Private Dancer

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I take a deep breath as I look at myself one final time in the bathroom mirror.

I’ve been planning this for weeks, but will I really be able to do it? I ask myself.

I look myself up and down, twist around and check out the view from the back.

I am wearing a black lace push up bra and a black satin thong, sheathed in a black lace teddy with spaghetti straps.

Hair — check. Make-up — check. Nails — check.

No heels. Not very conducive to climbing on furniture I think with a smile.

I smooth my hands down the lace material, enjoying how it feels against my skin.

Satisfied that I had managed to put together the look I wanted to achieve, I put on the final touch – my harlequin butterfly mask — my illusion of anonymity — the portal to my fantasy self.

Opening the bathroom door to re-enter the hotel room he had arranged for us, I wonder if he had followed through with all of my requests.

I step out and slowly glance around the room.

The curtains are drawn. The only light in the room is coming from a table lamp placed next to the stereo.

The arm chair and floor lamp have been moved to the far corner of the room.

He is sitting in the chair. I can feel him looking at me. He isn’t saying anything. I told him not to.

A bottle of wine is sitting in a bucket of ice with two glasses on the bedside table closest to his chair.

And a few select toys are laid out on the bed.

He has indeed done everything I asked. Now it is my turn.

Amazing how I can think nothing of getting up onto a half empty dance floor, dance my ass off and twirl around with my arms outstretched in a crowded bar, sometimes without even having had one drink, and yet the thought of dancing only for him makes me feel like I have never danced a day in my life.

I feel nervous, timid, self-conscious, unsure.

And yet, I also feel excited, aroused, inflamed.

I am all those things and more.

I ask him to turn on the floor lamp and aim it in my direction.

I press play on the stereo, find my track, turn off the lamp and walk to the centre of the room.

My song of choice? Nickleback — Something in your Mouth.

The beat is hard and fast but I am conservative at first, feeling the music, finding my groove. I balance on the balls of my feet and bend my knees slightly so I can swivel my legs. My calves, thighs and hips all move together swaying from side to side. I start moving my arms and my entire body syncs with the music.

I know he is there. I can’t see him. But I can feel him watching me. I mouth the words to the song as I swing my arms and gyrate my body. I circle my hips from side to side and point in his direction as they belt out the line, “the honey wanted YOU all along.”

The chorus is high energy and it turns up the intensity for me a few notches. I start to move faster. The nervousness is beginning to fade. My arms, legs, and hips are all coordinated, swinging and circling around and around. I balance and swivel on the balls of my feet.

I decide that it is time for me to get closer to him. I put my hand in front of my eyes and look in his direction. That is his cue to reposition the light.

I can’t see him clearly. My eyes need time to adjust to the new lighting. I saunter over to him, one foot in front of the other, swaying my hips and shoulders as I go. I am dancing as I walk, making my way over to his chair.

I can see him now. He is sitting so still. The look on his face – I haven’t seen it before. He exudes a steely calm. His eyes are deep and dark. He won’t take them off of me. I want to keep dancing in front of him. I want to be bold and look into his eyes as I perform. But, the look on his face, those eyes, devouring güvenilir bahis me, he speaks volumes without uttering a word.

The balance of power has shifted. The energy he is emitting is powerful and compels me to submit.

As the high energy chorus repeats one more time, I stand in front of him, brace myself against the arms of his chair, lean over, place my lips close to his ear, and ask, “Can I dance in your lap?”

I climb onto his lap, positioning my legs on either side of his, and start gyrating to the music. I tighten my grip on the armrests and use my body to rise up and down, swivel around, sway back and forth, grinding my pelvis against his crotch as the hard hitting music continues to fill the room.

It is a heady feeling. I know he wants to touch me. His hands are gripping the arm rests too. He feels so hard as I move my body seductively in his lap. His eyes are growing darker and darker. I know he can see the desire in my face, my eyes. I am starting to bite my lip and close my eyes. We agreed that he wouldn’t make a move until I asked him to, but, doesn’t he realize I’ve already asked?

I place my hands on either side of his face and hover my lips in front of his, almost touching. Using the tip of my tongue I slowly drag it along the length of his bottom lip, and then his top. I am daring him to take over. He won’t. He is waiting. His body is so still. Holding it all in.

Pulling my mouth away from his sweet lips to whisper in his ear yet again, I simply say “Please.”

