Premonitions: Senior Year Ch. 07

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Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are at least 18 years of age despite the story taking place in high school.

Author’s Note: This is an ongoing anthology. It is not required that you read the previous chapters to enjoy this one, but it would help establish context. If you want to start with this chapter know that Scott has discovered, with the help of his new friend Malory and his best friend’s mom Conny, that he experiences premonitions of future sexual encounters. He recently found out that his powers extend beyond this, but he is still learning to harness them and what their limits are.


Chapter 7: Teachers Little Slut

The aftermath of Devin’s party had played out for well over a month, and honestly it had not gone as I had thought. I was expecting a lot of criticism and questions about my abilities, but it seemed that Malory had quashed those early on, at least from our close friends.

What I did get was a lot of requests for me to hook people up with their crushes. At first I refused as I did not want to set an unhealthy precedent. After a while I started to grow curious, not about what I could do, but about how many of these people’s infatuations were reciprocated.

This took little effort on my part, as I had honed my ability to sense who other people desired in the weeks that followed the party. It was simply a matter of getting close to the person in question and digging in the right corner of their mind. I was expecting to discover an epidemic of unrequited love in my school.

To my surprise, most of the hopeful lovers were only a well timed query away from a relationship or often a hook up. I found that most of the attractions in my high school were mutual, and it was only shyness and doubt that were keeping people apart.

That is not to say that there were not a few dreamers out there. Every once in a while someone was asking to be hooked up with someone that was clearly out of their league. Sometimes this was based on looks, but usually it was simply a personality issue.

Most incompatible pairings were not because a five was lusting for a ten, it was because the two were not a match in any way. I was occasionally shocked at who some people thought would be a good partner, but I chose not to overthink these occurrences. I could get into all the ways I saw this play out, but for the most part people knew who might like them and therefore were attracted to each other.

Another complication that I frequently ran into were the many possible love triangles. These often seemed to work themselves out with some gentle guidance, with a surprising number of them ending in throuples. It seemed people’s boundaries expanded when it meant that they were going to get laid on a regular basis.

Unwittingly, I had become a match maker, and the only manipulations I was conducting were those to convince my peers to make a move. Other than that I let bygones be bygones, and the high school ecosystem took care of the rest.

This is not to say that I was not doing anything else with my abilities. Malory, Alevia, and I had teamed up with Marissa to produce a series of videos. We had been inspired by the home videos Alevia and I had been making, and the files that Mrs. Costa had sent me of Devin’s party.

We had figured out a way to safely share them online, hiding them behind a paywall that was only accessible to credit cards that were addressed outside of our local area codes. It was not a perfect solution, and we assumed that one day we would be recognized, but we hoped that it would suffice until we graduated from high school at the very least.

It did not hurt that we brought in over $10,000 in only our second month of the website. It seemed that people were willing to pay top dollar to see real 18-year-olds fuck. The D/s videos were the biggest draw, which is why we permanently brought Marissa into the business.

Marissa had been actively working as a dominatrix around town since she had turned 18. She had gotten started with the father of a girl that she babysat for, and it had snowballed from there. She truly had a knack for it, and she was able to keep it a secret, at least from those that would not approve.

I was surprised when she told me how widespread her business was, but in retrospect I should have known the men, and plenty of the women, in this town were looking to submit. Everyone thought they needed to act like they were in charge, and I am sure more than a few found submission extremely relaxing.

We needed more videos to keep our customers happy and returning, so both Malory and I started prodding the minds of our fellow students to see who would be willing to participate. Since we were able to pay our actors well it did not take us long to fill out a lengthy call sheet.

Marissa was there to shape them into what they needed to be. For the most part she stayed out of the videos herself, but she made just as good of a coach as she did a Domme. With her kaçak iddaa guidance our subscriber base continued to grow, and eventually we even brought in some of her regular customers to film.

