lens. Those shots where the champagne is dripping off her chin into her cleavage are some of the best shots I’ve ever taken.

I get Mel to pull the blouse tight, which shows her full breasts, areola and nipples against the wet cotton, and she puts a finger up to her lips and makes a naughty, sexy ‘oops’ type face. More shots in the bag.

“God, I’m loving this already Paul, and we’ve only just started” she laughs and then takes a swig from the champagne bottle — more shots grabbed as her plump lips close around the neck of the bottle!

Mel Steps away from the desk — “Holy shit, I’m soaked!” and she throws me one of her flirty looks, head lowered but eyes looking up. Not gonna lie, I was definitely feeling turned on with this sexy pocket rocket in front of me!

“So, let me see what you’ve taken so far” she asks, and we quickly flick though the images on the large screen I use.

“oooh I like that one, and that one. Fuck, that one is hot” We also agree that the champagne popping worked as well, and the ones where she is drinking from the champagne bottle.

“Wow, that looks like I’ve got a cock in my mouth”

I zoom right into the image, showing just her lips and the bottle – it looks hot, and will look even better once I’ve played with photoshop on it.

“Shit Paul, these are great. So what are we going to kaçak bahis do next?”

I tell Mel to go back & put some lingerie on whilst I change the shot.

I create a bedroom scene, complete with bed mattress, silk sheets, and the illusion of light coming through a window blind.

Mel shouts from behind the curtain “Do you want dark or light underwear?”

“Dark, but not black if you can avoid it”

“Will navy blue be ok?”

“Absolutely perfect!”

A minute or two Mel comes back out in her robe, and I explain that the lights will be lower, as the look we are trying for is a hot airless night in a New York apartment. She gets it straight away, and we talk about how I’m going to be coming in quite close to get shots, and that we’ll start to become a little bit more risqué in this scene. Mel downs her champagne

“OK, how do you want me?”

I get Mel to lie on her back, and lightly cover part of her body with the silk sheet, her arm above her head resting on the bed. I move her around as I take shots with her with the silk sheet partially covering various elements of her body. I take a few closeups of Mel’s face, and I notice that her breathing is changing to slightly more shallow…

I drape the silk sheet over one of Mel’s legs, and get her to open her legs a little. I get a brief glimpse of her silk knickers and spot that the gusset is wet. It looks like Mel is enjoying this..

Pushing the scene a little further, I get Mel to slide her fingertips into the top of her waistband, and as she does, she closes her eyes and a sigh escapes from her lips.

I rattle off a few shots, and I watch with fascination as Mel’s fingers move lower inside her panties, her thumb hooked over the top, so the waistband moving lower. And then I watch the fabric move slowly as her fingers move inside..

Breaking the spell, I ask if Mel feels comfortable removing her bra, which she does quickly and then lies on her back, her hand replaced inside her waistband.

Mel’s breasts remain pert and I take some shots with the sheet partially over them, and then as I move it, I brush her nipple with the back of my hand, completely by accident. Mel’s eyes flash open, as she gasps and smiles.

I take a chance, and move back to Mel’s nipple, and take it gently between my fingers.

Mel looks up at me, “Do you do this with all your clients?”

I smile and shake my head “Only those that gasp when I brush against them, or they have their fingers playing with their clit inside their panties as I take shots of them”

Mel giggles “Would you prefer it if I removed them?”

I respond with “The fingers or the panties? The fingers, No. The panties, yes!”

Mel stands up faces away from me, puts her fingers in the waistband at the hips, and then lowers them down over her legs, bending forwards as she does, giving me a full view of her fabulous bottom, and a glistening view of her pussy.

Mel gets back on the bed, and I get her to shield her pussy by lifting her leg, and I rattle off more shots.

Mel’s eyes are now closed, and as she puts her leg back down she slips her hand between her legs, and gently starts to stroke her outer lips.. Its so hot, and I’m hard.

I move to the top of the bed, I want to take a shot of her fingers in focus, but her breasts out of focus. As I move around to the top, Mel’s other hand raises illegal bahis up above her head and she places it on my crotch.

Mel purrs.. “I thought you’d be hard. Maybe you should take these off to release some pressure”

I undo the top button of my jeans, and Mel lowers the zip, her eyes looking up at my face as she starts to move her fingers faster on her pussy. I lower both my trousers and my boxers and Mel moves her hand to be cupping my balls before moving upwards and taking my cock in her hand.

“Lean forwards over me” she purrs and pulls my cock downwards. I place my hands on the mattress and Mel raises her head, opening her luscious lips to lick the head of my cock.

I groan, and Mel lifts again to take my cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head as she sucks me in.

I turn slightly so that I am lying on my side on the mattress, and Mel turns her head to continue sucking me, then moves her body onto its side, and lifts her leg. Her pussy is inches away from my face, and I eagerly lean forward and taste her flowing juices. She lifts her leg, to give me more access, and I start to lick and suck her pussy for all I am worth. I wrap my arm around her waist, and use my hand to ease her open, allowing my tongue to go to work on her clit and deep inside her pussy. Her moans are now vibrations against my cock as she continues to pump and suck on me.

Mel has no idea that the cameras are still taking shots of her via my remote, and from a number of angles, she hasn’t even noticed the flash heads firing. Her eyes are closed and she’s sucking my cock like its never been sucked before.

Within a couple of minutes, Mel’s moans are more frantic, her hips are bucking against me as I lick and suck her clit, and my cock pops from her mouth as she starts to feel her orgasm approaching

“ah, ah, Ah, AH, AAH…Don’t stop Paul, Please don’t stop! I want to cover your face with my cum. Fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me good. AH AH AH AAAAAAAAAA….”

Mel’s wave starts to crash over her, her legs are spasming against my face, she’s pushing against me, her pussy is pumping juices into my mouth so fast I’m struggling to keep pace, I slip a finger inside her pussy and she pushes against it, wanting it deeper. I place my thumb over her puckered asshole and start to rub against it, its slick with her juices, and Mel pushes back against my thumb, so I gently ease it inside her, adding another finger inside her pussy.


I hold Mel tight against me, pumping my fingers & thumb inside her and my tongue on her clit as she rides the wave of her orgasm, she’s doing most of the work as she thrashes against me wanting more and more.

Mel suddenly goes rigid, shuddering as the last of the wave hits her. And then she is limp. She collapses back onto the bed, and I gently remove my fingers from inside her.

I lift myself off the bed, and move around to the bottom, grabbing a camera as I go, and take some shots of Mel, satisfied, her legs open and the glistening of her cum over her swollen pink pussy lips.

Mel dreamily opens her eyes.. “You’ve not cum yet Paul..”

“We’re only a short way through the shoot Mel. You’ve got to have at LEAST one more orgasm yet, and only then will I cum..”

Mel smiles and as she closes her eyes again murmurs “Thank goodness I’ve bought lots more outfits to use then, because I want to have more than one more orgasm, and I want to see how good your cock feels inside me….”

Part 2 to follow..

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