My passionate plea spurs him into action. I gasp as his arms encircle my waist and his hands grip my ass pulling me closer to him. His lips find mine and the force of his kiss takes my breath away. Our lips are parted. Our tongues are dancing. I suck on his tongue and nibble his bottom lip. My hands are in his hair pulling him closer.

The song has come to an end.

“Turn off the stereo,” he says, breaking the kiss. “Go turn it off.”

“Ok,” I say, a little confused, my head spinning as I climb off of his lap and walk across the room.

The room is quiet as I walk back towards him. He is smiling, watching me intently.

“Stop there,” he says when I am about two feet away from him.

Oh I think to myself, my heart rate quickening, I know what he’s doing.

“Take off your clothes baby,” he says quietly. “You don’t have to dance, just take it all off.”

I am standing close enough so that he can hear my breathing. He wants to hear me. I instinctively look down at my feet, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath.

“No, no,” he says soothingly. “No looking down, look at me, you are beautiful. Show me.”

I look back up, gazing into his seductive eyes, my eyes wide with excitement and fear.

“Show me,” he tells me again, smiling so sweetly. “You are so sexy. Show me.”

There are shivers running down my spine. My skin feels hot and prickly. I am melting. I reach down and grasp the hem of my teddy pulling it up and over my head, tossing it to the side. I force myself to look back into his eyes as I reach behind me, unclasp my form fitting push-up bra, and peel it away from my full, round breasts, letting it drop to the floor beside me. His hand comes up to rest on his chin and he strokes his bottom lip with his thumb as he devours my newly exposed flesh with his hungry eyes.

He exhales slowly as he murmurs, “Beautiful, so beautiful.”

I sigh deeply as I slip my fingers into the waist band of my thong, bend over and pull it down. Stepping out of it gingerly I toss it aside and stand back up, facing him, my face is flushed. I am completely naked, exposed and vulnerable. My breasts and pussy are bare. My skin is tingling. I can feel heat flooding through my body. My cheeks are blazing. güvenilir bahis siteleri I can’t meet his gaze.

“Look at me,” he whispers hotly. “Looooook at meeeee. Oh baby, you are so very sexy.”

Standing he comes to me and cradles my face in his hands, tilting my head to look up at him.

“Oh my sexy girl,” he says, bending down to softly kiss my lips, then leaning back to look into my eyes. “I couldn’t be more turned on right now. I want you so badly, but I don’t want this to end yet. There is one more thing I want you to do for me,” he says as he takes me by the hand and leads me over to the bed.

The pillows have been fluffed up at the head of the bed and my modest collection of dildos and lube has been placed to the right.

“Let’s get you up here in the middle,” he says, holding me by the hips and steadying my trembling body as I crawl up onto the bed. “Lay back on the pillows,” he says soothingly. “Ya, just like that.”

Reaching across the bed while keeping his feet firmly planted on the floor, he leans down and plants a deliciously slow and passionate kiss on my hungry lips. I feel his soft and steady hand blazing a slow and sensuous trail of delight down my chest, across my breasts and gently circling my nipples, immediately transforming them into puckered, taught little cones, begging his hand to stay put. I start moaning into his mouth, putting my hand behind his head, trying to pull him closer.

“Shhhh,” he whispers. “Shhhh, its ok. We have so much time, relax, enjoy. Let’s not rush this.”

I can hear myself groaning. My teeth are clenched and I am panting. I exhale slowly, trying to steady myself. He smiles and sighs as he looks my body up and down. Continuing his sweet, seductive exploration of my body he drags his hand ever so gently down the sensitive flesh of my tummy, giving me butterflies, making my skin jump, until he reaches my bare, aching pussy at which point he cups his hand and just holds me for a moment.

“‘Oh my God. Oh my God,” I cry out. “Please, please,” I beg as I try to push my pussy harder against his hand, needing release so badly.

“I need you just to hold on a little while longer. Can you do that for me sweetie?” he asked.

The sound of my heavy breathing and deep groaning fills the room. He reaches across my body and puts a bottle of Wet lube next to my left hand, my G-Spot dildo and purple butt plug next to my right hand, and tells me he is going to go sit at the foot of the bed and watch me for a little while.

I watch him walk to the foot of the bed and sit in a chair he must have placed there earlier.

“You want to watch me?” I ask in exasperation.

“Show me what you would do at home if I weren’t here,” he tells me, leaning back, getting comfortable in the chair.

