Please Let Me Be Ch. 05

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All characters in this story are completely fictional and are above the age of 18 in the entire story. This series will feature a lot of non-consensual and BDSM themed stories so keep in mind that this is fiction and fantasy and should not be played out in real life without safety precautions. This particular chapter involves something close to rape and sadistic elements so keep in mind that if that bothers you that you should not read this. I do not in any way condone 1) drug usage, 2) rape, and 3) pain that is not meant for the pleasure of your partner. I will be using these things in this chapter and hope that everyone knows that none of these things are acceptable in any way except in the possibility of consensual rape play and sado-maso relationships with safe words and established communication. Be smart and play safe. Now you may enjoy.


I awoke to find myself alone and curled up on the bed with a soft green blanket covering me. Darrien wasn’t in the room but the man with the blue-tie was, he sat in a chair across from the bed with a glass of water sitting on a small table next to him.

“Good morning,” he smiled and I vaguely remembered him complimenting me as lovely back in the red room.

“Morning,” I responded warily. He was the taller, more Hispanic looking man of the group. I tried to memorize the details of him since I knew that if Darrien kept me, as I wanted him to, I’d probably end up in this man’s company more often than I’d like.

“Feeling any pain? A girl’s first time usually isn’t without it’s aches,” he held up the glass of water from the table and opened his hand to show a pair of pills.

I flexed my muscles and slowly moved across the bed while keeping the blanket close to me for warmth. A deep ache started in my hips and a twinge of pain came from inside my pussy. Putting my feet flat on the floor I faced this man whose name I couldn’t remember and tried to decide if he was safe to trust.

“I’m in charge of the women in the group’s business. These are my remedy,” he held the pills and water out to me.

“Where’s Darrien?” I looked around the room stupidly, as though Darrien would jump out from a corner of the room miraculously.

“He’s out talking business with Max and Jamal,” he gestured to the main cabin door with the hand holding the water.

“Oh. OK,” not the most eloquent of words.

“I’m Marco by the way,” He held the items even closer to me and I finally chose to take the water and pills just so he’d put his hands down.

“I’m Tess,” I downed the meds on instinct.

“How did Darrien treat your first time?”

I looked at Marcus oddly. In no way did I want to give this stranger a description of my first time. It was too personal and I was much too awkward to explain such a thing to anyone let alone someone I didn’t really know, although, now that I thought about it, I didn’t know Darrien much more than I knew Marco.

“For your safety, if he harms you physically or mentally then I will need to be notified so we can get you all fixed up and back in working order,” Marco explained.

“Oh, I’m fine then. Thank you.”

He didn’t look too happy about my blank response to his concern. I leaned back further into the bed, my mind was going a bit fuzzy. Shaking my head to break the barrier in my ears I saw his smile return. I blinked a few times before scooting back on the bed and against the far wall from Marco.

“I forgot to tell you, those will make you a bit drowsy,” he leaned forward and took the empty cup from off the floor. When had that fallen? I slid down to my side, my eyes closing under the weight of the drugs.

“What,” I murmured and then fell asleep.

-From Jolie’s Point of View at a later time-

“Welcome to your new home,” my owner gestured to a large white and black room.

Jamal was his name and he certainly had seemed like a good enough Master so bahis şirketleri far, dark skinned like me with a stout body type and a handsomely bald head he was attractive in his own way. The man who stood behind me on the other hand was making me nervous. Master kept calling him Marco, he was a tall, Hispanic looking man. I ignored him as best I could while I looked over the minimalist space before me. A large black silk covered bed took up most of the room with black and white swirled carpet kept my feet warm and white walls glowed under soft lighting. They had blindfolded me for the walk inside and I hadn’t seen Tess since she had first entered the airplane earlier that night. It was making me nervous to not have her familiar presence nearby but I knew better than to let on my nervousness to my Master.

“Thank you, Master Jamal for my new home,” I had been trained in proper responses.

He nodded and pulled me over to the bed where he pressed my shoulders down until I kneeled down in front of him before it.

“Ready to break in your shiny new toy?” Marco asked Jamal. They stood side by side and stared down at me.

“Just promise not to actually break this one. I spent a lot on her,” Jamal gave Marco a scolding look.

“It wasn’t my fault the last one was faulty,” Marco’s smile did not relieve me. The soft carpet before was starting to feel gritty against my knees and sweat started to gather on my body as the conversation furthered.