We were able to keep the married ones in masks to help hide their identities. Our viewers seemed to accept this choice for men who were married with children. We had earned their trust in regard to our authenticity. If anything it gave the situation more credence, as no real father would agree to film with his face showing, especially those with daughters in our service.

Running this business kept the four of us busy enough that we were not searching for outside entertainment. That was not to say that we were not enjoying each other’s company as we had all school year, but our interactions with our classmates had disappeared after Devin’s party. The only exception were a few interactions with Nicole, and Alevia with Nancy.

It did not help our social lives that as we approached finals everyone was spending most of their free time studying, at least when they were not hooking up with their new lovers or filming a video for us. I was busy too, but not with the school work that everyone else was stressing over.

That is not to say that I did not have the same amount of work, it was just that I either found it easy or enjoyed it, which always made the time pass quickly. Sometimes it was both, but that was not so much the case this semester, as all my classes were boring. With the exception of History, but that was only because Mrs. Franklin’s looks were so distracting.

I was busy with self care, which I know sounds odd since it was finals and I was supposed to be stressing out over my grades. For me, however, it was a time that I got to disappear and spend time alone for a change. Everyone else was studying and assumed I was as well. This meant that I was not bound to all the social events I was normally supposed to attend.

The reality was that as much as I liked hanging out with friends, I needed to be alone as well. This was not something that other people seemed to understand, but it was crucial to my survival. Sometimes I would read, sometimes I would play video games, but most of the time I just simply lie on my bed with my headphones on; the music turned up way too loud.

I would listen to all kinds of music, as long as it was based in anger. Despite having nothing real to be angry about I was constantly feeling some sort of undefined rage. I was told it was because of the music I listen to, but the reality was that listening to other’s anger gave me a release for mine. Violent video games gave me the same sense of calm. Go figure.

An hour of lying on my bed listening to a metal album gave me a calm that nothing else could. Well, nothing that did not involve me shooting my load into a girl. If I am being honest, even sex did not have as lasting an effect as my musical meditations. After cumming I had only about 15 minutes before I started thinking about doing it again. Music kept me sane, it is as simple as that.

As finals week finished up everyone started to hang out again, but things were muted as the holidays were quickly approaching and families were expecting to spend more time together. Girlfriends were inviting boyfriends over for dinner instead of hosting parties for everyone to get drunk and find a corner to make out in.

It was during this time that I finally got to hang out with Devin for the first time since we had talked after his party. The initial talk had gone well, and we parted on good terms. I had expected him to be mad that I had not told him about my powers, but he was actually pretty cool about it. He had a ton of questions, but surprisingly had not asked me to do anything for him. I later found out it was because he and Jackie had officially started dating. I guess the night of his party had impressed her. I secretly vowed to give them the video of their first hook up if they were to ever get married.

During the entire conversation, and honestly to this day, I was afraid that he was going to tell me that he found out about me and his mom. In addition I kept having to check myself to make sure that I did not spill the beans about seeing the video of him and Jackie on the night of his party. I managed to keep my mouth shut and hoped that none of this would come up in the future. Or if it did, that enough time would have passed to insure that he was not too mad with me.

Devin and I talked about New Year’s, and whether or not anyone had any plans for a party. Weirdly neither of us had heard anything about a party, but we both vowed to look around to make sure we found one. The last thing either of us wanted was to spend New Year’s Eve of our senior year at home with our parents. That being said, I figured it could be pretty fun if it was just me and a few girls.


I had promised Malory that I would meet up with her at the mall the Monday after finals, which was also the week kaçak bahis of Christmas. She had put off doing her holiday shopping, and was scrambling to find last minute gifts for everyone.

Gift giving was not a huge deal in my family, but you were still expected to get one good gift for everyone, not just a bunch of junk like some of my friend’s got. This meant I had already bought all my gifts online, but I agreed to join Malory anyway.