“Uhm…..I’m…..I’m going to need a towel,” I say with embarrassment.

“Why’s that?” he asks with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Because I am going to soak this bed,” I exclaim a little more aggressively.

“Don’t worry about it,” he replies. “Soak the bed. Show me how you squirt. Show me what you like to do to yourself. Don’t hold anything back.”

Ordinarily I might spend a few minutes massaging my breasts and pulling on my nipples but I was beyond that at this point.

Ok, I think to myself, he gets me this turned on and then he wants to watch me? Then that is just what he is going to do.

Reaching for the lube I flip the cap and pour a little dab on the tip of my purple butt plug. Leaning my body to the left I use my right hand to insert the plug. I groan suddenly as it enters my ass. I lean back over and position my body to try to keep it securely inside of me while I use my other toys.

Reaching for my G-Spot dildo iddaa siteleri I open my mouth and use my tongue to make it wet. I run my tongue up and down the shaft of the dildo, take it inside my mouth, making it good and wet. My head is already spinning. Blood is cursing through my veins. There is a roaring in my ears. Lifting my knees up, I press my heels together, let my legs fall apart and widen them as much as possible. Using the fingers of my left hand I reach down and part my inner lips, feeling my natural wetness, and I slowly and steadily insert the dildo inside of my pussy.

My response is immediate. The throbbing inside my pussy is already intense and I lose control as I start to move the dildo slowly back and forth inside of me. I hear myself cry out as I pump it faster and faster. I can hear that wet sound my pussy makes when it is filling up with my juices and that spurs me on further. I slam that dildo back and forth inside of me so hard I can hear it slapping against my skin.

I’m crying out, yelling out, “I’m going to cum. Oh My God I’m going to cum!”

Then I feel the amazing sensation of hot liquid spurting out of my pussy and splashing against my hand. But I can’t stop there. Cumming like that only makes my pussy burn brighter, hotter, deeper, longer.

I keep fucking myself, crying out, “I can’t stop. I can’t stop. I’m cumming again. Oh my God!!”

And I squirt again and again, panting, yelling, crying, moaning, groaning.

I sense movement in the room. I open my eyes and look down towards the foot of the bed. He is standing up, taking off his shirt. I stop to watch.

“Oh no, don’t stop,” he quickly commands.

His voice is thick with desire, deep and dark. He is so fucking turned on. Serves him right, I think to myself as I try to watch him take off his pants while I continue fucking myself as he commanded.

I look down at him again as I rest for a second.

“I said don’t stop!” he scolds sharply as he bends to remove his underwear.

Standing up again he quickly climbs onto the bed, crawling between my legs, stopping when his face is inches from the dildo still inserted in my sopping wet pussy.

“I need to see you,” I panted. “Please let me see you.”

“Shhh,” he whispers, pausing to drag his tongue slowly up the left side of my pussy, licking my lip like an ice cream cone.

I groan aloud as my body shudders. Taking my right hand in his he pushes the dildo back inside of me and starts to pump it slowly.

“Do it,” he says quietly, “Do it again. Show me baby.”

Lifting and spreading my legs higher and wider, I grasp my inner thigh with my left hand and start pumping my dildo in and out of my swollen pussy again and again as he gets up on his hands and knees and starts licking all around the dildo. I can feel his tongue, like warm velvet, licking my lips up and down, to the left, to the right, flicking my clit and occasionally dipping down to lick closer to my ass.

“Ooohhhh, you’re gonna make me cum again,” I cry out as I fuck myself harder and faster.

I can feel it coming. The pressure is building. Intense pleasure waves are washing over me, throbbing in my pelvis, growing more and more intense with each pulse. And then it peaks and explodes, sending shock waves throughout my body. My body tenses. My toes curl. My fists clench. I can feel the wetness pouring out of me. I feel his hand pull the dildo out and then I feel him bury his face inside my pussy, licking and sucking and slurping every once of moisture he can find. I hear myself grunting, growling, panting. I sound like a wounded animal. His hands are underneath my ass pulling my pussy closer to his face. He shakes his head back and forth.

“Oh my fucking God,” I stammer. “I’m still cumming. I can’t stop cumming. Fuck fuck fuck!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!”

My entire pelvis liquifies. There is molten lava flowing through my veins. I think I can’t possibly cum anymore……and he just keeps licking my pussy.

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