“You get too piercing happy with your needles. I like piercings on a girl as much as the next guy but even I think that was overkill.”

“I think we’re starting to make her nervous. There is nothing to worry about,” Marco forced my head up when I tried to look away from them; “Maybe we’ll save that for next time. Wouldn’t want to start out on too high of a level for you.”

My skin tightened and I swallowed. The feeling of my throat moving against his hand made Marco smiled in a way that would make any girl want to run far and fast in the other direction. Master Jamal started to undress, his shirt, pants and shoes quickly made their way into a puddle next to me. Marco’s fingers had slowly tightened on my throat and my vision went grey for a few seconds. Air burned through my throat when he finally released me. Sparks flittered through my vision and I felt my worry grow larger by the second. Marco grabbed my hair and pulled me up until I stood with my nose inches from his.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” he smiled again and even though it looked harmless I felt goosebumps pop up along my skin.

I was flung onto the bed and scrambled back against the headboard without realizing my actions. The horror stories of the business filtered back into my mind and I suddenly wanted very much to be far away. Master Jamal flicked the lights off but the surroundings still glowed a ghostly white and Marco’s dark suited form didn’t look any less sinister. He slid off his jacket and shoes before crawling onto the bed towards me. His legs slid around mine and he planted his hands around my head. I wasn’t a small woman topping out at around 6 feet tall so this was the first time that I had ever truly felt this puny, intimidated down to the very core of me. My legs curled in close to my body but my eyes never left Marco. If I let him out of my sight then I wouldn’t see the pain coming, and I could tell that it was coming. He leaned down and I felt his hair brush against my cheek while his mouth brushed against my collarbone.

“It’s always best when they don’t know, isn’t it, Jamal?” Marco’s voice startled me.

“You’re such a tease,” Jamal climbed onto the bed next to Marco and gripped his head.

I watched in surprise as Master Jamal pulled Marco to him and kissed him. It felt strange to see two men kiss so blatantly but it felt completely wrong that it was Master Jamal and Marco. How could the man who had taken me as his and this other frightening bahis firmaları person do such a thing? I couldn’t look away when their mouths opened and they started licking each other like they were coated with sugar. A small tingle of warmth sprung up in my stomach and I recoiled inside from my own reaction. How could this be a turn on? They looked so excited that I couldn’t help but shiver a bit from the excitement that I might feel like that someday. Then reality crashed back. Any pleasure I would feel in the future would be at the mercy of these two men. Master Jamal yanked Marco back and released his hair roughly. Marco only laughed and crawled up to me so he sat with his back against the headboard. An arm slid around my waist and I found myself on Marco’s lap. His hard dick pushed into my thigh and I glanced from him to Master Jamal with anxiousness. I couldn’t tell if I was excited or freaking out.

“Don’t worry, we’ll play with you too,” Marco whispered into my ear before licking up my neck and biting the lobe. I pulled against him weakly but he just held me tighter. My struggles made him smile into the skin at my throat.

“What game should we do first?” Master Jamal undid the straps holding my dress together and pulled the fabric off my body before dropping it on the floor.

“Pony, maybe?” Marco’s hand around my waist drifted lower to the patch of hair above my pussy.

“Hm, how about Jack and Jill?” Master Jamal’s hands curled around my ankles tightly.

“With two Jacks? She’ll never know which way is up ever again,” Marco laughed and bit down on my shoulder causing me to jump, “I’ve always wanted to play the Spider and the Fly.”

Master Jamal smiled and pulled my legs apart. His body was suddenly flush against mine and the heat washed over me. His erection pressed into my belly. Marco’s fingers slid down until he cupped me. His other hand lifted to tangle into my hair and pull my head back until I laid across his thighs with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. Heart pounding and blood rushing to my head I closed my eyes in an attempt to calm down. Marco’s finger pushed against my opening and my eyes snapped open.

“Enter here?” Marco laughed darkly while prying into me.

My body was arched back with my legs were held in place around Master Jamal’s hips by his hands. Marco slowly finger fucked me and I lost time in the sensations. The floor and wall in my vision were an eerie off white in the darkness and it matched the eerie white feelings flickering through my body like slow shocks. I winced every time he pushed deep into me but the sensation felt strangely good. His finger swirled around inside and my muscles tensed.

“Does this make her the spider or the fly?” Master Jamal’s voice thrummed through the room, surprising me.