It was mid morning when I met Malory outside of Macy’s. Neither one of us had any business there, but it was a convenient place to meet. I was amazed that the store was still open as during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year it seemed empty. As far as I could tell it was only being used as a convenient place to return online orders.

After a few hours of me politely nodding or shrugging at most of her gift ideas we decided to take a break and grab some lunch. Most of the traditional food court staples had closed over the last few years in favor of sit down restaurants that were built along the outskirts of the parking lot. We agreed on PF Chang’s, as it seemed the least horrible of the options, and headed towards it hoping that there would not be too long of a wait for a table.

Upon entering we were pleased to find that it would only be about a 10 minute wait. Not being old enough to buy drinks we decided to wait near the entrance instead of finding a place at the bar, until we noticed a lone women sitting and nursing her drink.

“Is that who I think it is?” I asked as I leaned over Malory’s shoulder peering at the woman at the bar.

“Holy shit, I think it is.” Malory responded with just a tad too much enthusiasm.

“When was the last time you tried persuading her? I haven’t attempted anything since I figured out how to exert more control over people. Think we should give it a try?”

“Well, I have to be honest, now seems like as good of a time as ever. We are not in school, she has been drinking, and it looks like she might want some company.”

Malory was right. Mrs. Franklin looked ripe for the picking, and if we were going to have any success seducing her it was going to be today. It also felt safer not trying this at school, if she reacted negatively we were less likely to get in trouble.

“How about we start with asking her to join us for lunch?” Malory said as she stood and walked towards her without waiting for me to answer.

It seemed like a good plan to me, and I was okay with Malory taking the lead. Ever since Devin’s mom Conny had given me some pointers on how to better exert my powers I had been trying to tutor Malory. I was not as good of an instructor as Conny, but Malory was slowly catching up with what I could do. I had no doubt that she would be able to easily convince Mrs. Franklin to join us when we got seated.

The hostess called my name while Malory was still talking to Mrs. Franklin, but I was quick to see that we would be needing an extra menu. As she picked up three menus I followed the hostess towards our booth. She was wearing a pretty standard uniform of a white blouse with black pants. The pants were tight enough to show off her nice ass and I could not help but stare a little as I trailed behind her.

The rest of her body looked good as well, at least as far as I could tell through the boxy top, which showed off almost no skin at all. She had on very little make up, with her hair pulled back into a simple pony tail. Because of this she had a very girl next door vibe, which I was digging for sure.

I took a seat as she placed the menus and picked up the extra set of silverware. She smiled at me making firm eye contact. As I went to smile back I felt the now familiar sensation of a premonition coming on.

As my dizziness subsided and the darkness eased into my vision I saw the hostess, who’s name I still did not know, sitting on a desk in a very plain looking office with no windows. She had ditched her pants, and was wearing just her white blouse and her underwear. The shirt had been unbuttoned to reveal her small amount of cleavage and the central edges of her mesh bra. Her breasts were not huge, hence why they were easily hidden beneath her top at work, but they looked great peaking out from the unbuttoned top.

The blouse extended far enough to cover her crotch, at least as she sat on the edge of the desk with her legs crossed. As I stood there staring she leaned back, placing her weight on her hands. As she did this her top pulled apart just a bit more, giving me a clearer view of her bra. Uncrossing her legs, she opened them just enough to give me a peek of her panties. They were a plain pair, but the wet spot was clear from where I was standing.

Per usual, I wanted to stay in the premonition for a while longer, but I had gotten the picture and knew that I needed to return to the real world if I was going to help Malory persuade Mrs. Franklin to participate in our little game of cat and mouse. I knew that illegal bahis it was going to take the abilities of both of us to pull it off, and I hoped that she had already had a few drinks to loosen her up to the suggestions we were about to make.

The hostess was going to have to wait, at least for a little while. It was the middle of the lunch rush anyway, so I assumed that she was busy for at least the next few hours. I made a mental note to find her on my way out of the restaurant as Malory and Mrs. Franklin sat down across from me in the booth.

It hadn’t struck me until just then, but Malory and Mrs. Franklin could have easily been sisters. Mrs. Franklin had slightly larger tits which combined with her hips formed a more stereotypical hourglass figure than Malory had, but everything else was eerily similar. Even the way they applied their eye shadow seemed to be the same. I had a suspicion one had been copying the other the last few months.

Today they were both dressed conservatively, which recently was a rarity for either of them. Especially Mrs. Franklin, whom we had been persuading to show off more and more skin as the semester had unfolded. Malory was sporting jeans and a hoodie, with Mrs. Franklin also wearing jeans, but had a canvas jacket on up top.

As they both sat down, Malory was obviously in a chipper mood, while Mrs. Franklin seemed overwhelmed and clearly a little tipsy. I guessed that this might be easier than I had anticipated. I took a sip of water as I waited for Mrs. Franklin to break the ice once she was comfortable in her seat. I was not sure what Malory had said, or suggested, to Mrs. Franklin, but it had worked quickly, and she currently showed no signs of feeling uncomfortable eating with two of her students.

“It is so nice to see you two outside of school. I hope your break is going well so far. Mine is just terrific.” Mrs. Franklin spat out with more than a little slur in her voice.

I paused a second before I responded. I was trying to figure out what I was hearing in her voice. I concentrated and poked around inside her to see what emotions I could find, but I was inhibited by the sheer chaos that I found. Her mind was like a trampoline filled beyond capacity with 10-year-old kids.

Mrs. Franklin seemed to be sad, lonely, and horny all at once, and that was just the tip of the convoluted mix of emotions that I could sense. One thing, however, was clear; Mrs. Franklin was not as happy as she had seemed in the weeks leading up to winter break.

“Are you okay?” I asked, not wanting to get too specific about what I suspected. “You do not seem like yourself today?”

“Yes, yes I am. I maybe should not have had my second . . . or forth drink before eating lunch.”

“Are you sure that is all it is? I have just never seen you like this. Not that I have seen you drunk before.” I figured she had had a fight with her husband or something. Those types of things were common this time of year.

“Thank you for your concern Scott, but I don’t think it is appropriate to talk to students about such things.”

“I understand, but we are not in school right now, so if it is all right with you we could pretend that you are not our teacher. Technically it is true.”

While I was saying this I was putting some not so subtle pressure where I needed to in order to get her to loosen up. I figured that if I could get her to talk to us about private matters it would be easier to bridge the gap to what Malory and I truly wanted.

“Go ahead, Mrs. Franklin, we won’t tell anyone. If you need to get something off your chest then you should. It is not good to keep something bottled up, especially when it is causing you so much obvious distress.” I was becoming more aggressive with manipulations as I figured now was as good a time as any to see what I could get away with.

“Thank you Scott, it would be a relief to talk to someone about this, but I am not sure how much help you two would be. I am not sure you are experienced enough to understand what I am going through.”

Malory and I glanced at each other as we silently questioned what Mrs. Franklin was talking about. I figured that it was something sexual in nature, and by the looks of it Malory was on the same page as me. Mrs. Franklin seemed to view us as innocent students, but hopefully by the end of the day she would see us in a different light.

“Try us Mrs. Franklin, you might be surprised what we can help with. We are not as inexperienced as you might suspect.” I said as I gave her a not so subtle nudge towards opening up to us.

“Well, it is my husband you see. We have been fighting lately . . . we just are not on the same page anymore. I mean . . . sexually.” Mrs. Franklin said with increasing awkwardness.

I tried to keep a straight face as I responded. “I see. Well, I am not sure how to explain this, but I think we can help you with that.” I glanced over at Malory as I said this, seeing her return a slight smile.

“And how exactly would you two help?” Mrs. Franklin queried with a confused look on her face.

“Well, to be honest, I won’t be entirely sure until you further explain what the issue is.”

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