“I’d say she’s the fly,” Marco added another finger and rubbed harder.

My breath started to catch in my throat. A burning flowed into my belly and out into the rest of me. My fingers were frozen in the bedding despite this new heat. Marco’s fingers slid out of my pussy and he turned my head to look at him with his other hand. My eyes slowly focused as I watched him suck the juice off. The sight was so erotic I couldn’t help but moan a little deep in my throat. The answering smile on his face didn’t make things any better. His distraction was enough to drive my attention away from Master Jamal who took the opportunity to line up and push swiftly into me. His cock felt huge and hard. The pain had a hold of me. No way in hell was it possible for this man’s cock to fit in me but he had. I had gasped in pain and noticed I was holding my breath when Marco leaned down to kiss my chest. The gentle touch shocked me and he looked at me from between my breasts and smiled before biting down on the soft flesh. A bruised started to form immediately along with tears in my eyes. I could only feel his teeth on me until Master Jamal kaçak bahis siteleri pulled out and then that pain came right back. They took turns torturing me. Slam, bite, slide, lick, repeat. The next time I looked up all I saw were red bite marks and Master Jamal’s heavy lidded eyes as he picked up speed. My hips ached along with my nipples, the only place Marco hadn’t had in his mouth so far. Legs shivering and twitching as the tension built up in my body I couldn’t distinguish the pleasure from the pain. This was beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

“Look,” Marco demanded before rubbing his lips roughly against mine. Even his kiss was an assault. His tongue pushed and his teeth pulled. I opened to him. The slick feeling of his tongue sliding against mine mimicked Master Jamal’s cock in my pussy, “There you go.” He murmured and tilted his head to take more of my mouth hostage. My hands left the bed and I grabbed hold of him. His hand threaded through my hair and I felt him grip my wrists with both hands before roughly pulling me upright. My head swirled with the sudden movement and my pussy clenched in surprise.

“Fuck,” Master Jamal groaned now that I was sitting straight up on his cock and he leaned back so my nipples barely brushed against his chest.

“Touching me without permission is against the rules,” Marco pressed into my back while hold my hands above my head. His hips ground against my ass and I leaned back into him, “I’ll have to punish you.”

He pulled my hands down and behind my back before binding them together. I heard a rustling sound and peeked back to find him without a shirt of tie and his cock sticking straight out from his pants that were now unzipped. Marco pushed me forward until I rested against Master Jamal who started rocking me on his cock. I started to relax from the warmth the movement gave me and closed my eyes. Then I felt hands pull my ass cheeks apart and a finger slide around my hole. My eyes weren’t closed anymore. I started to protest but before I could get a word out Master Jamal pulled me down into a kiss. My mind couldn’t be distracted from the finger that was now pushing its way into my ass.

“You are definitely the fly in this situation,” Marco’s murmur had me tightening around Master Jamal and clenching my ass tight around Marco’s finger. He just laughed and found lube before spearing two fingers inside.

My brain started to go fuzzy again and Master Jamal had a hold on my hips and was grinding me down on him while sucking on my tongue. I lost track of myself in the sensations. Until Marco lined his cock up with my ass and started to push in. Then I fought back only to find myself biting down on a hunk of the bedding with tears in my eyes and two cocks shoved up my once virgin holes. The pain really started as they alternated sliding in and out of me. Marco gripped my hair and hands, Master Jamal forced my hips up and down. All I could feel was the movements. Nothing else mattered but feeling them push deep into me. The friction started to overwhelm the pain and my brain gave out on me. Both of them panted and started to kiss over my shoulder. Their bodies moved in synch and they sped up.

“Cumming,” Marco moaned.

“Me too, ready?” Master Jamal’s voice was low and rough.

They forgot about me but my pussy couldn’t forget them. I could feel the spasms coming on deep inside me when they slammed into me. I came around them and could feel hot, wet spurts inside as they both stilled and then ground deeper into me.

“So fucking good,” One of them murmured before they started sucking tongues again.

I collapsed in between them, my legs twitching with leftover energy.

“Best purchase ever,” Marco laughed and pulled out of me.

The gaping coldness shivered through me but I couldn’t make myself care. Master Jamal rolled me onto my side and slid out of my pussy. I felt slimy and bruised and beaten but somewhere deep inside my body said it was sated. My breath wheezed out and I closed my eyes while the two men left the room with the sound of the door slamming being the last thing I heard before I passed out.

To be continued . . .

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